Blue's Clues: The Murdering Spree. (2024)

(Note: This Story Will Be Narrated By Wubbzy From Wow Wow Wubbzy.)

So Me, Widget, Walden, Daizy, Olie, Billy, the Mane 7, Bob, Larry, Leo, June, George From Curious George, Kenny From South Park, Bob, Kevin, Stuart, Lightning From TPOT and Bang Were Just Minding Our Own Business Having Fun At The Wubb Club. Until The 9 Lalaloopsies & Their Pets Arrived With A Blue Package With The Blue's Clues Logo.

"Wow Wow Wow!" I Gasped "This Day Keeps Getting Exciting!"

"Hi Wubbzy!" Jewel Greeted "Look, We Found A Package Outside The Wubb Club"

"Lavender Lollipops" Daisy Gasped "What's Inside?"

"We're Not Sure, We Didn't Order Anything!" Peanut Responded

"Let's Open It And Find Out!" Bob The Tomato Spoke As He Then got out a pair of scissors and opened the package.

Inside The DVD Was A Blue's Clues DVD Titled "Blue's Best Clue-Finding Moments" The Cover Had Blue, Steve & Joe In The Background Of Their House.

The Spine Had the logo in it. And Below It Was Mailbox In A Purple Square.

And The Back Cover Had The Background Of The Credits. There Was Also Blue Text Saying "Join Steve & Joe As They Need Your Help To Find All 3 Clues To Figure Out What Blue Wants To Do And Stuff Like That, And Don't Forget To Use Your Mind And Take A Step At A Time, And If You Do That You Can Do Anything You Wanna Do, And Remember That Blue's Pawprints Will Be On The Clues, Blue's Clues!"

"My My My! It's A Blue's Clues DVD!" Walden Gasped

"But How Are We Gonna Watch It?" Ollie Asked

"With This!" Widget Spoke As She Then Revealed Her Invention "Here It Is!"

"What's That Widget?" I Asked

"This is The Super Vizio Television-3000, It Even Comes With a DVD player" Widget Explained "So, is everyone ready to watch the movie?”

"Yeah, Let's Watch It!" Larry Cheered

Widget Then Took Out The Disc, And It Turns Out It Was Also On A High Budget.

The Disc Had The Same Cover As The DVD

"Hmm, I Never Expected The DVD To Have A High Buget" Billy Spoke

"Me Neither, Anyways Let's Watch It!" Widget Spoke As She Then put the disc into the DVD player and moved it with her finger a little rightward.

And With ease, the DVD placer slid automatically rightward, eventually making its new home and shutting itself. The DVD was now on.

The Nickelodeon Fish Appeared But It Was The Same Variant as "The Wonder Pets: Evil Pets Murdering Spree"

The Nick Jr. Frogs Then Appeared But, The Background Was Blood Red, The Lilypad Were Ripped And On Fire, And The Frogs Had Evil Looks On Their Faces, They Didn't Croak Or Do Anything They Just Stood There Looking At Us, The Logo Then Faded On The Frogs And The Frogs Then Moved To The Bottom Right.

The Paramount Logo Then Came On, But The Sky Is Red And The Mountain Is Also Red And The Stars Were Light Red And There's Blood On The Camera, And The Disc Had Crack And When It Flew To The Mountain A Demonic Laugh Was Heard.

"Huh? I Don't Remember The Logos Being Different" Bang Spoke

After Those Confusing And Scary Logos, It Then Showed Promos From Go Diego Go, Pinky Dinky Doo, Blue's Room, Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends, Yo Gabba Gabba, Dora The Explorer, Wow Wow Wubbzy, & ETC.

After The Previews It Then Showed The Paramount FBI Warning Screen, But The Background Was Red, & The Text Was Black.

After It Was Shown, It Then Cut To The Menu Which Took Place In The Living Room, Where Steve & Joe Greeted Us.

"Hi!" Steve Greeted "Today, We're Seeing Some Of The Best Clue-Finding Moments From This Series"

"That's Right! And It's Gonna Be So Exciting" Joe Spoke "This DVD has some cool stuff around here! Isn't That Right Blue?"

Blue then Barks Yep As She Then Entered The Shot, She Then Putted Her Pawprint On The Screen As The Options: "Play All" "Episode Selection", "Sneak Peaks" & "Set-Up" Appeared On The Pawprint

"Great! To Begin Playing Blue's Clues, Use The Arrow Buttons On Your Remote To Choose Any Of These Options" Steve Instructed ""If you are so ready, just look around the DVD and Remember To Look Out For Blue's Clues"

I then pressed the "Play All" button inside the Pawprint to begin the DVD.

Before the episodes played, it showed a "Play All" sequence.

The "Play All" sequence featured The Page Transition Like Before The Ending Credits Roll As It Then Fades To Black.

The Episodes That Played Were: Adventures In Art, What Does Blue Want To Make Out Of Recycled Things, What Did Blue See?, Draw Along With Blue, Nature, Cafe Blue, Imagine Nation, What's Inside?, Let's Plant, Something To Do Blue, The Snack Chart, Shape Searchers, Blue's Big Band, Our Neighborhood Festival, Magenta's Messages, Joe's Clues, Playdates, Bluestock, & Meet Blue's Baby Brother.

After All The Episodes Played There Was A Warning That Took Place On A Yellow Background And The Text Was The Same As In The Credits. With Mr. Salt's Voice In The Background

"WARNING: This DVD contains an episode that is not suitable for younger viewers, It was made by an animator at Nick Jr. Productions, He goes by the name of “Brandon Hacht”, he was fired for his gruesome episode ideas for our shows, so please watch at your own risk, and by the way, Blue's Pawprints Will Be On The Clues, Blue's Clues!"

We then gasped.

"Don't Worry Guys! Hopefully There's No Blood In This" Pinkie Pie Reassured

Blue's Clues: The Murdering Spree. (1)

The Theme Song From Season 5 Began Playing However The Blue's Clues Book Was Black, While The Logo Was Horror Theme, But Blue Didn't Mind It, And She Skidooed To Storybook World, The Sky Was Dark Red (Which Was Supposed To Represent Blood) but nobody noticed though as they continued on with the intro.

Afterwards Blue Then Went To The Door As The Spice Family Came In With The Title Flag.

The Pole Was Red, While The Flag Was Red. the text was in the "Danger Night" font And It Read Out "The Murdering Spree" there was a dark figure on The Flag, Mr. Salt Read The Title Out Normally, Although His Voice Sounded Demonic.

Then The Spice Family Went Offscreen As Blue Then Went Through The Pet Flap To Get In The House.

After the intro, the episode began. Steve & Joe then came into the background at the front of the house.

"Hi!" Steve Greeted "You Need To See This! Things are Getting Strange Today!"

"Come On!" Joe Spoke

They then walked offscreen and it then cut to Backyard, revealing Shovel, Pail, Blue, Tickety, Slippery, SideTable, Mailbox, Mr. Salt, Mrs. Pepper, Paprika, & Cinnamon, and they were all staring at the sky, which was Dark Red Like In The Theme Song.

"Are You Seeing To What I'm Seeing Right Now?" Shovel Asked

"We Sure Are Shovel!" Pail Responded

Afterwards Steve & Joe Entered The Shot.

"Hi guys!" Joe greeted.

"Hi Steve, Hi Joe, Are you seeing this right now?" Mr. Salt asked. "The sky's color was suddenly turned Red"

"Yeah, This Really Gives Me The Creeps" Tickety Spoke "And Not To Mention This Is Scary"

"Maybe, It's Because that mysterious dark figure is coming to get us next!" Blue Spoke In Her Blue's Room Voice.

We Were Shocked To Hear Blue Speak In Blue's Clues.

"Blue?" Steve Gasped "i Didn't Know You Could Talk!"

”Well, I can In My Playroom, But Here I usually communicate by barking.” Blue Stated ”Well, I just drank a potion yesterday, and I Gained The Ability To Talk"

"I Have An Idea!" Cinnamon Spoke "Maybe We Can Find A Way To Turn The Sky Back To Normal!"

We Were Also Shocked To Hear Cinnamon Speak In Full Sentences Apart From The Love Day Episode.

"Woah, They both can talk." Mr. Salt Gasped As Blue & Cinnamon Nodded "And That Idea Could Work, We Should Find Out Who Made The Sky Red!"

Suddenly, a strange looking dark figure appeared behind The Gang.

"Woah! What's That?" SideTable Asked

The Gang turned around only to see the figure as they Gasped

"Who Are You?" Steve Asked

"No Questions! I'm The Storybook Demon!" The Storybook Demon Berated "and You Guys Are My Next Vessels!"

"Next vessels?" Blue asked. "What do you mean next vessels?"

"I Said No Questions!" The Storybook Demon Berated As Then Choked Blue & Her Friends As They Began Screaming As They Were Being Choked.

However, while they were being choked by the Storybook Demon, their looks started changing.

Blue Now Had Her Same Design From "Blue's Clue Murdering Spree"

Steve, Joe, SideTable, Mailbox, Shovel, Pail, The Spice Family, Shovel & Pail Now Had Their Same Designs From "Blue's Clues: The Starvation."

Tickety Now Had Her Same Design From Night Of The Were-Clock

Slippery Now Had His Skin Red, His Gain Sharp Teeth, & The bubbles Are In Shades of Red.

The Storybook Demon then let go of their necks and faded away. And The Gang lied on the floor without any pulse.

"Guys? Are You Ok?" One Of The Viewers Asked

They Then Got Up But They Didn't Say Anything.

"Of Course We Are Ok! We're Now The Storybook Murderers!" Steve Berated In A Demonic Voice "And You May Be Thinking It Isn't Us, And We Know That, But Now It's Time We Kill You!"

"Wait...What?" One Of The Viewers Gasped

Joe Then Took Out A Chainsaw And The Viewers Started Screaming As They Were Being Sawed Much To The Storybook Murderers' Amazement.

"You Really Thought We're Gonna Play Blue's Clues Right?" Blue Asked "Well, Not Even Close!"

”Nobody Can Stop The Storybook Murderers Now!" Blue Berated "Let's Split Up And Kill Everyone!"

The Episode then cut to Magenta, Green Puppy, Orange Kitten, Purple Kangaroo, & Periwinkle looking at the blood red sky.

”Guys, why is the sky red?” Magenta asked.

”Not sure.” Green Puppy said in the voice of SpongeBob.

Just then, Blue appeared in front of them.

"Blue? Why Are You Different?" Periwinkle Asked.

“That’s why I’m part of the Storybook Murderers. Time to perish!” Blue said.

Blue got out a Katana And Sliced her friends. They Began Screaming As They Were Being Sliced

The Episode Then Cut To Magenta's House Where Miranda Is Wondering When Magenta Is Coming Back.

”I wonder when Magenta is going to come back?” Miranda wondered.

Just then Steve teleported in front of her.

"Steve? Is That You?" Miranda Asked.

“Sorry Miranda, Steve is gone.” Steve said. “I’m now a member of the Storybook Murderers!”.

"The Storybook Murderers? This Cannot Be Happening!" Miranda Gasped.

”Oh yes it can! Say goodbye!” Steve berated.

Steve got out a buzzsaw and rammed it up Miranda’s chest. Miranda Was Screaming As She Was Being Sawed To Death.

The Episode Then Cut To Tyrese Just Minding His Own Business Until He Hears A Scream From Inside Magenta's House.


Blue's Clues: The Murdering Spree. (2024)
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