2015 UofM Honor Roll of Donors - [PDF Document] (2024)

2015 UofM Honor Roll of Donors - [PDF Document] (1)



The 2015 Honor Roll ofDonors pays special tribute to those alumni, parents, and friends who heighten the campus experience and demonstrate their commitment to a quality education through contributions to the University ofMemphis. We are grateful to those listed here who generously supported the U ofM between July 1, 2014 and June 30,2015.

The UofM surpassed its annual fundraising record of$31,879,003, set in fiscal year 2013, by securing $37,674,471 in gifts and commitments during the fiscal year that ended June 30. The total includes gifts ofcash, pledges and planned gifts to the University ofMemphis Foundation, and gifts-in-kind and private grants to the UofM and University ofMemphis Research Foundation. The new record represents a groundswell ofsupport from many more donors, 10,359 in all, compared to 9,557 in the previous year. The number ofalumni who supported the UofM grew by more than 14percent.

MYNDERS SOCIETYThe Mynders Society recognizes lifetime giving to the University of$1,000,000 or more. It is named for Seymour Mynders, the first president ofthe West Tennessee Normal School, which later became the University ofMemphis. Mynders Hall was one ofthe two original buildings on campus, along with the Administration Building. AnonymousDonors*Argus Software IncorporatedArmstrong Relocation CompanyAT&TAutoZoneJanet and James W.Ayers*Mr.W. GordonBall*Baptist Memorial Health

Care CorporationMr.Paul W. Barret Jr. (Trust)+Mr.and Mrs.William W. BondIII*Mr.Bert H. BornblumMr.David Bornblum+Mr.and Mrs.Benjamin C.

BryantJr.*Coca-Cola Bottling Company

ofMemphisMr.and Mrs.Michael W. CookHilliard and HarriettCrews*Dunavant Enterprises

IncorporatedMr.and Mrs.G. Douglas

EdwardsJr.*FedEx CorporationDr.W. Harry Feinstone+Mr.and Mrs.Joel M. FeltFirst Tennessee FoundationMr.and Mrs.Frank L. FlauttJr.*Ms.Glenna B.Flautt*Mr.and Mrs.Avron B.Fogelman*Bradley and Robert F.

FogelmanIIMartha and Robert F. FogelmanGlassman Edwards Wyatt Tuttle

and Cox, P.C.Susan and Alan GrafGuardsmark LLCAnfernee “Penny”Hardaway*Mr.Jabie S. Hardin Jr.+ and

Mrs.Helen Hardin+Harrah’s Entertainment

IncorporatedE. Hunter and Jeannie

D.Harrison*Mr.Herbert Herff+ (Trust)Mr.and Mrs.Joseph R. “Pitt”

Hyde IIIInterContinental Hotels GroupInternational Paper CompanyJabie and Helen Hardin

Charitable TrustMr.and Mrs.George T.Johnson*Ms.Lela Almarita Johnson*+Mr.and Mrs.William J.Laurie*Learfield Communications

IncorporatedLettie Pate Whitehead

Foundation IncorporatedLichterman Loewenberg


Barbara and Ira A.Lipman*Dina and BradMartin*Dr.Thomas W. MeriwetherMethodist Le Bonheur

Healthcare IncorporatedMr.and Mrs.Jackson W. MooreDr.Musette S. Morgan and

Mr.Allen B. MorganJr.*Mr.and Mrs.Saunders

MorganMorton*Mr.Morrie A. Moss+ and

Ms.Alice Wheatley TrusteeDr.Trish Calvert Ring and

Mr.Carl D. RingMrs.Robert G. Ring+Ring Container TechnologiesMr.and Mrs.Michael D. RoseMr.and Mrs.Rudi E. ScheidtSr.Mr.and Mrs.Frederick W. SmithDr.W. ByronSmith*Dr.Willard R. Sparks+

and Ms.Rita T. SparksMs.Elaine SpringerMr.and Mrs.John W. StokesJr.SunTrust FoundationThe Assisi Foundation

ofMemphis IncorporatedThe Kemmons Wilson Family

FoundationThe Urban Child InstituteThe Wilson GroupMr.Henry M. TurleyJr.Union Planters CorporationMs.Harriet S. Van Vleet+ (Trust)Volkswagen ChattanoogaMr.B. J.Wade*Jim and Gina WiertelakMr.C. Kemmons Wilson Sr.+Dr.Lawrence and

Ms.Sarah J.Wynn*+

BRISTER SOCIETYThe Brister Society is named for John Willard Brister, the second president ofthe Normal School. The Brister Society recognizes lifetime giving of$100,000-$999,999. Brister Hall, originally Brister Library, was constructed in 1927 and named for President Brister’sson.Anonymous Donors*+AT&T FoundationMr.Chris E. Adams*+ and

Ms.Amelia A.Miskel*Dr.M. Brent AddingtonAdministrative Consulting

ServicesAir Technical Services

IncorporatedMr.and Mrs.Emerson A. Alburty+Allen Steel ProductsAndy Warhol FoundationDr.Charles R.Arkin*Arthur Andersen LLPArthur F. and Alice E. Adams

FoundationAssociated General ContractorsAthens Distributing CompanyMr.and Mrs.J. OlinAtkins*BH ElectronicsMr.and Mrs.James A. BakerIII*Mr.and Mrs.James A. BakerJr.*Baker Donelson Bearman

Caldwell Berkowitz PCMr.and Mrs.L. McGraw Ballard+Banes Capital GroupBank ofAmericaMr.Donald Barber*

and Ms.Shirlee M.Clark*Barnes & Brower IncorporatedBank ofBartlettMr.and Mrs.Robert L.

BarksdaleJr.*Barrow-Agee LaboratoriesDr.Reed C. Baskin and

Ms.AliceNishiwaki*Bass Berry and Sims PLCMr.and Mrs.Kenneth

M.Bearden*Becton Dickinson FoundationMr.and Mrs.E.

NicholasBelisomo*BellSouth Corporate FoundationBellSouth Telecommunications

IncorporatedBelz EnterprisesBelz FamilyAnne Wulff*

and BrianBendersky*Carole and EmileBizot*Mr.and Mrs.Roy W.Black*Mr.John M.Blose*Mr.and Mrs.John A.Bobango*Mr.and Mrs.Chuck BoltonMr.Matthew T.Bond*Dr.Robert L. Bourland Jr.*+

andMs.Jeanine BourlandDavid and Judy BronczekMr.and Mrs.GlenBrown*Browning-Ferris IndustriesMr.and Mrs.Michael J. BrunsMr.John B. BufordBurch Porter and Johnson PLLCMr.Herman G. Burgess*+Mr.and Mrs.Charles G.Burkett*Mr.Robert C. Byrd* and

Ms.Debra V. ByrdC. H. Sibal TrustC. M. Gooch FoundationMr.J. Jared CampbellIII*Campbell Clinic OrthopaedicsMr.and Mrs.Murry J. CardSr.*Mr.and Mrs.Gene D. Carlisle*+Mr Kenneth JCarmack*Carrier CorporationMr.Leon D. Cash+Mr.and Mrs.George E. CatesCatholic Center Diocese


ManagementMr.Wei W. Chen

and Dr.ZhaohuiXu*Mr.and Mrs.Larry P.Chinn*The Honorable Robert L. Childers

and Ms.Amy J. Amundsen*Ms.Carolyn N. Rosson and

Mr.Leigh W.Christophersen*Ciba FoundationCisco SystemsCisco Systems IncorporatedMs.Karen F.Clark*CNMr.David Cohn+College Media AdvisorsComcastCon T. Welch Charitable

Lead Trust DTDConstruction Specifications

InstituteMr.Edward W. Cook+Ms.Norma CoxCook*Mr.Irby Cooper+Mr.John A. Crisman+ and

Ms.Grace W. Crisman+Sheila Jordan Cunningham*

* Alumni + Deceased

2015 UofM Honor Roll of Donors - [PDF Document] (2)


and Roger J. CunninghamMs.Bonnie B. Daniel* and

Mr.Watt DanielDarby Dental SupplyDr Ellen Davies-Rodgers*+Ms.Esther King Davis+Day FoundationMs.Frances Marie Dean+Mr.and Mrs.R. Thomas DeHartJr.*DeHart Capital LLCA.C.A.P. - The Care FoundationDigital Equipment CorporationMr.and Mrs.Robert L.Dinkelspiel*Mr.Edward DobbsMr.John Collier DobbsMr.John Hull DobbsSr.Robert and DeanaDodds*Mr.and Mrs.Ted B.Donaldson*Philip FrancisDonovan*Dorothy K. Hohenberg TrustDoubletree MemphisDr.and Mrs.David J.Dowling*Duncan-Williams IncorporatedMs.Evelyn T.Echols*Echols Family TrustEdward J. Lawler Residuary TrustJohn and ValerieElkington*Mr.and Mrs.Marvin R.Ellison*Eloise Kimmelman FoundationElvis Presley Charitable FoundationMr.William R.Eubanks*Ms.Janie EvansExchange Club ofEast MemphisExxonMobil FoundationMs.Norma Upshur and Mr.Jeff H.

FarmerJr.Farris Bobango PLLCRhonda* and Lenny FeilerFirst Tennessee BankDr.and Mrs.Julian G. Fleming*+Kirby and Glenn D.Floyd*Mr.Richard L.Fogelman*Mr.and Mrs.Robert F. Fogelman IIForrest City Grocery CompanyDr.and Mrs.Chester P. Freeman*+Mr.James H. FrazierJane and JeffGarrety*Mr.J. W. Gibson II and Ms.Katherine

Buckman GibsonMs.Martha L. GillilandGlankler Brown PLLCSusan Lawless-Glassman and

RichardGlassman*Mr.and Mrs.T. MichaelGlenn*Ann and Jim Glover+Goodlett FoundationDr.and Mrs.Arthur C.Graesser*Green Mountain ConsultingMr.Joe GrillsMr.and Mrs.William O.Hagerman*Mr.Stephen P. Hale*+ and

Ms.Kimberly R. HaleMr.and Mrs.Gaylon S.Hall*Dr.and Mrs.Roger E. HanesMr.Barry E. Hardin* and Ms.Louise

A. HardinHarris Shelton Hanover Walsh PLLCMr.Roy P. HarroverRonald Hart Family FoundationMichael and RebeccaHawkins*Mr.and Mrs.Furman HebbHewlett-PackardMr.Wes HicksMr.George F.Higgs*Mr.and Mrs.W. Bernard Hill*+Hill Clayton TrustJim and Doris HillhouseCharlotte and FredHodges*Ms.Elaine C. Hoffman+Hohenberg Charity TrustAl and AlisonHollingsworth*Hot Graphics and Printing


Jerry and LibbyHubbard*Dr.and Mrs.Charles H.Hubbert*Mr.William S. HuffMr.Jimmie L. Hughes and Ms.Peggy

T. HughesMs.Bernice A. Humphreys*+Mr.Edward G Humphreys Sr.*+ Mr.James R. HumphreysIQS IncorporatedInternational Business Machines

CorporationInternational Paper Company

FoundationInterstate Blood BankIrish Mike’sDr.Kenneth L. Isaacman and

Ms.Karen S. Fields-Isaacman*Allen and JeriIsrael*Mr.and Mrs.Donald J.Israel*J. R. Hyde Sr. Family FoundationJaco Bryant Printers IncorporatedJames E. and Katherine B. Harwood

Charitable TrustMs.Janet C.January*Mr.Robert J. JanuaryJeniam FoundationMs.Janet T. Jennings+John J. Campbell Company

IncorporatedJohn Q. Hammons Hotels

IncorporatedJohnson and Johnson Family

ofCompaniesMr.and Mrs.John P. JonesMr.Paul Tudor Jones IIMr.and Mrs.Bryan JordanKPMG FoundationKPMG Peat Marwick LLPAnne Marie and Tom KadienMr.and Mrs.RavindranathKanuri*Henry and Lena Kahn+Kele and AssociatesMr.John C. Kelley Jr.* and

Mrs.Nancy P. Kelley+Ms.Eloise Moxley Kimmelman*+ and

Mr.David Kimmelman+Ms.Bettie M. KingMr.and Mrs.Thomas C. King*+Kisber Enterprises LLCMr.and Mrs.Michael A. KobanJr.*Mr.and Mrs.WesKraker*Mr.and Mrs.James D.Lackie*Mr.and Mrs.Howard D. LasleySr.*Mr.and Mrs.Donald E.

Lawrence Sr.+Le Bonheur HealthcareMr.and Mrs.Kenneth B.Lenoir*Dr.Janet A. LevyRalph Levy III and Denise CoughlinLifeModelerInc.Gail and JamesLink*Mr.Lester F.Lit*Mr.and Mrs.William I.Loewenberg*Lucent TechnologiesMr.and Mrs.Richard L. LynchJr.*Mr.John D.Lynn*MAAR Education Foundation

IncorporatedDr.Bernard M. MalloyMalone and Hyde IncorporatedMs.Barbara B. Matheson+Mr.Harvey F. MaxwellSr.*Dr.Sheryl and Mr.Mark MaxwellDr.G. Douglas Mayo Sr.*+ and

Mrs.Mildred H. Mayo*+Mr.John McCallen*+Ms.Ruthie McCallenMr.A. StephenMcDaniel*McDonald Outdoor AdvertsingMr.James E. McGeheeJr.Mr.Jere S. McGuffeeII*Randy and Lisa McKnightMr.and Mrs.Milton E. McLellan

Dr.Charles H. Mcnu*ttMr. Robert M. McRae Jr.+ and Mrs.

Louise McRae+Mr.and Mrs.Charles D. McVeanMr.R. Clayton McWhorterMedtronicMs.Marisa M. Meeks and Mr.D.

Michael Meeks*+Mr.Edward J. Meeman+Memphis Advertising FederationMemphis Chamber FoundationMemphis Gridiron Show

IncorporatedMemphis Oral School For The DeafMemphis Regional ChamberMetropolitan Memphis Hotel and

Lodging AssociationMike Driver TrustMr.William (Bill) C. MillerJr.*Miller Sports IncorporatedMr.Joseph N. Mitchell*+Morgan Keegan and CompanyDr.Dwight A.Morris*Mr.and Mrs.Jack H. MorrisIII*Mr.and Mrs.Robert D.Murphree*Mr.Jay B. Myers* and Ms.Maureen

W.Myers*Neathery Revocable TrustNew South Capital Management

IncorporatedAmerican Humanics IncorporatedMr.and Mrs.John P. O’ConnorJr.*Oberkotter FoundationEunice and Edward OrdmanRobin and Billy OrgelDrs. Suzanne and MichaelOsborn*Hal and BettyPadgett*Palisades Geophysical InstituteMs.Dianne Miller PapasanMr.Larry W. PapasanMr.and Mrs.Charles H.Parker*Josh and Kerri PastnerMr.David Patrick and

Ms.JeannieMoffatt*Patriot BankJerry and NinaPatton*Ms.Nancy Pegram+

and Mr.Ernest W. Pegram*+Susan and DavidPerdue*Mr.and Mrs.Minor W.Perkins*Mr.and Mrs.Arnold E. PerlMs.Joyce B. PhillipsMr.and Mrs.Mark S. PickensMr.and Mrs.William E.Pickens*Pickering Firm IncorporatedMr.Thomas B. PrestonProcter and Gamble FundProduction SpecialtiesInc.RBS Sparks LLCRLG-Macy’s Department StoresRational CorporationMs.Flora Hayes Rawls+Regional Adjustment BureauInc.Mr.and Mrs.W. WoodsonReid*Reynolds Bone and Griesbeck PLCAmy and BillRhodes*Bernadette and Kyle RiceMr.and Mrs.E. TaylorRichardson*Dr.and Mrs.Robert L. RichardsonJr.Mr.Darrell B. RiffeRisk and Insurance

Management SocietyRobert and Martha Fogelman

Charitable TrustMickey Robinson*

and Catherine LadnierMr.Michael A.Robinson*Dr.and Mrs.Lowell B. Robison Jr.*+Laura Howard Rosas and

RayRosas*Mr.Gary A.Rosenberg*Mr.Jeff RothSales and Marketing Executives

ofMemphisMr.Milton T.Schaeffer*Maj. and Mrs.Benjamin R.

Schultze*+Scripps Howard FoundationDavid and PhyllisScruggs*Sedgwick Claims Management

Services IncorporatedSedgwick James ofTennesseeCharlene and Larry ShafferMr.and Mrs.Shouky ShaheenMr.ArifShakeel*Dr.W. Vance ShappleyJr.*Shelby Group International

IncorporatedDr.Janann ShermanDr.Nancy D. SimcoDr.Judith C. SimonDr.T. David Sisk+Ron and LindaSklar*Mr.and Mrs.Harry L. SmithMr Steve SmithSmith & NephewInc.Dr.and Mrs.Dowen E. SnyderSociety ofManufacturing EngineersSoutheast Foundation IncorporatedSoutheastern Asset Management

IncorporatedSouthernSun Asset ManagementSparks FinancialMr.and Mrs.Richard A.Spell*Mr.Richard A. SperryMs.Christine C. and Mr.Murray A.

Spindel+Mitchell and JanetSpurlock*St Jude Children’s Research

HospitalMs.Mary Alice+ and Mr.J. Robert

Stagner*+Mr.Maurice E Stanley+Star Distributors CompanyState Farm Mutual Automobile

Insurance CompanySteelcase IncorporatedMr.and Mrs.Robert M.Stein*Stern Cardiovascular CenterStone Higgs and DrexlerDr.and Mrs.Gary D.Strasberg*Mr.and Mrs.JimStrickland*Mr.and Mrs.RickSummers*Sunstone Properties IncorporatedMs.Deborah L.Talbot*Tennessee Road Builders

AssociationTennessee Titans Charity FundTension Envelope CorporationMr.and Mrs.Ronald A.Terry*The Commercial AppealThe Hohenberg Foundation

IncorporatedThe Peer Power FoundationThe Rockefeller FoundationThe Rose FoundationThe Schadt FoundationThe Sparks FoundationThe Suder FoundationThe West Clinic PCMr.Elbert L. Thomas Jr.* and

Mrs.Myra O. Thomas*+Mr.and Mrs.Kenneth D.Thomas*+Maurie C. and Betty J.Thomas*Thomas W Briggs FoundationMr.Redford A. Tilson+Mr.and Mrs.T. G.Traicoff*United Way ofthe Mid-SouthMs.Ozelle H. Van Blue*+ and

Dr.Rayburn W. Johnson+Henry and Jeanne VarnellThe Honorable Diane K. Vescovo*

and Mr.Michael McLarenSusan and SteveVescovo*Ann and Jim ViningWREG News Channel 3

Ms.Pearl Wales+Audrey J. WaltonMr.William B. Walton Sr.*+Mr.Robert A.Wampler*Mr.and Mrs.RobertWang*Mr.Ben C.Watkins*Mr.and Mrs.William H. WatkinsJr.Watkins Uiberall PLLCJames T. and RobinWatson*Mr.Craig L.Weiss*Mr.Robert E. (Bobby) WhartonJr.*Whitaker FoundationDr.Russel L. Wiener+ and Mrs.Joy

B. WienerMr.Fletcher Earl Wilkinson*+William R Eubanks Interior Design

IncorporatedMr.Deangelo C.Williams*Mr.Thomas A. Bennett+ and

Ms.Carolyn S. Williams-BennettMr.and Mrs.Robert A. WilsonWind RiverWinegardner and Hammons

IncorporatedMs.Ethel Winfrey Wright+Wyatt Tarrant and Combs LLPMr.Robert W.Yates*Ms.Jan A. Yelen

MANNING SOCIETYThe Manning Society is named for Professor Priestley Hartwell Manning, who joined the faculty with the school’s opening in 1912. Sixteen years later, he bequeathed the bulk ofhis estate to establish a scholarship fund. The Manning Society recognizes lifetime giving of$25,000 - $99,999. Manning Hall, built in 1928, is named forhim.Anonymous Donors*+ABC 24 WPTY UPN 30 WLMTABF Freight System IncorporatedAC Humko CorporationADP-Automatic Data Processing IncALGOR IncorporatedAOC LLCMr.and Mrs.T. RobertAbney*Adam’s Mark HotelDr.and Mrs.John R.Adams*Mr.Larry G.Adams*Dr.Ruth F.Adams*Adams and Reese PLLCMr.James R. Adkins Dr.and Mrs.Justin C. AlderJr.*Agrileum LLCAlamo Rent-A-CarMr.Gerald W. Alexander Mr.and Mrs.William R.Alexander*Mr.Cary Allen Mr.and Mrs.Michael D.Allen*Allen Summers Simpson Lillie

and GreshamAllen and Hoshall IncorporatedAllen-Bradley CompanyMr.Randy C.Almand*Mr.and Mrs.Alfred M. Alperin+Altera CorporationAmerican Chemical SocietyAmerican Heart AssociationAmoco FoundationDr.and Mrs.Rex A. Amonette

2015 UofM Honor Roll of Donors - [PDF Document] (3)

* Alumni + Deceased

Mr.Andrew J. Anderson*Mr.BillAnderson*Mr.Rex D. AndersonMs.Sherri D. Anderson Mr.Steve M. Anderson Anderson Tully CompanyDenise and Marlin AngellAnnie E. Casey FoundationApperson Crump and Maxwell PLCApple Computer IncorporatedDr.Thomas H. AppletonJr.*Bob and RuthArcher*Archer Malmo IncorporatedMr.and Mrs.Timothy P.Argo*AristotleArkansas Museum of

Discovery, Little RockMs.Alice M. Armstrong+Mr.Walter P. Armstrong Jr.+Armstrong Allen PLLCMs.Elizabeth F.Arndt*Mr.Michael Arndt Dr.Philip M. Aronoff Dr.Esmond L. Arrindell Arts MemphisAskew Hargraves Harcourt &

AssociatesInc.Asset Services LPDr.John Autian Autodesk IncorporatedMr.and Mrs.Edward T.Autry*Avis Rent-A-CarAvron B Fogelman Scholars

Program Foundation IncorporatedMr.Danny Azbill B and C Construction IncorporatedBDO SeidmanMr.Sam Loeb Bacherig Jr.+ and

Ms.Kathy BacherigMr.and Mrs.Kirk P.Bailey*Phyllis O’Bryan Bailey+Bill and SandraBailey*Mr.and Mrs.Scott Bailey Mr.ChipBaine*Dr.Leighton M. Ballew*+Ballin Ballin and FishmanMr.and Mrs.Stephen M.Balton*BancorpSouth MillingtonMr.Joel L. BanesBank ofAmerica FoundationBankTennesseeBanking Consultants ofAmericaMr.and Mrs.Aprad D.Bardos*Mr.and Mrs.Steven L.Bargiacchi*Mr.George H. Barham+Mr.Joseph C.Barkley*Mr.and Mrs.George D.Barnes*Mr.Gregory E.Barnes*Art and SusanBarnett*Ms.Julie C.Bartholomew*Mr.John Barzizza Ms.Wanda J.Barzizza*Ms.Anita BeachamMr.and Mrs.C. LamarBell*Ms.Malcolm F. Bell+BellSouth Advertising and

Publishing CorporationBellevue FoundationDr.Donald J. Bellott Sr.*+Keith and CindyBelote*Mr.and Mrs.Ronald A. Belz Belz FoundationThe Honorable Robert S. and

Mrs.Ann Benham Robert and KathrynBerry*Mr.and Mrs.Mario A.Bertagna*Bill Heard Chevrolet ofColliervilleMr.Steven F. Bilsky* and

Ms.Deborah H.Bilsky*Mr.and Mrs.Richard

A.Binswanger*Binswanger Glass CompanyMr.and Mrs.John C.Bird*

Ms.Jill Bishop Mr.and Mrs.Robert C.Black*Black McLaren Jones

Ryland & Griffee, PCMs.Patricia B.*

and Mr.Donald A.Blackard*Mr.and Mrs.Hugh W.Blackard*Mr.and Mrs.Robert L.Blackwell*Kathleen D. Blair* and Jack R. BlairMr.Timothy S.Bland*Mr.William F. Blaylock*+Mr.Jeffrey BlockMr.John M.Blose*Blue Cross Blue Shield

ofTennesseeBlueCross BlueShield ofTN

Foundation and Community TrustBluff City AutoplexBoard ofTrade ofthe City ofNY

IncorporatedBoatmen’s Bank ofTennesseeMr.H. Eric BoltonJr.*Mr.and Mrs.William W. Bond Jr.+Bond StablesDr.and Mrs.Jerrell L.Borup*Mr.and Mrs.Ross A. Boswell*Ms.Tina Bounds Bounds and Gillespie

Architects PLLCMs.Barbara Bowling Capt. and Mrs.Denver H.Bowman*Mr.Larry K.Boyd*Ms.Winifred J.Boyd*Ms.Genie J. Braden*

and Mr.Ralph E.Braden*Brady Corporation FoundationMr.and Mrs.George

D.Brandenburg*Mr.and Mrs.John BraselMr. Raymond A.+ and Mrs. Maxine

Ritchey Bratcher+Paul and Janie Bray Mr.and Mrs.Larry R.Bray*Kathy and DanBreckenridge*Mr.Webb A.Brewer*Terry and BeckiBrimhall*Brimhall Foods Co.Inc.Ms.Barbara G. Bronze*+ and

Mr.Jeffrey L.Bronze*Mr.and Mrs.John H.Brooks*Brooks and MazzolaBrother International CorporationMr.Alex BrownDr.Craig M.Brown*Dr.Joe L. BrownII*Mr.and Mrs.Richard N. Brown*+Brown and AssociatesBrownsville John DeereMr.Edward L. BrundickIII*Mr.George W. Bryan Bryce CorporationBuckman Laboratories International

IncorporatedBud Davis CadillacMr.Charles D.Bullock*Mr.and Mrs.Peter N.Burcky*Mr.and Mrs.Maurice Buring Mr.Nat Buring+Mr.Bill Eugene Burk*+Mr.Donald W.Burkett*David and Suzon BurrowsMr.and Mrs.Jim C.Busby*Mr.and Mrs.James E.Bush*Butler Snow O’Mara Stevens and

Cannada PLLCMr.Harold W.Byrd*Gary and Cindy Byars HMI Electric C. H. Robinson WorldwideInc.CAMAX Manufacturing TechnologiesCARQUEST Auto Parts StoresCBIZ MHM Thompson DunavantCGG PetrosystemsCIGNA Foundation

CNC Software IncorporatedCadence BankCaesars EntertainmentMr.Eric W. Callan Cannon Packaging CoDr.Jenina M.Cantler*Mr.and Mrs.Albert T.Cantu*Mr.G. CobleCaperton*Mr.Albert R. Capley+The Dana CapocacciaFamily*Mr.and Mrs.Murry J. CardSr.*Cargill IncorporatedBill and PattyCarkeet*Mr.and Mrs.TommyCarls*Dr.Peter G.+

and Ms.Carolyn E. CarnesaleCarnevale IncorporatedMr.John F.Carrier*Mr.HunterCarruthers*Dr.Donald K. Carson

and Dr.Mary Jo Greil Mr.and Mrs.Richard M.Carter*Carty and CompanyMr.Randon J.Carvel*Mr.Michael CasimirCentral BBQMs.Diane Chance Chancellor and Son IncorporatedDr.and Mrs.B. ToddChappell*Dr.Steve Charles Charles E. Kennedy Jr.

Tennessee QTIP TrustCharlie Vergos’ RendezvousCharter Medical LLCBarry and SusanChase*Checkpoint Systems, IncorporatedChevrolet Motor

Division-General MotorsMr.and Mrs.Jack Childs*Ms.Meredith W.*

and Mr.Matthew T.Chism*Mr.Tyler K.Chow*Christie Medical HoldingsMr.Mark J.Christopher*Church Health Center

ofMemphisInc.Ciba-Geigy CorporationDr.John E.Cicala*Cindy Lou LLCCity Auto SalesMs.Shirlee M.Clark*Mr.and Mrs.James E.Clayton*Ms.Cheryl S.Cleaves*Dr.Jane B.Clement*Cleo IncorporatedMr.Thomas S. CobbII*Gene B. and Sandra T. Cochran Mr.and Mrs.Don W. co*ckroft Ms.Ninna B. Coffman+Drs. Dalvan+ and Greta CogerMr.Robert B. Cohen The Honorable Stephen I.Cohen*Mr.and Mrs.George D. ColeJr.*Mr.and Mrs.John Robert Coleman Mr.Ronald L. Coleman*

and Ms.Jan S.Coleman*Ms.Paula S. Collie Mr.Robert E.Collie*Colonial Country ClubMr.and Mrs.J. Gary Comella*Commercial Advisors LLCMr.Robert Compton Computer Sciences CorporationConfucius Institute HeadquartersContinental Traffic Service

IncorporatedMr.John E. ConwayMr.and Mrs.W. Michael ConwayJr.*Cook Systems International

IncorporatedMr.and Mrs.Hilburn L. CookeJr.*Mr.W. LeeCoolidge*Mr.Jack Cooper

The value of my education is much higher than the cost of my tuition, and I would do whatever it takes to get this experience. Knowing that others value my education is deeply moving, and I am sincerely thankful for the help you have given me.

Laura Lawson College of Communication and Fine Arts; Art major

2015 UofM Honor Roll of Donors - [PDF Document] (4)


Cooper CompaniesCoopers and Lybrand LLPCoors Brewing CompanyJohn and DeborahCothern*Covington Pike ToyotaSteve and ValerieCowles*Dr.C. E. Cox Dr.J. F. Crabtree II+

and Ms.Jean W. CrabtreeMr.and Mrs.Robert E. CraddockJr.*Craig Construction CoDr.Joe M.Cromwell*Mr.and Mrs.George E. CroneJr.*Mr.and Mrs.Scott Crosby Dr.V. Glenn Crosby*+ and Ms.Nancy

R. Crosby*+Dr.Carol Crown Ranta and

Dr.Richard R. Ranta Cummins Business ServicesMr.Charles G. Curtis Mr.James W. Dacus Jr.*+ and

Ms.Janice M.Dacus*Mr.and Mrs.TimDacus*Dr.Susanne B.Darnell*Mr.Bryan Darr Ms.Leslie M.Darr*Data Network SystemsMs.Alicia W. DavisMrs.Toni T. Davis*

and Mr.Fred Lee Davis+Dawson’s Printing IncorporatedMr.Jack D. Day Jr. Mr.and Mrs.Ronald L.Day*Ms.Renee S.DeGutis*Mr.Vincent M.DeGutis*Mr.and Mrs.Cypriano P.DeSouza*Deal Cooper Holton PLLCMs.Susan Decker Dr.Hubert L. DellingerJr.*Mr.and Mrs.Rex M.Deloach*Delta Beverage GroupDelta Life and Annuity CompanyDelta Sigma Theta Sorority, Epsilon

Kappa ChapterDelta Wholesale LiquorsInc.Delta Zeta Follies - All SingMs.Patsy K.Deming*Dr.Kin* and Margaret DempseyCarla and Thomas Dennis*+Dennis ElectricInc.Mr.and Mrs.Kenny Derryberry Laura and CyprianoDeSouza*Rita and Don DeWeeseMs.Mary AnnDiamond*Ms.Barbara B.Dickey*Mr.and Mrs.Charles E. DickeyJr.*Sonia and JamesDilorio*Dillard’s Department Stores

IncorporatedMr.Curtis L. Dillihunt*

and Dr.Vivian C.Dillihunt*Mr.Fred Dobbs Mr.John H. Dobbs Jr. Mr.John Hull DobbsSr.Dobbs International ServicesMr.Timothy W.Donaldson*Mr.and Mrs.Bill Donigan*+Dr.and Mrs.H. James Dorman Mr.Joe M.Dorris*Pamela and JessDotson*Dr.and Mrs.RonDougan*Carol and Darrell Douglas Mr.Michael J. Douglass* and

Ms.Maria DouglassMs.Bonnie Dove Dow Chemical CompanyMr.J. Scott Dowdy Mr.and Mrs.DavidDowland*Dr.Jackie D. DrakeJr.*Mr.Charles C. DrennonIII*Mr.and Mrs.Michael F.Dreve*Dupont CompanyDr.Marie E. Dubke

Mr.and Mrs.John D. Dunavant Ms.Leslie G.Dunavant*Dunavant Development CompanyMr.and Mrs.P. ToddDunaway*Mr.Rusty Dyson E. Mark Adams+ and Beth Van

Hoesen Adams+Eagle Lighting, IncorporatedEagle Specialty ProductsInc.Ms.Becky E. Earl Mr.Tommy A. Earl Economy Boat StoreMr.and Mrs.Walter C. EdgeJr.*Edge BiologicalInc.Mr.James C.Edrington*Mr.John A.Edwards*Mr.and Mrs.Martin E. EdwardsJr.*Mr.W. TerryEdwards*Dr.James L. EllisJr.*Mr.and Mrs.Jerry M.Ellis*Dr.and Mrs.John A.Ellzey*Elvis Presley Memorial FoundationEnSafeEngineers’ Club ofMemphis

IncorporatedErnst and Young LLPMr.Lawrence E.Evans*Evans Petree BogatinEvans Petree PCMr.Reid D.Evensky*Evergreen Steel CorporationEvolve Bank and TrustEwing M Kauffman FoundationMr.and Mrs.Walter Exline Dr.William D. Falvey and Ms.Emily

R. Woodside Mr.Michael Farien Ms.Debra L. Sandvig Debbie and Ed Farler Mr.and Mrs.John M.Farris*Mr.William W. Farris Sr.*+Dr.Ralph J. Faudree Jr.+ and

Mrs.Patricia N.Faudree*Mr.and Mrs.Daniel R.Feinstone*Ms.Linda G. Feinstone Dr.Stephen M. Feinstone Ms.Louise S.Fellows*Eddie and GloriaFelsenthal*Mr.and Mrs.Peter S.Felsenthal*Mr.and Mrs.David B. Ferraro Mr.and Mrs.W. Ross FeltMr.Richard H.Fields*Dr.Ruthbeth D. Finerman and

Dr.Ross D. Sackett First American National BankFirst Tennessee Matching Gift

ProgramMr.Randall J.Fishman*Ms.Tina S.Flaherty*Mr.and Mrs.Leroy J. Flick* Dr.Carl E. and Ms.Donna B. FlinnNoel and Debbie Florendo Mr.Mark A. Fogelman Mr.Richard L. FogelmanMr.Humphrey E. Folk Jr.+Bob and AnnFord*Ms.Christy S.Forman*Mr.Scott A.Forman*Mr.Jimmie D. Fouts Sr.*+Mr.Bryan D.Fox*Dr.and Mrs.Jerry T. Francisco Mr.James H. Frazier Mr.William O. FrazierIII*Friends ofChucalissa TrustFriends ofBill Morris PACMr.and Mrs.Thomas A. FristickJr.*Ms.Dianne B. Fry FTB AdvisorsDr.Tommy L. Fudge Warren and BrendaFunk*G and W Diesel Service

IncorporatedGTE Corporation

Mr.David T.Gadd*Keri and Doug Gage Gannett Foundation IncorporatedDr.Allison M. Garrott* and

Mr.Thomas M. GarrottIII*Leesa and PatGavin*General Hotels CorporationGeneral Mills FoundationMr.and Mrs.Dennis GeorgeDr.and Mrs.+ Thomas C.

GettelfingerDrs. Julia Warnock

and James R.Geurin*Mr.Christopher J.Gholson*Dr.G. James Gholson Jr. Dr.Edward L.Giaroli*Gibbs and AssociatesMr.and Mrs.Andrew B. GibsonJr.*Mr.and Mrs.TimothyGillespie*Mr.and Mrs.James S. Gilliland GlaxoSmithKlineDr.and Mrs.Louis Glazer Mr.Ron Goforth Mr.and Mrs.Larry J.Goldsmith*Mr.Michael Goldstein Dr.Charles R. Goodpasture*+Ms.Brenda Y. GordonMarshall and Brenda Gordon Gossett Motor Cars IncorporatedMr.and Mrs.Eric S.Gould*Mr.and Mrs.Spencer Gowen Mr.and Mrs.Frederick L.Graflund*Gran Investment Partners LPMr.Mickey G.Granger*Ms.Terri C. Gray Mr.Gary M.Grear*Great Cities Universities FoundationGreat Western Con Fin GroupBetty and DanGreen*Mr.David M.Greer*Jacqueline and HuletGregory*Mr.and Mrs.Edward J. Gresham Gretans Management CompanyMr.and Mrs.John W.Griggs*Mr.and Mrs.Fred D.Grinder*Grinder Taber and GrinderInc.Mr.Donald Gronauer Dr.and Mrs.Nathan D. Grundstein+Marty and GayleGrusin*Mr.and Mrs.Richard E. Guizlo Jr. Ms.Judy M.Gupton*Mr.Frank J. GusmusJr.*Louise and BarryHardin*Mr.and Mrs.William O.Hagerman*Dr.and Mrs.Carl E.Halford*Mr.and Mrs.Gaylon S.Hall*Mr.Joe Hall Mr.Joseph B.Halyard*Mr.and Mrs.Ralph B. HamiltonJr.*Dr.and Mrs.James M. Hamlett III Mr.Jerome H. Hanover* Mr.and Mrs.Albert L. Hansard Jr.+Mr.Dean Hansell Mr.and Mrs.Ronald L.Hansen*Mr.and Mrs.P. ChristopherHarding*Harcros ChemicalsMr.George C.Hargett*Mr.Neil Harkavy Mr.MikeHarless*Mr.Tom Harrison Hart Hotels IncorporatedHarwood F Mullikin TrustMr.and Mrs.Harley HathawayHattie G Watkins Educational FundMr.O. Mason Hawkins Dr.Radwan F. Haykal and

Ms.Suzanne M.Haykal*Mr.JimmyHayslip*Mr.J. KennethHazen*Ms.Rhonda D. Hazen Mr.and Mrs.H. Patrick Heffernan*+Ms.Jean A. Heffernan Ms.Elizabeth C.Heflin*

2015 UofM Honor Roll of Donors - [PDF Document] (5)


Mr.Michael Heflin Mr.and Mrs.Robert D.Henning*Mr.and Mrs.P. JamesHenry*Glen and SherryHerald*Herman Bensdorf II Residuary TrustHewlett-Packard IncorporatedHi Lo Music IncorporatedDr.and Mrs.Roger L. HiattSr.*Mr.Wes Hicks Mr.and Mrs.Randall

R.Higginbotham*Highpointe Hospitality,Inc.Dr.and Mrs.T. C.Hilger*Mr.Sigmund F. Hiller*+Hilton Hotels CorporationHilton Sandestin Beach

and Golf ResortMr.Joe D. Hinson*+Ann and Byron Hogue Mr.Theopolis Holeman*+ and

Ms.Evelyn HolemanHolihil CorporationMr.and Mrs.Lewis E.Holland*Mr.and Mrs.Gary F. Holmes Ms.Lorena M. Holshoy Mr.Paul A. Holt+Ms.Kathryn Hookanson*+Ms.Margaret AnneHooker*Mr.Dennis K. Hope Horace Willis TrustHospitality Education FundMs.Margaret L. Hough+Houghton Mifflin CompanyMarcella and JohnHouseal*Mr.and Mrs.Reginald C.Howard*Mr.John G. Hoyt+Ms.Ann J. Huckaba Huey’s CorporationMr.William S. Huff Dr.John G. Hughes+Mr.William T. Hull Jr.+

and Ms.Sarah A. HullMr.and Mrs.R. HunterHumphreys*Mr.Robert S.Humphreys*Mr.and Mrs.Donald L.Hutson*Mr.J. Kevin Hyneman*Mr.and Mrs.Rusty Hyneman Ms.Florence V. Illing*+Illinois Wesleyan UniversityMr.and Mrs.Vince Immordino Independent BankMs.Barbara I.Ingram*Dr.and Mrs.Charles P.Ingram*Mr.and Mrs.Frank InmanJr.*Inst for the Study ofSecurity

MarketsInsurance Professionals

ofMemphisInteractive Solutions IncorporatedInterpreting Service for the Deaf

IncorporatedInventory Locator Service LLCGolden Corral CorporationJohn and LyndaIrvine*J .H. and Dorothy Shepherd

Charitable TrustJ. M. Smucker CompanyJW and MP Richardson Living TrustMr.Bryan S. JacksonMr.Richard T. Jackson Jackson Lewis LLPMr.Don S. Jamison Dr.Jeanne Jemison

and Mr.Frank Z. Jemison Jr. Mr.and Mrs.JohnJerkins*Ms.Karen H. JettonMs.JenniferJohnson*Mr.Allen O. Jones Jr. Dr.Billy Mac Jones+Earle+ and Irene JonesMr.and Mrs.Robert C. Jones Dr.and Mrs.R. Riley Jones Traci and ChrisJones*

Mr.and Mrs.Bryan Jordan Mr.and Mrs.Donald JordanJr.*Ms.Kimberly D. Jordan KDXPRESSMr.John R. KalbDr.and Mrs.Howard S. Kaltenborn+Dr.Ehud R.Kamin*Ginger and Lenny KaplanMr.Randy Karchmer Mr.Hugh L. KeenanJr.*Dr.Hugh T. Keenan*Keep America Beautiful

IncorporatedHelyn and L. HaroldKeith*Kellogg CompanyMr.Charles E. Kennedy Jr*+Lisa L. Kennedy and Jonathan

P.McCauley*Mr.Robert L.Kennedy*Mr.Thomas G. KennonIII*Mr.and Mrs.A. P. Kersey Kiesewetter Wise

Kaplan Prather PLCMs.DeloresKinsolving*Ms.Dorothy O.Kirsch*Joe and RonniKirsch*Mr.and Mrs.William F. Kirsch Jr.+Mr.Michael E.Kisber*Kiser’s Floor FashionsMr.GeorgeKlein*Dr.Lisa M.Klesges*Klinke Brothers Ice Cream CompanyJerry D. KnaussMr.Donald L. Knox Mr.William L. Koeneman Ms.Janice Kolb Mr.S. L. Kopald Jr. Mr.and Mrs.Alan L.Kosten*Mr and Mrs Lee Kramer Mr.Robert H. KrauchJr.*Ms.Catherine RudnerKraus*Dr.and Mrs.David H.Kraus*Dr.and Mrs.Gordon J.Kraus*Marjean and Richard Kremer Mr.Martin R.Kriger*Ms.Sonya A. Krivcher Dr.Henry A. Kurtz and Dr.Bette

AckermanMr.and Mrs.David F.Kustoff*Mr.and Mrs.Stephen M.Lackey*Lackie Trading IncorporatedMr.and Mrs.Robert E. LaffertyJr.*Mr.and Mrs.T. F.Lambert*Lambuth UniversityMr.and Mrs.BurnsLandess*Alex and SarahLaskaris*Bettye and HowardLasley*Laurelwood Shopping Center

IncorporatedJackie and StanleyLautar*Ms.Carlene B. LawrenceMr.John T. LawrenceJr.*Ms.Debbie H. Lazorov* and

Mr.Stuart J. LazarovL&E Management CoompanyDr.Paul E. LeRoy+Leader Federal Bank for SavingsLearning by Giving Foundation

IncorporatedMr.Scott Ledford Lehman-Roberts CompanyLensrentals.comMr.Michael I.Less*Less Getz and Lipman PLCDr.Kris B.Levanthal*Drs. Marvin and Kris Leventhal Mr.and Mrs.John W. LewallenJr.*Mr.and Mrs.MitchLewellen*Mr.and Mrs.George P.Lewis*Dr.and Mrs.Myron Lewis Lewis ThomasonMr.and Mrs.Ira J.Lichterman*Mr.Richard L. Lightman+

Dr.Timothy F.Linder*Dr.Sandra P. Lipman* and

Mr.Clifton M.Lipman*Ms.Sue Ann Lipsey

and Mr.Bernard A.Lipsey*Mr.and Mrs.Lester F.Lit*Mr.Edward H. Little+Jeff and Melanie Little Mr.and Mrs.Patrick N.Lloyd*Mr.Leslie M.Loeffel*Mr.Lonnie E.Loeffel*Mr.Lynn T.Loeffel*Frank Ricks/Looney Ricks KissMr.and Mrs.J. WilliamLovelace*Wayne A. Lowrie

and Suzanne OsborneMr.and Mrs.Joseph A. Lucchesi Jr. Mr.and Mrs.Christopher W.Luhrs*Dr.Francesco Lurati Mr.John W. Luther Sr.* and

Mrs.Elizabeth H. Luther*+Mr.StephenLuttmann*Mr.William H.Maclin*Mr.and Mrs.R. A.Maddox*Madonna Learning CenterInc.Mr.and Mrs.James A. Maglio Sr. Dr.and Mrs.John M. Malloy Mr.John R. Malmo Mr.O. Clarke Mann+Louise and Jeff Mann Ms.Lenore E. March+Ms.Joanne L. Markell Ms.Annette D. Marks*+Elizabeth and Jerry MarshallMs.Virginia B. Martin+Mr.Larry Martin Dr.Barbara D. and Mr.William

E.Mashburn*Masscomp Computer CompanyMary and PhilMassey*Massey’s Auto PartsInc.Mr.S. Eugene MathisJr.*Mrs.Nancy L. Mattox and

Mr.Richard A.Mattox*Mr.M. Woodrow Mauldin Ms.Judy May Mr.and Mrs.Kenneth A.May*Thomas E.Mayberry*Mr.Jeff McAlexander Mr.James B.McBryde*Mr.Richard O. McBryde Jr.* and

Mr.Mark W. McBrydeMcCabe Construction CompanyMs.Janet McCaskill Mr.Andrew J. McClurg Dr.Harold A. McCormack* and

Ms.Beverly M. McComack*+Col and Mrs James K McCurdy*+Mr.and Mrs.James W. McDonaldMr.and Mrs.Dale G.McGee*Mr.and Mrs.Michael S.McGee*Betsy and William McKeeMr.and Mrs.Rick E.McKenna*Mr.Edward J. McKenneyJr.*Mr.DougMcKnight*Mr.Jerry E. McLaurine+Ms.Shirley A. McLaurine Mr.Phillip H. McNeillJr.*McNeill Commercial Real EstateMr.and Mrs.Richard A. McStay Mr.Ronald B.McSwain*McVean Trading and InvestmentsMedia General Broadcast ServicesMedical Insurance Filing ServicesMedtronic FoundationMr.and Mrs.Bobby G. Meeks+Mr.and Mrs.William S.Melton*Memphis Area Association

ofRealtorsMemphis Area Legal Services

IncorporatedMemphis Bar Association


Memphis Chapter Society for Information

Memphis Communications Corporation

Memphis Community Develop Partnership

Memphis Convention and Visitors Bureau

Memphis Dermatology ClinicMemphis Engraving CompanyMemphis GrizzliesMemphis Restaurant AssociationMemphis Runners Track ClubMemphis Shelby Crime CommissionMemphis Speech and Hearing

Center IncorporatedMemphis in MayMenard Gates and Mathis

IncorporatedDr.Lisa L. Mendel

and Dr.Maurice I. Mendel Mr.and Mrs.Paul I.Mendelson*Mr.Hubert S. Menke+

and Ms.Stella Menke+Mr.and Mrs.K. Dale MenkelIII*Jo Ann and DelMercer*Merrie Oldsmobile-GMC TruckMr.Roy G. Mersch*+Ms.Laurie P. Meskin MicroPort Orthopedics IncorporatedMid-America Apartment

Communities LPMid America Restaurants

IncorporatedMid-South Association

ofContingency PlannersMid-South Head TraumaMid-South Plumbing SolutionsMr.Matthew C.Middleton*Mr.Mark B.Miesse*Mike’s AutoplexMs.Carolyn Miller Linda and JamesMiller*Mr.and Mrs.Lloyd D.Miller*Millington Telephone CompanyMr.and Mrs.James E.Millrany*Mr.StanleyMills*Milwaukee Electric Tool CorporationMr.John T. Minger Mirabile Investment CorporationMissouri Hardware Flooring

CompanyMr.and Mrs.Michael T. Mitchell Mr.and Mrs.Jeffrey S.Mollerup*Mr.and Mrs.Michael F.Montesi*Mr.and Mrs.Stephen A.Montoya*Mr.John H.Moore*Morgan and Thornburg

IncorporatedMr.and Mrs.Olin F. Morris Mr.and Mrs.John G. Morten Dr.and Mrs.Joseph R. MortonJr.*Jeri and MitchMoskovitz*Dr.and Mrs.William B.Moss*Jim Moton Mount Moriah DodgeMueller Industries IncorporatedChristine and GlennMunson*Mr.and Mrs.Fred A. Murdock Murdock’s Nissan MotorsProfessor William J. Murnane Jr.+Mr.J. Michael Murphy and

Mrs.Sherry DuBoseMurphy*Mr.Robert A.Murray*Dan S.+ and Patricia H. MurrellBarbara and Glen Murry Naegele Outdoor AdvertisingNahon Saharovich and Trotz PLCNashville Community FoundationNathan AssociatesNational Assn ofSecurity DealersNational Guard Products


National Healthcare Scholars Foundation

National Philanthropic TrustNationsBankNationwide Insurance

Enterprise FoundationNational Action Council for

Minorities in EngineeringMr.and Mrs.Robert E. Neal New York Times CompanyMr.and Mrs.G. PaulNewman*Ms.Beverly J. Nicholson*+Mr.Lee A. Nicholson Nike Incorporated and AffiliatesGil and Sybille NobleNolan’s IncorporatedNonprofit Leadership CollaborativePenny and David NorthMr.Marcus H.Norton*Dr.Virginia M. Norton

and Mr.John D. NortonSr.*Dr.Wayne A.

and Mrs.Jonzell M.Norton*Marilyn and Herbert L.Notowich*Ms.Trudy A. Noyes*+Michael and Maureen O’Neal*Onyx Medical CorporationOrange County’s United WayOrgill IncorporatedDr.Daniel E. Otten Mr.and Mrs.James A.Owen*Ms.Debbie C. Padawer*

and Mr.Paul R.Padawer*Carol and MikePalazola*Ms.Catherine T.Palazola*Mr.Mark Palazola Mr.and Mrs.Barry S.Paller*Ms.Vicki Roman Palmer*Mr.William L. Pankey*+Dr.Richard C.Parker*Parker Hannifin FoundationMs.Rebecca D.Pate*Pathtrace Systems IncorporatedDr.and Mrs.Paul A.Payne*Mr.David M. Pennington*+Penny Hardaway IncorporatedPeoples BankMr.and Mrs.Michael R.Pera*Ms.Deborah B.Perkins*Jacolyn and MinorPerkins*Perkins Restaurant and BakeryDr.Kay Perryman-Snow*Mr.Hugh M. PetersonJr.*Ms.June C. Peterson*Mr.and Mrs.John E. PetreeJr.*John and Nancy Petree Pfizer FoundationMr.John V.Phelps*Phi Kappa Phi Honor SocietyPhilco Properties, LLCMr.and Mrs.Harry J. Phillips Sr.+Ann and MelvinPhillips*Phillips Brothers InvestmentsDr.John H. Pickens* and Suzanne

Satterfield, M.D.Mr.and Mrs.Joseph H. Pierce Ms.Rochelle Pierce Mr.and Mrs.Charles T.Pierotti*Mr.and Mrs.Gary Pilgrim Ms.Shirley E. Piontek+Plant Maintenance Service

CorporationDr.Charles Plesofsky Plough Broadcasting CompanyDr.Chloee K. Poag

and Mr.G. Daniel PoagJr.*Poag Lifestyle Centers LLC Mr.Dion G.Pogson*Polaroid CorporationDr.and Mrs.Donald J. Polden Mr.and Mrs.Boyd A.Pollard*Polycryl CorporationPope Ferrington Trust

2015 UofM Honor Roll of Donors - [PDF Document] (6)


Mr.Hugh Potts Power and Telephone

Supply CompanyMr.Paul E.Prather*Mr.Christopher G.Pratt*Dr.Barbara U. Prescott* and

Mr.Allie J. PrescottIII*Mr.and Mrs.Jeffrey B.Presley*Mr.and Mrs.Robert B. Preston Mr.and Mrs.Thomas F. Preston Ms.Dorothy B. KayPrice*PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLPPride Construction CompanyCarol and Mike Prince Pro-Golf Discounters ofMemphisMr.Morris N.Proctor*Professional Secretaries

InternationalPromus Hotel CorporationPryor Oldsmobile and GMCMr.Lee J. PurkeyJr.Elwood+ and Janet QuallsMr.Daniel B.Quinley*Dr.Gabriel P. Racz+Gus RadfordMr.Andrew H.Raines*Dr.Shirley C. Raines

and Dr.Robert J. Canady Mr.and Mrs.G. W. Rainey Dr.Ernest A.

and Mrs.Jeanine H. RakowMr.RonnieRandall*Dr.Richard R. Ranta and Dr.Carol

Crown Ranta Mr.Britt F.Rast*Mr.and Mrs.John D. RayJr.*RBM Venture CompanyMr.Oscar Edwin Reece+Dr.and Mrs.Mark E.Reed*Mr.William R. Reed Jr.*Ms.Mildred A. Reeves+Regions BankRegions Financial Corporation

FoundationMr.and Mrs.W. WoodsonReid*Ms.Tina S.Reisedge*Mr.and Mrs.Marc E.Reisman*Research for International

Tobacco ControlRestoration Systems IncorpratedRetirement Companies of

America LLCMr.Heath L. ReynoldsMr.and Mrs.George L. RiceIII*Rice Amundsen and Caperton PLLCDr.John W. Richardson Jr.+Mr.and Mrs.Terry Richardson Ms.Rebecca B.Rivalto*RJ Reynolds FoundationRoadshow BMW IncorporatedMs.Elma N. Roane*+Mike and DebbieRobb*Dr.and Mrs.S. Gwin Robbins Jr. Ms.Joy RobertsMr.William R. Roberts Mr.and Mrs.Richard Robinson Mr.Richard Robinson Rock Island CorporationMs.Monice J. Roland Rose ConstructionInc.Mr.HerschelRosenberg*Mr.and Mrs.Walter Rosenblum+Mr.and Mrs.SheldonRosengarten*Mr.James B. Rothman+Dr.and Mrs.Cecil C. Rousseau Ms.Marcia CopleyRow*Sandra and JoeRowell*Ms.LauraRowland*Mr.Robert E. Royal Royal Furniture CompanyMs.Caroline Royal-Evans

and Mr.L. Brad EvansRuby Avenue Realty

Dr.Loretta Rudd and Dr.M. David Rudd

Mr.and Mrs.William B. Rudner Mr.Charles S. Ryan S and M Financial Services

IncorporatedSFI ofTennesseeSKAL Club ofMemphisMr.David W.Sage*Saint Francis Hospital AuxiliarySaks Incorporated FoundationMr.Harry D. Samuels Dr.Miguel A. SanchezMs.Barbara J.Sandberg*Mr.G. Jeffrey Sanders and

Ms.Kassaundra E.Sanders*Mr.Reid Sanders Sara Lee FoundationMr.William C. Schadrack Jr.*+ and

Ms.Marianne SchadrackSchahet Hotels IncorporatedMr.and Mrs.ElkanScheidt*Schering Plough Foundation


HealthCare ProductsMs.Neal Schilling+Schilling EnterprisesSchwartz FoundationMr.and Mrs.Donald W.Scobey*Murray and SusieScott*Seamless SystemsSecurity Bancorp ofTennesseeInc.Security BankSedgwick IncorporatedMr.Arthur N. Seessel III Mr.and Mrs.Jerry Seessel Mr.and Mrs.Melville J. Seessel Ms.Frank E. Seidman Mr.and Mrs.James R.Selberg*Dr.and Mrs.Bob L. Sellers+Serra ChevroletServiceMasterMr.Larry T. Shaffer Dr.Naseeb Shaheen+Frances and Robert ShannonJr.*Mr.and Mrs.John M.Sharp*Sharp Manufacturing CompanyMs.Verna T. Sharpes +Mr.and Mrs.J. AlvinShelby*Shelby Electric CompanyShelby-Skipwith IncorporatedShell Oil Company FoundationMs.Elizabeth W.Shelton*Dr.Thomas B. Shelton Mr.John S. Shepherd Linda and Louie SheppardSherman W. Parry Credit TrustDrs. Rick J. and Paula M. Short Mr.William O.Shults*Sigma Tau Health Science

IncorporatedMr.Howard A.Silver*Mr.and Mrs.Charles R.Simmons*Dr.Judith C. Simon Mr.and Mrs.GregorySiskin*Ms.Donna W.Skaarer*Skeeter Gowen Memorial

Foundation IncorporatedLinda and RonSklar*Mr.and Mrs.Irvin S.Skopp*Mr.Dennis L.Slone*Dr.Linda Smiley Ms.Anne C. Smith Mr.Aubrey A. Smith Jr. Mr.Brad V. Smith Charles and Harolyn Smith Dale Smith Mr.Darrell D.Smith*Mr.Garland T. Smith Mr.Gary K.Smith*Mr.G. HenrySmith*Mr.Johnny Smith

Dr.Mark S.Smith*Ms.Melody D. Smith Wendy Geurin

and Michael D.Smith*Mr.and Mrs.Michael V.Smith*Dr.R. Eugene Smith+Dr.and Mrs.Rick A.Smith*Mr.Travis E. Smith Dr.and Mrs.Vincent D.Smith*SSR EllersInc.SmithKline Beecham FoundationDr.James R. Smoot+Dr.Allen and Mrs.Hope H.Sneed*Mr.McDonald L.Sneed*Dr.and Mrs.Dowen E. SnyderMr.Jack Soden Solar Barque TrustMr.and Mrs.Robert M. Solmson Southern Security Federal

Credit UnionSouthern Steel Supply Company

IncorporatedMr.and Mrs.Billy G. Spain Dr.James N. and Emily C. Speakman Speer Charitable TrustMr.and Mrs.Robert L. SpenceJr.*David and Charlene Spiceland SpicelandInc.Mr.James F. SpringfieldSr.*Mr.James E. Spurlock+Mr.and Mrs.Thomas W. Staed+Mr.and Mrs.Will E.Stafford*Dr.Louis Charles Stagg and

Mrs.Mary Casner Stagg Standard Construction Company

IncorporatedState Farm Companies FoundationState Farm Fire and

Casualty CompanyDr.Marc H. Stegman Dr.Gilbert G. Stein Ms.Jill M. Steinberg Mr.Kenneth A.Steinberg*Mr.and Mrs.Joseph J.Stellute*Elizabeth and MichaelStengel*Mr.Robert L.Stephens*Stevenson and Bullock PLCJohn and MargieStoever*Storopack IncorporatedMr.Elmer W. Stout Mr.Dennis W.Strickland*Melyne and JamesStrickland*Mr.Todd Strickland Mr.Mike P. Sturdivant Sr.+Ms.Diane Smith Sullivan*+ and

Mr.David C.Sullivan*Mr.James B.Summers*Sun Microsystems IncorporatedSurfware IncorporatedMr.and Mrs.Robert A.Svoboda*Mr.and Mrs.Mel Swaffer Sr. Mr.and Mrs.Terry K.Swatley*Dr.Robert E. Sweeney and

Ms.LynnFranklin*Sysco Memphis LLCMrs.Virginia Szalay and

Mr.DavidSzalay*TAM Electric CompanyTPI Restaurants IncorporatedDr.and Mrs.MikeTankersley*Ms.Pat Tanner Mr.William B. Tanner+Elizabeth and DavidTate*Dr.Kurt Tauer Dr.and Mrs.Robert R.Taylor*Dr.William Z. Taylor

and Ms.Cindy L.Taylor*Sharon Taylor Mr.Michael R.Teague*Technical Consultants IncMr.Edgar H. Tenent Jr.*+Tennessee Chapter American

Planning Assn

Tennessee Juvenile Court Services Assn

Ms.Annie RuthTerrell*The 100 Club ofMemphisThe Arthritis FoundationThe Bank ofFayette CountyThe BAR BRI GroupThe Bodine CompanyThe Bornblum FoundationThe Brinkley FoundationThe Cargill FoundationThe Hardison Law FirmThe Highland HundredThe Hispanic Education

Foundation ofTennesseeThe Josephine Circle IncorporatedThe Knapp Foundation IncorporatedThe Kroger CompanyThe Lilly CompanyThe Menke FoundationThe Merck FoundationThe Pallet FactoryThe Phoenix Mfg Co IncThe Presser FoundationThe Principal Financial Group

FoundationThe Rainwater Family CompaniesThe Ronald C. Hart Family

FoundationThe Sun Microsystems FoundationThe W E Flaherty Family FoundationThe WMC StationsThe Wetherbe GroupThe William C. Miller

Revocable TrustMs.Elisabeth Thomas+Mr.James A.Thomas*Mr.and Mrs.C. Michael

ThompsonSr.*Ms.Nancy B.Thompson*Mr.Stephen R. Thornburg ThyssenKrupp Elevator

Manufacturing IncorporatedMr.and Mrs.D. BarryTicer*Mr.Joe A.Tidwell*Mr.Joseph G. Tidwell Tiger Book Store IncorporatedMs.Pat KerrTigrett*Tillman Insurance ServiceMr.and Mrs.Robert L.Titon*Mr.and Mrs.Jerry H. Todd ToofAmerican Digital PrintingJohn and Lori Touliatos Tower Ventures V LLCTri State Armature and Elec Works

IncorporatedTriumph BankMr.Corey B.Trotz*Trucking Industry Defense

AssociationMr.Kevin True Mr.James L. Tucker Laurie and JohnTucker*Mr.Charles T. Tuggle Turley FoundationDr.and Mrs.F. DexterTutor*Mr.and Mrs.R. Dean TutorSr.*Mr.Jeffrey L. Tyler*+U ofM Wives ClubUS District Court - Middle District

ofTennesseeMr.and Mrs.Ronald Underberg*+Union Pacific FoundationUnisource WorldwideUNISYSUnited Auto RecoveryUnited Inns IncorporatedUnited Technologies CarrierUniversity Career AssociatesUniversity MicrofilmsMr.and Mrs.Stephen K. Valadie’*Valero Refining Company TNV. Alexander & Company

IncorporatedMr.Owen H. VanceJr.*Ms.Carol Thompson VanHoozer*Mr.David R. VanHoozer*Ms.Mary C. Vaughan+Mr.and Mrs.Tom A. Vickers Vining Sparks IBGVirginia Electric and PowerVista Host IncorporatedVistacare Health Services

IncorporatedMr.and Mrs.Kurt A.Voldeng*WGKX RadioWICAT Systems IncorporatedWachovia FoundationJim and Yvonne Waggener Dr.George Wai Yiu Cheung Wal-Mart Stores IncorporatedMr.and Mrs.G. Lee WalkerIII*Mr.Larry Walker Mr.Melvin E.Walker*Walker and Associates IncorporatedMr.Robert H. WallaceJr.*Mr.Thomas L. WallaceSr.*Dr.William L.Wallace*Dr.Robert R. Waller Wang’s International IncorporatedMr.Benjamin F. Ward III Mr.and Mrs.ChuckWard*Dr.and Mrs.Richard C. Warder Jr. Stephen and DiannaWaring*Warner-Lambert CompanyWaterproofing Systems

IncorporatedMr.David B. WathenMr.Rodger D.Watkins*Ms.Ellen I. Watson Gary and Janet Watts Dr.and Mrs.Mark Weatherly Ms.Pauline A.Weaver*Mr.and Mrs.James G.Webb*Mr.John E. Webb*Mr.and Mrs.William G.Webb*Mr.Jim D. Webster Jr. Ms.Rosalie AllenWedaman*Mr.and Mrs.Clarence B. Weiss+Dr.Kenneth Weiss Ms.Mae K. Weiss+Dr.and Mrs.S. Danny Weiss Wells Fargo FoundationMr.Elliot Wender Ms.Penina K.Wender*Wendy and Avron B. Fogelman

FoundationDr.and Mrs.Scott P.Werner*Mr.and Mrs.Robert F.Wernet*West Memphis Steel CorpDr.James C. Wetherbe Mr.and Mrs.Maurice Wexler Whirlpool FoundationMr.and Mrs.G. WayneWhite*Josh and KymWhite*Mr.and Mrs.Larry N.White*Dr.and Mrs.Nicholas L. White White Construction and Assoc.Inc.Mr.and Mrs.G. Byrne

WhiteheadJr.*Whitehorn Tankersley

and Davis, PLLCDr.and Mrs.William J. Whitehead Ms.Laura S. Whitsitt*Mr.and Mrs.Ben F. WhittenJr.*Mr.and Mrs.John C.Wiedman*Mr.and Mrs.Lee R. Wiener Ms.Sally Wilbourn Mr.John P. Wilcox+Dr.and Mrs.W. DavidWilcox*Mr.and Mrs.David M. Wilder Mr.Cal Wilkins Mr.Ricky E. Wilkins Ms.Carol B. Williams+Mr.Dodd Williams Mr.Edward A.Williams*

2015 UofM Honor Roll of Donors - [PDF Document] (7)


Mr.and Mrs.James R.Williams*Ron and KayWilliams*John and Shirley Williams Mr.and Mrs.Thomas E. WilliamsIII*Dr.and Mrs.G. TrentWilson*Mr.Kevin J. Wilson Mr.Nolen C. Wilson Mr.and Mrs.Robert A.Wilson*Mr.William C. Wilson+Mr.William G.Wilson*Windgate Charitable Foundation

IncorporatedWinegardner Community

Foundation IncorporatedWinthrop Rockefeller FoundationMr.James D. Witherington Jr. Ms.Cornelia Littlejohn Wolfe*+Marianne and Berkley WolffMr.Tommy D.Womack*Women’s Foundation

for a Greater MemphisMr.and Mrs.Paul A.Woods*Mr.David S.Work*Mr.and Mrs.John D. WorleyJr.*Wright Medical Technology

IncorporatedWright Patterson Air Force BaseMs.Peggy W. WrightMs.Lisa L.Wu*Mr.Alvin W. Wunderlich Jr. Mr.A. William Wunderlich III Mr.and Mrs.KentWunderlich*Ms.Jocelyn D.Wurzburg*Wyatt Tarrant and CombsXerox CorporationMs.Kay Yoder Mr.and Mrs.Todd S.Yoder*Mr.and Mrs.F. WarrenYoung*Mr.Logan YoungIII*Dr.and Mrs.Robert R. YoungJr.*Glenda YoungbloodMs.Sandra H.Zehntner*Mr.and Mrs.Mark J.Zellner*Zenith Data Systems CorporationLeigh and MarkZipperer*Zonta Club ofMemphis

THE PRESIDENT’S SOCIETYThe President’s Society members are among the University ofMemphis’ most generous and loyal benefactors. Membership in this giving society is a visible symbol ofone’s belief in the mission ofthe University ofMemphis. The following alumni and friends have demonstrated their leadership and support by making gifts of$1,000 or more during the fiscal year ended June 30,2014.

$250,000+Anonymous Donors*+Argus SoftwareInc.Janet and James W.Ayers*CNFedEx CorporationJennifer and MichaelCook*Mr.William S. Huff Mr.and Mrs.Joseph R. “Pitt” Hyde III J R Hyde III Family Foundation

Mr.and Mrs.RavindranathKanuri*Mr.and Mrs.Michael A. KobanJr.*Mrs.Robert G. Ring+ Mr.and Mrs.Rudi E. Scheidt Sr. Sedgwick Claims Management

Services IncDr.Judith C. Simon Mr.and Mrs.Frederick W. Smith The Assisi Foundation ofMemphis


$100,000 to $249,999Anonymous DonorsMarian and Michael Bruns Dr.Zhaohui Xu

and Mr.Wei W.Chen*Eloise Kimmelman FoundationFredrika and Joel FeltMartha and Robert F. Fogelman

Bradley and Robert F. FogelmanHope Christian Community

Foundation IncorporatedInterContinental Hotels GroupJabie and Helen Hardin

Charitable TrustMr.and Mrs.Joseph R. “Pitt” Hyde IIIMs.Janet T. Jennings+ Mr.and Mrs.George T.Johnson*Lettie Pate Whitehead

Foundation IncorporatedDr.Bernard M.Malloy*Charlene and Larry Shaffer Ms.Rita T. SparksMr.and Mrs.Robert M.Stein*Mr.Robert W.Yates*

$50,000 to $99,999Anonymous DonorsDonald O.Barber*Checkpoint Systems,Inc.Shirlee M.Clark*Dow Chemical CompanyThe GlassmanFamily*Mr.and Mrs.Saunders

MorganMorton*Schwab Charitable FundThe Jewish Foundation ofMemphisThe Peer Power FoundationWendy and Avron B.

Fogelman FoundationMs.Lisa L.Wu*Dr.Lawrence

and Ms.Sarah J. Wynn*+

$10,000 to $49,999AnonymousDonors*The Arthur F. and Alice E. Adams

Charitable FoundationA2H,Inc.Mr.and Mrs.George D.Barnes*Mr.Gregory E.Barnes*Lisa and JohnBobango*Craig M.Brown*Marian and Michael BrunsMr.G. CobleCaperton*Caroline L. Sharp TrustThe Honorable Robert L. Childers

and Ms.Amy J.Amundsen*Ms.Elizabeth T. Collins*+Community Foundation

ofGreater DubuqueCSI ClosuresMr.and Mrs.Robert L.Dinkelspiel*Philip FrancisDonovan*ExxonMobil FoundationMr.and Mrs.John M.Farris*Mr.and Mrs.W. RossFelt*Dr.and Mrs.Jerry T. Francisco Jane and JeffGarrety*Gilliland Marital TrustMr.Harry LouisGoldsmith*Mr.and Mrs.William O.Hagerman*

Dr.and Mrs.Carl E.Halford*Charlotte and FredHodges*Hohenberg Charity TrustDr.and Mrs.Charles H.Hubbert*James R. HumphreysIntegrated SolutionsInternational Paper CompanyJackson Lewis LLPDr.Hugh T.Keenan*Ms.DeloresKinsolving*Learning by Giving Foundation IncDr.Janet A. LevyRalph Levy III and Denise CoughlinMr.StephenLuttmann*Amy and TimMcCay*Glenda HueyMcDaniel*Metropolitan Memphis Hotel and

Lodging AssociationMicroPort Orthopedics IncorporatedMs.Carolyn MillerMr.and Mrs.Lloyd D.Miller*Mr.William (Bill) C. MillerJr.*Jane and JackMorris*National Philanthropic TrustDr.Virginia M. Norton

and Mr.John D. NortonSr.*Eunice and Edward Ordman Drs. Suzanne and MichaelOsborn*Mr.and Mrs.Larry W. PapasanPatriot BankDr.Kay Perryman-Snow*Lauren and WilliamPickens*Pickering Firm IncorporatedSusan and ScottPlunkett*Stephanie and ToddPresnell*Brad and Dina MartinMr.and Mrs.George L. RiceIII*Rice Amundsen and Caperton PLLCMr.and Mrs.TaylorRichardson*Ring Container TechnologiesMickey Robinson*

and Catherine LadnierDr.Loretta Rudd

and Dr.M. David Rudd Dr.Miguel A. Sanchez Smith & NephewInc.SouthernSun Asset ManagementSpeer Charitable TrustRick and SandySpell*Mr.and Mrs.Robert L. SpenceJr.*Janet and MitchellSpurlock*State Farm Mutual Automobile

Insurance CompanyDr.and Mrs.MikeTankersley*Rachel and Edwin Tasch Dr.Carmelita B.

and Mr.Norman C. Teeter John and LaurieTucker*The Foundation For I AmThe Morgan Morton Family

Foundation IncorporatedThe Suder FoundationThomas W Briggs FoundationTrucking Industry Defense

AssociationUS District Court - Middle District

ofTennesseeMr.Ben C.Watkins*Jeanette and William WatkinsJr.*Dr.Russel L. Wiener+

and Mrs.Joy B. Wiener Mr.and Mrs.David M. Wilder

$5,000 to $9,999Ace Awareness FoundationBank ofAmerica FoundationMr.Thomas E.Banning*Alice and ReedBaskin*Ms.Kaci A. BillingsCarole and EmileBizot*Mr.and Mrs.John A.Bobango*Mr.Raymond A.+ and Mrs.Maxine

Ritchey Bratcher+

Because of my donor, I am involved on campus, a junior in college, and I am loving every second of this journey! Thank you, thank you, thank you, I am forever grateful. Go Tigers!

Aiden Willis College of Communication and Fine Arts; Communication major

2015 UofM Honor Roll of Donors - [PDF Document] (8)


Ms.Harriette H. Brown Mr.William H.Brown*Mr.Edward L. BrundickIII*Drs. Karyl and Randal Buddington Dr.Robert Burns

and Dr.Linda O.Nichols*Mr.Mark J.Christopher*Robert E.Clark*Ms.Karen F.Clark*Construction Specifications

InstituteMr.and Mrs.Robert E. CraddockJr.*Mr.Vincent M.DeGutis*Delta Air Lines FoundationDesoto Investments LPErnst & Young FoundationFredrika and Joel Felt Financial Planning Association

ofGreater MemphisDr.Ruthbeth D. Finerman and

Dr.Ross D. Sackett First Tennessee FoundationGeneral Mills FoundationGeriatrics Group ofMemphisDr.and Mrs.Timothy F.Goldsmith*David M.Greer*Mr.MichaelHarless*Hattie G Watkins Educational FundMarcella and JohnHouseal*Inferno, LLCInteractive Solutions IncorporatedLynda and JohnIrvine*Mr.and Mrs.Michael E.Keeney*Mr.Kevin D.Kimery*Dr.Lisa M.Klesges*KPMG FoundationLambda Alpha International,

Memphis ChapterMs.Connie Lewis-Lensing Liberty MutualMr.and Mrs.Mitch LewellenDr.and Mrs.Kam S. Lie Barbara and IraLipman*Mr.James E. McGehee Jr. Natalie and James Meeks Jr. Memphis Chapter IAAPDr.and Mrs.Larry W. Moore Newcom Business MediaAlice and Reed NishiwakiMs.Jonzell and Dr.WayneNorton*Mr.Paul E.Prather*Dr.Sharon M. Rozzi Mr.Travis E. SmithDr.Charles A.Schulz*SKAL Club ofMemphisMr.Travis E. Smith The Spence Law FirmStevenson and Bullock PLCBobby and MartySvoboda*Mrs.Nancy L. Tashie

and Mr.James D.Tashie*Mr.Corey B.Trotz*The Holeman Living TrustThe Marston Group PLCThe Ronald C. Hart Family

FoundationThe William C. Miller

Revocable TrustVaco Mid-South LLCThe Honorable Diane K. Vescovo

and Mr.MichaelMcLaren*Dr.Darryl S. Weiman and

KathleenWeiman*WePayJohn L. and Lillian Y. Williams

$2,500 to $4,999AnonymousDonors*American Chemical SocietyDr.Thomas H. AppletonJr.*Tina and RhomesAur*Mr.George PappasDr.Neil Aronov Ginny StuderDrs. Daniel and Abby Baker Baptist Memorial Health

Care CorporationDr.Jerry Bartholomew Jennifer O.Black*BlueCross BlueShield ofTennessee

Community TrustPierre and Maria Breber Brother International CorporationMs.Daphne T.Brust*Sybil and CharlesBryant*CB Richard Ellis MemphisCBIZ Operations IncorporatedDr.Karen E.Chancellor*CIGNA FoundationMs.Winnie P.Conway*Mr.Douglas A. Cook Crews Family FoundationDarden Restaurants FoundationDr.and Mrs.Russell J.Deaton*East Tennessee FoundationEnterprise Holdings FoundationFarris Bobango PLLCBobbie and David Ferraro First FoundationFirst Tennessee Bank NAFM Global FoundationMr.Hal Fogelman Bob Fox Elise and Michael Frick Dr.Donna MartinGambill*Dr.Dan Gentry and Mr.Patrick Dunn Glankler Brown PLLCGlazer Family FoundationGoddard FoundationDr.and Mrs.Arthur C.Graesser*Dr.Warren O. Haggard Herman Bensdorf II Residuary TrustMr.and Mrs.R. HunterHumphreys*Susan E. and Frank InmanJr.*Institute ofElectrical & Electronics

Engineers IncPatte and David S. Kennedy KPMG Peat Marwick LLPDr.Henry A. Kurtz and Dr.Bette

Ackerman Littler Mendelson, P.C.March FoundationDr.Richard V.Martin*Mr.Andrew J. McClurgMr.Clinton M.McDonald*Memphis Commercial Real Estate

Women,Inc.Meritor,Inc.Methodist LeBonheur

Healthcare IncorporatedMINACT IncorporatedMorgan StanleyNorthwestern Mutual FoundationPatsy and Mike+ Pennington*Mark Pennington Dr.and Mrs.Shahram Pezeshk Dr.Barbara U. Prescott and Mr.Allie

J. PrescottIII*Oneka Richardson, M.D. Rotary Club ofMemphis - EastShell Oil Company FoundationMs.Catherine R.Smythe*Dr.James N. Speakman and

Ms.Emily C. Speakman Deborah L.Talbot*The Brinkley FoundationThe Kroger CompanyThe Presser FoundationJackie and DavidThomas*

ThyssenKrupp Elevator Manufacturing Incorporated

The Honorable and Mrs.A C WhartonJr.

Wells Fargo FoundationDr.JanYoung*Victoria and RobertoYoung*

$1,000 to $2,499AnonymousDonors*Mr.and Mrs.T. RobertAbney*Allied Committee for the Trucking

IndustryAlpha Delta Kappa TN Alpha ChapterAmerican Trucking AssociationsMr.and Mrs.Robert T.Arnold*Mr.and Mrs.W. MichaelArnoult*Austin Medical Ventures,Inc.Avery OutdoorsMelody and AndrewBailey*Mr.Matthew S.Bailey*Mr.Robert E.Bailey*Ms.Carol K.Baker*Mr.and Mrs.James A. BakerIII*Dr.Paul Balister Mr.Erie LachelleBanks*Ms.Alys Drake Rebecca and RonnellBeal*Nancy and KenBearden*Mr.and Mrs.Scott N. Beatty Belfor USA Group,Inc.Mr.James A. Bianchi Mr.Albert R.Biggs*Mr.Phillip Blaxton Mr.Scott E. Bohon Rikki and BillBoyce*Breast Cancer Eradication

Initiative IncorporatedMr.and Mrs.Paul W.Brown*Ms.Janis B. Brownlee Buckman Laboratories International

IncorporatedJudy and CharlesBurkett*Paul E.Cameron*Mr.Robert W. CanfieldJr.*Dr.Donald K. Carson

and Dr.Mary Jo Greil Mr.and Mrs.Richard M.Carter*Ms.Mary K.Chapleau*Mr.N. B.Cheatham*Church ofthe River Choir Drs. David and CarolCiscel*City ofMemphisMr.Daniel F.Cody*Mr.Jerry L. ColemanJr.*Mr.Ronald L. Coleman

and Ms.Jan S.Coleman*Mr.Donald C.Colvin*Community Foundation

ofGreater ChattanoogaCompetition Performance GroupContempora Magazine Inc -

Business Management AssociatesBarbara and James CookJr.*Ms.Norma CoxCook*Cornerstone SystemsBarbara and DavidCrippen*Ms.Kathryn E.Crouthers*Dr.Carol Crown Ranta and

Dr.Richard R. Ranta Mr.Thomas J. CullenJr.*Ms.Joanna E.Curtis*Dr.and Mrs.Carl R.Cutting*Dr.Paul and Ms.ElizabethDarke*Christy and ChristopherDarr*Ms.Catherine C. Decker Deloitte FoundationMary and DavidDeterding*Ms.Carolyn J.Dickens*Diesel Programs North AmericaMr.and Mrs.Robert G.Dingler*Dixon Hughes Goodman LLPMr.J. MichaelDrake*

Thank you so much for your support! Because of you, I am closer every day to becoming the doctor I want to be!

Paola Jimenez College of Arts and Sciences; Biology major

2015 UofM Honor Roll of Donors - [PDF Document] (9)


Dr.and Mrs.Winfield C.Dunn*Dr.Larry W.Dupree*Mr.and Mrs.Brian D.Eason*Jim Easter Jacquie and Brian Ebert Ms.Evelyn T.Echols*Dr.and Mrs.Eugene C. Eckstein Ms.Michelle R.Edwards*The Honorable George R.Ellis*Elvis Presley Charitable FoundationEnergen CorporationLawrenceEvans*Marsha and JohnEvans*Dr.Ralph J. Faudree Jr+ and

Mrs.Patricia N.Faudree*Mr.and Mrs.David E.Ferguson*Fidelity Brokerage Services LLCMr.Scott A.Forman*Dr.Shaun Gallagher Gannett Foundation IncorporatedMr.and Mrs.Edwin R.Ganoung*Claire WeatherfordGarrett*Leesa and PatGavin*Gen YOUth FoundationGeotechnology IncorporatedPatricia and AndrewGibson*Tamara and Ken Goff Ms.Devon L.Gosnell*Mr.Thomas A. Gosnell Mr.Bill Graves Mr.Edward F. Greaney III Mr.Steve N.Green*Mr.Travis D.Green*Dr.and Mrs.Henry A.Greene*Dr.Mary J. Greil and Dr.Donald

K.Carson*Jason E. Murtagh

and Mary R.Hackett*Ms.Sandra StreetHale*Danielle and BrianHanrahan*Judy and JerryHarber*Mr.and Mrs.Stephen A.Hargett*Mr.Barry L. Harris II Mr.and Mrs.David A.Harris*Dr.and Mrs.Gaylon L.Harris*Theresa and JohnHash*Dr.Joseph M. Hawes

and Dr.Gail S. Murray Dr.Peixin He Ms.Jean A. Heffernan Mr.Jeff Herbers Dr.Maxine L.Hetherington*Mr.John S.Hicks*Dr.and Mrs.John I. Hochstein Alison and AlHollingsworth*Jane H.Hooker*Mr.Michael E.Hopper*Mr.R. Thomas HortonJr.*Ms.Donna M. Howard Ms.June T.Hurt*Dr.and Mrs.MasanoriIgarashi*IMC CompaniesIngersoll Rand Company LtdCarol and Richard Irwin Dr.Stephanie S. and Mr.Charles B.

IveyJr.*Jackson Energy AuthorityR. EugeneJackson*Jamison RFIDJapanese Traders & Manufacturers

AssociationMr.and Mrs.James E.Jacobs*Drs. Lisa K. and David K.Jennings*Dr.Pu-Qi JiangMr.Rick JohnsMr.Michael R. Johnson Mr.Jason E.Joiner*Mr.and Mrs.Stephen P.Jones*Dr.Mary EllenJukoski*Mr.John C. KelleyJr.*Mr.George Kenney Andrea EpsteinKerlan*Ms.Dorothy O.Kirsch*

Mr.S. L. Kopald Jr. Mr.John T. LawrenceJr.*Linda and CraigLeake*Lee & Lin CorporationMr.and Mrs.Brian F.Leith*Dr.and Mrs.Donald L.Lester*Peter and Felicity Letsou Mr.James R. LilesSr.*Linda O Wible Revocable

Living TrustDr.and Mrs.Martin E. Lipinski The Honorable Sheri LipmanLipscomb and PittsFrank Ricks/Looney Ricks KissDr.ChristopherLornell*Mr.Richard Lou Mr.Zachary R.Lyons*Elizabeth and Jerry Marshall Ms.Becky A.Martin*Dr.Sheryl and Mr.Mark Maxwell Ms.Kimberly C. McAfee Mr.and Mrs.Gregory A.McClain*Mr.Luther C.McClellan*Ann and BarryMcGee*Mr.and Mrs.Michael S.McGee*McGehee Family FoundationMr.and Mrs.William R. McKelvyJr.*Mr.Edward J. McKenneyJr.*Medtronic FoundationMemphis Archaeological and

Geological SocietyMemphis Bar Association

IncorporatedMemphis Bar FoundationMemphis Convention

and Visitors BureauThe Merck FoundationDr.and Mrs.Andrew W.Meyers*Mid-South Compensation

AssociationMike Driver TrustThe Honorable and Mrs.Louis J.

MontesiJr.*Mr.Peter MoonMr.Dennis E. Moore Dr.and Mrs.Larry W. MooreMr.Kevin J.Morgan*Mr.Gary T.Mosley*Dr.Gail S. Murray

and Dr.Joseph M.Hawes*Mr.Jason Murtagh

and Ms.Mary Hackett Marianne C.Mussett*Mr.and Mrs.Brenton J.Nair*The National Society of

The Colonial Dames ofAmerica in the State ofTN

Dr.Monika Nenon and Dr.Thomas J. Nenon Jr.

Gil and Sybille Noble Mr.Keith Norman Novo Nordisk Charity Trust AccountOak Hall IncorporatedOperation TucciMr.and Mrs.Larry W. Papasan Ms.TommiePardue*Mr.P. Eugene Parker Parker Hannifin FoundationJosh and Kerri Pastner Ms.Carla A. and Dr.John H.

PeacherRyan**Peer Power Foundation IncMs.Nancy D.Penczner*Ms.Linda K. Peppers Beverly A.Perkins*Pfizer FoundationMr.Chris Phelan Barbara and JimPhillips*Jonathan PikeFamily*Patricia and ErnestPitt*Mr.Richard S.Powelson*Mr.Thomas B. Preston Mr.Bobby A. Prince

Procter and Gamble FundPTJ Operations, LLCMr.Andrew H.Raines*Dr.Ernest A. and Mrs.Jeanine

H.Rakow*Dr.Richard R. Ranta and Dr.Carol

Crown Ranta Mr.David F.Read*Ms.Jean M.Redfield*Regional One HealthMr.Paul J.Reimold*Mary Jane and JamesRichens*Mr.and Mrs.H. Frank RicksJr.*Sandy and Webster Riggs Ronald C. Hart Family

Foundation,Inc.Professor David S. RomantzJoe and Carol LeeRoyer*Mr.and Mrs.William B. Rudner Mr.Jack C. RussellIII*Ms.Marcia Russell Ms.Sara T.Savell*Mr.and Mrs.JosephSchaeffer*Mr.Dan Scott Frances and Robert Shannon Jr. Ms.Renee C.Sharpe*Mr.M. AndrewShaul*Richard Sellers and

MarifranBustion*Dr.Gayle H.Shiba*Mr.William O.Shults*Dr.Kevin H. Smith and Dr.Marilyn

Dunham SmithMrs.Kathryn Hicks Simpson and

Mr.James A. SimpsonJr.*Randy P. and Tona

JacksonSimpson*Linda and RonSklar*Mr.John J.Slough*Soutions Medical CenterDr.and Mrs.James Stamper Ms.Dianne M.Stokely*Judith and B. A. StreetSr.*Mr.and Mrs.Terry K.Swatley*Nena and Richard SweigardDr.Irvin L.Tankersley*Patricia and RobertTaylor*Ms.Susan C. Te Paske Mr.Mark Teegarden Dr.and Mrs.PatrickTeer*Temple IsraelThe BAR BRI GroupThe Community Foundation

ofWestern North CarolinaThe Ebert LeBlanc Family

FoundationInc.The Grove at Red Oak LakeThe Redwing GroupThe Rose and Walter Montgomery

FoundationThe Sims Family Charitable TrustJessica and JeremyThompson*Mr.Chad J. Tillman Ms.Mary R.Todd*Mr.and Mrs.Kenneth T.Tsurusaki*Ms.Mary B.Turner*Mr.and Mrs.William A.Tuttle*V. Alexander & Co.Inc.Ellen and John C.Vergos*Chris and AnnaVescovo*Mr.John M.Vosse*Dr.Donald I. Wagner Dr.William L.Wallace*Dr.Patricia L.Walls*Dr.JaneWalters*Mr.and Mrs.ChuckWard*Dr.and Mrs.Richard C. Warder Jr. Ms.Ellen I. Watson Jim and Bita SingWebb*Dr.Karen D. Weddle-West Mr.NickWells*Ms.Linda BassWestbury*Mr.and Mrs.Maurice Wexler

Where The Heart Is,Inc.Ms.Laura S.Whitsitt*John L. and Lillian Y. WilliamsMr.and Mrs.Michael S. Williams Bill and ElaineWoods*Ms.Christina A. Zawisza Paula and DavidZettergren*Dr.Lin Zhan

COLUMNS SOCIETYThe Columns Society is a means by which the University ofMemphis acknowledges those who have the vision, foresight and generosity to include the University in their planned and estate giving. Membership is open to donors who have made or are making provisions for the University ofMemphis Foundation through any ofa variety ofestate planning options. We gratefully acknowledge those listed below for this criticalsupport.Anonymous DonorsMr.Chris E. Adams*

and Ms.Amelia A.Adams*E. Mark Adams and Beth Van

Hoesen AdamsMr.and Mrs.Emerson A. Alburty Dr.Thomas H. AppletonJr.*Ms.Eleanor S. Appling* Mr.Robert C. Appling* and

Ms.Eleanor E. ApplingMs.JoAnn R.Ashley*Mr.and Mrs.J. OlinAtkins*Ms.Martha Baber Mr.Sam Loeb Bacherig Jr.* and

Ms.Kathy BacherigMr.James O.Bacon*Charles* and Phyllis Bailey Mr.and Mrs.George D.Barnes*Mr.Paul W. Barret Jr. (Trust)Mr.and Mrs.Kenneth M.Bearden*Mr.Leo BearmanJr.Ms.Eva Bernhardt Ms.Clair S.Berry*Carole and Emile BizotMr.and Mrs.James T. BlandJr.*Mr.Michael R.Bookhout*Mr.David Bornblum Ms.Jean M.Bradfield*Mr.Willie L. Branim Sr.* and

Ms.Delphia C. BranimMr.Raymond A. and Mrs.Maxine

Ritchey Bratcher Mr.James T.Bridges*Dr.Edward J. Brovarski and

Dr.Deloryse J. NordMs.Maxine Brown Mr.and Mrs.Richard N.Brown*Mr.Herman G.Burgess*Mr.Bill EugeneBurk*Mr.and Mrs.Charles G.Burkett*Mr.Jerry R. BusseyMr.and Mrs.Lynn H.Carrier*Mr.and Mrs.George E. CatesMr.and Mrs.Richard A.Cesani*Dr.S. WayneChamberlin*Mr.and Mrs.Kenneth K.Chipley*Ms.D. Ann Cicala

Ms.Sara S.Clemons*Mr.Eugene D. Cline Mr.Robert E. and

Mrs.PaulaCollins*Dr.Susanne B.Darnell*Mr.and Mrs.W. Lee DavisJr.*Ms.Esther K. Davis Mr.Kelly O.Davis*Ms.Frances Marie DeanMs.Catherine C. DeckerCarla* and Thomas DennisMr.and Mrs.Lester K.Diamond*Robert* and Deana DoddsMr.and Mrs.Bill Donigan* Philip FrancisDonovan*Ms.Marcia A.Duckworth*Ms.Sara EatonValerie and JohnElkington*Ms.Josephine O. ElosuaMs.Janie EvansDr.W. Harry Feinstone Eddie* and Gloria FelsenthalBobbie and David FerraroDr.Ruthbeth D. Finerman and

Dr.Ross D. SackettMr.Robert C.Fite*Mr.Thomas C. Fleet Jr.* Dr.and Mrs.Julian G. Fleming Ms.Laurie PetrickFlynn*Mr.Scott A.Forman*Mr.Daniel O. Forrester Sr.* and

Ms.Betty T.Forrester*Mr.Bryan D.Fox*Mr.James H. FrazierMr.Harry M. FreemanMelba and Thomas FristickJr.*Ms.JoyceannGardner*Dr.Lois N.Gilbert*Herbert and Arlene GoldmanMr.and Mrs.Cecil M. Gooch Dr.Charles R. Goodpasture* Dr.and Mrs.Arthur C.Graesser*Mickey G.Granger*Mr.Joe GrillsMs.Mildred F. Grooms* Mr.and Mrs.William O.Hagerman*Mr.J. Frank HallJr.*Ellen Elaine Kayse Haas TrustCDR and Mrs.Michael S.Harber*Mr.Jabie S. Hardin Jr.

and Ms.Helen E. Hardin Mr.MichaelHarless*Ronald Hart Family FoundationMr.and Mrs.James E. HarwoodIII*Dr.and Mrs.Roger L. HiattSr.*Ms.Dorothy A.Hill*Mr.and Mrs.W. Bernard Hill* Hill Clayton TrustMr.Sigmund F. Hiller* Mr.Joe D.Hinson*Ms.Elaine C. HoffmanMs.Janice M. HolderDr.Jack W. Holt* Jane H.Hooker*Mr.Daniel W.Hooper*Mr.Emmett J. House* and Ms.Linda

S. HouseDr.and Mrs.Charles H.Hubbert*Mr.and Mrs.William HuettelSr.Mr.William S. HuffDr.John G. Hughes Mr.Edward G.* and Mrs.Bernice

A.Humphreys*Ms.Florence V. Illing* Barbara I.Ingram*Susan E. and Frank InmanJr.*Ms.Kathryn E.James*Mr.Don S. JamisonMs.Janet T. Jennings Ms.Lela Almarita Johnson* Ms.Ruth F. Johnson Mr.and Mrs.Theodore J.


2015 UofM Honor Roll of Donors - [PDF Document] (10)


Mr.Stanley H. Justis* Mr.and Mrs.RavindranathKanuri*Dr.James C.Kasperbauer*Mr.Guy M.Kennedy*Mr.Guy T. Kennedy* Eloise Kimmelman FoundationMs.DeloresKinsolving*Ms.Virginia H. Klettner Ms.Rose M.Klimek*Mr.and Mrs.Michael A. KobanJr.*Mr.S. L. KopaldJr.Mr.and Mrs.WesKraker*Mr.and Mrs.BurnsLandess*Mr.and Mrs.Lester Larimer III Mr.and Mrs.Edward J. Lawler Mr.and Mrs.F. LinLawrence*Dr.Douglas C. Lemmon Ms.Elsie M. LighMs.Celia LightmanGail and JamesLink*The Honorable Sheri LipmanDr.George G. and BarbaraLipsey*Ms.Sue Ann Lipsey* and

Mr.Bernard A. LipseyMr.Cole W. Litton Mr.StephenLuttmann*Mr.and Mrs.Barlow T.Mann*Dr.Barbara D.*

and Mr.William E. MashburnMr.Harvey F. MaxwellSr.*Dr.Sheryl and Mr.Mark MaxwellDr.W. Theodore MayMr.JohnMcCallen*Ms.Ruthie McCallenMs.Judith K.McCown*Col. and Mrs.James K.McCurdy*Mr.and Mrs.A. StephenMcDaniel*Glenda HueyMcDaniel*Ms.ShantiMcKinnie*Mr.BillMcKinnie*Randy and Lisa McKnightMs.Neva McMahonMr.Robert M. McRae Jr. and

Mrs.Louise McRae Ms.Tina B.McWhorter*Ms.Marisa M. Meeks and Mr.D.

MichaelMeeks*Dr.Lisa L. Mendel

and Dr.Maurice I. MendelMr.Roy G. Mersch Mr.and Mrs.Jackson W. MooreMr.and Mrs.Robert E. L.Morgan*Mr.and Mrs.Olin F. MorrisMr.and Mrs.Saunders

MorganMorton*Ms.Susan BaileyMoss*Ms.Sharon R.Murdock*Professor William J. Murnane Jr. Mr.and Mrs.Robert D.Murphree*Dan S. and Patricia H. MurrellDr.Victoria S. Murrell*

and Mr.Dan H.Murrell*Mr.Jay B.Myers*Harry and JaneNichols*Mr.and Mrs.Lewis E.Nolan*Ms.Kathryn M. NorstromDr.Virginia M. Norton*

and Mr.John D. NortonSr.*Ms.Trudy A. Noyes* Mr.Richard M.Nunnally*Eunice and Edward OrdmanMr.Mac E. Ozier* Betty and HalPadgett*Mr.Larry W. PapasanDr.Lloyd D. PartridgeMr.David Patrick*

and Ms.Jeannie MoffattMr.Dion G.Pogson*Dorothy B. KayPrice*Mr.Bobby A. PrinceMr.and Mrs.John B. RaifordJr.*Dr.Shirley C. Raines

and Dr.Robert J. Canady

Mr.James F.Rand*Dr.John H.Rand*Ms.Flora Hayes Rawls Mr.Oscar Edwin Reece* Mr.William R. ReedJr.*Ms.Geraldene D. ReynoldsBernadette and Kyle RiceDr.John W. Richardson Jr. Mr.and Mrs.TaylorRichardson*Mrs.Robert G. Ring Ms.Elma N.Roane*The Honorable Kay and

VictorRobilio*Mr.Jeff RothMs.LauraRowland*Ms.Caroline Royal-Evans

and Mr.L. Brad EvansMs.Virginia A. Rust* Mr.Carl SandersJr.*Dr.Helen M. SawyerMs.Katherine B.Sevedge*Dr.Naseeb Shaheen Mr.and Mrs.Robert F. SharpeSr.*Ms.Karen B.Shea*Mr.John S. ShepherdDr.Janann ShermanMs.Mary E.Sherman*Mr.William O.Shults*Dr.Nancy D. SimcoDr.Judith C. SimonMr.Arthur C. Smith Mr.M. Hayes SmithJr.*Dr.and Mrs.Omar E. SmithJr.*Dr.W. ByronSmith*Dr.James R. Smoot Dr.Allen and Mrs.Hope H.Sneed*Mr.and Mrs.Billy G. SpainDr.James N. Speakman and

Ms.Emily C. SpeakmanMr.and Mrs.Will E.Stafford*Dr.Louis Charles Stagg and

Mrs.Mary Casner StaggMs.Mary Alice

and Mr.J. Robert Stagner* Drs. Bobbie* and Jim StaleyMr.and Mrs.Robert M.Stein*Mr.Robert L.Stephens*Ms.Harriet W.Stern*Mr.and Mrs.John W. StokesJr.Ms.Deborah L.Talbot*Dr.Carmelita B.

and Mr.Norman C. TeeterMs.Celia H. Terry* Ms.Edith B. Thomas Mr.and Mrs.Kenneth D.Thomas*Dr.Wayland A. Tonning Dr.Robert E.Tooms*Mr.Donald R.Tracy*Mr.and Mrs.T. G.Traicoff*Mr.and Mrs.John K. TrainorDr.and Mrs.Joel A.Turetzky*Ms.Agnes Ann TurleyMr.and Mrs.Larry L.Turner*Mr.Mike Turnipseed and

Mrs.Norma TurnipseedMs.Sandra B. VanVelsor*Mr.Richard C.Vaughn*Ms.Pearl Wales Sandy and TomWallace*Dr.Robert R. WallerDr.and Mrs.Richard C. WarderJr.Ms.Nancy R. Warrick Jeanette and William WatkinsJr.*Ms.Ellen I. WatsonMr.Con T. Welch Alison Weld and Charles RussellMs.Elizabeth Hall Weymers* Gina and Jim WiertelakMr.Fletcher EarlWilkinson*Ms.Carol B. Williams* David and Elsa Williams Professor and Mrs.

James F. Williamson

Mr.Calvin M. Wills Jr.* Ms.Barbara MathesonWilson*Mr.C. Kemmons Wilson Sr. Mr.William C. Wilson Ms.Cornelia Littlejohn Wolfe* Mr.James H. Woodbury* Harry and Ruth Woodbury Ms.Emmie B. Woodward Ms.Jocelyn D.Wurzburg*Dr.Lawrence

and Ms.Sarah J. Wynn* Mr.Robert W.Yates*Mr.John L.Zoccola*Ms.Jane E. Zussman


IncorporatedAir Liquide USA LLCAltria Group, IncorporatedAmerigas Propane LPAmeriprise FinancialAstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LPAT&T FoundationAutoZoneBank ofAmerica FoundationBASF Matching Gift ProgramBoeing CompanyCBI Na-Con East DivisionCIGNA FoundationConocoPhillipsDavidson CompaniesDeloitte FoundationDow Corning FoundationEaton Charitable FoundationEli Lilly and Company FoundationEnergen CorporationEOG Resources IncorporatedErnst & Young FoundationExpress Scripts FoundationExxonMobil FoundationFirst Tennessee Bank NAFirst Tennessee FoundationFirst Tennessee Matching Gift

ProgramFM Global FoundationGE FoundationsGlaxoSmithKlineGoogle, IncorporatedHillshire BrandsIngersoll Rand Company LTDInternational Business Machines

CorporationJLL Community ConnectionsJohnson and Johnson Family

ofCompaniesKPMG FoundationLPL Financial FoundationMarsh and McLennan CompaniesMedtronic FoundationMicrosoft Giving CampaignNationwide Insurance Enterprise

FoundationNissan North America IncorporatedNorfolk Southern FoundationNorthwestern Mutual FoundationPenn Mutual Life Insurance

CompanyPfizer FoundationPhilips Electronics NA CorporationPiedmont Natural GasPrintpack IncorporatedProcter and Gamble FundRegions Financial

Corporation FoundationRJ Reynolds FoundationSanofi Foundation

for North AmericaScottradeScripps Howard FoundationShell Oil Company FoundationSpectra Energy Foundation

Sprint FoundationState Farm Companies FoundationSunTrust FoundationTexas Gas

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As a non-traditional student, financial considerations, more than opportunistic ones, tend to guide my decisions. I am often forced to make a choice because of money alone. Thank you so much for allowing me to make a choice for all the other reasons with this generous scholarship!

Dale Edward DeWood College of Communication and Fine Arts; Music major

2015 UofM Honor Roll of Donors - [PDF Document] (12)


Dr.Eric C. LinkMr.Daniel M. LintonJr.*Mr.Lavaire LockhartMs.Laruth K.Lofties*Ms.Moira J. LoganMs.Ashlesha S. LokhandeDr.John H. LomaxJr.Mr.Richard LouDr.Deborah LowtherDr.James M. LukawitzMs.Glynda P.Luttman*Ms.Megan E. MacLeodMs.Christina L. MagueyalDr.John M. MalloyDr.Walter H. ManningMs.Mary H.Mansour*Dr.Jeffrey G.Marchetta*Ms.Barbara P. MareseMs.Patsy A.Marner*Mr.William J.Marshall*Ms.Laura S.Martin*Dr.ReginaldMartin*Mr.MalvinMassey*Ms.Yolanda Y. MathewsDr.Yuki MatsudaMs.Gabrielle M.Maxey*Ms.Amelia S.Mayahi*Ms.Lisa MayneMr.Marlin G. MayoDr.Brad McAdonMs.Carrie J.McAdon*Ms.Chesney F.McAfee*Ms.Kimberly C. McAfeeMs.Nichole McBrideMr.ToddMcCarver*Dr.Barbara S.McClanahan*Mr.Raymond L. McClellanJr.Dr.Sue AnnMcClellan*Mr.Andrew J. McClurgMs.Becky J.McCoy*Ms.Tammy Y. McCoyMr.Cedric McCrayDr.Randall G. McCutcheonDr.Meghan E. McDevitt-MurphyMs.Elizabeth F.McDonald*Dr.Ellen J.McDonald*Ms.Mary B. McDougalMs.Daphene R. McFerrenDr.Thomas H. McInishMs.Jean McIvorDr.Duane McKennaDr.Leslie McKeonMs.Joyce A. McKibbenMr.Darrell McKissickDr.Larry McNealMr.Russell McNickleMs.Keri L.Means*Mr.Michael K. MeansDr.Roger MeierDr.Lisa Lucks MendelDr.Maurice I. MendelDr.Andrew W. MeyersMr.David MidlickMs.Susan D.Mikell*Dr.Neal Douglas MillerMs.Sarah N. MillerMs.Shermia L.Miller*Dr.Thomas R. MillerMs.Aretha R. MilliganDr.Sanjay R. MishraDr.LarryMoore*Dr.Larry W. MooreMr.Byron MorganMs.Renee N.Morris*Dr.Vivian G. MorrisMr.Benjamin E. MortonMr.John T. MuellerMs.Karen MuellerMr.William J.Mueller*Ms.Vanessa A.Muldrow*The Honorable Steven J. MulroyMs.Jennifer L. MurchisonDr.Renee C.Murley*

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Ms.Margaret E.Robinson*Dr.Martha D. RobinsonMs.Tracy P.Robinson*Ms.Jaclyn S.Rodriguez*Ms.Sharon A. RoehrigMs.Kesha D. RogersMs.Kimberly L.Rogers*Professor David S. RomantzMs.Alisha D. RoseMr.Robert W.Rose*Mr.Allison I.Ross*Ms.Caroline Royal-EvansDr.Loretta RuddDr.M. David RuddMr.James S.Russell*Ms.Perveen K. RustomframMr.HassanSaadat*Mr.Eric M.Sabin*Dr.Ross D. SackettDr.Lynda M. SagrestanoMs.Katherine L.Saunders*Ms.Monique S.Savage*Ms.Michele R. SchererDr.Chrisann Schiro-GeistDr.Gary F.Schneider*Mr.Daron J. SchoenrockMs.Christie M. SchrotbergerDr.Margaret R.Schultz*Ms.Sherri L. SchwartzMs.Margaret Ann ScottMs.Rachel E. ScottDr.Richard ScottMr.Eric M.Sebastian*Mr.Ryan G.Seidner*Catherine P. Serex, Ed.D.*Dr.Frank W. ShafferJr.Mrs.Alissa Campbell ShawMs.Veronica A. ShawMs.Lauren M. ShelleyMs.Courtney M. SheltonMs.Mary S. ShepardDr.Gayle H.Shiba*Mr.Timothy ShiuDr.Sajjan G. ShivaMs.Melissa M.Shoaff*Ms.Patricia K. ShortMs.Michele D. ShouseDr.Bill A. SimcoDr.Judith C. SimonDr.Paul S. SimoneJr.*Dr.Carolyn I.Simonton*Mr.H. Wayne SimpkinsMs.Kay SimsMs.Janelle M. SmallsMs.Janette Y.Smith*Ms.Jeanette G. SmithMs.Karen M. SmithDr.Kevin H. SmithDr.William T. Smith IIMs.Holly L.Snyder*Ms.Laura H.Snyder*Dr.Steven D. SoiferMr.Scott C.Southall*Dr.Charlene P.Spiceland*Dr.J. David SpicelandMr.Robert P. StalderMr.Beau B.Staples*Ms.Katie R. StellaMs.Sherri G.Stephens*Ms.Robin W.Stevens*Dr.Stanley E. StevensJr.Dr.Craig O.Stewart*Ms.Alicia V. StiresMs.MaryStock*Ms.Joy R.Stout*Mr.Louis J.Strasberg*Dr.Genae D. StrongDr.Carrie Hayes SutterDr.Thomas R. SutterMs.Catherine C.Swearengen*Dr.Richard J. SweigardDr.Stephen E. TabachnickDr.Sunghee H. Tak

I was considering stopping my pursuit of my PhD because of my workload, and the pressures it has brought to my family, but with this sign of support it reignites my interest in my research and the belief of its importance. Thank you.

William Michael Mosby College of Arts and Sciences; English PhD Candidate

2015 UofM Honor Roll of Donors - [PDF Document] (13)


Dr.Irvin L.Tankersley*Dr.Robert R. TaylorMs.Ora L. Taylor-Strowder*Ms.Susan C. Te PaskeMs.Kathleen A. Terry-SharpMs.Connie E. ThiemongeDr.Nicole L. ThompsonDr.William J. ThompsonMs.Karen ThurmondMr.Daniel E.Tillman*Dr.Deborah P. TollefsenDr.Micah M. TrappDr.William P. TravisMr.Robert TriggianiDr.Beverly A. TsacoyianisDr.Kathy A.Tuberville*Dr.Cynthia G. TuckerMs.Destin B.Tucker*Ms.Debra M.Turner*Dr.K. B. TurnerMs.Sandra B.Turner*Mr.Daniel J. VacantiMs.Pamela M. ValentineDr.Roy B. VanArsdaleMs.Susan K. VanDyck*Ms.Rebecca A. Vandyck-Laumann*Ms.Bridget P. VanLandeghemMr.James A.Vest*Ms.Bette R.Veteto*Ms.Joann E.Waddell*Ms.Charlotte D. WadeDr.Donald I. WagnerDr.Adam G.Walker*Ms.Corina V. WalkerMr.Niles A. WallaceDr.Stanley N.Walls*Mr.Ryan WaltersDr.Yongmei WangMr.ChandrathilakaWanigasekara*Dr.Kenneth D.Ward*Dr.David J. WarkMs.Marilyn D. WarkMs.Lisa A. WarmathMs.Carol S.Warren*Ms.Stormey K. WarrenMs.Ellen I. WatsonMs.Terrice E. WatsonMs.Wanda D. WebbDr.Karen D. Weddle-WestMs.Daphne WeiMs.Beverly B.West*Dr.James P.Whelan*Mr.Steven L. WhistlerMs.Sharon R.Whitaker*Ms.Shundra L.White*Mr.Christopher W. WhiteheadDr.Jeremy T. WhitneyDr.Mate’ WierdlMs.Cathy N.Wilhelm*Ms.Armie J.Williams*Mr.Carl R.Williams*Ms.Colette B. WilliamsDr.John L. WilliamsMs.LaGerra J.Williams*Ms.Meri K.Williams*Dr.Ruth Williams-Hooker*Professor James F. WilliamsonDr.Robert L.Williamson*Ms.Kaylee J.Willis*Dr.Catherine T.Wilson*Dr.Jeffery L. WilsonMs.Jodi L. WilsonMs.Kimberly WilsonMs.Mary WilsonMr.Robert E. WilsonMs.Shelia D.Wilson*Ms.Toya L. WilsonDr.Lisa C.Winborn*Dr.Alistair J. WindsorMs.Leah W.Windsor*Ms.Kismet L. WinkelmannMs.Theresa D.Winkelmann*Ms.Holly L. Withers

Dr.Mitchell M. WithersMr.Clay A.Woemmel*Mr.Ryan WolfeDr.Tit-Yee WongMs.Holley A. WoodMr.Alton Woods,Jr.Ms.Martha M. WoodsMs.Jessica C. WorthamMs.Katherine WrightMr.Thomas E.Wyatt*Dr.JingjingXu*Ms.Kay YagerDr.Xinhua YuDr.Stephen A. ZanskasMs.Christina A. ZawiszaMr.David G.Zettergren*Dr.Lin ZhanDr.Hongmei Zhang

GIFTS IN KINDAnonymous DonorsMs.Lisa F. AbitzThe Honorable Robert L. Childers

and Ms.Amy J. AmundsenArgus Software IncorporatedArthur’s Wine and LiquorArtisent FloorsAvery OutdoorsMr.James H. BakerMr.Charles H. BryantCheckpoint Systems, IncorporatedCSI ClosuresMs.Renee S. DeGutisDick’s Sporting GoodsFEIG ElectronicsMr.James B. FortnerBob FoxGaribaldi’s PizzaGaslight Liquor Shoppe

IncorporatedMs.Rachel G. GelfandThe Glassman FamilyMr.Donald T. GreenopJr.Ms.Tammy Hedges

and Mr.Jim GreenIntegrated SolutionsIntel CorporationJamison RFIDThe McCarter and Jernigan FamilyWanda and Donald JonesMr.Paul E. JustusMr.George KenneyMr.John T. LawrenceJr.Mr.John T. Lawrence IIILeno’s LiquorsMr.Andre B. MathisSpencer and Karimeh McDanielStephen W. McKinneyMemphis Jewish Home and RehabMicroPort Orthopedics IncorporatedOak Hall IncorporatedMs.Jamie E. Russell-BellMr.Erich M. SchultzMr.and Mrs.Gregory SiskinSoutions Medical CenterSpirits ofTimbercreekStellar Cellar Wine & SpiritsTexas InstrumentsThe Grove at Red Oak LakeThe Marston Group PLCMr.Clement B. TurnerThe Honorable Diane K. Vescovo

and Mr.Michael McLarenVescovo’s Arlington LiquorsDr.Darryl S. Weiman

and Kathleen WeimanWilkinson Liquor StoreMr.Duncan F. WilliamsMs.Christina A. Zawisza

$500 to $999AnonymousDonors*

Mr.Daniel F. Acciani Jr.*Mr.Larry L. Adams*Susan and Frank Allen*Tamara L. Alston*Dr.and Mrs.Charles R. Arkin*Mr.Larry W. Babb*Mr.James H. Baker*Mr.Marc I. Baretz*Ms.Claire Barnett*Dr.J. Gayle Beck Dr.Linda A. Bennett Mr.Christopher D. Berry*Dr.Rosie Phillips Bingham and

Mr.John J. Davis*Mr.and Mrs.Madan M. Birla*Carolyn and David Blackburn*Ms.Cherry L. Blanton Ms.Page Boden Mr.Daniel J. Bonnet*Dr.Linda R. Brice*Dr.and Mrs.Lloyd D. Brooks*Mr.Randall H. Brown*Mr.and Mrs.Benjamin C. Bryant Jr.*Mr.Edward L. Bueler Larry and Angela Bunch*Daniel and Amanda Bureau Dr.and Mrs.Kenneth M. Caldwell*Ms.Mary Ann M. Camp*Mr.and Mrs.Dennis E. Casey*Mr.Thomas Cassidy Ms.Leslie M. Cetingok Mr.and Mrs.Earl D. Chambers*Mr.Jiang Chen*Mr.Jimmy T. Chiu*Ms.Nancy Coleman Mr.John J. Conway Sr. and

Dr.Chrisann Schiro-Geist Mr.Larry D. Cox*Angela D. Craig*Mr.and Mrs.Jason L. Crews*Mr.and Mrs.Harold M. Crowder Jr.*Dr.Debora C. Daniel*Holley C. Dargie*Ms.Renee S. DeGutis*Dr.Pamela R. Dennis*Mr.Jasbir Dhaliwal Mr.and Mrs.Edward C. Dickerson*Dr.Earle Donelson Drs. Elizabeth M.

and Randolph T. Dupont*Lendon and Sean Ellis*Mr.Michael E. Elsner*Ms.Jennifer A. Esposito*Mr.Jeffrey L. Etheridge*Ms.Carolyn W. Farley Mr.Jeffrey D. Fausey Jr.*Ms.Rebecca M. Fiechtl*Mr.Eric Gibson Mr.Steven A. Gilmore Mr.Andrew N. Glisson*Drs. Paul Rabe and Cheryl Gunter*Mr.C. George Hanson Jr.*Ms.Debra A. Haynes*Ms.Tammy Hedges

and Mr.Jim Green Mr.Benjamin F. Hill Jr.*Maj. Gen. and Mrs.

James L. Hobson Jr.*Mr.Chadwick T. Holeman Selby and Phil Horton Ms.Joyce R. Howell*Mr.and Mrs.M. Dean Hughes*Dr.Kelly K. Hunt*Dr.and Mrs.John C. Hyden Jr.*Dr.and Mrs.Kenneth T. Jackson*Ann M. Jennings Mr.Robert W. Johns*Ms.Emilie Johnson Ms.M. Annette Johnson Mr.Jim Kastner*Joe C. Kastner*Dr.William J. Kettinger Mr.and Mrs.Kendall M. Keuter*

Mr.and Mrs.Edward L. King*Mr.Larry S. King*Ms.Delores Kinsolving*Ms.Dorothy O. Kirsch*Ms.Ruth M. Knote*Dr.and Mrs.Kelly K. Koeller*Dr.and Mrs.Robert C. Kores*Ms.Patsy A. Krech*Mr.John E. Kruger*Mr.and Mrs.David B. Kuehner*Mr.Robert J. Kwech and

Mrs.Virginia M. Vasseur-Kwesh*Mr.and Mrs.Stephen M. Lackey*Ms.Wight F. Laminack*Ms.Josephine K. Learned*Mr.Timothy R. Lee*Dr.Marian C. Levy Dr.Gladius Lewis Mr.Tarit Lim*Mr.Bruce A. Livesay Moira J. Logan John H. Lomax Jr. Mary and David Deterding*Mr.Ernest J. Mannerino John R. Mansfield*Ms.Lois A. Marchini Randal and Janice Mashburn*Ms.Michelle D. Mason*Mr.Andre B. Mathis*Mr.J. W. McAllister Ms.Nancy M. McBride*Mr.Robert G. McBride Mr.William G. McCalla*Rosella and Edward McClain*Mr.Luther C. McClellan*The Honorable Richard P. McCully*Ms.Barbara C. McDaniel*Mr.Logan E. Meeks Ms.Randy S. Meeks*Ms.Sherry K. Meeks*Ms.I. D. Meyer*Mr.Bruce E. Miller*Ms.Daphne B. Miller*Chuck and Delia Molinski*Mr.David B. Moniz Mr.George H. Moore Dr.James H. Moore*Mr.Byron Morgan Mr.William J. Morris*Mr.and Mrs.John T. Mueller Mr.Tim Musgrave Marianne C. Mussett*William Neumann*Mr.Anthony Norris Sookja Oh and Seibang Oh*Dexter Orman*Dr.Jill S. Oswaks Dr.Laura D. Owens*The Honorable Roger A. Page*R. Blair Parker Mr.David Patrick

and Ms.Jeannie Moffatt*Oliver Patton and Biz Van Gelder Kay and Scott Pearcy Ms.Barbara C. Pendleton*Mr.Edward S. Perkins*Austin C. Perry*Mr.Arville B. Phillips*Phillip Landon Pinkston*Dr.and Mrs.Daniel J. Poje*Dr.and Mrs.Donald J. Polden Mr.David L. Pool*Dr.Robin S. Poston Mr.Michael S. Prater*Mr.Rick Pride Dr.Shirley C. Raines

and Dr.Robert J. Canady Dr.Niles M. Reddick George C. Richardson Dr.Malcolm L. Richardson*Ms.Marcia Richardson Mr.and Mrs.Clifton H. Ritter*Debbie and Mike Robb*

Ms.Beverly Cato Robertson*Michael A. Robinson*Mr.Carroll L. Ross*Mr.Louis M. Ross Spang*Ms.Laura Rowland*Dr.Chrisann Schiro-Geist

and Mr.John J. Conway Sr. Frances and Robert Shannon Jr.*Ms.Mary L. Sharp*Ms.Jessica L. Shernwell*Ms.Mona L. Sides*Mr.James A. Simpson Jr.

and Mrs. Kathryn Hicks*Mr.and Mrs.Gregory Siskin*Dr.and Mrs.David L. Smalley*Ms.Ingrid S. Fulmer*The Butler-Steiner Family Dr.and Mrs.M. Todd Stewart*Danny R. Stoppenhagen Mr.and Mrs.Mark Sutton Ms.Lauralan Terrill-Grisoni*Michael D. Terry Ms.Connie E. Thiemonge Mr.Bracton Thoma*Connie and James Thomas Jessica and Jeremy Thompson*Mr.David B. Tobin*Cherese and Gary Tooley Mr.and Mrs.Joel K. Tracy*Ms.Sharon E. Trocki*Dr.Jennifer L. Troyer

and Mr.John R. Teague*Mr.Paul Tuberville Mr.Clement B. Turner Mr.and Mrs.James D.

Van de Vuurst*Mr.Roy Lucien Vargas*Ms.Virginia M. Vasseur-Kwech*David and Betsy Vaught*Chrishan Villavarayan David C. Wade*Ms.Marcy E. Walker*Ms.Barbara June Wamble*Dr.Anne S. Warlaumont*Ms.Christy F. Washington*Mr.and Mrs.Justin M. Waugh*Cathy and Craig Weiss*Ms.Mary Agnes Welsh*Mr.and Mrs.Steve West*Renee White*Kimberlee and Byrne Whitehead*Mr.John A. Wilkinson*Mr.and Mrs.Todd V. Williams*Mr.and Mrs.James D. Willis*Ms.Yolanda Wimberly Dr.Amanda P.

and Mr.Tommy G. Winter*Mr.Leonard J. Wiseman Jr.*Mr.and Mrs.Michael E. Wood*Mr.Kenneth J. Wyatt*Mr.and Mrs.R. Keith Yarmowich*Victoria and Roberto Young*Dr.Joshua J. Zhao*Mr.and Mrs.James M. Zotkiewicz*

$250 to $499AnonymousDonors*Mr.and Mrs.David L.Acey*Mr.and Mrs.James W. AdamsJr.*Dr.Manohar Aggarwal Ms.Maria Alam Ms.Jill E. Albright Ms.Tanya Alles Dr.and Ms.Ben Amaba Ms.Heather G.Anderson*Mr.Mack Andrews Mr.Robert Anno Dr.Morgan D. Arant Jr. Dot Arata Ms.Erin Argo Mary and DanielArmitage*Ms.Allyson Avera Ms.Nancy W.Averwater*

2015 UofM Honor Roll of Donors - [PDF Document] (14)


Scott and TinaAyers*Teresa and ChrisBailey*Ms.Wattine Baker Mr.William ShannonBanks*Ms.Beth A.Barnes*Mr.and Mrs.KimBarnett*Mr.John W.Barringer*Mr.and Mrs.Lewie L. BatesIII*Shelley and JohnBaur*Mr.Leo Bearman Jr. Dr.Daniel S. Beasley and

Ms.Stephanie S.Beasley*Dr.Barbara K.Bekis*Ms.Deborah L. Bell

and Mr.James P.Bell*Scott R.Bendure*Susan and RobertBenner*Ms.DianeBenson*Mr.Venkata N.Bhaireddy*Mr.and Mrs.William Bizot Dr.Stephan Blatti Dr.Richard Bloomer Kevin Boggs andFamily*Dr.Beverly G. Bond and

Mr.GeraldusBond*Mr.Hugh Boone Sharon and RobertBoone*The Honorable and Mrs.G.

HarveyBoswell*Mr.Donald E.Bourland*Mr.Colby T. Bowen Mr.Adam J.Brammer*Dr.and Mrs.Thomas A.Brandon*Dr.J. Hays Brantley

and Mrs.Judith S.Brantley*Mr.Blake W. Brennan Mr.Meryl C. Broussard Sr. Mr.Mitchell J.Brown*Ms.Claire A. Brulatour Jon and DebbieBruns*Melissa and ClarkBuchner*Lt. Col. Joseph M.Buchwald*Mr.Charles A.Bukauskas*Mr.ReneBustamante*Ms.Amy T. Campbell Dr.Gloria and Mr.Martin Carr Mr.and Mrs.Robert L. Carson Mr.James J.Carter*Mr.Thomas L.Carter*Mr.Max R.Casada*Cyril and AliceChang*Jean and Ning FuhChang*Dr.and Mrs.Yun-ShanChang*Ms.Acquanette R.Chatman*Mr.Randall K.Cherry*Mr.Ronald G.Chesemore*Nancy KaplanChiz*

Ms.Carolyn N. Rosson and Mr.Leigh W.Christophersen*

Dr.and Mrs.Raymond A.Clapsadle*Mr.Larry C. ClayJr.*Ms.Dorothy L. Cleaves Mr.and Mrs.Joseph S. CliftJr.*Mr.and Mrs.David J.co*cke*Ms.Frances C.Cogdill*Bradley H. Cohen Mr.and Mrs.Jerry R. CollinsJr.*Dr.Robert Patrick Connolly Mr.Dennis G.Cooper*Dr.and Mrs.Benton W. CoxIII*Katharine S. Cox Mr.and Mrs.Jimmie P.Crossnoe*Mr.Daniel N. CumminsJr.*Dr.V. Carol Danehower Ms.Carol H.Daniel*Mr.Jeffrey A.Danik*Ms.Tammy R. DeGroff Benjamin S.Dempsey*Cheri and DarrinDevault*Mr.Michael A.Dexter*Dr.Bonnie T. Dill Mr.Michael L.Dockery*

Dr.Marion L. Donohoe Dr.Charlene L.Donovan*Mr.David Dufour Mr.Micah Z.Duke*Belynda and TimothyDwyer*Ms.Gabrielle N.Dycus*The Honorable George W.

EmersonJr.*Ms.Penny Estes Mr.James M. EvansJr.*Mitchell S.Everett*Eileen and AllenExelbierd*Mr.Terry A.Fann*Judy and PeterFelsenthal*Mr.John W. FischerJr.*Mr.Joseph G.Fitzgerald*Jeffrey K.Fleishmann*Dr.and Mrs.Donald

R.Franceschetti*Ms.Barbara F. Frazer Mr.Clifford T.Freeman*The Honorable and Mrs.Isaac

S.Freeman*Mr.and Mrs.Aashish Gahlaut Mr.Brent T.Gallagher*Mr.Kurt H.Garber*Michael Garner Mr.Darin S.Gerlach*Mr.Chad Gilbert Mark L. Gillenson Marilyn and StewartGloyer*Ms.Deborah K.Golden*Ms.Stephany L.Goodnight*Mr.Ronald J. Gould Mr.and Mrs.Albert GrafenreedIII*Dr.Anne Bartolucci and Mr.Jason

S. Graham Mr.Ralph E. GrayJr.*Mr.and Mrs.Steve A.Green*Mr.Lewis K. GriffithIII*Mr.and Mrs.Elbert K. GrimesJr.*Brenda and FredGrinder*James T.Guess*Dr.James G. Gurney Dr.John R. Haddock Sherry Bryan and MichaelHagge*Ms.Rose S.Hall*Mr.TraceHamby*Ms.Jo-AnnHammons*Dr.and Mrs.Michael H. HamrickSr.*Dr.Esther A.Harbert*Mr.Furniss B. Harkness and

Dr.Donna S.Harkness*Mr.Edward C. Harper Mr.and Mrs.David E.Harrison*Marianne R.Hartquist*Mr.Gerard L.Harts*Ms.Mary E.Harvey*Sharon L. Hayes Dr.Julia WickHeerding*Ms.Susan A. Helms and

Dr.RichardHelms*Ms.Verlinda J.Henning*Mr.Justin R.Hensley*Ms.Rebecca H.Hensley*Alice PettigrewHeywood*Mr.and Mrs.John E. Hiatt Paola Q. High Mr.and Mrs.Mark L.Hillis*Mrs.Eileen M.Hinders*Daphne V.Holmes*Alissa and James HoltJr.*Ms.Patricia L. Hooks Gray Mr.Jack E. Horne III Mr.and Mrs.JimHorsey*Mr.Brandon Hoyer Dr.Xiangen Hu Drs. Amy A. and John D. HuberII*Ms.Betty J. Huff Mr.and Mrs.Jerry Huff Ms.Judith T.Huff*Mr.Charles W. Huffstetler Ms.Cynthia F.Hurst*

Mr.and Mrs.Harold N.Hurst*Mr.and Mrs.Donald L.Hutson*Mr.James D.Hysmith*Nancy and JamesIngram*Dr.and Mrs.Kenneth T.Jackson*Dr.and Mrs.Brian D. Janz Joseph C.Jeans*Julie A. Johnson Dr.Mavis B.Johnson*Mr.Dennis W.Johnston*Mr.Michael BurnettJoiner*Carol and ThomasJones*Dr.Alina F.Jukkola*Mr.and Mrs.David C.Kabakoff*Ms.Dorothy S.Katoe*Mr.and Mrs.Eugene R.Katz*Mr.and Mrs.TerryKennon*Mr.and Mrs.ThomasKeough*Wayne S.Key*Mr.Robert S. Kinney Mr.Daniel E. Kohn Mr.ShobhanKoneru*Mr.David R.Kopald*Ms.Jean Kopert Mr.RichardKozel*Mrs.Lisa J. Krull Mr.and Mrs.David B.Kuehner*LindaKuntzman*Meta and Albert Laabs Mr.Michael J.Lahaie*Somnath and SusmitaLahiri*Mr.William J.Lamkin*Mr.John C. Landman Dr.Craig J. Langstraat Dr.Irena Lasiecka Mr.and Mrs.J. B.Latimer*The Honorable Jennie D. Latta and

Dr.James BurrLatta*Bonnie and Dan Lattimore Mr.Jon M.Lauderdale*Mr.Kevin L.Lawrence*Dr.and Mrs.W. MikeLeppert*Mr.John W. LewallenJr.*Stephen B.Lewis*Mr.and Mrs.Matthew J.Linxwiler*Ms.Jan E. Loewenberg Mr.MattLowe*Dr.Deborah Lowther Dr.and Mrs.Michael Lupfer Jamie and RueLuter*Mr.Roger J.Lutes*Mr.and Mrs.W. MichaelMadden*Mr.and Mrs.Jerome B. Makowsky Ms.Kimberly P.Malone*Ms.Leigh B.Mansberg*DominiqueMaples*Dr.Jeffrey G.Marchetta*Lana and Jeff Martindale Ms.Earline T. Matthews Sandra and Albert Mays Mr.and Mrs.Marty B.McAfee*Mr.Paul C.McCarver*Dr.Stephen T.McClain*Dr.Barbara S. and Mr.W.

RichardMcClanahan*Mr.J. LawrenceMcDaniel*Spencer and KarimehMcDaniel*Ms.Claudia L. McFerren-Jones*Kimberly M.Bryant*Ms.Norma R.McHugh*Mr.and Mrs.Joe NipMcKnight*Ms.Toni TateMcLauren*Dr.Larry McNeal Joan and Jim Mele Mr.Allen W.Messer*Mr.G. DavidMilam*Mr.John C. Miller Ms.Aretha R. Milligan Dr.Sanjay R. Mishra Mr.Robb H.Mitchell*Mr.Charles L. MooreJr.*Mr.Steven A.Morrow*James M. MorseJr.*

Dr.Laura O.Murphy*Ms.Terri Murphy Dr.Victoria S. Murrell

and Mr.Dan H.Murrell*Mr.Henry H. Myar Bob and Charlotte Neal Kevin L. and Susan M.Nicholas*Mr.Bruce E.Nolin*Mr.Richard J. Olcott Ms.Sarah G. O’Neal*Mr.Cardell Orrin Mr.Frank D.Osborne*James E. OutlawJr.*Mr.Donald Owens, MD Ms.Robin H.Owens*Dr.Diane T.Pace*Dr.Hong S.Pak*Mr.and Mrs.Daniel E.Pallme*Mr.Donald R.Parrish*Mr.Jason W.Patterson*Mr.Kevin G.Patterson*Mr.Clinton O. Pearson Jr. Mr.and Mrs.Lewis W. PerkinsIII*Richard and PamelaPerkins*Ms.Mary M.Perry*Mr.John E. PersonIII*Mr.and Ms.WilliamPettigrew*Paul Phillips Dr.Wendell B. PhillipsJr.*Mr.BryanPitawanakwat*Carole and Charles Plesofsky Kevin M.Poe*Ms.Rita M.Pomtree*Mr.Charles W.Poss*Mr.Phillip A.Poteet*Mr.Lynn M.Pouncey*Ms.Florence AnnettePowell*Ms.M. PaigePowell*Mr.Thomas P.Powell*Ms.Carolyn M.Pulliam*Mr.Leonard C. Quick GusRadford*Mr.Andrew C.Rambo*Ms.Risa D.Ramsey*Ms.Emma T.Randolph*Mr.Chuck and Dr.Mary Ransdell Dr.and Mrs.J. BentleyRawdon*Mr.and Mrs.William P.Raymer*Dr.and Mrs.Kenneth M. Reardon John M.Reese*Mr.and Mrs.Marc E.Reisman*Ms.Joanne F.Rhodes*Mr.Cortney C.Richardson*Dr.Todd M. Richardson Ms.Dale Richmond Pat and CurtisRingold*Ms.Jean Rittmueller Mr.William A.Roach*Ms.Canty Robbins Mr.Scott M.Robbins*Mr.Kenneth B.Robinson*Ms.Tracy P.Robinson*Renee and Scott Ronan Mr.AlvinRooks*Ms.Charleen B.Rosebery*Ms.Karen S. Rothschild Ms.Emily B.Ruch*Mr.Thomas R.Russell*Ms.Monique S.Savage*Mr.RichardScarbrough*Mr.and Mrs.Randy S. Scholl Mr.Thomas W. ScruggsJr.*Ms.Mary E.Sherman*Mr.and Mrs.J. DonaldShort*Ms.Andria W.Simonsen*John A.Sims*Ms.Jennifer E.Sisson*Mr.Marquis L.Sledge*Craig A.Smith*Mr.Donald R.Smith*Ms.Jeanette G. Smith Mr.Ralph E.Smith*Connie and VincentSmith*

Mr.and Mrs.Scott C.Southall*Ms.M. GailSpruill*Mr.and Mrs.Mark L. Stansbury Ms.Katie R. Stella Kenneth C.Stellmacher*Mr.Terry A.Stephens*Mr.Matthew Stevenson Anita StewartSemper*Ms.Mary E. Stratton Mr.Herman W. StricklandJr.*Mr.E. Nelson StrotherJr.*Mr.and Mrs.Brian E.Stubbs*Mr.James B.Summers*Mr.ChaoSun*Mr.Thomas F.Svoboda*Mr.Darol L.Swords*Ms.Taylor Tagg Ms.Janet S.Taylor*TaraThomas*Ms.Karen Thurmond Mr.Robert Triggiani Ms.Debra M.Turner*Dr.K. B. Turner Lyle R.Udell*Ms.Deborah L. VanSickle*Blair Taylor and

BrianVanderheyden*Ms.Sarah C. Von Der Lippe Corina and DukeWalker*Mr.Phillip R.Walker*Ms.Liana M.Wallace*Mr.and Mrs.James

D.Wanderstock*Dr.Kenneth D.Ward*Mr.Jonathan E. Watkins Mr.and Mrs.Justin M.Waugh*The Honorable Harry W. Wellford Dr.and Mrs.Kenneth T. WhalumJr.*Mr.Louis K.Wheatley*Gina and Jim Wiertelak Dr.and Mrs.John R.Wilkerson*Mr.Duncan F. Williams Ms.Julia S.Williams*Mr.and Mrs.James D.Willis*Ms.Patricia H. Wilson Mr.Wallace V. WitmerJr.*Tom and PaulaWood*Mr.Lawrence D. Wruble Mr.Wilson M.Yager*Timothy M.Yeager*Mr.and Mrs.PhilipYelvington*Ms.Jenise J.Young*Mandy and StephenYoung*Ms.Sandra H.Zehntner*Mr.and Mrs.William J.Zenk*

$100 to $249AnonymousDonors*Ms.Sarah S.Aaron*Ms.Amanda M.Abbott*Mr.Donald A.Abbott*Mr.and Mrs.Chris A.Abernathy*Ms.Valerie L.Adair*Mr.Dennis R. AdamsDr.John B. AdayJr.*Ms.Frances S.Addicott*Lesley and JayAdkins*Ms.Maredith L.Adsit*Dr.SangNam AhnMr.and Mrs.Kenneth R.Akers*Dr.Ralph AlbaneseMs.Lynn M.Alberson*Ms.MarilynAlbert*Dr.Shoukath M.Ali*Mr.and Mrs.Richard M.Allen*Mr.Edward J.Alrutz*Mr.G. Robert Alsobrook Jr.

and Mrs.Jessica P.Alsobrook*Ms.Jacqueline K. AlsobrookMs.Amber L.Hollie*Mr.Robert K. AlvarezMr.and Mrs.Dorian P.Amido*Mr.and Mrs.Timothy W.Amling*

2015 UofM Honor Roll of Donors - [PDF Document] (15)


Mr.Rasaq O.Amoda*Ms.Constance R.Amos*Dr.Paula J.Amrod*Ms.Shannon L. AncheraniMs.Eugenia L. Anderson and

Mr.Derrick J.Bernard*Ms.Roberta T.Anderson*Ms.Tamarah A.Anderson*Ms.Virginia M.Anderson*Ms.Wanda AndersonMs.JeanneAnstey*Mr.Edwin P. AntoniakJr.Ms.Eleanor E. ApplingDr.Kristopher L.Arheart*Ms.Susan P. ArmacostMs.Vickie S.Armour*Ms.JoAnn R.Ashley*Mr.William M.Ashworth*Mr.Charles E.Askew*Dr.and Mrs.Jerry W.Askew*Mr.and Mrs.Charles E.Askew*Mr.David D.Aslin*Mr.Mark A.Atkinson*Mr.Kyle H.Attarian*Ms.LeeannetteAvant*Mr.and Mrs.Howard D.

AveryhartSr.*Dr.and Mrs.John A. AvgerisMr.and Mrs.Gordon W.Aylor*Dr.and Mrs.Emin BabakusMs.Margaret H.Bach*Ms.Patricia W. BaderMr.Raymond G.Bader*Mr.Howard E.Bailey*Ms.Elizabeth K. BairdMs.Claudia M. BakerMr.and Mrs.Jerry M.Baker*Ellen and KerryBaker*Mr.Robert D.Baker*John and RebeccaBakke*Mr.and Mrs.Joshua M.Ball*Ms.Peggy F.Ball*Dr.Collin T.Ballance*Mr.Steven A.Ballard*Mr.and Mrs.Melvin J.Ballin*Mr.and Mrs.Lynn H.Ballinger*Tracy and StephenBalton*Mr.VijayBandaru*Ms.Casandra B. BanksMr.John F. BarbeeJr.*Lt. Col. LorraineBarlett*Ms.NanBarlow*Mr.Jonathan H.Barnard*Mr.Dale C.Barnes*Mr.and Mrs.Donald E.Barnes*Joseph T. BarnettMr.Russell A.Barnett*Ms.Donna S.Bartek*Pat and MargaretBaskette*Nina MayfieldBeach*Mr.Ted M. BeasleyJr.*Mr.and Mrs.James M.Beaty*Ms.Lee AnnBeckwith*Mr.Donald E.Beisswanger*Ms.Susan G. BelgradMs.Diane A.Bell*Ms.Karen A.Bell*Mr.and Mrs.William F.Bell*Ms.Martha J.Bennett*Mr.Michael D. BennettDr.Barbara D.Benstein*Nancy and CharlesBenton*Ms.Adoracion V.Berry*Ms.Brenda W.Beznoska*Mr.Richard C. BibbMs.BethBiez*Dorothy and StanleyBilsky*Mr.and Mrs.Scott A.Bingham*Mr.and Mrs.Tim BishopBarbara and AlanBisno*Mr.and Mrs.WilliamBizot*Ms.Bonnie I.Black*Lynda WrayBlack*

Drs. Delano and Lynette BlackMr.Raymond W.Blackson*Lauren and AaronBlackstone*Patricia P.Bladon*Mr.Jack R. BlairKathleen D.Blair**Dr.Stephanie BlaisdellMs.Nancy S.Blankenship*Mr.and Mrs.Sanford J.Blockman*Ms.Marcia K. Diamond and

Mr.Morris A.Bloom*Mr.John M.Blose*Mr.Percy J.Blount*Mr.Samuel J.Blustein*Dr.Bryna BobickMs.Paula K.Boehme*Ms.Amy R. BoergerDr.Karin L.Bogue*Ms.Stacy A.Bohne*Ms.Deloris P.Boldt*Ms.Barbara P.Bolton*Walter A.Bolton*Mr.Walter A.Bolton*Linda and GeorgeBond*Mr.James M. BondAlvin G. BondsII*Ms.Zorana J.Booker*Ms.Sherrie R.Boone*Suzanne and John BorkMr.Roy W. BoweryDr.Gary L. BowlinShatesha J. BoyceMr.Arlander BoydMs.Evelyn V.Taylor*Dr.William S.Boyd*Dr.Patricia D.Brackin*Chris BrakkeDavid K. BranchJr.*Mr.Scott R.Bratton*Mr.and Mrs.Steven K.Braun*Ms.Julie M. BrauningerMr.and Mrs.Thomas R. BrettMr.and Mrs.Philip E.Brewer*Ms.Jo ShawBridges*Dr.Peter K. BridsonMr.Clyde E. BringleRose Ann and Ken BringleMr.and Mrs.Louis P. BrittIII*Mr.Robert E.Brittain*Ms.Rita J.Broadway*Dr.Keri V. BrondoMr.James A.Brooks*Mr.Jeffrey S.Brooks*Ms.Frendessa H.Brosnahan*Mr.Anthony R.Brown*Mr.and Mrs.Bernard J. BrownJr.*The Honorable

and Mrs.George H. BrownJr.Laura and JesseBrown*Ms.Lillian HammondBrown*Ms.Mary L.Brown*Mr.and Mrs.DoyalBrown*Ms.Sarah L.Brown*Dr.Walter R. BrownDr.and Mrs.Ray E. Bruce*+Ms.Christine A.Bruenn*Steve and SusanBrunson*Mr.Paul E. BryantJr.*Ms.Wendy E.Bryant*Ms.Mary T.Bryce*Dr.and Mrs.RobertBuchalter*Ms.Elizabeth S. BuckDr.Eugene H. BuderMr.TimBuff*Mr.MichaelBulthaus*Dr.Joel D. BumgardnerDr.David C.Burchfield*Ms.Kay K.Roberson*Mr.and Mrs.Cedric J.Burgess*Mr.Donald L.Burnett*Ms.BarbaraBurns*Mr.Eric S.Burrage*Dr.Bert O. Burraston

Mr.and Mrs.Richard C.Bursi*Ms.Peggy L.Burton*Mr.and Mrs.Jim C.Busby*Ms.Brenda K. ButlerDr.Kathy D.Butler*Ms.Emily Button KambicDr.Thomas D. Byl and

Mrs.JoAnnByl*Mr.and Mrs.Robert C. ByrdSherry and RandalByrd*Mr.Robert C.Byrd*Dr.Caroline L.Cade*Mr.Jeffrey H.Cagle*Ms.Caroline C.Caldwell*Dr.Malcolm D.Calhoun*Mr.Kenneth S.Callicutt*Mr.John H.Callow*Mr.Kevin CameronMr.and Mrs.Robert L. CampbellIV*YuehuaCao*Robert and Mary AnnCapocaccia*Mr.William G. CapshawJr.*Mr.Dominic J. CaraIV*Ms.Sally J.Carl*Joseph E. CarneySr.*Mr.and Mrs.Robert B. CarneyJr.*Ms.Jeanne G. CarrMs.Elizabeth R.Carter*Linda and CharlesCarter*Mr.Stephen D.Carter*Ms.MarianneCase*Mr.and Mrs.Wayne CashMs.Sharon E.Cater*Mr.John CathcarDr.S. WayneChamberlin*Ms.Colis C.Chambers*Ms.Carol G.Champion*Mr.and Mrs.MauriceChampion*Dr.and Mrs.Carl M.Chando*Mr.ClementChang*Mr.Jui-Lin Chang and Ms.En P.Hu*Mr.Donald M.Chapman*Ms.Karen J.Chapman*Susan and BarryChase*Ms.Wanda M.Cheatham*Mr.and Mrs.Fuyih J.Chen*Dr.JinqiuChen*James A. ChildersMs.Barbara J.Childress*Mr.Bill R.Chism*Ms.Ernestine R.Chism*Susanne W.Chitwood*Mr.Dennis J.Chomicki*Ms.LaurieChristensen*Dr.Aimee M. ChristianMr.Michael O.Christoff*Dr.Valerie Y. Chu

and Dr.Quentin C.Chu*Dr.King-Thom ChungDr.John E.Cicala*Mr.Benjamin B.Clancy*Ms.Gay B.Clapp*The Honorable Kathy J.Clark*Ms.Kay S. ClarkMs.Jean H.Clark*Ms.Amanda L.Clarkson*Dr.Joy A. ClayMr.Michael A. ClayMs.Julia ClaytonMr.Larry C.Clayton*Mr.and Mrs.James E. ClaytonSr.*Dr.William R.Clayton*Mr.Howard L.Clemons*Ms.Sara S.Clemons*Ms.Jan M.Clevenger*Mr.Charles E. ClimerJr.*Barbara C.Clutter*Ms.Rebecca F.Coats*Mr.Howard C. CobbsJr.Mr.and Mrs.William A.Cochran*Ms.Nancy CoffeeMr.and Mrs.Donald E.Coffey*Dr.Pamela A. Cogdal

Thank you so much for helping me achieve a 20+ year goal! I promise to pay it forward when I am able. You absolutely made my life better. Thank you!

Stacey Pillault Loewenberg School of Nursing

2015 UofM Honor Roll of Donors - [PDF Document] (16)


Dr.James C.Cohen*Dr.Lorinda B. CohoonEloise C.Square*Bill and Martina ColeMs.Bonnie R.Coleman*Sherita J.Coleman*Ms.Roquita Coleman-WilliamsKay and DavidCollins*Mr.Dennis L.Collins*Ms.Gwendolyn R. CollinsDr.Kimberly W.

and Mr.Harold B.Collins*Mr.Robert E. and

Mrs.PaulaCollins*Mr.and Mrs.Alexander G.Collis*Mr.William P.Colston*The Honorable John P. ColtonJr.*Ms.Shanna J. ColumbusDr.Charles J.Colvin*Dr.Tisha S.Colvin*Mr.PrachakComkornruecha*Dr.and Mrs.William D.Compton*Mr.Douglas A. CondraMr.and Mrs.Dudley W.Condron*Mr.Wayne ConleyMr.WayneConnell*Ms.Raye G. ConnerMr.Leroy ConwayIII*Ms.Ramona D.Conwell*Ms.Julia A.Cook*Mr.William L. CooperIII*Mr.Michael A.Coots*Dr.Susan L. Copeland and

Mr.Rockey A.Copeland*Mr.R. DaveCorbin*Ms.Jennifer R.Cordero*Ms.Christine A.Cordts*Ms.Melinda W. CostableMs.Donna H.Cotner*Mr.Charles C.Cottam*Mr.and Mrs.James G.Couch*Mr.and Mrs.H. WayneCox*Mr.and Mrs.Samuel D.Cox*Julia P.Crabb*Mr.and Mrs.Jeffrey A.Crabtree*Mr.Ray A.Craft*Mr.John R.Crane*Drs. Darrell and Dixie CraseMr.Charles J.Crass*Dr.Charles W. CrawfordMr.and Mrs.Charles F. CrawfordJr.*Ms.Mary L.Crawford*Mr.William S.Crawford*Mrs.Laura M.Crawley*Mr.Richard T.Crenshaw*Kelly P.Crockett*Mr.Martin N. CrockettJr.*Cathie and HarrelCrone*Ms.Sherry L.Crone*The Honorable Jimmy L.Croom*Mr.Alan B.Cross*Ms.Robbin L.Cross*Mr.William CrossJr.Dr.and Mrs.Maurice A.Crouse*Mr.Victor M.Cruz*Ms.Marthe M.Cumming*Ms.Carol A. CummingsMr.Barry E. CumminsJr.*Dr.Patricia CunninghamDr.and Mrs.Ray E.Curle*Ms.Ladonnal W.Curry*Ms.Katherine R.Curtis*Ms.Mary LouCushing*Mr.Ronnie E.Dacus*Ms.Barbara DagastinoMr.Phillip L. DagastinoJr.*Mr.McKinley DandridgeJr.*Rabbi Harry K. and

Mrs.JeanneDanziger*Ms.Nancy B.Darnall*Dr.Susanne B.Darnell*Mr.Philip E.Davidson*Dr.CharlotteDavis*

Ms.Diane D.Davis*Mr.Kelly O.Davis*Mr.and Mrs.Philip J. DavisII*Ms.Ruth H.Davis*Mr.and Mrs.Steven V.Davis*Ms.Thelma C. DavisDr.and Mrs.Samir R. DawoudDr.Russell R.Day*Mr.James B.Dean*Mr.George N. DebakeyJr.*Ms.LeeAnnFry*Mr.William T.Dees*Dr.Maria E. DelavegaMs.Mariesa DelSestoMr.Timothy L.Dempsey*Mr.George S.Dendrinos*Karin and Scott DeringDrs. Jo and JerryDeVane*Mr.J. A. DeVasteyDr.and Mrs.Charles C. DibrellJr.*Ms.Cheryl DiggsMs.Kathrine N.Dilts*Mary and StevenDishion*Mr.and Mrs.Fred Dixon*+Sherman and TwylaDixon*Mr.Gary F.Dobias*Robert and DeanaDodds*Mr.and Mrs.Gene A.Dodson*Mr.and Mrs.Gregory A.Dodson*Dr.and Mrs.Thomas R.Doering*Ms.Candy F. DonaldDr.and Mrs.H. James DormanMr.Arnold R.Dormer*Ms.Nataliya DoroshenkoMr.Joe M.Dorris*Ms.Dorothy R.Dorsey*Ricky R.Dorsey*Ms.Sondra A.Dowdell*Mr.Michael L.Dowling*Ms.Jeanne S.Drake*Mr.Jed DreifusJamesDrummond*Jeanne and John DuffyJr.*Dr.Michael R. DukeMs.Betty J.Dulaney*Dr.Deason C.Dunagan*Ms.Delories A.Duncan*Mr.Jonathan D. DuncanMr.R. J.Duncan*Mr.Thomas W. DuncanMr.Wallace L.Duncan*Ms.Patricia F. Duncan-Harrison*Mr.and Mrs.Terry W.Dunger*Mr.Vance Stuart DurbinMr.and Mrs.Harry DurhamGill L.Duykers*Ms.Michele DwightMs.Mary F.Dwyer*Dr.William O. DwyerMr.Myron O.Eason*Mr.Ryan A.Eason*Dr.Frank D.Easterday*Mr.Ian M.Edward*Mr.E. Everett EdwardsIII*Ms.Elizabeth I. EdwardsJohn A.Edwards*Mr.and Mrs.E. Everett EdwardsIII*Mr.Steven M.Edwards*Ms.Barbara N.Eichenberger*Mr.and Mrs.Wayne C.Elgin*Deaton P. EllisJr.*Mr.Robert F.Ellis*Dr.and Mrs.John A.Ellzey*Mr.Joe A.Elmore*Ms.Suzanne ElsonMr.Brian D.Emery*Dr.Paula D.Engles*Ms.Karen J.English*Ms.Doreen E.Enns*Dr.and Mrs.J. RexEnoch*Mr.and Mrs.CoreyEpps*Mr.Fabio E.Esguerra*Mr.and Mrs.Tommy C.Estes*

Dr.Hayden F.Estrada*Dr.and Mrs.Hayden F. EstradaMs.Eleanor G.Eubank*Ms.Constance V.Evans*Dr.and Mrs.John E.Evans*Mr.L. Brad EvansDr.and Mrs.Richard D.Evans*Mr.Edwin M. Thorpe Jr. and Ms.

Sharon Lynn WilesEvans*Mr.C. H. EvinsJr.Mr.Greg M.Fair*Ms.Lisa B. Fakhr El DinThe Honorable David R.Farmer*Kay E.Farrish*Ms.Patsy K. Fee

and Mr.James T.Fee*Teri and DavidFeigelson*Ms.SusanFeld*Dr.Sammy L.Felton*Mr.WenFeng*Dr.Lesley K. FerrisMr.Charles A.Ferryman*Mr.James H. FeuerbacherJr.*Ms.Francine M. FieldsMs.Martha J. FieldsMr.Kenneth M. FinkleaJr.*Ms.Lea R.Finley*Mr.and Mrs.Norman W.Finney*Mr.and Mrs.William R. FiteMr.Ronald G.Fittes*Mr.and Mrs.Henry J. FitzerJr.Mr.and Mrs.Charles R.Fitzgerald*Mr.Timothy M.Fitzgerald*Mr.Walter L. FitzgeraldJr.*Ms.Jessie Y.Flanders*Joanne and Dennis FleetwoodMr.David B.Fleisher*Dr.Belinda D. FlemingMs.Marilyn C.Fleming*Dr.and Mrs.Randy G. FloydMs.Laurie PetrickFlynn*Mr.Nicky A.Fong*Ms.Brenda E. FortneyMr.and Mrs.Lewis DossettFoster*Brenda and GregoryFoust*Ms.Anna KarenFoutes*Mr.Arthur M. FowlerII*Dr.Harry A.Frank*Mr.and Mrs.David L.Franklin*Ms.Desiree M.Franklin*Ms.Doretha H.Franklin*Ms.Ida S.Franklin*Mr.and Mrs.Jerry FranklinMr.Sidney M.Franklin*Mr.and Mrs.Gerald A.Fratini*Mr.Gene R. FredericII*Mr.James W.Freeman*Mr.Kenneth L. FreemanMr.LeonFreeman*Ms.Ruby J.Freeman*Dr.and Mrs.Donald W.Freund*Beverly and Ben FroelichDr.Carol S. FruchtmanElizabeth and RobertFudge*Ms.Joan H.Fullwood*Mr.Philip FurrMr.Lynn E.Fussell*Mr.Pete A. FutrisJr.*Ms.Dana S.Gabrion*Ms.J. LynetteGabryluk*Ms.Shelia GainesLayne and ThomasGaines*Mr.SubramaniamGanesan*Ms.Deborah S.Gann*Mr.Joe H.Gant*Ms.JiGao*Mr.Joseph P.Garrone*Mr.David N.Garst*Dr.T. Kent GartnerFelicia C.Gates*Mr.and Mrs.Jerry F. GayDr.Michael S. GelfandMr.Derek Gentile

Thank you so much for your generosity! I received notice of the scholarship shortly before moving to Memphis, and it made me feel so welcomed before I even arrived. I was so impressed by the thoughtfulness of your gift, words can barely describe.

Benjamin Law Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law

2015 UofM Honor Roll of Donors - [PDF Document] (17)


Dr.Ebenezer O. GeorgeMs.Peggy Ghent-Gloria*Ms.Lucy T.Gholston*Mr.and Mrs.Gordon H.Gibbons*Ms.Carrie D.Gibson*Dr.and Mrs.Donald R.Gibson*Marsh and AnneGibson*Donna and JamesGieselmann*Mr.Robert J. GildeaJr.*Mr.Ian GillardMs.Jane D.Gillespie*Ms.Mary V.Gillispie*Mr.and Mrs.John A.Gilmer*Mr.Dennis R.Givens*Mr.Billy G.Glasgow*Mr.John H.Glass*Mr.Gregory W. GlennMs.Joyce H.Glenn*Mr.John J.Gloria*Dr.John D.Glover*Mr.Thomas L.Glover*Dr.and Mrs.John E.Gnuschke*Ms.Bettye J.Goddard*Mr.Paul GoebelMs.Beverly B.Goines*Ms.Katherine J. GoliverMr.J. WaldonGooch*Patsy and Larry GoodnerMr.Wallace E.Goodwin*The Honorable Thomas C. Gott and

Mrs.Elizabeth A.Gott*Ms.Alida H.Gover*Mr.and Mrs.Charles ChrisGrace*Ms.Leslie D. GraffMs.Sanya WhittakerGragg*Mr.James Merrin GrahamMs.Teresa B. GrammLetha R.Granberry*Dr.Angela G. GrantMs.Elizabeth M.Grant*Mr.and Mrs.FriersonGraves*Mr.Stephen A.Graves*Ms.Elizabeth A.Gray*Laura S. GrayMs.Rachel W. GrayMr.and Mrs.Reginald L.Green*Ms.Betty B.Green*Dan and Betty GreenDr.Reginald L.Green*Ms.Virginia C.Green*Mr.Richard D.Greer*Mr.David A.Greganti*Dr.Anna W. Grehan

Dr.Arthur L. GrehanII*Mr.Rocky A.Gresham*Mr.and Mrs.John M.Griesbeck*Mr.and Mrs.William G. GriesbeckMr.Lee B.Grinspan*Donna and RonnyGrisham*Mr.Peter C. GroenendykMs.Tanya P. GrovesMr.and Mrs.Carl W. GruenewaldII*Ms.Sharon F.Guffin*Mr.Thomas L.Guffin*Mr.Maurice K.Guinn*Ms.Dorris SheltonGulley*Mr.David T. GuytonJr.*Mr.Douglas E. GwinJr.*Ms.Sue A.Gwin*David Haddow FamilyMr.David A.Hager*Ms.Patricia A.Haggard*Mr.Ellis L.Haguewood*Armie and Jo Anna HainesMr.and Mrs.A. Edgar HaleyJr.*Ms.Ann M.Hall*Mr.and Mrs.John R.Hall*Ms.Kelley J.Hall*Mr.and Mrs.Paul F.Hamm*Gilbert A.Hammond*Mr.and Mrs.David G.Hampton*Mr.Randall C.Hampton*Jeffrey W.Hanley*

Kathy CarmonHannings*Dr.Jerry L.Harber*Dr.Heiko HarborthMs.Betty H.Hardy*Mr.Marino C. Hardy and

Mrs.Carolyn C.Hardy*Clarence E. HareIII*Ms.Paula L.Schneider*Ms.Rita G.Harman*Ms.Angela N.Harper*Dr.Julie HarreldRev. and Mrs.Bethel L. HarrisJr.*Deborah Hester-Harrison*Mr.Robert S. HarrisonMs.Janet Harris-Smith*Mr.Kelvin B.Hart*Ronald Hart FamilyFoundation*Mr.and Mrs.John D.Hartney*Ms.Portia K.Harvey*Mr.Robert E.Harvey*Ms.Betty W.Hassell*Mr.Michael J.Haugh*Mr.and Mrs.Thomas P.Haughney*Ms.Cynthia J.Hawes*Ms.Sandra J.Hawkins*Mr.and Mrs.JerryHayes*Ms.Sally S.Hayes*Mr.Glenn T.Hays*Ms.Holly B. HazlettMs.Beverly D.Hedgepeth*Mr.Robert Q. HeglundJr.*Ms.Dar HeidbrinkMr.and Mrs.Milton J. HendersonJr.*Mr.Thourld D.Henderson*Mr.Willis B.Henderson*Dr.Jennifer R.Henretty*Ms.Laura HensonDr.Leigh N. HerseyMs.A. AnnHeuertz*Mr.Steven M.Heye*The Honorable Gina C.Higgins*Ms.Linda J.Higgins*Chuck and Darlene HilboldtMs.Billye R.Hill*Mr.Kenneth S. HillMr.and Mrs.ZaneHill*Ms.Elaine W.Himber*Drs. Michael and NancyHinds*Ms.Jane W.Hobson*Jan and JohnHockaday*Dr.Adrienne B.Hoeglund*Ms.Frances I. HoganDr.and Mrs.Edward R. HogeJr.Ms.Mary Lee WibleHoge*Dr.Gina S.Hogue*Mr.and Mrs.Stephen D.Holley*Lisa and JohnHollis*Ms.Trisha L.Holman*Mr.George D.Holmes*Dr.James W.Holmes*Ms.Patricia C.Holt*Dr.Ramin HomayouniMs.Margaret AnneHooker*Mr.Patrick A. HooverJr.Robynn and DannyHopkins*Ms.GeneneHopkins*Ms.Mae AliceHopkins*Dr.and Mrs.Benny D.Hopper*Dr.and Mrs.BennyHopper*Mr.and Mrs.Michael A.Hopson*Mr.Randy J. HorrasMr.and Mrs.Jim HorseyMs.Lexine R.Horton*Dr.Seyed M.Hosseini*Ms.Anna TraicoffHough*Ms.M. KateHoward*Mr.David E. HowellJr.*Mrs.Patricia A.Howerton*Mr.YiguangHu*Mr.and Mrs.Robert G.Hubbard*Mr.Ira M.Hubert*Mr.Tracy C.Hudson*Ms.Valerie J.Huery*

Dr.Michael G.Huffman*Chris HuffstetlerMs.Janet HughesMr.Michael R.Hughes*Lee A. HulettDr.Carolyn S. Hull-Toye*Mr.Keith A.Humphreys*Ms.Carolyn L.Hunter*Ms.AnnabelleHurd*Dr.Andrew HusseyDonna and Michael W.Hutchison*Ms.Lorie A. HutsonBarbara I.Ingram*Mr.Christopher S.Ingram*Mr.James T.Irvine*Dr.Kenneth J.Israel*Ms.Maureen IveyMs.Geneva C.Jackson*Janas JacksonMr.and Mrs.Jason JacksonMr.Kevin B.Jackson*Dr.Robert J.Jackson*Dr.and Mrs.Wade M.Jackson*Dr.M. Shah JahanMs.Melanie A. JamesMr.James D.Jarrett*Linda and ThomasJecha*Mr.Satish Ellaiah K.Jeejula*Jeriann and BillyJeffries*Ms.Pamela J. JenkinsMr.and Mrs.Thomas P.Jenkins*Dr.Amber JenningsDr.Chunrong JiaMs.YeJin*Mr.Johnny K.Jines*Ms.Lora JobeMs.Beverly J.Johnson*Dr.Diane M.Johnson*Edna P.Johnson*Ms.Helen R.Johnson*Mr.James M. JohnsonJr.*Mr.James S.Johnson*Dr.and Mrs.David A.Johnson*Mr.MarvinJohnson*Randall L.Johnson*Richard E.Johnson*Mr.Steven C. JohnsonMs.T. P. JohnsonMr.and Mrs.Theodore J.

JohnsonJr.*Carol A. JohnsonBishop*Ms.Julienne M. Johnson-Edwards*Mr.and Mrs.Christopher E.Jones*Dr.D. R. JonesMr.Grover JonesJr.Krystina and QuincyJones*Mr.and Mrs.Robert C.Jones*Mr.Ryan D.Jones*Ms.Tammy R.Jones*Ms.Jolene H.Jordan*Dr.Susan B. and Mr.Danny

A.Joslyn*Mr.JustinJoy*Lyn and JohnJoyner*Mr.Stanley R. JoynerJr.*Ms.KathyJunkin*Dr.Matthias KaelbererMs.Orly Kamin-OhanaMr.Kenneth R.Kane*Ms.Pamela KarwowskiMr.Joe KatterJohnDr.Gary G.Kay*Mr.and Mrs.J. PeteKay*Dr.Ben L. KediaDr.Satish K. KediaMr.Robert T. KeetonJr.*Ms.Amy C. Keith

and Mr.Owen A.Keith*Helyn and L. HaroldKeith*Owen and AmyKeith*Dr.Patricia A.Kelley*Mr.Russell B.Kelly*Mr.Dudley K.Kelso*

Dr.David M. KemmeMs.Heidi A.Kendall*Mr.and Mrs.Kelly G.Kennedy*Drs. Phyllis K. and Michael

L.Kennedy*Ms.Anna KhokhlovaDr.Loel KimMs.Martha C.Kimmons*Ms.Carolyn D. KingMr.Casey N.King*Mr.and Mrs.Daniel E.King*Ms.Patricia C.King*Ms.Patricia M.King*Ms.Traliza Y.King*Mr.and Mrs.James C.Kirk*Dr.and Mrs.Walter G. KirkpatrickDr.Walter G. KirkpatrickMs.Patricia H. KissellDr.Katherine M. KitzmannMs.Kim KlaftMr.and Mrs.J. Nicholas KleinIII*Mr.William M.Klein*Mr.and Mrs.James A. KleiserJr.*Mr.James R.Klug*Ms.Margaret C.Knack*Mr.Steve KnowltonMs.Marylane W. KochDr.and Mrs.Robert W.Koch*Dr.Walter H.Koch*Mr.Rollin M.Kocsis*Thomas F. KoernerJr.*Mr.Sidney W.Kornegay*Mr.Boris Kort-PackardMs.Pamela KovalicMr.and Mrs.Gregory P.Koziel*Professor William P. KratzkeMs.Betty C.Krone*Ms.Charlotte M.Kruesi*Mr.Bakulesh P.Kshatriya*Scott W. Kunkel, Ph.D.*Eric L.Kurtz*Mr.Jerome R.Kutliroff*Maj. Edward T.Ladd*Col. Edward T. LaddSr.*The Honorable L. TerryLafferty*Ms.Virginia DawnLaFon*Mr.and Mrs.John P.Lambert*Dr.Amanda K. Lambert-PenningtonMr.Reed LandauMr.Richard M.Lane*Mrs.Shirley H.Lane*Ms.Susan N.Lange*Ms.Kathryn G.Lanier*Mr.Robert C. LanierMr.John MontgomeryLannom*Ms.Patricia M.LaPointe*Dr.Mohamed LaradjiDr.Daniel LarsenJudith C.Larson*Ms.Edwinna J.Lashley*Ms.Holly LauDr.Peter S. LauMr.Roland E.Launius*Dr.Jode M.Lavine*Dr.Justin T.Lawhead*Ms.Audrey G.Lawrence*Ms.BettyLawrence*Mr.Joseph A.Lawson*Mr.Thomas W.Lawson*Ms.Betty P.Lazarini*Mr.and Mrs.Gary L. LazariniMr.Wilfred U.Leaks*Ms.Sabrina Q.Leatherwood*Mr.JasonLee*Dr.Joonhyung LeeMr.Martin J. LeeJr.Mr.and Mrs.Thomas C. LeeJr.*Ms.Florence H.Leffler*Mr.Al LeonardThe Levine FamilyMs.Nancy K.Levinson*Ms.Kimberly LewisDr.RaoLi*

Dr.Yuhua LiMr.and Mrs.Stephen P.Liberto*Dr.Kenneth L. LichsteinMr.Andrew LoyLilley*Dr.Nancy B.Lillie*Mr.and Mrs.Stephen R.Lilly*Mr.Khiok C.Lim*K. C. and LorreanLim*Mr.and Mrs.John M.Limbaugh*Mr.Ronald L.Limberg*Mr.Russell B.Lindsey*Drs. Laura and EricLink*Jim and JoanneLippy*Mr.Bobby J.Littlejohn*Donna and Bobby LittlejohnDr.JianxiongLiu*Mr.and Mrs.H. ThomasLloyd*Ms.Kathryn M.Lloyd*Dr.Timothy D.Lockey*Laruth K.Lofties*George and ElizabethLofton*Ms.Jan CatesLofton*Gordon A. LohnesJr.*Mr.Alan M.Long*Mr.and Mrs.Mark P.Long*Dr.Irene H.Loomis*Professor Richard A.Lord*Mr.Kevin R.Lorenz*Mr.Michael J. LounsberyJr.*Dr.and Mrs.Miles H.Lovelace*Mr.George W. Loveland IIMr.Jeffrey D.Loveless*Dr.Al. S.Lovvorn*Mr.and Mrs.Jimmy R.Lowrey*Dr.ShulanLu*Mr.Robert LundyMr.Gabriel J.Lupinacci*Ms.Jennifer L.Luther*Ms.Jan C.Luxton*Ms.Connie L.Luzwick*Terry A. LynchMr.Bruce W.Lyon*Ms.ZhengMa*GeorgeMabon*Dr.Mark C.Macgaw*Ms.Susan E.Mackenzie*Ms.Velma M.Maclin*Mr.and Mrs.James P.Madeksho*Mr.and Mrs.Wallace C.Madewell*Frances and George MadillMr.Stuart J.Magdule*Mr.Keith A.Mahal*Mr.Harry H.Malkin*DeloresMalone*Dr.John L.Malone*Mr.Thomas James MaloneIII*Mr.Mel G. MandicMr.and Mrs.Barlow T.Mann*Dr.Walter H. ManningMay Lynn and Charles MansbachMr.and Mrs.Jamal M.Mansour*Ms.MaryMansour*Mr.Robert F. MarekJr.*Ms.Barbara P. MareseDrs. Frank and DeannaMarion*Mr.and Mrs.Herman P. MarkellMr.Albert E. MarkhamIII*Mr.Ferrell C. MarksJr.Ms.Caitlin H. MarshallMs.Jade Y.Marshall*Mr.Michael T.Marshall*Ms.Roxie D.Marston*Dr.Jeanette S.Martin*Ms.Judy C.Martin*Dr.ReginaldMartin*Mr.Rick W.Martin*Mr.Steve MartinMr.Frank A.Masiello*Ms.Donnie T.Massey*Mr.MalvinMassey*Ms.Phyliss D.Massey*Ms.Anne B.Mathes*Ms.Yolanda Y. Mathews

2015 UofM Honor Roll of Donors - [PDF Document] (18)


Mr.and Mrs.William A.Mathis*Ms.Lisa M.Matlock*Mr.Brian D.Matthews*Mr.and Mrs.Paul A.Matthews*Ms.Tanesha L.Matthews*Mr.Matthew T.May*Lt. Bruce E.Mays*Mr.Dennis R.Mays*Mr.and Mrs.John H.Mays*Dr.Brad McAdonMs.Carrie J.McAdon*Susan and JohnMcAlpin*Ms.Mary E. McCainMs.Claudia McCarthy-PhillipsMr.ToddMcCarver*Mr.Mack E. McCaulJr.*Dr.Sue AnnMcClellan*Mr.and Mrs.Steven A.McClendon*Ms.Peggy LathamMcClure*Ms.Lorene W.McCollins*Mr.and Mrs.Guerry C.

McComasSr.*Mr.and Mrs.John W.McConomy*Mr.John W.McConomy*Ms.Judith K.McCown*Mr.Steven M.McCoy*Ms.Tammy Y. McCoyMs.Iva KatherineMcCutchen*Dr.E. JeanMcDonald*John D.McDonnell*Mary Ellen and PhillipMcDow*Ms.Lauren B.McHugh*Mr.Rick D.McIntosh*Mr.and Mrs.Harrison D. McIverJean and Robert McIvorRobert McIvorJr.*Mary Jane and Sidney McKayMs.Mary F.McKee*Ms.Katie J.McKeel*Ms.Darla G. McKenzieDr.Leslie McKeonMr.Brian R. McKerlieMs.Shirley D.McKnight*Ms.Amy MartinMcLean*Mr.and Mrs.JeffMcLeod*Ms.Prelna R.McNeil*Mr.Malcolm H.McPherson*Dr.and Mrs.Randy A.McPherson*Mr.and Mrs.Albert T.McRae*Mr.Zachary W.McRae*Mr.George W.McRee*Mr.Ronald B.McSwain*Ms.Julie K.Meadows*Dr.SandyMehlhorn*Mr.Joseph MejalyDr.and Mrs.David W.Melton*Mr.Satya P.Mendiratta*Dr.Brian W.Meredith*Mr.and Mrs.Donald L.Merritt*Mr.Roger L.Merritt*Dr.Theodore J.Meyers*Mr.James O. MichaelMs.Susan D.Mikell*Mr.Bobby J.Miles*Mr.Michael R.Miles*Craig R.Miller*Joyce and J. DonMiller*Kenneth MillerDr.Thomas and Mary JoMiller*Ms.Nancy H.Miller*Dr.Neal Douglas MillerMr.and Mrs.Ralph E. MillerJr.*Elizabeth and RichardMiller*Mr.Timothy G.Miller*Mr.Michael P.Milligan*Mr.Lancelot L. MinorIII*Mr.and Mrs.Stephen D.Mirdo*Dr.James B. MitchellJr.*Mr.John C.Mitchell*Mr.Justin E.Mitchell*Ms.Syble M.Mitchell*Mr.Anil M.Mokashi*Mr.and Mrs.Larry N.Montague*

Mr.C. WilliamMoody*Ms.Marguerite MoodyMr.Albert F.Moore*Alethea S.Moore*Ms.Barbara D.Moore*Ms.Barbara A.Moore*Dr.and Mrs.James W.Moore*Mr.Martin W. MooreMs.Paula HearnMoore*Mr.Roy A.Moore*Dr.and Mrs.William R.Moore*Mr.Ralph MorganShirley and RobertMorgan*Dr.and Mrs.Sam B.Morgan*Mr.Michael MorganthalerMr.and Mrs.Andrew J.Morgret*Mr.Herbert B. MoriartyIII*Mr.Scott MorrellMs.Renee N.Morris*Mr.and Mrs.William S. MorrisDr.Vivian G. Morris

and Mr.Curtis L. MorrisMr.William StephenMorris*Ms.Bessie M.Morrow*Dr.Helen G.Morrow*Mr.Benjamin E. MortonMs.Linda C. MorrisMs.Regina D. MortonMr.Richard MosesCarol J.Mosow*Mr.Timothy W.Mott*Mr.Marc A. MuellerMr.William J.Mueller*Ms.Vanessa A.Muldrow*Hilda C.Mullen*The Honorable Steven J. MulroyMr.Frank B. MundJr.*Ms.Jennifer L. MurchisonMs.Robin S.Murchison*Dr.Renee C.Murley*Mr.George M.Murphree*Mr.and Mrs.Robert D.Murphree*Mr.Mario J.Musarra*Mr.Greely MyattMs.Kay K.Myers*Ms.Shirley H.Mynatt*Mr.James L. NaborsMr.Jeffrey L.Nadeau*Mr.Eugene F.Naifeh*Mr.Nalinikalyan P.Nallagonda*Mr.and Mrs.John R.Neal*Ms.Alice T.Neel*Dr.Susan Neely-BarnesDr.Aregahegn S.Negatu*Mr.Thomas C.Neiman*Dr.Robert A. Neimeyer and

Ms.Kathryn E. StoryMr.Robert G.Nelms*Mr.Gregory S.Nelson*Mr.Christopher E.Nemec*Ms.Dorothy H.Neuf*Mr.and Mrs.Gregory S.Newman*Mr.Jerry D.Newman*Dr.Ernest L. NicholsJr.Ms.Glendon D.Nichols*Mr.Ronald D.Nichols*Roy and MargaretNicholson*Mr.PaulNickell*Dr.Jeryl M. Nickey

and Mr.John A.Nickey*Darlene and RobertNiebruegge*Mr.Robert P.Nieman*Dr.Philip S.Nitse*Mr.and Mrs.William S.Nixon*Dr.Vikki G. NolanMr.Cedar L. NordbyeMr.and Mrs.Melbourne

L.Norsworthy*Ms.Mary PierceNorton*Tracey M.Nowlin*Ms.Lori C. O’Brien*Ms.Kathryn J. O’Bryan*Dr.Albert A. Okunade

Dr.D. Kim OllerBrenda and Steve O’Looney*David H. OlsenMr.James A. O’NeillJr.*Mr.and Mrs.Robert E.Orians*Ms.Mary W.Ormerod*Ms.Cindie N.Ortega*Mr.Robert R.Osgood*Dr.Janet PageMr.Christopher M.Paige*Dr.and Mrs.David D.Paige*Ms.Nina H.Paight*PamelaPalazola*Ms.Jeanne S.Palmer*Mr.John R.Palmer*Ms.Teah R.Palmer*TommyPalmertree*Ms.Betty M.Parham*Mr.Grant L. ParhamJr.*Mr.E. L. ParkerIII*Gail L. ParkerMr.and Mrs.John H. ParkerII*W. DeanParker*Mr.Jerry L.Parkhurst*Michelle L.Parks*Dr.Linda T.Pate*Ms.Shivani G.Patel*Anne and DanielPatterson*Ms.Nancy E.Patterson*Ms.Willette A.Patton*Ms.Frances L.Paulson*Dr.Philip PavlikMr.Harry T.Pearce*Mr.William H. PearigenJr.Ms.Shana D.Pearson*Mr.Gregory J.Pease*Dr.Barbara L.Peery*Mr.John C. PekarJ. C. and Cindy PendergrastBradford D. PendleyMr.David L.Perry*Ms.Kimberly A.Perry*Ms.Tameka T.Perry*Ms.Barbara J.Perutelli*Dr.Richard L. PetersenMs.Patricia W.Petkosek*Dr.John R. PetryMs.Laura T.Pfeffer*Dr.Truc Chi T.Pham*Ms.Carolyn A. PhelanMs.Aneta G.Phelps*Mr.and Mrs.Daniel E.Phillips*Dr.and Mrs.Jerry C.Phillips*Ms.Mary T.Phillips*Dr.John H. Pickens. and Suzanne

Satterfield, M.D.*Dr.Charles A. PierceMiriam and William PietkiewiczMr.James M. PinkstonJr.*Mr.George PipikMr.Robert V.Pirani*Janet and FrankPitts*Mr.Jerry E.Pitts*Dr.Gene A. PlunkaMr.Mack E.Polk*Mr.Edwin H.Poole*Mr.John O.Poole*Linda and John PooleRebecca and BenjaminPope*Dr.Susan L. PophamMr.Ethan A.Porter*Dr.William E. PorterMr.and Mrs.Billy PostonMs.Patricia H.Potts*Jane and CharlesPoulos*Carol J. Povenmire, Ph.D.Mr.and Mrs.Dale M. PovenmireRoss and Alisa PovenmireMs.Susan L. PovenmireMs.Margaret S.Powell*Mr.Ralph A. PraterMichelle E.Prentice*Mr.W. RichardPrice*

Carol and Mike PrinceMr.and Mrs.John W.Pryor*The Honorable Lawrence

H.Puckett*The Honorable Ann L.Pugh*Mr.Raymond A.Pullen*Ms.Tina R.Pullin*Dr.Lea G.Queener*Mr.Harris P. QuinnMs.Janet M.Quinn*Mr.Glynn G. RabyJr.*Mr.and Mrs.Adam C.Ragan*Ms.Bonnie B.Ragland*Mr.C. V.Ramanakumar*Ms.Janet M. RasmussenWilbert*Mr.and Mrs.Nathan F.Rast*Mr.R. WaineRatliff*Dr.Angela G. RayMr.and Mrs.Larry A.Raymond*Ms.Linda ReeseMr.Christopher D. ReillyMr.George E. Relyea and

Dr.Barbara J. Wilson-Relyea*CharlesRemaklus*Dr.Benjamin T.Reves*Mr.and Mrs.Bobby E.Reves*Ms.Barbara Rheingold-GerlickiMr.Michael E. RhodesDr.and Mrs.N. DewaineRice*Mr.Ronald E.Rich*Ms.Martha MartinRichards*Mr.and Mrs.Larry C.Riddle*Mr.Rolland G.Riesberg*Dr.Ona Z.Riggin*Ms.Frances M.Riley*Dr.Thomas B.Ripy*Mr.and Mrs.JamesRixter*Mr.and Mrs.James E. RoachJr.*Dr.Robin R. Roach

and Mr.Jeffrey L.Roach*Ms.Caroline R.Robbins*Sherry and Ron RobersonMs.Caroline M.Roberto*Ms.Ashlee K.Roberts*Dr.Gary E. RobertsDr.and Mrs.William R. RobertsonMs.Paulette P.Robertson*Mr.Terry A.Robertson*Ms.Vicki R.Robertson*Dr.William R.Robertson*Anne and JohnRobilio*Chanda L.Robinson*Ms.Margaret E.Robinson*Dr.and Mrs.HokeRobinson*Dr.Martha D. RobinsonMs.Tiffany N.Robinson*Deborah and WarnerRodda*Mr.Michael S.Rodenhiser*Mancito RodgersMr.and Mrs.Nestor A. RodriguezII*Mr.Norman RodriguezMs.Stacey J.Roe*Ms.Ann RogersNancy and DonaldRogers*Ms.Kimberly L.Rogers*Mr.Blake RogersMs.Alisha D. RoseMr.Christopher R. RoseCynthia RossRev. John C.Ross*Mr.Mark G.Rothberger*Ms.Margaret L. RoutonMs.Sharon S. RowlandDr.Jane P.Rowlett*Ms.Caroline Royal-EvansMr.Michael A.Rubin*Mr.and Mrs.C. DavidRuch*Ms.Diane RudnerMs.N. JanellRudolph*Ms.Jamie N.Rugel*Susan and Jerry RushDr.James P.Ruyl*John and KatherineRyan*

Ms.MaryRyan*Dr.SanazSaadat*Mr.David A.Sabatini*Shahab SadeghiGhahroodi*Mr.Scott M.Sadler*Mr.and Mrs.Robert E.Sadowski*Ms.Jeanette M.Saino*Ms.Susan L.Sanders*Mr.and Mrs.William J.Sanderson*Dr.Nat H.Sandler*Keith T.Sanford*Mark H. and Angela G. SaundersMatt and KatieSaunders*Dr.Carl L.Saxby*Ms.Tommie T.Saxon*The Honorable Jon P.Schaefer*Dr.and Mrs.S. J. SchaefferIII*Mr.JonathanSchmitt*Dr.Gary F.Schneider*Ms.Mary S.Schnock*Frank V. SchrinerJr.*Dr.Robert W.Schriner*Randy SchwartzenburgMr.and Mrs.Donald W.Scobey*Ms.Thelma F.Scott*Ms.Joyce H.Sealand*Dr.and Mrs.Edmund P. SegnerJr.Mr.and Mrs.Geddes SelfJr.*Mr.Timothy SelfMr.and Mrs.Joe W.Selmon*Dr.and Mrs.Frank W. ShafferJr.*Dr.Ali Shahbazian-Ahari*Ms.Cindy ShainbergNovelle ShakeelDr.and Mrs.David C.Sharp*Joe and SharonSharp*Mr.Curtis D.Shatley*Alissa Campbell ShawMs.Karen B.Shea*Ms.Rachael B.Shedaker*Mr.and Mrs.Carl A. ShedlockJr.*Mr.and Mrs.William R.Sheets*Mr.and Mrs.Franklin R. SheltonMr.Franklin R.Shelton*Ms.Georgia H.Shepherd*Mr.John B. SheppardMr.MilShirley*Dr.Sajjan G. ShivaDr.Thomas D. ShockleyJr.Mr.Barry L. ShulkinMs.Celeste C.Shull*Mr.J. CecilShumacker*Glenda K.Shumate*Mr.and Mrs.Calvin E.Shuster*Mary F.Sidney*Dr.Nancy D. SimcoDr.F. MorganSimpson*Mr.and Mrs.Stephen R.Simpson*Mr.David B. SimsJr.*Vicki and RatanSingh*Dr.Gregory R.Singleton*Ms.LinnSitler*Ms.Bryce M.Smith*Ms.Cara J. SmithMr.Frank L. SmithJr.*Mr.and Mrs.Gene M. SmithJanet and JimSmith*Mr.and Mrs.Jimmy C.Smith*Mr.Jonathan H.Smith*Mr.Kenneth M.Smith*Mr.and Mrs.Leonard J.Smith*Wendy and MichaelSmith*Dr.Mont S.Smith*Dr.William T. Smith IIMs.Byrle V. Smith-George*Cody J.Snyder*Ms.Laura H.Snyder*Ms.Bonnie M.Sobel*Dr.Steven D. SoiferDr.JaredSoileau*Mr.James M.Solomon*Dr.Young-SeobSon*Mr.Dennis J.Sossaman*

2015 UofM Honor Roll of Donors - [PDF Document] (19)


Brooke and Brian T.Sparks*Mr.David W.Sparks*Dr.Harold K.Speidel*Dr.Paula Spence-EvansMs.Suzanne K.Spiceland*Mr.Eric J.Spiegel*Ms.DottieSpikner*Ms.Christine C. SpindelGeneSpires*Mr.and Mrs.C. AnthonySpitzer*Mr.and Mrs.J. WalterSpiva*Mr.Vincent F.Splain*The Srite FamilyMs.Karen H.Stachowski*Karen and WillStafford*Dr.Louis Charles Stagg and

Mrs.Mary CasnerStagg*Mr.Robert C.Stagg*Chase R.Staggs*Mr.and Mrs.Robert P.Stalder*Dr.Jon C.Stanford*Dr.Virginia F.Stanford*Mr.and Mrs.Harold C.Stanley*Ms.Agnes Gordon StarkJoey and JoelStark*Mr.Barry P.Staubus*Diana (Zhao) and Michael

J.Stauffer*Mr.Charles E.Stavely*Ms.Jill MarieStem*Ms.Elizabeth E.Phillips*Mr.John F.Stetson*Dr.Craig O.Stewart*Mr.and Mrs.Dougley E.Stewart*Mr.Robert L.Stewart*Dr.and Mrs.Ronald C.Stewart*Mr.and Mrs.Lloyd K.Stimson*Dr.Gilbert G. StockJr.*Ms.Dorothy A.Stockdale*Mr.Thomas G.Stoll*Ms.Cathy StogsdillStone*Mr.Charles E. StoneJr.*Mr.John F. StoneMr.and Mrs.John T. StoutMs.Joy R.Stout*Harriet and LouisStrasberg*Dudley Turner StrawnIII*Mr.Bernard A. StreetJr.*Luke H.Stribling*Ms.Oma R.Strickland*Ms.Annette H.Striligas*Corey O.Strong*Mr.and Mrs.James F.Sturgill*Ms.Mary T. SullivanMs.Nancy C.Sullivan*Dr.Carrie Hayes Sutter and

Dr.Thomas R. SutterMrs.Sandra L. SwansonMr.Harish K.Swayampakula*Jay and MarciSweeney*Dr.De-An W. SwihartDr.George H. SwihartKevin and MegSybert*Dr.and Mrs.Stephen E. TabachnickDr.and Mrs.Owen B.Tabor*Dr.Sunghee H. TakMs.Janine P.Tankersley*Mr.Rickie A.Tankersley*Dr.and Mrs.Raymond L.Tanner*Mr.and Mrs.Mark H. TaylorMs.Harriet O.Taylor*Mr.Mark H.Taylor*Mr.RaymondTaylor*Mr.William HalTaylor*Yvonne M.Taylor*Ronald and SherryTeague*Mr.Harold C.Terrell*Mr.and Mrs.Charles G.Theos*Mr.BabuThomas*Mr.Charles E. ThomasSr.*Ms.AngelaThompson*Ms.Elizabeth R.Thompson*Jennifer F.Thompson*

Mr.and Mrs.Mark K.Thompson*Dr.Nicole L. ThompsonMs.Rita T.Harris*Dr.William J. ThompsonDr.and Mrs.Joseph R.Thornton*Mr.William F.Thornton*Diana and JohnThreadgill*Dr.and Mrs.Ronald C.Tillman*Mr.and Mrs.Gerald L.Timmerwilke*Mr.David W.Tipton*Mr.Jack W. TiptonJr.*Dr.Nathan G. Tipton

and Mr.Paul L.Foster*Mr.Hung K.To*Ms.Sharron D. Todd-Jerry*Dr.Deborah P. TollefsenMs.Mary E.Tomlin*Ms.Latisha L.Toney*Dr.T. CarterTowne*Rorie N.Trammel*Mr.Larry TravisDr.William P. TravisMr.and Mrs.Robert E. TribbleJr.*Mr.and Mrs.James G.Tribo*Kenneth F.Trocki*Mr.Wentsung R.Tseng*Ms.Bonnie K.Tubbs*Mr.MelvinTuggle*Mr.George TullosMs.Jane S.Turcotte*Ms.Carolyn B.Turman*Elizabeth and FrankTurner*Mr.and Mrs.Larry L.Turner*Ms.Lura E. TurnerMs.Judy M. UpchurchMr.Daniel J. VacantiMr.and Mrs.Stephen J. VailMs.Pamela M. ValentineDr.Roy B. VanArsdaleMs.Rebecca A. Vandyck-Laumann*Ms.Sandra B. VanVelsor*Mr.Richard G. VandenbergMs.Mary K.VanGieson*Mr.John A.Vanlandingham*Ms.Carmine B.Vaughan*Mr.William M. VaughanMr.and Mrs.James L.Vaughn*Mr.Richard C.Vaughn*Mr.and Mrs.Samuel B. VenableMrs.Jane A. Venson-Talford*Mr.Jan P.Verhage*Ms.Bette R.Veteto*Ms.Wanda L.Vickery*Mr.EmanuelVilla*Mr.Perry N.Villanueva*Mr.Samuel M.Voller*Mr.Larry W. VonBoeckman*Dr.Patricia B.Wachholz*Mr.George T.Waddoups*Mr.Ronald D.Wade*Mr.and Mrs.David C.Wadlington*Ms.Elizabeth A.Wale*Mr.Charles I.Walker*Mr.Raymond L.Walker*Mr.Gregory H.Wallace*Dr.Stanley N.Walls*Mr.Fred C. WalpoleMr.and Mrs.Ronald A.Walter*Mr.and Mrs.Earl T.Walton*Mr.Patrick WaltonDr.Yongmei WangMr.C. B.Ward*Mr.and Mrs.J. MichaelWard*Ms.GeralineWardlow*Dr.and Mrs.David J. WarkMs.Lisa A.Warmath*Dr.and Mrs.James L. WarnerMr.and Mrs.John L. WarnerJr.*Mr.Terrance T.Washington*Ms.Martha J. S.Watkins*Dr.Rhetta J. Watkins and

Mr.William W.Watkins*Ms.Frances G.Watson*

Mr.StephenWatson*Ms.Terrice E. WatsonMs.Shirley C.Watts*Ms.Doris D.Webster*Mr.Ben O. WeeksJr.*Ms.Angela S.Weems*Ms.Janet M.Wehner*Ms.Daphne WeiMs.Dianne WeidmanThe Honorable and

Mrs.BernieWeinman*Mr.Donald A.Welch*Mr.John T. WelchII*Ms.Sharon T.Welch*Dorothy and Herbert WellsJr.*Ms.Pamela L.Wells*Ms.Bettie C.Welsh*Clifton D.Wentworth*Loren A. Wenzel Ph.D.*Ms.Beverly B.West*Mr.Charles H.Wexler*Dr.and Mrs.Benton M. WheelerDrs. Freddie V. and James

P.Whelan*Ms.Sharon R.Whitaker*Ms.T. C. WhiteJr.*Ms.Jacqueline B.White*Ms.Mackenzie E.White*Ms.Shundra L.White*Mr.Stephen DennisWhite*David T.Whitefield*Mr.Lawrence RayWhitley*Maj. Gen. and Mrs.James

A.Whitmore*Ms.Doris J.Whitson*Mr.Frank R.Wilbourne*Mr.and Mrs.Michael F.Wilcheck*Ms.Cathy N.Wilhelm*Mr.Brian J.Willett*Mr.Carl R.Williams*Ms.Colette B.Williams*Mr.and Mrs.D. WayneWilliams*Elizabeth and ThomasGott*Ms.Erma P.Williams*Ms.Gwendolyn W.Williams*Mr.J. LenWilliams*Ms.Linda S.Williams*Ms.Marva B.Williams*Mr.MauriceWilliams*Mr.and Mrs.Mike WilliamsMr.Neville WilliamsMr.Roby S. WilliamsMr.W. RobertWilliams*Dr.Ruth Williams-Hooker*Ms.Barbara Williams-Jones*Mr.Ernest W. WilliamsonJr.*Professor and Mrs.James

F.Williamson*Ms.Barbara A.Wilson*Mr.Jack H.Wilson*Dr.Jeffery L. WilsonMs.Jodi L. WilsonMr.John S. WilsonIII*Ms.Kimberly WilsonMr.and Mrs.Spence L. WilsonJr.*Dr.Susan R.Wilson*Mr.Timothy N.Wilson*Cathy and BillWilson*Drs. Lisa C. and Mark D.Winborn*Dr.Alistair J. WindsorMr.William T. WingoJr.*Mr.Edward B.Winkler*Ms.Melanie TaylorWinton*Mr.and Mrs.Albert G.Wise*Ms.Holly L.Withers*Dr.Mitchell M. WithersMr.Clay A.Woemmel*Mr.Erik T.Wolak*Mr.Joseph L.Wolf*Dr.Tit-Yee WongMs.Holley A.Wood*Mr.W. Lewis WoodJr.*Ms.Vicki L.Woods*

2015 UofM Honor Roll of Donors - [PDF Document] (20)


Ms.Dorothy D. WorkMs.Jessica C. WorthamMr.Robert E. WrayIII*Drs. Lynette and Earle WrennJr.*Mr.and Mrs.Ethan J.Wright*Mr.Joel J.Wright*Mr.Mitchell WrightMs.Rachel P.Wright*Ms.Sarah H.Wright*Mr.Thomas E.Wyatt*Mr.and Mrs.Louis E.Wylie*Kay and HaroldYager*Mr.and Mrs.John E.Yarbrough*Louise C.Yarwood*Ms.Elizabeth J.Young*Mr.Paul D.Young*Dr.and Mrs.Robert R. YoungJr.*Mr.WenjiangYu*Dr.Xinhua YuDr.Shuai YuanDr.and Mrs.Stephen A. ZanskasDr.Herbert D. ZemanMr.and Mrs.Harry S. ZepatosJr.*Dr.HongyuanZhang*Dr.JingZheng*Neal ZipserMr.and Mrs.William L.Zoccola*The Gary ZyriekFamily*

$1 to $99AnonymousDonors*Mr.Abdeljalil K.Abdelhalim*Mr.Samer AbdulahiMs.Sophia S. AdbunMr.James D.Abell*Ms.Glenda P.Abernathy*Ms.Lisa F.Abitz*Regina D.Abston*Mr.John R.Abts*Mr.Gerry D. AdairII*Mr.Ben C. AdamsJr.Ms.CandiceAdams*Ms.Ellen A.Adams*Ms.Mary F.Adams*Ms.Samantha C.Adams*Ms.Tammara T.Adams*Ms.Carolyn C.Adco*ck*Ms.Leslie AddisonMs.Meredith AdenDr.PiyatilakeAdris*Ms.Patricia LunnAdsit*Ms.Alice AguilarMr.Alexander L.Aitken*Rammy M.Akil*Mr.William F.Akin*Dr.Derene E. AkinsMr.and Mrs.D. KendallAlbert*Dr.Fred C. AlbertsonMs.Nancy H.Albonetti*Capt. Raymond O. AldingerJr.*Mr.Adam C.Alexander*Ms.Jewell R. AlexanderMs.Kimberly S. AlexanderMs.Sharon A.Alexander*Mr.and Mrs.Gary L.Aljets*Ms.Angela J. AllenMs.Justice S. AllenLawrence E. AllenJr.*Lisa M.Allen*Dr.LorraineAllen*Phyllis B.Allen*Mr.Steven A. AllenMs.Deborah L.Allison*Mr.John E. Allmon IIIAndrew and LanceAllred*JosephineAllsop*Dr.JamesAlsobrook*Ms.Ann M.Alsup*Mr.Adam M. AlterMr.Brandon T. AmackerMr.and Mrs.Andrew F.Ammons*Ms.NaQuasha L.Amos*Ms.Jeanne G.Andersen*

Mr.Andrew J.Anderson*Mr.and Mrs.Cleve L.Anderson*Mr.Corey J.Anderson*Ms.Joyce B.Anderson*Ms.Katherine M.Anderson*Ms.Kesha T.Anderson*Mr.Mark Patrick AndersonMs.Melanie T.Anderson*Ms.Neysa R. AndersonMs.Renee L.Anderson*Ms.Stephanie S.Anderson*Ms.TatinishaAnderson*Ms.Cynthia S. AndresenMs.Elizabeth M. AndrewMr.Bruce E.Angotti*Ms.Kayli D.Anthony*Mr.Keith D.Antilla*Ms.Carol AntleyRobertAppleton*Mr.Nicholas A.Aprea*Ms.Leslie M.Archibald*Mr.David A. ArellanoMs.Jennifer E.Armistead*Mr.Craten M. ArmmerSr.*Mr.Jeremy T.Armstrong*Shebillia S.Armstrong*Ms.LaTondra L. ArnettMr.Paul N.Arnett*Mr.James K.Arnette*Ms.Barbara L.Arnold*Ms.Heather E. ArnoldMr.and Mrs.H.Neil ArnoldJr.*Ms.Michelle ArnoldMs.Patricia ArnoldMs.Rachael ArnoldMs.Lisa P.Arnwine*Ms.Tina ArquittMr.Russell L.Artz*Dr.Beulah M.Ashbrook*Ms.Olivia A.Ashcraft*Hal L.Ashe*Ms.Angela S.Askew*Mr.Jerame D. AskewMs.Rebecca M.Atkeison*Ms.Gina C. AtkinsMs.Mia Atkins-Beason*Ms.Elaine V.Atkinson*Mr.John T. AtkinsonMs.Ruth A.Atnipp*Alma and David AtsalisMr.and Mrs.Paulo D.Aur*Dr.Joy and Mr.Dennis Austin*Maj. Stephen W.Austin*Mr.Stephon AustinMr.Tarais L. AutmonSr.Dr.Randall E.Auxier*Dr.Marva J.Aven*Ms.Mary AshliAvis*Betsy T.Babb*Ms.ChaitraBabu*Mr.Andrew R. BaconMr.Vernon H.Bacon*Mr.Lawrence E.Baer*Ms.Dana L. BaileyMs.Indigo A.Bailey*David and Penny BaileyBill and SandraBailey*Ms.Judy C.Baird*Mr.Cody M.Baker*Dr.Diana R. Baker

and Mr.Hal L.Baker*Ms.Dorothy C.Baker*Mr.J. MichaelBaker*Mr.and Mrs.James A. BakerJr.*Ms.Nancy J. BalazadehMs.Carol BallardCharlesBallard*Mr.William W. BallardMr.Louis J. BaltzIII*Dr.Pratik BanerjeeMr.and Mrs.Michael R.Banker*Mr.Daniel B.Banks*Ms.LaTorie J.Banks*

Ms.Shannon E.Banks*Ms.Elizabeth T.Banton*Mr.Louis D.Barbieri*Ms.Carol R.Barbour*Ms.Beverly L.Barclay*Ms.Elizabeth A.Bardos*Ms.Elgie W.Barfield*Mr.William D.Barge*Mr.John L.Barger*Ms.Ave’ Maria Barker-Totten*Ms.Judy B.Barker*Mr.and Mrs.Steven E.Barlow*Mr.Reginald K.Barner*Mr.Randal K.Barnes*Ms.Regina T. BarnesMr.and Mrs.Timothy M.Barnes*Ms.Vivian C.Barnes*Ms.Caroline M. BarnettMr.James J.Barney*Ms.Patricia B.Baroff*Mr.Robert A.Barrett*Ms.Nancy G.Barron*Ms.Sandra F.Barry*Ms.Martha H.Barta*Mr.and Mrs.Joseph R.Bartlett*Ms.Gail P. BartonMr.Gary BartonMr.and Mrs.Charles W.Basden*Margaret and Miles N.Basehart*Mr.John D. BatesDr.Allen O. BattleIII*Ms.Ruth L.Baxter*Linda H.Bayliff*Mr.James W.Beach*Ms.ChrisBean*Mr.and Mrs.Craig M.Beard*Jimmy N.Beard*Ms.Bonnie C.Beasley*Ms.Lisa D.Beasley*Ms.Deborah A. BeckerMs.Linda ChildressBeckham*Mr.James Beckley IIIMs.Kevidra BectonMs.Donna BeeneMr.West S.Beibers*Ms.AlbertaBell*Ms.Betty T.Bell*Ms.BeverlyBell*Ms.Mary N.Bell*Ms.Mary E.Bell*Ms.Terica A.Bell*Richard T.Bellchamber*PattyBelle*Ms.Misty D.Bellew*Ms.Patricia L.Bellingrath*Ms.Doris B.Bellott*Mr.Gregory J.Belz*Ms.Jennifer L. BelzMr.Phillip D. BemisAnn and Bill BendallMs.Brooke F. BenjaminMr.Jonathan H.Bennett*Ms.Julia M.Bennett*Ms.Nancy L.Bennett*Ms.Anna L.Benson*Ms.Elisabeth A.Benson*Ms.Karen K. BensonMs.PennieBentley*Dr.Brennan K.Berg*Janice and Ira BerlinMs.Linda L. BernsteinMs.Janet CondraBerry*Mr.and Mrs.Michael L.Berry*Ms.Pamela C. BerryDr.Michael T.Bertrand*Mr.RichardBethea*Mr.and Mrs.DavidBetzler*Mr.Melvin E.Bibbs*Mr.and Mrs.Joseph W. BiggersMr.Roger BilesMs.Marie I.Billings*Ms.Shannon L.Speer*Ms.Barbara Binswanger

Thank you so very much for your gift to the University! It is donors such as yourself that have the considerable opportunity to negate financial and economic anxieties that stifle the academic passions of students. Words cannot express my gratitude.

Carter Wenger College of Arts and Sciences; English and Philosophy major

2015 UofM Honor Roll of Donors - [PDF Document] (21)


Mr.and Mrs.J. KennethBirdsong*Ms.Leonora G.Bishop*Mr.and Mrs.Randal D.Bishop*Mr.Robert BishopMs.Ashli K.Bixler*Mr.and Mrs.Lamar BlackJr.Shelia BlackMr.Stephen A.Black*Mr.and Mrs.WilliamBlack*Sharie A.Blair*Leonard M.Blakely*Ms.Carolyn A.Blakney*Dr.Christina L. Blanchard-Horan*Mr.Christopher D.Bland*Mr.and Mrs.Dan M.Bland*Dr.William E.Blank*Mr.Bryan L.Blankenship*Ms.Josephine S.Blaylock*Mr.Carroll H.Bledsoe*Ms.Linda L.Blumen*Mr.and Mrs.Christopher A.Boals*Ms.Tina R.Ellis*Ms.Laura R.Boatman*Ms.Amber L.Bogan*Mr.Justice S.Bolden*Denise and PhilipBollheimer*Ms.Barbara BondMs.Dana L. BondsMr.Douglas A. BondsMs.Beverly J. BonduraMr.Michael S. BonduraMs.Margaret M. BonnemaMs.Kala D. BonnerMs.Mildred J.Bonner*Mr.Clarence L. BooneDr.and Mrs.Jerry N. BooneMr.Lawrence R. BooneIII*Mr.John S. BordelonMr.Andrew D.Borg*Mr.and Mrs.Joseph W.Boston*Mark BoundsChelsea BowenMr.Allen B.Bowers*Mr.and Mrs.Carl E.Bowman*Ms.Kimberly R.Bowman*Lina and FredBowyer*Ms.Davielle A.Boyce*Dr.and Mrs.Billy C.Boyd*Jackie and GregoryBoyd*Ms.Kathleen M. BoydMarcia R.Boyd*Ms.Modistyne J.Boyd*Ms.Andrea T.Boykins*Ms.Jocelyn D.Bracy*Mr.and Mrs.Phil BradenMr.and Mrs.Terry BradleyMr.Joel F. BradleyIII*Joshua B.Bradley*Ms.Nancy T. BradleyMr.Robert L.Bradley*Ms.Ruthie S.Bradley*Stacey R.Bradley*Dr.Mark E.Bradshaw*Mr.Marlon L.Branch*Mr.John P.Brand*Mr.Michael A.Brandon*Mr.Robert L.Brandon*Mr.Thomas C. BrannonRuss and KirstenBrasfield*Mr.and Mrs.Russell G.Brasfield*Dr.and Mrs.George W. BrasherIII*Ms.Renee A.Brassfield*Emily J.Brauninger*Dr.and Mrs.Charles R.Bray*Ms.Sylvia D. BreiningMr.and Mrs.Gary A.Bridgman*Mr.and Mrs.Joe BrignacMs.JoAnna C. BrinsonMr.and Mrs.Ronald C.Brister*Mr.Lynn K. Britt*+Mr.Terrence D.Brittenum*Mr.Stanley E.Broadway*Dr.Linde M. Brocato

Ms.Victoria BroniscerMs.Ayana Al-Shams BrooksMr.Raymon S.Brooks*Ms.Sandra W.Brooks*Ms.Audra BrownDr.and Mrs.Carl E.Brown*Ms.DebraAnn P.Brown*Ms.JessicaBrown*Ms.Katherine C.Brown*Mr.Kevin T.Brown*Patricia R.Brown*Rebecca and Reed BrownDr.Susan I. Brown and

Mr.HaroldBrown*Ms.Tanya L.Cherry*Mr.and Mrs.Joseph L.Broy*Mr.Lee C. BrunerDariel N. BuchananMs.Shirley BuchananMs.Effie M.Buckley*Ms.Jean C.Budrow*Ms.Phyllis B.Buehler*Ms.Alicia R.Buford*Ms.Jack P.Bugbee*Ms.Joan L.Buie*Mr.Richard A.Bult*Ms.Tishan M. BunnMr.Joseph L.Buntin*Mr.Lane A. BurchamMr.Bruce E.Burding*Mr.William J.Burg*Ms.Lori M. BurgessMs.Beverly P.Burk*Susan and Michael BurkeMs.Megan H.Burkes*Phyllis Ann BurlesonMr.Ronald G.Burleson*Mr.Kurt BurmeisterMs.Cierra BurnettMs.Latoria S. BurnetteMs.Brittany J.Burney*Ms.Valerie A.Burnie*Mr.Michael L.Burns*Mr.Tommy G.Burns*Ms.Yvonne I.Burns*Alicia and MelvinBurrell*Mr.Michael L.Burriello*Dr.Lauren Ellis BurrowMr.and Mrs.Harold G.Burrows*Charlotte and FrankBursi*Dr.Diana B.Burt*Ms.Betty L.Burton*Ms.Patricia T. BusbeyMr.Wilson T. BuseMr.Baker H.Bush*Ms.Peggy B.Butera*Ms.GloriaButler*Ms.Marilyn J.Butler*Ms.Nicole C.Butler*Ms.Sandra W.Butler*Ms.Tracy E. ButlerDr.Edna D.Butterfield*Joe and Constance ButtsMs.Gwen G.Byrd*Mrs.Hazel T.Byrd*Ms.Amy D.Cable*Gary CableMs.Carol S.Caesar*Mr.Louis E. Caesar

and Ms.Lisa M.Thron*Mr.and Mrs.GregoryCahayla*Ms.Racheal M.Calcote*Ms.Mary A.Caldwell*Ms.Mary L.Caldwell*Ms.Cynthia B.Calhoun*Mr.and Mrs.James E.Calhoun*Mr.and Mrs.James M.Callahan*Ms.Margaret E. CallahanMs.Gwendolyn B.Calleo*Ms.Bette R.Callow*Ms.Dollie D.Calloway*Ms.Geneva F.Calvert*Mr.and Mrs.Joe Calvert

Ms.VictoriaCalvin*Ms.Allison L.Cameron*Ms.Deborah B. CameronMr.John J.Cameron*Ms.Barbara J.Campbell*Ms.Gretchen K. CampbellMr.and Mrs.Jeffrey P.Campbell*Mr.Jonathan E. CampbellDr.William L.Campbell*Ms.Pamela D. Campbell-Avery*Ms.Stacy N. CanalesAlberto CandelariaDr.Michael P. CannitoMr.Thomas W. CannonII*Mr.Carl CanslerJr.*Mr.Matthew M.Cantelon*Mr.James E.Cantrell*Mr.and Mrs.Richard W.Capon*Ms.Ann L.Cardoso*Mr.Jose CariasMs.Holly S. CarloElvin CarlsonRandy CarmanMr.Robert Carney IIMs.Ashanti K. CarrMs.Teresa W.Carrigan*Mr.James D.Carroll*Ms.Elaine T.Carroll*Ms.Jolyn L. CarrollCDR and Mrs.Wayne S.Carrozza*Ms.Alice M.Carruthers*Mr.Christopher P.Carson*Mr.Neville C.Carson*Ms.Betty J.Carter*Mr.Michael L.Carter*Ms.Ossie W.Carter*Ms.Suzanne E.Carter*Julyanna de MeloCarvalho*Mr.Billy T.Cash*Mr.William S.Cash*Mr.James O.Catchings*Kathleen and CharlesCates*Ms.Wendy H.Caudle*Ms.Teresa M. CawthonMr.Dewayne L.Cecil*Mr.John J.Cergnul*Mr.and Mrs.AnthonyCernosek*Mr.James G.Cernosek*Mr.and Mrs.James G. CernosekMr.and Mrs.Richard A.Cesani*Dr.Richard P.Cevasco*Ms.Dionne R.Chalmers*Mr.David E.Chambers*Mr.Samuel E.Chambers*Mr.Ngai M.Chan*Ms.Vicki L. ChandlerMs.Ann B.Chapman*Ms.Kimberly B.Chapman*Dr.and Mrs.B. ToddChappell*Ms.Carolyn FiferChapple*Ms.Michelle R.Charbonnet*Mr.Dale R.Charlton*Dr.Gerald ChaudronMr.Michael W.Cherry*Ms.Sharon K. ChesherMs.Julia C. McDonaldMr.Josh A. ChesterSara and JohnChiego*Mr.John E.Childers*Mr.Stephen P.Childers*Mr.Mitchell R.Childress*Mary and JerryChin*Ms.Mary L. Chiozza and Mr.Francis

X.Chiozza*Mr.Ben T.Chipley*Mr.Michael K. ChisamoreMs.Lakeisha R.Chism*Ms.Sanell R.Chism*Mr.Kent L.Chitwood*Mr.Venkata AnanthChoalla*Mr.Md Rezaul H.Chowdhury*Ms.Aubin E.Christopher*Ms.Betty L.Christopher*

Ms.Catherine M.Chubb*Mr.John M.Chulos*Dr.ShifeiChung*Mary E.Civey*Mr.Albert L. ClarkJr.Ms.Deborah R.Clark*Mrs.Julie S.Clark*Christina and KevinClark*Ms.Suzanne NicholsonClark*Ms.Catherine M. ClarkeDrs. Rhonda B. and Teddy J.Clarke*Thomas W.Clarke*Dr.Lavonnie Perry ClaybonMs.Jamie E. ClaytonDr.OtisClayton*Ms.Jacqueline CleavesDr.Jane B.Clement*Mr.Reginald B. ClementDr.Brian P.Clifford*Ms.Carla S.Clifft*Ms.Jacqueline J.Clowney*Ms.Anita A.Cobb*Mr.and Mrs.Edward L.Cobb*Mr.Robert C.Cobb*Ms.Tamika CobbJulie and MichaelCochran*LaRose A. CoffeyRobin T. CoffmanJr.Mr.and Mrs.Howard A.Cohn*Mr.and Mrs.Dennis F.co*ker*Ms.Marcelene B.co*ker*Mr.and Mrs.Robert L. co*kerJr.*Ms.Susan D.Terrill*Ms.AmeliaCole*Dr.Barbara C.Cole*Mr.John M. ColeJr.*Ms.Stephane L.Cole*Mr.and Mrs.William B. ColeJr.*Ms.Joyce D. ColemanMr.Larry E. ColemanIII*Ms.Rebecca L.Coleman*Ms.Myra CollierMs.Sharice L.Collier*Ms.Ann D.Collins*Mr.Keith U.Collins*Mr.Oliver C. CollinsIII*Ms.Theresa M.Collins*Ms.Amanda N.Compton*Ms.Barbara Warnhoff ComptonMs.Paula S.Conder*Mr.Steven A. ConleeMr.Parker C.Conley*Ms.Sharon W.Conley*Ms.Patricia A.Connell*Barbara A. ConnollyMr.Lester E.Conyers*Mr.Patrick S. CoodeJr.*Ms.Courtney CookMs.Kathy A. CookMs.Rhonda J. CookMr.and Mrs.Richard B.Cook*Mr.and Mrs.Timothy W.Cook*Mr.R. GaryCooke*Ms.Diane F.Coons*Rev and Mrs.James C.Cooper*Ms.Jennifer M.Cooper*Dr.Kathy E.Cooper*Ms.Trena L.Cooper*Mr.Ernest W. CordanJr.*Mr.James T.Cornett*Mr.C. MichaelCoscia*Ms.Rhonda G. CosentinoMs.Kay A.Cotten*Ms.Betty G.Cotton*Ms.Amy T.Coulson*Ms.Angela R. CourtneyMs.Kathy M. CowanMs.Angelina M.Cowles*Ms.Diana C.Cox*Ms.Julia E.Cox*Ms.Sharon W.Cox*Mr.William D.Cox*Ms.Mina M.Coy*

Ms.Allison B.Craft*Michael and RomelleCraig*Ms.Leslie W. CraneMs.Lynn F.Crane*Ms.RosemaryCrawford*Mr.Robert S. CrenshawJr.*Mr.and Mrs.Kimsey C.Cress*Mr.and Mrs.Barney E. CrewsJr.*David B.Crislip*Alexandria and PhilipCrisp*Ms.Philana CriteMs.Audrey K.Croley*Stephanie and MalloryCross*Ms.Candice B. CrossnineMr.Raymond L.Crossnine*Mr.and Mrs.Samuel R. CrouchJr.*Ms.Michele R.Crump*Ms.Julia S.Crutchfield*Ms.Tara Cuccaro-Grant*Linda PayneCullum*Bonnie S.Cummings*Ms.Janice F.Cummins*Mr.Wallace E. CundiffMs.Carlisa D.Cunningham*Ms.Nancy A. CunninghamMr.Roderic J.Cunningham*Mr.William O.Cunningham*Ms.Olive A.Curl*Ms.Gloria D.Curne*Ms.Becky A. CurrieMs.Lequitta M. CurryMr.and Mrs.Bobby J.Curtis*Mr.William H.Cutsinger*Mr.William W.Dabbs*Ms.DeLayne M.Dacus*Ms.Donna A.Dahlberg*Mr.Eric L.Dahler*Mr.Alex C.Dalgleish*Dr.Teresa S. Dalle and Dr.Reginald

A.Dalle*Mr.N. JerryDaniel*Mr.Robert E. DanielJr.*Twila DanielMr.DrewDaniel*Mr.Doy L. DanielsSr.*Ms.Demarious K.Danovi*Dr.Jill DapremontMs.Karlene F.Darby*Mr.and Mrs.Herbert A. DargieIII*Mr.Stephen R.Darnell*Ms.Jane E.Darr*Mr.Peter F.Darrah*Mr.Andrew F. DavenportJr.*Ms.Sheron T.Davenport*Ms.Alfreda S.Davis*Ms.Carlie A.Davis*Ms.Carmen G.Davis*Ms.Desiree N.Davis*Margaret E.Davis*Mr.Ronald C.Davis*Ms.Sara K.Davis*Mr.Steve DavisMr.Wheatley J. DavisJr.*Dr.Judy Davis-Dorsey*Mr.Randle S. DawkinsMr.David M.Dawson*Dr.Antonio R. de VelascoYaukenaDeal*Ms.Ebony DeanMrs.Linda G. DeanCarolynDeas*Ms.Helen H.Deberry*Ms.Judith J.DeBerry*Ms.Bridgette DecentMs.Joyce DeenerMr.Louis F. DeGruyIII*Dr.Robert W. DeiningerMs.Melissa L.Dejan*Ms.Eva R Del RosarioMs.Jean R.Deming*Mr.R. DouglasDempsey*Ms.Andrea M. DenetteMs.Bernadette A. Deogaygay

2015 UofM Honor Roll of Donors - [PDF Document] (22)


Ms.Tanya DepriestMs.Laura B.Derrington*Ms.Peggy D.Derrington*Drs. Elizabeth and WilDershimer*Mr.Charlie W.Dervrich*Ms.Pamela DeShieldsMr.Marshall DezellMr.Nicholas DezemberMs.Catherine P.Dice*Mr.James T. DickersonMary E.Dickerson*Mr.and Mrs.Robert D.Dienell*Dr.Amy P.Dietrich*MelissaDifillippo*Ms.Ann T.Diggs*Mr.Walter W. DiggsDr.and Mrs.Thomas B.

DillinghamJr.*Ms.Martha W.Ditto*Ms.Nancy D.Ditto*Donna and DouglasDixon*Mr.Mason L.Dixon*Ms.Victoria X.Doan*Ms.Gloria L.Dobbs*Ms.RachelDobbs*Ms.Tracy L.Dobson*Mr.David G.Dodd*Ms.Melissa A.Donehue*Ms.Alice JoeDong*Mr.Tunney A. Dong

and Ms.Leslie A.Habenicht*Mr.Larry C.Donmoyer*Ms.Jane M.Donnelly*Ms.Debra R.Donner*Mr.Hunter P. DonohueStephen M.Doorley*Ms.NiaDorsey*Ms.Elizabeth D. DossAdijat A.Dosumu*Ms.Donna J.Douglas*Ms.Morgan C.Douglass*Mr.Paul F.Douglass*Mr.Don L.Dowden*Ms.Regenia F.Dowell*Ms.Keora S.Downell*Dr.Frank M.Downing*Dr.Christy DoyleMr.Rick R. DraperSr.*Dennis S.Drexler*Vivian CesarDriscoll*Ms.Gloria C.Driver*Mr.and Mrs.Rodney E.Driver*Dr.and Mrs.Leon DrouinJr.Mr.Aaron C. DrownDrs. Melissa N. and Edward M.

DuceyJr.*Mr.PraveenDuddu*Ms.Amy E.Dudley*Ms.Crystal G.Duke*Dr.Deborah G.Duke*Ms.Elizabeth J.Duling*Mr.John P.Dumire*Dr.and Mrs.Dan A. DunawayDeborah and Mark DunawayMr.and Mrs.Sean DuncanMr.John D. DuncanMs.Orlander H.Duncan*Mr.Timothy W.Duncan*Dr.Victor W.Dungan*Ms.KimberlyDuran*Ms.Florence P. Dwyer-Wells*Ms.Emilie J. DyeMr.Christopher L.Dyer*Ms.NaKeshi L.Dyer*Dr.RussellDyer*Mr.and Mrs.Ronald W.Eades*Mr.Charles R.Early*Ms.Patricia E.Earnest*Mr.Harry R.Easley*Ms.Mary N.Easley*Mr.John A.Eason*Ms.Vashti EasonMs.Shirley A.Eaves*

Ms.Elizabeth O. EckertMs.Julie A.Eder*Mr.Jan M.Edingbourgh*Ms.Katherine P.Edney*Mr.and Mrs.G. Douglas

EdwardsJr.*Rev. Mary WallEdwards*Ms.Allison EgglestonCarolyn EgglestonMs.Kathleen P.Elbrecht*Dr.George B.Elder*Mr.D. ScottEllenburg*Mr.and Mrs.David S. EllenburgMr.and Mrs.Carl R.Elliott*Ms.Tiffany H.Elliott*Ms.Jan G.Ellis*Ms.Judith J.Ellis*Dr.and Mrs.Thomas W.Ellis*Mr.Kenneth D. EllisonMr.John M.Ely*Mr.Charles J.Emerick*Mr.and Mrs.John M.Emerson*Ms.Katelyn A.Emerson*Mr.Kent C. EmersonDr.and Mrs.Graves E. EnckMr.Arnold R.Engelberg*Emily L.English*Mr.Ian C.Engstrom*Mrs.Sue S. Enneis

and Mr.William H. EnneisJr.*Ms.Judith W.Ennis*Mr.Clarence O.Epps*Ms.Reign D. ErbyMs.Ann S.Erickson*Ms.Carla B.Ervin*Ms.Ashley D.Espinoza*Ignacio EspinozaMs.Megan L.Essary*Ms.Mary K.Estes*JanetEstey*Dr.David H. EvansMs.Erin E.Evans*Ms.GloriaEvans*Lt. Michael E.Evans*Ms.Ruby L.Evans*Mr.Charles L.Everett*Ms.Bonnie T.Everson*Ms.Jennifer EvinsMs.Christy EvorsMr.David H.Ewing*Ms.Dorothy C. EwingMr.Johnston M.Ewing*Mr.and Mrs.W. Hickman EwingJr.*Ms.Querita S.Faddis*Dr.and Mrs.Thomas K. fa*ganDr.Foroozandeh Y.fa*ghihi*Miranda J.Fairley*Mr.Kollin J. FalkMs.Janice G.Fankersley*Ms.Stacey M.Fantom*Ms.Gailyn M.Farmer*Mr.and Mrs.James E.Farmer*Mr.Kevin W. FarmerMs.Shannon N. FarmerMs.Camille L.Farris*Dr.Elizabeth E.Farris*Ms.Tina M. FarrisMs.Ashley D.Faulkner*Mr.Desmund A. FaulknerMs.Peggy W.Faulkner*Mr.Wayne H.Fay*Mr.Robert L.Feasel*Ms.PaigeFehland*Ms.LianFeng*Mr.Geoffrey T.Fenlong*Ms.Helen F.Ferguson*Timothy L.Ferree*Etta and Michael FerrellMs.Sharon W.Fewell*Brittany E.Field*Dr.Curt FieldsJr.*Mr.and Mrs.James W. FieldsSr.*Mr.David R.Finley*

Dr.J. Richard FischerMs.Debra L. Fisher-Nichols*Ms.Amy G. FisterMs.Kasey L.Fitzsimmons*Mr.Daniel L.Flatt*Ms.Lea A.Flatt*Ms.Janet C.Fleming*Mr.Mark E. FlemingPaula and Mark FlemingMr.and Mrs.Donald B.Fletcher*Ms.Brenda FlippoMs.Tammie L.Floersh*Ms.Andrea FloresMs.Timetha G. FlowersMs.Kelly FoleyMr.William M. FondrenIII*Mr.JosueFontanez*Joselyn N.Ford*Mr.Raymond FordDr.Sylverna V. Ford

and Mr.Louis ParisJr.*Mr.Harold RandallForrester*Ms.Jennifer FossMr.Steven S.Foss*Mr.CarloFoster*Ms.LeAnn K. FosterMr.Robert L. FosterCol. Randall M.Fountain*C. Frank FourmyIII*Ms.Sidonna FoustAlexaFox*Mr.and Mrs.Donald S.Fox*Ms.Kathryn B.Fox*Mr.Matthew D.Fox*Ms.Dorothy S.Frady*Mr.RudyFrank*Dr.Adrienne K.Franklin*Ms.Jasmine FranklinMs.Kay S.Franklin*Ms.Tammy FranklinMs.Leigh D.Fraser*Ms.Katrina FrazierRenee and Ricky FrazierSr.Ms.Judith D.Freeman*Ms.Misty FreemanMs.Olivia M. FreemanMs.Rebecca H.Freeman*Ms.Tracey G. FreemanMs.Zakiya F. FreemanDr.and Mrs.Mark B. FreilichRev. Fred S. FrenchSr.*Mr.George M.Frey*Ms.Sandra P.Friedlander*Ms.Lisa B. FriedmanMs.Shirley A. FriersonMs.Monica L.Frisbee*Dr.Alice M.Frye*Ms.Ann FuehrerMr.Bethel J. FullerJr.*ClayFuller*Mr.Robert W.Fulp*Ms.EstherFultz*Mr.JonathanFutrell*Libba and JamesFyke*Mr.Kade M. GableMs.Rachel S.Gabrielleschi*Dr.and Mrs.Robert GabrinerMr.Larry GaddyMr.ChandlerGagnon*Ms.Sarah N.Gagnon*Mr.and Mrs.Roy AndrewGaia*Mr.Michael E.Gallagher*Rev. and Mrs.Russell N.Gallimore*Cynthia GallowayMs.Denania L.Galloway*Mr.Joseph T.Gannon*Ms.Marlene GarciaMs.Renee S. GardinerMaj. Gen. Donald R.

Gardner, USMC (Ret)*Ms.JoyceannGardner*Ms.Teresa L. GarlandMs.Debbie S. Garner

Mr.Jeffrey L.Garner*Ms.Mary P.Garner*Mr.Timothy L. Garner+Mr.Michael E.Garrard*Vickie and BillyGarrett*Mr.and Mrs.Charles A. GarrettII*Dr.Christine H.Garrett*Dr.Lucien GarrettMs.Virginia E.Garrett*Ms.LeslieGarrison*Susan H.Garts*Ms.Clarice V.Gary*Ms.Christine M.Garzonia*The Honorable and Mrs.Dee D.Gay*Stephanie H.Gear*Ms.Peggy L. GearinMs.Roxana L.Gee*Mr.Tom GelinasMs.PatriciaGentry*Ms.Jayne GeraniosDr.Monty H. Gerbush*+Dr.Seyed G. Nejad and

Ms.KatayonJavid*James R.Giandina*Ms.Sherry D.Gibbs*Mozelle GibsonMr.Karl J.Gieseler*Dr.JoanneGikas*Mr.Gordon L.Gilbert*Mischa F. Gilbert-Gurley*Ms.Laura GildeaMs.Marie E.Gill*Mr.Robert Earl Gill IIMr.and Mrs.William W.Gillespie*Mr.Jerald D. GilliamMr.John M.Gilmore*Ms.Debra HallGingery*Mr.and Mrs.Adam A. GintzIII*Ms.Caroline L.Giovannetti*Mr.Victor F.Giusti*Ms.Keosha Y.Glasco*Mr.Benjamin H.Gleason*Dr.Christopher A. and Deborah

M.Glenn*Mr.Gregory G.Goad*Ms.Betty E.Godbold*Janice and Darryl GodinezMs.Janice M.Godinez*Mr.Paul A. GogonelisMs.Alyssa A. Goins-WilliamsMs.Diane H.Gold*Ms.Kathy E.Golden*Ms.ShanikaGolden*Jean GoldensteinMr.John L.Goldsmith*Dr.Joy V. GoldsmithMs.Nicole L.Gomez*Ms.Luz A. GonzalezMs.Louise C.Goodale*Ms.Karla K.Goodman*Mr.Michael R.Goodrich*James W. GosnellMr.Ruben N.Gotlieb*Ms.Kathy A. GottschalkMs.Sandra P. GozumMrs.Teri P. Graber and

Mr.LarryGraber*Mr.Raymond J.Grady*Ms.PennyGraham*Ms.Anders GrantTeresa R. GrantMr.Tommy L. GrantMs.Kimberly M. GranthamMs.Elenora L.Granville*Mr.Carlos I.Grau*Mr.Frank F. GravesJr.*Ms.Sandra D.Graves*Mr.Terrence J.Graves*Cassandra GrayMr.and Mrs.Charles F.Gray*Mr.Danny G.Gray*David A.Gray*Ms.Edkishna C. Gray

Ms.Jackie L.Gray*Ms.Laquida GrayMr.and Mrs.Van H.Gray*Dr.Wanda J.Gray*Ms.Dorothy M. GreaneyMs.Dianne GreenMr.and Mrs.Gene E. GreenJr.*Mr.Harry L. GreenJr.*Linda V.Green*LoganGreen*Mr.YanceyGreen*Mr.Shawn E.Green*Mr.Stephen M.Green*Mr.and Mrs.Wallace W.Green*Ms.Amy GreenbergMr.P. RandallGreenberg*Dr.E. DianneGreenhill*Ms.Nancy L.Greenwalt*Mr.G. Barry GreerIV*Dr.Denis GreleDr.and Mrs.Frederick G.Grieve*Mr.Matthew K.Griffin*Ms.Patricia GriffinRev. James S.Griffith*Ms.Nelda F.Griffith*Mr.and Mrs.John W.Griggs*Charles G.Grimes*Mr.and Mrs.David K.Grimes*Rita S.Grivich*Mr.Michael J.Grommersch*Col. Albert C. GrossJr.*Ms.Patricia S. GrossMs.Loren R.Grossman*Dr.Lawrence J.Gulde*Dr.Nell S. and Mr.JackyGullett*Mr.John P.Gunckel*Ms.Laverne Gurley+Jessica and OsmanGursakal*Ms.Fernanda A. GutierrezMerino*Chasity and MelvinGuy*Mr.Randy E.Guy*Ms.Jacquelyn C.Haas*Ms.Leslie A. Habenicht and

Mr.Tunney A.Dong*Mr.William T.Hagan*Mr.JoeHailey*Ms.Katherine R.Hair*Ms.Sandra K.Halcomb*Ms.Ruth A.Hale*Ms.Shelley A.Hale*Ms.Cecilia J.Haley*Mr.James C.Haley*Beverly and SeymourHalford*Ms.Aleigha C.Hall*Mr.Alexander J.Hall*Mr.Avis A. HallDr.Charles E. HallJr.Mr.Charles A.Hall*Mr.Douglas B.Hall*Mr.James V. HallMs.Joyce G. HallMs.Karen D.Hall*Ms.Linda G.Hall*Mr.Richard F.Hall*Mr.Robert F.Hall*Ms.Kathleen HalperMr.and Mrs.David L.Hamblen*Mark A.Hamblen*Ms.Dorothy R.Hamer*Fathma Aziza HamidouMs.Annetta A.Hamilton*Helen and Charles HamiltonMs.Cynthia A.Hamilton*Ms.Kelly HammontreeMs.Heather C.Hampton*Ms.Diane C. HannaMs.Marylin HannaMr.Dean L. HansenMr.and Mrs.Eric HansenMr.Hakan J.Hansson*Mr.and Mrs.Hugh M.Haraway*Ms.Sharon A. HarberMr.and Mrs.Mark C.Harbert*

2015 UofM Honor Roll of Donors - [PDF Document] (23)


Mrs.Ann F.Harbor*Mr.Hayden G. HarckumMs.Korie M.Hard*Ms.Alberta M.Hardaway*Ms.Renee M. HardawayElizabeth and GaryHarder*Mr.Randle D.Hardin*Mr.Willard E. Harding IIIMs.Mary A. HardyMr.Donald E. Hardy-Holley*Ms.Janet Y.Hargrow*Mr.MarkHarkins*Ms.Rebecca R.Harkness*Ms.AnnaHarlan*Ms.April L. Harlan and Mr.Ivan

N.Harlan*Mr.and Mrs.Arthur B.Harman*Mr.Joe C.Harmon*Ms.Judith S.Harper*Mr.Anthony HarrellAnjelica M.Harris*Ashley HarrisMr.and Mrs.Charles D.Harris*Mr.and Mrs.David G.Harris*Mr.David L.Harris*Mr.Dominic R.Harris*Ms.Jamilah L. HarrisJessica HarrisProfessor Lee Harris

and Professor Alena AllenLinda J.Harris*Ms.Patricia A. HarrisMr.Randy HarrisJr.Ms.Sandra DurrettHarris*Ms.Thelma J.Harris*Wesley T.Harris*Dr.Judy A.Harrison*Ms.Twyla R.Harrison*Mr.Robert D. HarroldDr.Rogers E. Harry-Okuru*Ms.Alice M.Hart*Ms.Christine P.Hart*Priscilla M.Hart*Ms.Jo E.Hartline*Dr.Eliyahu E.Hartman*Ms.Stephanie D. HartnettMs.Amy C. HartoonSheri M.Brown*Suzanne and Thomas HarveyMs.Gale S.Harwell*Michael W.Harwood*Ms.Janice M.Haslett*Ms.Margaret O.Hatch*Mrs.Linda M. HatcherMr.and Mrs.Harley HathawayMs.Tara HatleyDr.Matthew J. HaughtMs.Jonniah R.Hauser*Mr.DwightHawks*Mr.and Mrs.Barry B.Hay*Dr.Jean S. HaydenMr.Mark J.Hayden*Seth C.Hayden*Ms.Kay A.Haye*Ms.Attamara S. HayesMs.Betty H.Hayes*Mr.Johnny HayesJr.*Ms.VedaHayes*Mr.Calvin G.Haynes*Mr.Clifford R. HaynesMr.Donald P.Haynes*Ms.Teri D. HayslettMary and MartinHaywood*Ms.Judith E.Hazlewood*Mr.Timothy HeardMs.Brandi S.Hearn*Kellie HeaterMs.Morgan P.Heimbach*Barbara Cantor SegalHellman*Ms.Barbara J.Henderson*Ms.Deloise J.Henderson*Dr.Francoise CoulontHenderson*Ms.Ruth A.Henderson*

Ms.Tamera HendersonMs.Tiffany HendersonMs.Shellie R.Hendren*Ms.Kristina L.Hendrix*Ms.Rachel A.Hendrix*Mrs.Lee B. HenkelLatasha A. HenleyMs.Valli B.Henley*Christy and JamesHenry*Mr.Michael L. HenryMs.Bonice P.Henson*Mr.E. B. Daniel HensonJr.*William F.Herbers*Mr.Archie E. HerringSr.*Ms.Brenda HerringMr.and Mrs.John E.Herron*Ms.Beth HesserMs.AndreaHessling*Ms.Mildred C.Hestand*Ms.Patricia W.Hickman*Ms.Meagan G.Hicks*Jacque and DarrellHigdon*Ms.Anna B.Hilger*Mr.and Mrs.Bruce A.Hill*Ms.Datrice A.Hill*Ms.Jean C.Hill*Mr.Nicholas L.Hiller*Ms.Maria Cristina A.Hilliard*Sammie HinesMs.Shelby HinesMs.Wendy HinesMs.Jasmine HirtMs.Tina T.Hobson*Ms.Stephanie HodgeMs.Joan L. HoeckMr.Walter F.Hoehn*Ms.Linda L.Hoekstra*Mr.PeterHogan*Ms.Lesley N. HolgorsenMr.Shawn E.Holladay*Col. and Mrs.James P.Holland*Mr.Craig L.Holliday*Ms.Mary E.Hollimon*Mr.Frank C. HollomanIII*Ms.Susan D.Holloway*Mr.and Mrs.Michael O.Hollowell*Dr.Trina M.Holly*Ms.Chinita S.Holmes*Ms.Emily A. HolmesDr.and Mrs.James H. HolmesSr.*Mr.Louis B. HolmesJr.*Maj. Sanford E.Holmes*Ms.Beverly C.Hooker*Mr.Dennis C. HookerMr.Kingsley W. HookerMr.William F.Hooker*Ms.Denise R.Hooks*Mr.Daniel J. N.Hope*Ms.Dorothy V.Hope*Ms.Kitty P.Hopkins*Ms.Janis K.Horack*JeanneHorishny*Lorna L.Horishny*Ms.Sara E. HornorMr.and Mrs.Jerry R.Hornsby*Mr.John W.Horton*Ms.Injena HoskinsMs.Casey N.Houston*Ms.Meagan J.Houston*Ms.Angela L.Howard*Lea and Jacob B.Howard*Ms.Sheri L. HowardMs.Tyrrie D.Howard*James H.Hodeshell*Ms.RonnishaHowell*Mr.Louis HowertonMs.XudongHuang*Mr.Dennis J.Hubbard*Ms.Phyllis M.Hubbard*Ms.Tomeco L. HubbardMs.Theresa HudsonDr.David W.Huey*Mr.and Mrs.Joseph F.Huggins*

Mr.and Mrs.Perry K.Hughes*Mr.Christopher LeeHulett*Mr.Jeffrey J.Hulett*Ms.HelenHumber*Mr.Nicolas W. HummelMs.Contessia G. HumphreyMr.and Mrs.Richard N.Humphreys*Mr.and Mrs.Donald R.Hundley*Mr.Roger A.Huneycutt*Dr.Jerry A.Hunnicutt*Ms.Anne B.Hurley*Ms.Alita HurtDr.and Mrs.William T.Huskison*Ms.Virginia Brown HussMr.John E. HusserJr.*Mr.Richard A. HutchinsonJr.*Ms.Susan S.Hutson*Mr.Robert J.Hyman*Mr.Roger D.Iles*Ms.Mary L.Incardona*Tatianna G. IngramMs.Sarah K.InschMs.Lauren E.Isaacman*Mr.and Mrs.Alfred C.Isham*Mr.Khandakar M.Islam*Ms.Shanyna A.Isom*Ms.Martha J.Israel*Maj. Karl F.Ivey*Maj. and Mrs.Karl F.Ivey*Mr.Jonathan Ivory IIMs.Stacy L.Ivory*Ms.Alexandria N.Sharif*Ms.Barbara D. JacksonMs.Brett M. JacksonMr.and Mrs.Charlie JacksonJr.*Mr.Correll R. JacksonJr.*Mrs.Kristina I.Jackson*Ms.Lauren A.Jackson*Mr.Micheal E.Jackson*Mr.Teliferro H.Jackson*Stephanie R. JacksonCullison*Dr.Eddie JacobsMs.Eleanor W. JacobsMs.MelanieJacobs*Mr.and Mrs.Robert S. JacobsJr.Dr.Cynthia H.Jacobsen*Sakshi and Pankaj JainKafilaJaipuri*Ms.Nicole JalandoniMs.Peggy E. Jalenak and Mr.L. R.

JalenakJr.Avar H.James*Mr.Colton B. JamesMs.Deeann JamesMs.Kathryn E.James*Mr.Lawrence P.James*Ms.Mary K.James*Dr.Richard K. JamesMr.William D. JamesDr.Angelica T. James-Garner*Ms.Ginger R.Jamison*Ms.Lacy E. JamisonDr.Linda JarmulowiczAngela JarvisMs.Daisy M.Jefferson*Ms.Portia D. JeffriesJeffery L. JenkinsDrs. Terrence R. Tiersch

and Jill A.Jenkins*JoshJenkins*Ms.Shundreka D.Jenkins*Mr.Vann JenkinsJef JennerMr.and Mrs.Robert H. Jerry IIMs.Nancy B.Jessen*Ms.Beth JettMr.Derek JettDr.Christine X. JiangMr.Tracy K.Johns*Ms.Almeda N.Johnson*Mr.Andrew M.Johnson*Ms.Annette M. JohnsonMs.Claire O.Johnson*

I have struggled to obtain my degree, but I have learned that there is no survival without learning or education. This scholarship is fulfilling my dream to pursue a career in education — something I am passion about because children need teachers that care. Thank you for your generosity. You have changed my world, and I hope to do the same for our area school children.

Jamar M Wright Integrative studies, concentration in Youth Services

2015 UofM Honor Roll of Donors - [PDF Document] (24)


Jakia JohnsonMr.James R.Johnson*Ms.Janet C.Johnson*Mr.and Mrs.Jason D. JohnsonJohn M.Johnson*Ms.Julia H. JohnsonMs.Karen S.Johnson*Kenneth C.Johnson*Dr.Marilyn M.Johnson*Ms.Marva E.Johnson*Mr.Max E. JohnsonIII*Mr.MichealJohnson*Ms.Nikia L.Johnson*Rebecca C.Johnson*Ms.Rhonda C. JohnsonSarah JohnsonMr.Tony L. JohnsonMr.Tony D.Johnson*Mr.and Mrs.Walter H. JohnsonJr.*Mr.Gregory C.Johnston*Ms.Sandra MooreJohnston*Mr.Harmon L. JolleyMr.Brian K.Jones*Ms.Carolyn V.Jones*Ms.Chelsea JonesMrs.Dorothy A.Jones*Dorothy E.Jones*Mr.EudariusJones*Dr.George S.Jones*Ms.Geraldine JonesMr.James N.Jones*Mr.Jerry E.Jones*Mr.Jessie B. JonesDr.Joseph JonesMr.Kelsie E. JonesJr.*Mr.and Mrs.Kenneth P.Jones*Ms.Leetisha S.Jones*Ms.Mia N.Jones*Mr.Michael A.Jones*Mr.Michael F.Jones*Mr.and Mrs.Norwood E.Jones*Mrs.Ronda S.Brown*Ms.SentaraJones*Mr.and Mrs.Thomas W.Jones*Mr.Jonathan Jones-EdwardsMs.Dikettie T. JordanMs.Jan L. JorgensonMs.Kathy D. JosephsonMs.Erin D. JoshuaMr.Bruce M. KahnMs.Mary N. KanowitzMr.and Mrs.David M.Kaplan*Ms.Leslie A. KaplanMr.Jeffery P.Karafa*Ms.Susan M.Karalus*Ms.Joy KarelMr.Michael J.Karel*Mr.Gordon R.Kastner*Ms.Marilyn K. SimmonsMr.Gerald S. KaufmanMr.Harvey Kay IIIMs.Laurie KayMs.Madeline B. KearinMs.Paula G.Kee*Ms.Deborah K.Keeney*Ms.Denise GayKeeney*Mr.Dale F. KehrMs.Emily L.Keith*Ms.Sydney A.Kellenberger*Rev. Harvey L.Kelley*Ms.Barbara G.Kellogg*Mr.Kevin C.Kelly*Ms.Jean D.Kendall*Ms.Rosanna KendallWade and Cindy KennedyMs.Janice B.Kennedy*Ms.Marlene O.Kennon*Mr.Kevin M.Kent*Maj. Mary-MargaretKenyon*Ms.Rhonda KerleyThe Honorable Michael L.Kernell*Ms.Mary M.Kernodle*Dr.Natalie C. Kerr

Jimmie J.Kessner*Carol C. KeyDr.Roby V.Key*Elizabeth Ann L.Keyl*Ms.SamaKhan*JanKiersky*Ms.Joan J.Killian*Dr.Joyce C.Kilpatrick*Ms.Eun J. KimJones*Ms.Michelle L. Kimbril-Parks*Ms.BillieKimbrough*Mr.Isaac U.Kimes*Kim Yvette KingMs.Lavonna S. KingMr.Raymond E. KingIII*Mr.and Mrs.Robert S.King*Dr.Vanja M. King

and Mr.Charles S. KingIII*Ms.Caroline D.Kinser*Mr.and Mrs.RickKirby*Mr.Ricky E. KirbyJr.Dr.and Mrs.Cecil E.Kirk*Ms.Judy YoungKirk*Ms.Kathleen KitzmanMs.Kimberly D. KleberMs.Susan M.Klein*Dr.SharonKnafo*Ms.Judith D. KnightDr.Debra G.Knisley*Hyun Ju KoMs.Rebecca KochMs.Robin KolarAlice and David KolmanDr.Alan R.Kolski*Mr.SubbaraoKota*Mr.TrivikramKota*Ms.Lyda E.Kowalski*Mr.and Mrs.Ted B. KowalskiMr.Andrew S.Kozlowitz*Barbara and Kenneth KraningMs.Linda C.Krebs*Ms.Judith M.Kriger*Dr.Mindy E.Kronenberg*Mr.David W.Krueger*Dr.Hsiang-Te KungMs.Evelyn J.Kurtz*Ms.Michelle L. KwapickMs.Linda S.Ladd*Dr.Daniel R.Ladner*Ms.Terry G.Lake*Mr.K. C.Lam*Shanna C.Laman*Mr.Calvin LambertMr.Aaron B.Lamey*Mr.John F.Lamond*Ms.Rose LandersMs.Adrienne L. LaneMr.and Mrs.Danny L. LaneMs.Kim F.Lane*Mr.Randal L.Lane*Ms.Ruth A.Lane*Ms.Rita LangstonMr.and Mrs.Leonard J. LaRoseMs.Kathleen T.Larson*Ms.Jeannie S.LaRue*Mr.Lewis L. LaskaMr.Thomas LauryMs.Angela LawoeMr.Christopher N.Lawrence*Ms.Connie S.Lawrence*Ms.Elasha D. LawrenceMs.Sondra A.Lawrence*Ms.Heather P.Lawson*Mr.Steven M.Lawson*Ms.Magen L. LayMr.Thomas J.Layton*Mr.David G. LazichMr.and Mrs.David R.Lea*Asia D.Leake*Ms.Debra A.Leaks*Mr.Marshall H.Lebovits*Mr.and Mrs.Chris P. LedbetterMs.Bernadette Y.Lee*

Ms.Euronda D.Lee*Mr.Ivan E. LeeMs.Margaret H.Lee*Ms.Nancy LeeMs.Rivera S.Lee*Mr.Robert W.Lee*Dr.Shirleatha T. LeeMs.Sally F.Lehning*Ms.Michele D. LemasterMr.Granville J. LeMeuneIII*Dr.Richard S.Lemler*Ms.Carrie A.Lenahan*Ms.Anita J. LenhartMs.Lora L.Leonard*Ms.Patty B.Leonard*Mr.Terry L.Lessenberry*Patricia and Lee LesterMr.and Mrs.Lee V. LesterMs.Patricia T.Lester*Ms.Daryl LevenMr.Robert LeveyMr.and Mrs.Michael S.Levine*Ms.Shawn LevstekMr.and Mrs.Edward D. LevyEvy H. LevyMs.Marjorie T.Levy*Mr.Boyd H.Lewis*Mr.Donald L.Lewis*Ms.Angela R.Lexner*Ms.Haiying LiMs.Yaqin LiMs.ZhihongLi*Andrew LigonPatricia LilesMr.Bernard S.Lilton*Mr.Kang T.Lim*Mr.Y. Tony Lin and Mrs.ZinYoung*Ms.Marla D. LinderMr.Erno D.Lindner*Ms.Phyllis F.Linear*Ashley M.Linsey*Ms.Rhoda LintonDr.J. KennethLipner*Mr.Billy R.Little*Mr.C. MatthewLittle*Mr.Daniel W.Little*Dr.BenLittlepage*JanythLittrell*Ms.Yuxiang Liu and

Dr.XihuiZhang*Mr.Richard A.Livingston*Ms.Natalie E.Lloyd*Mr.Everick D.Lockhart*Mr.Lavaire LockhartSilver LomaxMs.Vivian A.Lomax*Mr.Anthony C.Long*Mr.Brian D.Long*Mr.Mark LongMr.Matthew R.Long*Ms.CatariLopez*Mr.and Mrs.Michael J.Lopicolo*Dr.ChristopherLornell*Ms.Kim S.Louis*Ms.Kameka LoveMr.John H.Lovelady*Mr.James R.Lovett*Mr.and Mrs.Donald L.Lowry*Ms.Judy KincaidLoy*Ms.Melissa F.Loy*Capt. Dale M.Lozier*Mr.Anthony S.Lu*Ms.Nancy P.Lubiani*Ms.Marilyn L.Luisi*Dr.James M. LukawitzMs.Laura R.Lukawitz*Ms.Deborah B.Lupia*Mr.Christopher C. LurryMs.Tillaya E. LuskeyMs.Carol LutrellMr.and Mrs.Garry C. LuttmanMs.Glynda P.Luttman*Ms.Cathy Lutz-Gutmann

2015 UofM Honor Roll of Donors - [PDF Document] (25)


Ms.Patricia SteeleLyerly*Ms.Annie L.Lynch*Denis and Monica LynchMr.and Mrs.Thomas F.Lynch*Ms.TaJuana S. LynnMr.FloydLyons*Ms.Lisa E.Lyons*Ms.LorettaLyons*Ms.Layla MabryMs.Heather D.Maclin*Ms.Mary G.Maclin*B. B. MacPhail,Esquire*Mary D.Maduska*Ms.Paula D.Magnus*Ms.Christina L. MagueyalMr.Kevin S. MaguireMr.SaratMahavratayajula*Ms.Victoria L.Maher*Lisa A.Maholmes*Ms.Kathleen R.Mainardi*Ms.Nancy L.Malin*Mr.Kyle C.Mallard*Ms.Johanna MallareMr.Dwight H. MaloneJr.*Mr.George E. MaloneAlexis L. Malone-McNabb*Ms.DonnaManess*Dr.Holland ManessDr.and Mrs.Lonnie E.Maness*Ms.Mary E.Maness*Ms.April JoyManger*Ms.Beverly M.Mankey*Elfredda B.Mann*Mr.Gerald L.Mann*Ms.Mitzi D.Nelson*Mr.Joseph F.Manuszak*Dr.and Mrs.Robert R. MarchiniMs.Carrie Marcinko-WelchDr.Nancy H.Mardis*Mr.and Mrs.Andrew V.Mariano*Mr.and Mrs.Wade T. MarkhamII*Ms.MarvaMarks*Mr.Scott N.Markwell*Ricky L.Marley*Patsy and OrlandoMarner*Donna and RichardMarsh*Mr.William J.Marshall*Mr.Christopher P.Martin*Mr.and Mrs.James F. MartinMr.James F.Martin*Ms.Laura S.Martin*Mr.Michael M.Martin*Ms.Mikay M.Martin*Ms.Rachel C.Martin*Mr.Celestino MartinezMr.and Mrs.John MartinezMs.Judith E.Masel*Ms.Elana MashburnCurtis R.Mason*Mr.Gregory M.Mason*Ms.Janelle M.Mason*Ms.LaChandra D.Mason*Mr.and Mrs.Fred L.Massa*Mr.and Mrs.Charles P.Massey*Teresa C.Massey*Keri M.Mathews*Rev. Deborah M. Mathewson and

Rev. Harry F.Mathewson*Mr.Nicholas H.Matlock*Mr.Carlos M. MatosDr.and Mrs.John T.Matson*Dr.Yuki MatsudaMs.Darcie O.Matthews*Mr.and Mrs.Walter E.Matthews*Ms.Pearlie M. Jones-Fields*Sarah K.Matzke*Ms.Amanda S.Mauck*Mr.and Mrs.Ronald G.Maxey*Ms.Barbara MaxwellMr.Phillip S.May*Ms.Rebecca G.May*Mr.and Mrs.Tareq J.Mayahi*Ms.Charlotte Y.Maybry*

Lisa MayneMr.Marlin G. MayoMs.Chastity M. MaysMr.Tony E.McAfee*Ms.Kimberly F.McAmis*Dr.Loretta H.McBride*Ms.NicholeMcBride*Jesse McCabeMr.and Mrs.Frank K.McCalla*Mr.CharlesMcCandless*Mr.Raymond L. McClellanJr.Ms.June W.McCormick*Ms.Becky J.McCoy*BrittanyMcCrae*William McCraeJr.*Mrs.Kaleigh A.McCrary*Mr.Cedric McCrayBarry J. McCrory*+Mr.Kenneth E.McCulough*Dr.Randall G. McCutcheonMs.Shantell A.McDade*Mr.Rachiim McDanielDr.Meghan E. McDevitt-MurphyMr.and Mrs.David G. McDonaldMs.Elizabeth F.McDonald*Ms.Janice E.McDonald*Mr.JoshuaMcDonald*Mr.and Mrs.Larry McDonaldMs.Ruth McDonaldShaniqua L. McDonaldMs.Mary B. McDougalMr.David G.McDowell*Mr.James M.McDowell*Mr.Colin O.McEntee*Ms.Wendy B.McEntee*Daphene R. McFerrenMr.John McFerrenMs.Kay L. McGarry

and Mr.Daniel E. McGarryJr.Mr.Michael D.McGhee*Amy and MichaelMcGinn*Ms.Mary M.McGinnis*Ms.Barbara J. McGovernPatrick McGrawMr.Mark E. McGuireDr.Thomas H. McInishMs.Betty W.McIntosh*Ms.Jane B. McIntoshMs.Marilyn S.McIntosh*Ms.Mary O.McIntosh*Ms.Mia McIvorMr.J. Don McKayMs.Marsha A.McKay*Dr.Duane McKennaMs.Joyce A. McKibbenMr.Cordaro MckinneyMr.Paul B.McKinney*Ms.Brenda D. McKinney-NicholsMr.Darrell McKissickMs.Mary L.McLarty*Ms.Barbara C.McMahon*Mr.Brien McMahonMr.Kenneth A.McMahon*Ms.Donna L.McNees*Mr.Mark J.McNeil*Ms.Adelaide McNellisMr.and Mrs.Taylor A.McPherson*Dr.James B.McSwain*Dr.Antonia S.Mead*Ms.Catherine M.Means*Ms.Keri L.Means*Mr.Michael K. MeansMs.Marilyn G.Meeks*Ms.Donna N.Mehr*Mr.and Mrs.William H.Mehr*Ms.Mary P.Meixell*Dr.Lisa L. Mendel

and Dr.Maurice I. MendelMr.Steven A.Mendoza*Dr.Mohan K.Menon*Mr.Kevin W. MerrimanMs.Pamela K.Merritt*Mary L.Merriweather*

Mr.Adam S.Messina*Mr.Larry D. MessingJr.*Ms.Janis Hays MeyerDr.Razvan A.Mezei*Ms.LaShara S.Mickens*Ms.Susan J.Mickiewicz*Steve M. MiddlebrookJr.*Ms.Virginia F.Middleton*Ms.Betty H.Milam*Melanie MilesMr.LadariusMillen*Ms.Amanda C.Miller*Mr.and Mrs.Anthony L.Miller*Bill and Beth G.Miller*Mr.and Mrs.Carl N. MillerJr.*Mr.Charles L. MillerMaria and CoreyMiller*Mr.Edward E. MillerIII*Ms.Johann T.Miller*Sarah N. MillerMs.Sarah MillerMr.Daniel E.Millican*Mr.Wesley MilliganMr.Brett A.Millikin*Ms.Edna S.Mills*Mr.Kenneth D.Mills*Mr.Kevin D. MillsJr.Mr.Warren G.Milnor*Ms.Vanessa K.Mims*Dr.and Mrs.Philip E.Min*Ms.Suzanne B.Minotto*Ms.Elizabeth MintonMr.Hubert L. MintonMr.Mark W.Minyard*Ms.Arlynn K.Mirvis*Arlynn MirvisMr.Barry A. MitchellMr.Curtis L. MitchellSr.*Mr.and Mrs.John H. MitchellIII*Ms.Martha R.Mitchell*Mr.William C.Mitchell*Carol Buchalter and Michael MittelMr.Mark S.Mize*Mr.and Mrs.T. WayneMock*Mr.Ferris Y.Mogy*Ms.Rachel M.Watson*Dr.Sharon L.Momany*Ms.Cameo J.Monroe*Mr.Gregory G.Monroe*Ms.KaraMontague*Ms.Earline W.Montgomery*Mr.Harold L.Montgomery*Harriet and JohnMontgomery*Ms.Jennifer L.Montgomery*Ms.Kay B.Montgomery*Mr.and Mrs.Maynard

L.Montgomery*Ms.Rose MooneyMs.April M.Moore*Ms.Beth H.Moore*Ms.Carolyn H.Moore*Ms.Delores MooreMr.Hal C.Moore*Dr.LarryMoore*Mr.Mark H.Moore*Patricia and Mark MooreMr.RichardMoore*Virginia R.Moore*Mr.WilliamMoorehead*Ms.Judith M.Morell*Marilyn Morgan-Odum*Ms.Michelle M.Morgan*Ms.Janice L.Morganfield*Ms.Pamela RestivoMori*Mr.Chris M.Morris*Mr.JosephMorris*Mr.Terry R.Morris*Ms.Mary M.Morrison*Myles E. MorrisonJr.*Mr.James D.Moseley*Mr.and Mrs.J. MarkMoseley*Martha L. MosleyMr.Jacque R.Moss*

Mr.and Mrs.Stephen D.Moss*Ms.Dawn L.Mott*Ms.Robin K.Mottern*Rev. Judd A.Mowery*Kristin and RyanMudd*Mr.and Mrs.Marcus MuhammadMr.Decoda W.Muller*Ms.KathleenMulligan*Ms.Judith P.Mullins*Mr.and Mrs.Russell MullinsMr.and Mrs.James R. MulroyII*Ms.Rebecca MurelMr.and Mrs.Gerald D. MurleyJr.*Ms.Joyce HulmeMurley*Dr.James MurphySandy and JoeMurphy*Ms.Justina L.Murphy*Ms.Katy L.Murphy*Sherry P.Murphy*Ms.Tamesha J.Murphy*Ms.Valerie H.Murphy*Mr.Bobby L.Murray*Ms.Carolyn F. MurrellMs.Mary P. MuscariRonald and StacyMuzii*Mr.John W. MyersII*Ms.Patricia B.Myers*Dr.Sarah I.Mynatt*Dr.Laura A.Nabors*Mr.Michael G. NaborsJr.*Mr.A. Robert Nachman IIMr.Walter NaefMs.Chandra D. NailingSisco*Ms.Amy M.Nance*Ms.Donna NanneyFowziyyah A.Nasir*Mr.Abdul M.Nasser*Mr.Khaled NasserMr.AlejandroNatera*Mr.and Mrs.Alejandro NateraMr.A. MajeedNaviwala*Mr.and Mrs.EddieNeely*Mr.Ken NellansAmanda and DustyNelson*Ms.Edna J. NelsonMs.Georgia E. Nelson-Robinson*Ms.Ida HillNelson*Dr.John P. NelsonJr.*Ms.Joydena L. NelsonMs.Laura K.Nelson*Ms.Stephanie NelsonDr.Susan A.Nelson*Ms.Teresa A.Nelson*Ms.Jacquelyn J.Nerren*Ms.Kathryn P.Nesbitt*Ms.Leighann D.Ness*Mr.and Mrs.Kevin G. NevilleDr.James W. NewcombMs.Ava Y.Newman*Mr.and Mrs.Mark S. NewmanMr.Floyd S. NewmanIII*Mr.Mark S.Newman*Mr.and Mrs.Robert L.Newman*Ms.Sandra H.Newsom*Mr.Marvin W.Newsum*Ms.Janet L.Newton*Ms.Jennifer P.Newton*Ms.Martha J.Newton*Mr.Michael D.Newton*Ms.Haphong D.Nguyen*Mr.SaNguyen*Youm ThuyNguyen*Ms.Marcelle Z.Nia*Ms.Debra M.Nichols*Harry and JaneNichols*Mr.Jere A.Nichols*Ms.Lillian M.Nichols*Mr.and Mrs.Richard W. NicholsMr.Steve NicholsMs.Tierenee M. NicholsMs.Laurel B.Niday*Ellery J.Nief*Ms.RemaMurphy*

Ms.Mary BellNiswonger*Mr.and Mrs.Andrew D.Nix*Dr.Terry D.Noah*Mr.Marcus A.Noel*Dr.Leslie C. NolenJr.*Ms.Brittany T.Norris*Ms.Connie NorrisMr.and Mrs.J. MichaelNorthern*Ms.Frances C.Norton*Ms.Angela R. NorwoodMs.Melissa ChismNorwood*Dr.Charles E.Notar*Marilyn and HerbertNotowich*Dr.Mary Ellen M.Nourse*Mr.KevinNovak*Ms.Barbara F.Nuckolls*Ms.Kay K.Nunnelee*Mr.and Mrs.Fred L. NunneryJr.*Mr.Joe A.Oakley*Mr.Michael T.Oaks*Mr.and Mrs.Matthew R.Oates*Afaf G.Obid*Jessie GOcampo*Shane P. O’Connell*Ms.Katherine M.Ofenloch*Mr.David W.Ogdon*Mr.Jack R. O’Kelley*Ann K. O’Kelly*Mr.Raefael M. OliverMs.Sandra J.Olsen*Mr.Vincent OlsonMr.Felipe OlveraMs.Lisa B. O’Neal*Mr.and Mrs.William L. O’Neal*Mr.Errol M. O’NeillMr.Michael A.Orians*Adele and MelvinOrlansky*Ms.Terry T. O’Roark*Ms.Robyn C. OrrMs.Joan G.Osteen*Ms.Molly J. O’Sullivan*Mr.Dustin R. OswaldMs.Sharon D.Otte*Mr.Kenneth M. OverbeyJr.*Ms.Destiny OvermanBeverly J.Overton*Ms.Beverly D. Owen*+Mr.Harold E. OwenJr.*Ms.Mary L. Wagner and Mr.Thomas

D.Owen*Ms.Tulita P.Owen*Ms.Carol M.Owens*Dr.DeAnna N. OwensMs.Rose OwensPamela S. OwensDr.Dona S. PackerMelvyn and LindaPadawer*Mr.Melvyn S. PadawerMr.Robert A.Paeschke*Ms.Linda AyersPaige*Ms.Jessica J.Palmer*Mr.Steven M.Palmer*Kathy and Raymond PapishMs.ShkendiePapraniku*Mr.Billy F.Paris*Ms.Beverly D.Parish*Ms.Sara S.Parisotto*Mrs.Stacey L.Park*Ms.Jada S. ParkerSondra C. ParkerMr.Anthony H.Parks*Mr.Dixon J.Parnell*Mr.Keith M.Parnell*Dr.and Mrs.Thomas D. ParnellDr.Thomas D.Parnell*Ms.JaniceParran*Ms.Latasha T.Parrish*Mr.Charles M. ParsonsJr.*Mr.Patrick S.Parsons*Ms.Cheryl D.Beloate*Ms.Jacqueline RuthPartee*Mr.Thomas M.Parzinger*Mr.Douglas B.Pate*

2015 UofM Honor Roll of Donors - [PDF Document] (26)


Ms.Danielle M.Patrick*Mr.Charles PattersonMs.Kathleen Z.Patterson*Mr.Roy J.Patterson*Ms.Maria L. PaucarcajaGamarra*Mr.Harry A.Paulk*Mr.Venkata Subba R. S.Pavagada*Mr.Dwayne C. PaxtonOphrah S. PayneMr.Willie PayneJr.*Ms.Alberta M.Pearson*Ms.Doris N.Peck*Mr.Ryan K.Peek*Ms.Alicia D. PenceMs.Tama D.Pence*Ms.CandacePeppers*Ms.Maria D. PerezMr.Jackson E.Perkins*James A. PerkinsMr.Stephen F.Perlowski*Ms.Kathryn S.Perrine*Mr.and Mrs.C. DavidPerry*Ms.Felesha R.Perry*Ms.FrankiePerry*Ms.Vera J. Martin-PerryMs.Lauren A.Pesce*Phillip L.Peters*Mr.Robert R.Peters*Ms.Vickie H.Peters*Mr.Daniel L.Petriskie*Ms.Marcia A.Petty*Mr.Sean M. PezeshkMs.Pamela P.Phan*Dr.Marshall TedPhelps*Ms.Jazime P.Phillips*Mr.Samuel F.Phillips*Dr.William S.Phillips*Ms.Carmen T. Phillipy*+Emily and JamesPhilpott*Mr.and Mrs.Larry K.Pickens*Mrs.Scottina PickensMs.Jane P.Pienaar*Ms.Anita Kay PierceMr.and Mrs.Charles E.Pierce*Mr.Edward A.Pierce*Mr.Josef A.Pierce*Mr.Harold PiersonMs.Kate D.Pigue*Mr.Mark A.Pillow*Tony G.Pinson*Mr.and Mrs.Joseph L.Pirani*Mr.Steven T.Pittman*Mr.and Mrs.Wintrell R.Pittman*Dr.Doris A.Pleas*Mr.O. C. PleasantJr.*Mr.and Mrs.M. O. PledgerJr.*Dr.Michael D. and Sara F. PlummerMr.and Mrs.Joshua D.Poag*Ms.Patricia V. PodzorskiMs.Courdria S.Pointer*Samuel L.Polk*Tommie PolkMs.Brenda K.Pollard*Mr.and Mrs.Dale W.Polley*Megan S.Poon*Ms.Cynthia RossPope*Mr.and Mrs.David M.Pope*Mr.Christopher PorterMr.JeffreyPorterfield*Mr.Allen PortnerMs.Michele PotterDr.Sarah PotterMs.Teresa R.Potter*Ms.Louvenia H. Powell*+Mr.and Mrs.Patrick W.Powell*Dr.Robert W. PowellJr.*Ms.Ruby J. PowellMs.Dorothy J.Kelley*Mr.Edward J.Powers*Sharon E.Prager*Ms.Kelli PraterMs.Janet L.Ward*Ms.Sarah D.Pratt*

Mr.Michael R.Prescott*Ms.Tammie PrewittAllilia L.Price*Ms.Beth PriceDorothy B. KayPrice*Mr.and Mrs.Andy PriceMr.and Mrs.Howard P.Pritchard*Ms.Mary B.Pritchard*Ms.Carla W.Proctor*Ms.Linda PrucinoJohn L.Prudhomme*Ms.Bobbie A.Pruett*Ms.Chastity T. PruittMr.Sam PuryearMs.WakinaFossett*Ms.Susan M.Puwalski*Rong QiMs.Teresa StanleyQueen*Mr.WillQuinn*Nina E.Raffel*Mr.and Mrs.Gabriel J.

RagghiantiJr.*Lisa R.Ragghianti*Ms.Wendy R.Chester*Ms.Nancy L.Rahm*Ms.Allison S.Raines*Mr.Wayne M.Rainey*Ms.Christie A.Rakestraw*Dr.James P. RakowskiMs.Staci CroomRaley*Mr.David L.Ralston*Edith and WarrenRamer*Mr.and Mrs.Lloyd W. RamerJr.*Mr.Hector R. RamirezMs.Carol S.Ramsey*Mr.Warren RansomMr.PatrickRassi*Emilie G.Ratner*Ms.Alice W.Raver*Mr.Alex RayChantelle M.Ray*Mr.and Mrs.Rashawn J.Ray*Mr.Thomas G.Ray*Ms.Cynthia GunckelMr.and Mrs.Gregory K.Rea*Ms.Frances C.Reasons*Dr.and Mrs.GeneReddick*Ms.Kaitlin A. RedickDr.and Mrs.James A.Reed*Ms.Telisa R. ReedMs.Denise R. ReedsDr.Anne M.Reef*Dr.Donna E.Reeves*Dr.Kay C.Reeves*Ms.Patricia L.Reeves*Ms.Terri O.Reeves*Mr.Horace A.Reid*Ms.April G. ReupkeMs.Susan ReVeal-OttoneMs.Stacie Y.Reynolds*Ms.Valerie B. ReynoldsMr.Terry G.Rhea*Ms.Robin A.Rhoads*Denice L.Rhodes*Ms.Julia M. RhodesMs.Mary L.Rhodes*Ms.Patsy HerringRhodes*Ms.Dara K.Rice*Ms.Rose R. RichMr.Steven L.Rich*Ms.Beverly N. RichardsonMs.Dionysia A.Smith*Mr.and Mrs.Merle J. RichardsonJr.*Mr.Warren A. RicheyMs.Melissa T. RichgelsMs.Hazel B.Richmond*Mr.Timothy RichmondJr.Mr.Raymond J. RicossaSr.*Mr.Jacob D. RiddleMs.Jennifer L.Riddle*Ms.Erma F.Ridge*Ms.Sheran A.Riley*Ms.Shawna Rischling

Dr.William J.Ristey*Mrs.Monica E. RitchieJames T. RitterMr.SteveRivera*Deborah RiversMs.GeralineRixter*Ms.Elizabeth W. RoaneMs.Joy L.Roaten*Ms.Janet C. RobbinsAnna and S. Gwin RobbinsMr.Michael S. RobersonMs.Charlotte A.Roberts*Mr.William C. RobertsJr.*Mr.E. C. RobertsonMr.Eric D.Robertson*Dr.George W.Robertson*Mr.Herman G.Robertson*Ms.Clara J.Robinson*Denise L.Robinson*Mr.Edward G. RobinsonII*Mr.and Mrs.Gilbert A. RobinsonIII*Ms.Janice EwellRobinson*Joyce G.Robinson*Ms.Judy R.Robinson*Mr.Kory A.Robinson*Kris RobinsonMs.Marie A.Robinson*Ms.RhondaRobinson*Mr.Stephen M. RobinsonMr.and Mrs.ThomasRobinson*Mr.and Mrs.Fred RocheMs.Rebecca L.Roche*Ms.Dixie Y.Rockholt*Mr.Patrick J. RodriguesMs.Sharon A. RoehrigMr.Rick J.Roelke*Ms.Keelie D. RoetkerMr.Bobby R.Rogers*Ms.Briggita S.Rogers*Mr.Jeffrey G.Rogers*Ms.Kesha D. RogersDr.Norma P.Rogers*Mr.Ryan J.Rogers*Ms.Tina RogersMr.SinaRohani*Ms.Deborah RomeoMr.and Mrs.Andrew F.Romine*Dr.Jeffrey M.Romine*James and ThetaRone*Ms.Linda B.Rooks*Mr.Kyle P. RoseMr.Robert W.Rose*Ms.Robin E. RoseMr.Stephen T. RoseMs.Rena L.Rosenberg*CarolRoss*Mrs.Elizabeth E.Ross*Ms.Melpha RossJudy R.Rossetti*Mr.Birendra K. RoutMr.and Mrs.William M. RoweJr.*MichaelRowland*Ms.Norma B. RowlandMs.Judith E.Royal*Mr.and Mrs.William E.Rubin*Ms.Ann P.Ruble*Ms.Margaret WadeRudd*Ms.Francis K.Ruffin*Ms.Jo Beth RushMr.and Mrs.S. Kittrell RushingIII*Donna M.Russell*Mr.and Mrs.James S.Russell*Mr.and Mrs.Kenneth H.Russell*Ms.Perveen K. RustomframMr.Gary M.Rutherford*Mr.and Mrs.Larry F.Rutledge*Mr.William W. RyanJr.*Ms.Claire L.Rychlak*Mr.HassanSaadat*IkrimahSabalillah*Mr.William L. SachsMs.Cindy J.Sage*Dr.Lynda M. Sagrestano

Mr.Omar SakanMs.Corene C.Salama*Mr.Olawale O. Salami JrMr.AliSalehi*Ms.Jacqueline B.Sales*Ms.Ann G.Salky*Mr.Jon N. SalmonDr.Alan P.Salomon*Ms.KatieSandage*Mrs.Andrea M.Sanders*Ms.Ashley W.Sanders*Ms.Carol U.Sanders*Mr.Charles D.Sanders*Ms.Sandra C.Sanders*Ms.Lisa SanfordMs.Jasmine F. SankhonMr.Joseph J. SantomeroJr.*Mr.Letroy E.Sardon*Ms.Tesha SaulsberryMs.Lila SaundersMr.and Mrs.Michael SaxonMs.ChantalScalzo*Mr.and Mrs.J. Eugene ScanlonJr.*Mr.Keith W.Scarbrough*Mr.William C. SchadrackIV*Mr.John L. Schaffler IVMr.and Mrs.John W.Schanck*Ms.MindySchaper*Debbie and SidScheinberg*Dr.Andrew SchererMs.Michele R. SchererMolle C.Scheumann*Ms.Mildred S.Schiff*Mr.and Mrs.Billy R.Schilling*Ms.Mary R. SchmidtMrs.Wanda J. Kilgore-Schneider

and Mr. Thomas E.Schneider*Mr.Matthew D.Schrader*Dr.and Mrs.Robert A. SchreiberChristie M. SchrotbergerMs.Marilyn M. SchuetrumpfMargaret R.Schultz*Suzanne Potts Scobey,FNP*Ms.Annette S.Scott*Dr.Jerrie L. ScottMr.J. MarkScott*Lorayne ScottMs.Margaret Ann ScottMs.Rachel E. ScottDr.Richard ScottMr.Michael K.Scroggs*Mr.Phillip C.Scruggs*Mr.Gerald A.Seaman*Ms.Judy M.Sebelius*Dr.and Mrs.Robert H.Segal*RyanSeidner*Mr.William F.Seigneur*Don and JerrieSeiler*Kezlyn SellarsMs.Anne C.Sellmansberger*Mr.David SenneMr.Vasan SercaCatherine P. Serex, Ed.D.*Mrs.Monica SerratosDr.Alireza A.Setayesh*Ms.Marjorie H.Settles*Ms.Wendy SevillaDr.and Mrs.Michael C.Shackleford*Mr.Adam L.Shacknai*Dr.William R. ShadishJr.Amr K.Shahat*Ms.Bridget M.Shaner*Ms.AdelynShankle*Penny ShannonMr.Wayne C. Shannon and

Mrs.Donna SueShannon*Mr.James SharkeyMr.ParishSharkey*SafiyyahSharrieff*Ms.Brenda Buford ShawMs.Veronica A. ShawMs.Amy D.Shead*Arthur L.Shearin*

Mr.and Mrs.Oscar Shefsky*+Mr.and Mrs.Irwin SheftMs.Margaret S.Sheft*Ms.Lauren M. ShelleyCourtney and Archie SheltonMr.Wayne C.Shelton*Mr.KaijiShen*Ms.Tamyra V. ShepardMr.Gerald D.Sher*Ms.JenniferShin*Mr.and Mrs.Earnest C.Shinault*Mr.Melvin ShippMr.Timothy ShiuMr.Thomas M.Shivers*Ms.Melissa M.Shoaff*Ms.Susan FasbinderShone*Dr.and Mrs.Joel L.Shore*Mr.Gabriel H.Short*Ms.Patricia K. ShortMs.Crystal L.Shotwell*Ms.Michele D. ShouseNirajShrestha*Mr.ManishShrivastava*Mr.Evan D.Simelton*Mr.Daniel H.Simmons*Ms.Patricia W.Simmons*Mr.Henry N. SimonJr.Ms.Norma SimonDr.Carolyn I.Simonton*Ms.AlexandraSimota*Mr.H. Wayne SimpkinsMs.Stephanie A.Simpson*Mr.Steven L.Simpson*Ms.Kay SimsJeffery L.Sisk*Ms.Donna W.Skaarer*Ms.Dana SkaggsMrs.Dana L.Skelley*Mr.and Mrs.Trevor J.Skelley*Ms.Margaret G.Skinner*Ms.Harriet S.Skupin*Ms.Katina R.Slaton*Ms.MarySlaton*Mr.Patrick W.Sleeper*Ginny and JimSlover*Ms.Jane L. SluppickMr.and Mrs.Saro W.Sluppick*Ms.Janelle M. SmallsMs.Morgan J.Smalls*Ms.Cheryl L.Smart*Mr.Albert SmithMr.Austin C.Smith*Ms.Barbara L.Smith*Ms.Beverly P.Smith*Ms.Carolyn SmithCharles T.Smith*Dr.Daniel J. Smithdot fisher smithMs.Elizabeth SharpSmith*Ms.Janette Y.Smith*Mr.and Mrs.J. AndrewSmith*Dr.Manis J. SmithJr.*Ms.Patricia F.Smith*Mr.Robert W. SmithJr.*Mr.and Mrs.Robert L. SmithJr.*Mr.Ronald E.Smith*Mr.Ross V.Smith*Ms.Stephanie M.Smith*Mr.and Mrs.SteveSmith*Ms.Tokela J.Smith*Ms.Tonie M. Smith-Chenault*Mr.and Mrs.William H.Smith*Ms.Bettye P.Snipes*Ms.Holly L.Snyder*Ms.LaTonya SnyderMs.Lauren R. SolisStephen G.Sorrell*Mr.Javier E.Sosa*RhenaSouth*Mr.Dustin S. SowellMr.Joe M.Spake*Edward G. SpanglerJr.*Ms.Marianne N.Spangler*

2015 UofM Honor Roll of Donors - [PDF Document] (27)


Ms.Ruthie L.Spearman*Mr.Andrew D. SpearsMs.Diane C.Spears*Ms.Dorian L. SpearsTerri SpearsMs.Alice B. SpenceMs.Sheryl T.Spence*Mrs.Tonia SpenceDr.Randall W.Spinney*Richard and Trish SporeMr.and Mrs.Dennis G.Springer*Ms.Dionne SpringfieldMr.Patrick SpruiellMs.SuanSprunger*Ms.Lisa TurnerSpurlin*Ms.Lorraine M.Stackenwalt*Mr.James W. StaffordJr.*Drs. Bobbie and JimStaley*Ms.Shelby J. StallsmithMs.Kay M.Stamps*Ms.Temeka T. StanleyMr.RonStanton*Ms.Molly E.Stanton*Mr.Beau B.Staples*Mr.Michael T.Stapleton*Ms.Mayra StarMs.AndreaStark*Catherine H.Stark*Valentino C. StarnesMs.Sara H.Staskiews*Ms.Dianne B.Steen*Reuven M. SteinMr.Gregory C. SteinerDr.Kathryn L.Stephens*Ms.Sherri G.Stephens*Mr.Shieltiel B. StephensMr.Guy G.Stephenson*Ms.Nancy StephensonCleshereeStepter*Mr.Grigsby A.Stevens*Ms.Robin W.Stevens*Ms.Carol RabyStewart*Ms.Doris BaptistStewart*Ms.Ginger L.Stewart*Mr.Howford E.Stewart*Mr.James M. StewartJr.*Ms.Loretta H.Stewart*Dr.and Mrs.Vaughn E.Stimbert*Ms.Alicia V. StiresDr.Rashunda L.Stitt*Ms.Joan J.Stivers*Mr.and Mrs.Blair A.Stock*Dr.Joyce D.Stone*Ms.Christen SatterleeStotts*Mr.and Mrs.William L.Stotts*Mr.Chris S. StrainMr.and Mrs.Conway T. StreetJr.*Ms.Susan J.Street*Ms.KimberlyStreeter*Dr.James T.Streib*Ms.Roberta H.Stricker*Jenell StringerMs.Patricia B.Stringer*Ms.DominiqueStrong*Ms.Helen P.Sudberry*Mr.James Suggs Jr.

and Ms.Ebony J.Suggs*Ms.Bridget M.Sullivan*Mr.Kevin D. SullivanJr.*Ms.Doniesha L.Summons*Vijay B. SurpuriyaMs.Donna RhodesSutton*Mr.James R. SuttonJr.*Ms.Laura J. SuzanneMr.and Mrs.Mel SwafferSr.Ms.Donna L. SwartzMr.Andrew C.Swatley*Ms.Fair E. SwauncyMs.Catherine C.Swearengen*Ms.Anne L.Swearingen*Melissa E.Sweeney*Dr.Laritha H. Sweet

and Mr.William C.Sweet*

Mr.and Mrs.Willie C.Swift*Christine SykesMs.Janet E.Sykes*Mr.Loi Q.Ta*Mr.Don TaddiaMr.Joseph T. TagueIII*Ms.Margaret TalarowskiMr.Marshall L.Talley*Ms.WenjieTang*Mr.and Mrs.David W.Tankersley*Mr.Johnathan A. TankersleyMr.James N.Tansey*Ms.Gertrude Tara-Casciano*Mr.and Mrs.James E.Tate*Ms.KimberlyTate*Mr.and Mrs.Howard A.Taube*Ms.Elizabeth A.Taylor*Rev. Gary A.Taylor*Mr.Gerald J.Taylor*Mr.Hal W.Taylor*Ms.Joyce H.Taylor*Ms.Marianne G. TaylorMs.Shirley Ann SmithTaylor*Ms.Ora L. Taylor-Strowder*Charles F.Teamer*Ms.Debbie TennysonAnnie RuthTerrell*Ms.Sarah M.Terrell*Ms.Mary C.Thesmar*Mrs.Pamela J. ThingMr.Elbert L. ThomasJr.*Ms.Jeanette L. ThomasMr.LeRoyThomas*Ms.Mary F.Thomas*Ms.Solime A. Thomas-Rivers*Ms.Martha G.Thomason*DavidThompson*Mr.DonThompson*Dr.Linda M.Thompson*Mr.Roman D.Thompson*Ms.Samantha ThompsonMs.Talitha M.Thompson*Mr.and Mrs.William E.Thompson*Kimberly J.Thomson*Mr.Matt N.Thomson*Mr.Roma L. ThornJr.*Ms.Lisa M. Thron

and Mr.Louis E.Caesar*Mr.and Mrs.Joseph W.Thweatt*Judy and BarryTicer*Drs. Terrence R. and Jill A.Tiersch*Mr.Daniel E.Tillman*Lisa and Kenneth TillmanDr.David A.Tipton*Ms.Carolyn D.Tisdale*Masooma TiwanaMs.JanTobias*Mr.and Mrs.Donald O.Todd*Mr.NormanTodd*Ms.Jennifer TomesLinda M.Toombs*Mr.Tom TorresJohn R.Torrey*Ms.JaneTowater*David M.Townley*Mr.and Mrs.Joel G.Townsend*Ms.Sitoria R.Townsend*Mr.and Mrs.William E.Townsend*Mr.Roy G.Trafton*Mr.Joseph T.Tran*Ms.Brittany A.Trapani*Dr.Micah M. TrappMs.Noreen M.Trefz*Mr.Andrew J.Trippel*Rev. Lewis E.Trotter*Ms.Carole P.Troutt*Ms.Heather W.Truesby*Ms.Juanita W.Truitt*Ms.Vyonne L.Trusdale*Dr.Beverly A. TsacoyianisMs.Nichole H.Tubbs*Mr.and Mrs.Brian M.Tucker*Dr.Cynthia G. Tucker

and Dr.David M. TuckerMs.Lequita D.Gray*Ms.Jacqueline TudorMs.Lorie H.Tudor*Mr.Darrin T. TuescherMs.Doris C.Tunstall*Ms.Lorene G.Turkalo*Terrance L. TurnageSr.*Ms.Alvisha TurnerMs.Bettie L.Turner*Ms.Cynthia A.Turner*Mr.Jeremy B.Turner*Ms.Lynda J. TurnerMs.Marva K.Turner*Ms.Rita A. TurnerMr.and Mrs.Ronald S.Turner*Mr.Terry M.Turner*Ms.Ursula R. TurnerMr.William O. TurneyJr.*Mr.Billy T.Turnipseed*Dr.Mureena A.Turnquest*Ms.Nicole L.Tuthill*Ms.Jeanne K.Tutor*Ms.Susan E. TutorMr.Ted G.Tutor*Ms.Clarissa Tye-JonesMs.ShanellTyler*Mr.JohnTyner*Ms.Heather TyrrellJennetteTyson*Mr.Leonard E. TysonMr.Angelo A.Underwood*Dale and JoyceUnderwood*Mr.Cecil F. UngabCody H.Uzcategui*Donald and LyndaValdez*Ms.Lynda L.Valdez*Mr.Theodore F. VanBrunt*Ms.Memorie N. VanBuren*Ms.Myrna L. VanBuskirk*Michelle M. Van EyndeMr.Joseph H. VanHook*Dr.Bonnie F. Van Ness and

Dr.Robert A. VanNess*Mr.and Mrs.Charles A. VanPelt*Mr.and Mrs.Ken VanderpoolMs.Lucia D.Vanderpool*Ms.SusanVandewinckel*Ms.Hazel W.Vann*Mr.Rigo J. VannucciIII*Mr.Michael S.Vargo*Mr.Bobby G.Vaughan*Mr.Luke A. VaughnMs.PamVaughn*Kay and WalterVeazey*Ms.Vanessa D.Verner*Mr.Clark G.Vernon*Mr.RobertVierkandt*MosesVillarreal*Ms.Marjorie M.Vincent*Ms.Mary M.Vinson*Mr.Michael W.Vinson*Mr.Mitch VirePeeranut VisetsuthMr.Thomas R. Voegeli+Dr.and Mrs.Don B. VollmanJr.Mr.and Mrs.KarlVolner*Ms.Amanda N.Voss*Ms.Joann E.Waddell*Mr.Joel R. WaddellMr.Charles WadeMs.Charlotte D. WadeMr.and Mrs.JackWade*Mr.Nathaniel J. WadeJr.*Ms.Mary L. Wagner* and

Mr.Thomas D. OwenMr.William T. WagsterJr.*Mr.E. GeneWainscott*Ms.Victoria C.Walk*Dr.Adam G.Walker*Ms.Betty J.Walker*Mr.David D.Walker*Mr.Jeron Walker

Thank you for believing in me. I will use my education to impact and inspire my future patients’ lives.

Kimberly Woodard Loewenberg School of Nursing

2015 UofM Honor Roll of Donors - [PDF Document] (28)


The Honorable and Mrs.Joseph H. WalkerIII*

Ms.Michele B. WalkerMs Rebecca WalkerMr.RandyWalker*Tamika L.Walker*Ms.Wendy L. WalkerMs.Jean H. WallMr.Joseph C.Wall*Ms.Mary ByrdWall*Ms.AmberWallace*AnthonyWallace*Ms.BarbaraBernstein*Ms.Jessica N. WallaceMs.Kathleen P.Wallace*Mr.Niles A. WallaceMr.and Mrs.Eddie R. WalshSr.*Mr.Kenneth J.Walsh*Mr.ChandrathilakaWanigasekara*Mr.Audis W. WardJr.*Ms.Danesha L.Ward*Col. and Mrs.Floyd E. WardJr.*Mr.Michael J.Ward*Ms.TreasureWard*Ms.Jessica M.Wargo*Ms.Arnetta B.Warren*Ms.Carol S.Warren*Ms.Kristina WarrenMs.Linda E.Warren*Ms.Stormey K. WarrenMr.Robert E.Waters*Dr.Louise W.Watkins*Dr.Betty A.Watson*Dr.Gwendolyn L.Watson*Mr.JoeWatson*Ms.Lucille J.Watson*Margaret M. WatsonMr.and Mrs.Michael D. WatsonMrs.Stacye E.Watson*Ms.Terry W.Waxler*Mrs.Linda C. WaymanMs.Donna P.Weatherford*

Mr.Terry G.Weatherford*Mr.Raymond H.Weatherly*Mr.Gregory F.Weaver*Mr.and Mrs.James G.Webb*Mark A.Webb*Ms.Tonya R.Thorne*Ms.Virginia M.Webb*Ms.Wanda D. Webb+Jo Lynn and WilliamWebb*Mr.A. Jay WeberIV*Kimberly and Jon WeberMs.Susan S. WeberMs.Walton A.Webster*Mr.Joseph D. WeeklyJr.*Mr.Joseph T.Wehlacz*Mr.Blair A.Weigel*Ms.Nancy WeinerDr.JeremiahWeinstock*Ms.Susan D.Weis*Mr.and Mrs.S. LewisWeiss*Ms.Ann S.Welch*Mr.and Mrs.Joseph M.Welch*Ms.Amelia F. Welch-Wierzbicki*Ms.Amelia D.Wells*Mr.Carlos M.Wells*Ms.Cheri WellsMs.Elizabeth N.Wells*Mr.Mario E.Wells*Ms.Teresa D.Wells*Mr.Terry WellsMr.George B.Welte*Mr.Christian S. WerabeMs.Desta C.Werner*Mr.Christopher E.West*Mr.LevonWest*Ms.Deborah R.Westbrook*Mr.Keith WesterMs.Lisa WestonDr.David E.Wheat*Mr.Benjamin WheatonMs.Edith B.White*Mr.Gerry O. White

Ms.Jhanae D.White*DavidWhite*Dr.Joseph S. White (Class of1998)*Ms.Leona C.White*Ms.Mamie A.White*Ms.Marilyn H. WhiteMs.Patricia B.White*StephanieWhite*Suzanne WhiteMr.Walter T. White IIIMs.Samantha J.Whitehawk*Mr.Christopher W. WhiteheadMr.Tyrin G. Whitfield-AndersonMs.Lindsey WhitleyMr.Conner WhitneyMs.Debra A.Whitney*Dr.Jeremy T. WhitneyMs.Bonnie F.Wicker*Ms.Donna R.Widener*Ms.Lisette WidmerDr.Mate’ WierdlMr.Wesley W.Wiggins*Ms.Charlotte M.Wilburn*Mr.and Mrs.Stanley C.Wildeboer*Carolyn H.Wilhite*Ms.GailWilkerson*Mr.Jaroslaw J.Wilkiewicz*Mr.David E.Wilkins*Paul D.Willett*Ms.Armie J.Williams*Mr.and Mrs.Duncan H. WilliamsJr.Brandon B.Williams*Mr.and Mrs.Clarence J. Williams IIIMr.Daniel W.Williams*Ms.Dolecia V.Williams*Mr.Duncan H. WilliamsJr.*Dr.Dwight A. WilliamsJr.*Ms.Frances J.Williams*Dr.Harris E.Williams*Ms.Jada K. WilliamsMs.Joyce D. WilliamsMs.LaGerra J.Williams*Mr.and Mrs.Mark M.Williams*Dr.Marshall V. WilliamsJr.*Ms.Raven WilliamsMr.Richard B. WilliamsSharon and Robert H. WilliamsJr.*Ms.Samantha N.Williams*Ms.Shanice R.Williams*John and Shirley WilliamsRev. Stephen L.Williams*Mr.Trent W.Williams*Ms.Victoria A.Williams*Willie L. WilliamsMr.Willis T.Williams*Frances L.Williamson*Dr.Robert L.Williamson*Mr.Judson L. WillifordKindle and GeorgeWillis*Mr.Timothy W.Wilmot*Mr.Antony E. WilsonMr.Bobby R.Wilson*Dr.Catherine T.Wilson*Ms.Cynthia K.Wilson*Mr.Jeremy G. WilsonMs.Laurie W. FrostMs.Mary WilsonMrs.Melinda D. WilsonMs.Mona R. WilsonMr.Robert E. WilsonMs.Shelby L.Wilson*Susan N. WilsonMs.Suzanne D. WilsonMs.Toya L. WilsonMs.Kristin Wilson-Kitchen*Ms.Patricia G.Winburne*Ms.Lauren S.Winchell*Mr.Kevin M. WinderMs.Leah W.Windsor*Mr.Rusty WinfieldMs.Opal W.Winfrey*Ms.Kismet L. WinkelmannMs.Theresa D.Winkelmann*

Mr.Scott M.Winkler*Mr.Derek T.Winn*Dr.Michael R.Winters*Mr.Darrell ArnazWirt*Carrington WiseMs.Susan WiseMr.DanWitherspoon*Ms.Lynette WitherspoonDr.Mark E.Wiygul*Mr.and Mrs.John Q.Wofford*Ms.Sara HunterWolfe*Mr.and Mrs.Ming C.Wong*Mr.Richard J.Wong*Anita B. WoodMr.Daniel K.Wood*Mr.Marshall E. WoodDr.Thomas O.Wood*Mr.Lane WoodardKaren WoodruffMrs.Dynisha A. Brown Woods and

Mr.Kevin D.Woods*Ms.MaxineWoods*Mr.Grant WoodsideMr.R. L. (Woodie)Woodward*Mr.Wayne W.Woodward*Dr.and Mrs.Charles H.Woody*Joanne H. Woody / Jo Ann OwenMs.Cindy M.Wooten*Raymond L. WrenMs.Carolyn D.Wright*Ms.Edna L.Wright*Mr.and Mrs.Franklin B.Wright*Mr.and Mrs.Joseph W.Wright*Ms.Katherine WrightKindrea R.Wright*Ms.Michelle D.Wright*Dr.Robert F.Wright*Dr.and Mrs.Walker D.Wright*Mr.Willie J.Wright*Ms.Evelyn D. Wright-Lewis*Ms.Elizabeth WrinkleChiarong WuMs.Jimmie A.Wyatt*Mr.William B.Wylie*Erika K.Wynn*Mr.and Mrs.Joseph T.Wyrick*Lynn R.Yadon*Suzanne and Donald YatesMs.Joslyn YatesMs.Suzanne A. Yates*+Mr.Anthony R.York*Mr.Ainslie T. YoungJr.*Ms.AzizahYoung*Ms.Darcy L. YoungMr.David A.Young*Dr.George E. YoungSr.*Ms.Irma W.Young*Mr.and Mrs.John W.Young*Ms.Susan E.Young*Mrs.Zin Young and Mr.Y. TonyLin*Ms.Annette S.Younge*Zainab R.Yunus*Fahad YusufMr.Michael F.Zboyan*Ms.Megan D.Zearfoss*Ms.Charlotte R.Zerfoss*Ms.Leila ZetchiJie ZhangDr.Xihui Zhang and

Mrs.YuxiangLiu*Gran and Pop Pop ZiegenhornSarah F.Zimmerman*Mr.Donald L.Zlotky*Dr.Joan H.Zurhellen*Kathy A.Zvolanek*Mr.Jack H.Zwicker*Mr.H. MichaelZykorie*

BLUE AND GREY SOCIETYThe Blue and Grey Society recognizes regular giving to the University. Building and stewarding a committed group ofAnnual Fund supporters is also key to maintaining a solid financial foundation for the U ofM. For this reason, we recognize and celebrate the donors loyal in their support ofthe University ofMemphis’s academic initiatives. Donors who make an annual gift for five or more consecutive years or who have made a gift every year since graduation, are recognized through membership in the Blue and Grey Society

40+ YearsDr.Donald K. Carson

and Dr.Mary Jo GreilMr.and Mrs.Taylor Richardson‘62Mr.and Mrs.Will E. Stafford‘57Mr.Richard C. Vaughn‘65

35-39 YearsMr.and Mrs.P. Robert BooneMr.and Mrs.E.

Everett Edwards III‘87Dr.and Mrs.Donald R.

FranceschettiDr.and Mrs.John E. GnuschkeMr.Joe Hailey‘65Mr.C. George Hanson Jr.‘48Mr.and Mrs.R. Hunter

Humphreys‘77Dr.M. Shah JahanDr.Richard K. JamesDr.and Mrs.Martin E. LipinskiDr.and Mrs.Michael LupferDr.James W. NewcombDr.Ernest A.

and Mrs.Jeanine H. RakowDr.Richard R. Ranta and Dr.Carol

Crown RantaDr.and Mrs.Frank W. ShafferJr.Mr.and Mrs.Robert M. Stein‘68

30-34 YearsDr.Rosie Phillips Bingham and

Thank you so much for your donations. It means so much to us to know that we are supported in our studies. In a world so full of greed and selfishness, it’s so comforting to know that people still care and invest in us as students. We will one day lead the world and make it a better place.

2015 UofM Honor Roll of Donors - [PDF Document] (29)


Mr.John J. DavisMr.Samuel J. Blustein‘75Dr.and Mrs.Thomas R. CaplingerDr.Quentin C. Chu

and Dr.Valerie Y. ChuDrs. David and Carol CiscelDr.Charles W. CrawfordDr.Carol Crown Ranta and

Dr.Richard R. RantaDr.Teresa S. Dalle

and Dr.Reginald A. Dalle‘70Dr.William O. DwyerDr.and Mrs.Richard D. EvansJane and Jeff Garrety‘79‘74Dr.John D. Glover‘63Dr.Arthur L. Grehan II

and Dr.Anna W. Grehan‘02Dr.Charles E. HallJr.Mr.Willis B. Henderson‘63Mr.and Mrs.Donald J. Israel‘67Mr.and Mrs.Robert C. Jones‘61Dr.Gene A. PlunkaDr.and Mrs.Daniel J. Poje‘84The Honorable Jon P. Schaefer‘74Dr.Nancy D. SimcoMr.H. Wayne SimpkinsPatricia and Robert TaylorMr.and Mrs.Gerald L.

Timmerwilke‘76Mr.Niles A. WallaceMr.Lawrence Ray Whitley‘69

25-29 YearsAnonymous‘67Dr.Daniel S. Beasley and

Ms.Stephanie S. BeasleyDr.Linda A. BennettDr.Walter R. BrownCyril and Alice Chang‘72Dr.King-Thom ChungDr.Jane B. Clement‘89Dr.Ebenezer O. GeorgeDr.and Mrs.Arthur C. GraesserDr.John R. HaddockDr.Esther A. Harbert‘75Al and Alison Hollingsworth‘64Dr.Michael G. Huffman‘78Ms.Annelle R. Huggins and

Mr.Joseph F. HugginsCarolyn and Robert Humphreys‘75Barbara I. Ingram‘56Dr.and Mrs.Wade M. Jackson‘76Ms.Patsy A. Krech‘73Dr.Craig J. LangstraatBonnie and Dan LattimoreLaruth K. Lofties‘07Mr.and Mrs.Michael S. McGee‘95Ms.C. Lynn Parkes‘76Dr.Richard L. PetersenMr.George E. Relyea and

Dr.Barbara J. Wilson-Relyea‘76Ms.Georgia H. Shepherd‘66Dr.Judith C. SimonDr.and Mrs.David J. Wark

20-24 YearsDr.Morgan D. ArantJr.Mary and Daniel Armitage‘87Ms.Mary Ann M. Camp‘04Mr.Robert W. Canfield Jr.‘59Ms.Pamela G. CashDr.Lavonnie Perry ClaybonMs.Sherry L. Crone‘03Ms.Catherine C. DeckerMr.Ian M. Edward‘80Rev. Mary Wall Edwards‘75Ms.Laurie Petrick Flynn‘80Claire Weatherford Garrett‘76Dr.Donna S. Harkness and

Mr.Furniss B. Harkness‘75Mr.and Mrs.Jerry Hayes‘65Ms.Margaret Anne Hooker‘68

Dr.Ben L. KediaMr.Leonard D. KohrDr.Hsiang-Te KungDr.James M. LukawitzCurtis R. Mason‘80Mr.and Mrs.Charlie Mazzone‘71Dr.Thomas H. McInishMr.Edward J. McKenney Jr.‘74Dr.Larry Moore‘74Dr.Vivian G. Morris

and Mr.Curtis L. MorrisMr.James L. NaborsDr.Monika Nenon

and Dr.Thomas J. NenonJr.Dr.Ernest L. NicholsJr.Dr.Albert A. OkunadeDr.and Mrs.N. Dewaine Rice‘75Dr.and Mrs.David L. Smalley‘78Dr.William T. Smith IIMr.and Mrs.Mark L. StansburyMr.Calvin O. Strong‘80Ms.Karen ThurmondMs.Jeanne K. Tutor‘14Mr.Michael S. Vargo‘73Paula and David Zettergren‘74

15-19 YearsDr.Thomas H. Appleton Jr.‘71Ms.Deborah A. BeckerCarole and Emile Bizot‘60Mr.Daniel J. Bonnet‘76Mr.and Mrs.Doyal Brown‘62Melissa and Clark Buchner‘89Dr.Eugene H. BuderMr.and Mrs.Jim C. Busby‘61Robert and Mary Ann

Capocaccia‘84Ms.Colis C. Chambers‘00Dr.and Mrs.Carl M. Chando‘97Mr.John M. Chulos‘71Dr.Pamela A. CogdalDavid B. Crislip‘92Ms.Mary Lou Cushing‘67Mr.and Mrs.Robert L.

Dinkelspiel‘75Mr.and Mrs.Gene A. Dodson‘64Mr.John P. Dumire‘70Patricia and Andrew Gibson‘74Mr.Billy G. Glasgow‘75Dr.and Mrs.Henry A. Greene‘72Col. Albert C. Gross Jr.‘54James T. Guess‘89Ms.Sharon A. HarberMs.Mary E. Harvey‘72Sharon L. HayesMr.James D. Jarrett‘91Mr.and Mrs.George T. Johnson‘70Mr.Dennis W. Johnston‘72Ms.Deborah K. Keeney‘79Andrea Epstein Kerlan‘68Professor William P. KratzkeMr.Roland E. Launius‘67Ms.Carol W. Lawler

and Mr.Paul R. Lawler‘84Moira J. LoganMr.Alan M. Long‘71The Honorable

Richard P. McCully‘65Bill and Beth G. Miller‘62Ms.Glendon D. Nichols‘53Drs. Suzanne and Michael OsbornMr.Frank D. Osborne‘68Ms.Frankie Perry‘09Mr.Jerry E. Pitts‘68Mr.Phillip A. Poteet‘95The Honorable Ann L. Pugh‘75John M. Reese‘89Dr.and Mrs.Hoke RobinsonMr.and Mrs.Thad S. Rodda Jr.‘75Ms.Caroline Royal-EvansDr.S. J. Schaeffer III‘82Mr.and Mrs.Rudi E. ScheidtSr.Ms.Delaine R. Smith‘91

Josephine and Joel Stark‘86Jennifer F. Thompson‘93Mr.Louis K. Wheatley‘57Mr.W. Lewis Wood Jr.‘58Kay and Harold Yager

10-14 YearsMr.Abdeljalil K. Abdelhalim‘86Mr.Daniel F. Acciani Jr.‘70Mr.James L. Adams‘68Ruth and Larry Adams‘69Ms.Mary F. Adams‘88Dr.John B. Aday Jr.‘94Mr.and Mrs.Kenneth R. Akers‘69Mr.William F. Akin‘61Ms.Lynn M. Alberson‘85Ms.Josephine B. Allsop‘65Dr.Paula J. Amrod‘72Dr.Dot ArataDr.Charles R. Arkin‘61Dr.Beulah M. Ashbrook‘71Maj. Stephen W. Austin‘89Mary and Edward Autry‘96Ms.Nancy W. Averwater‘05Dr.and Mrs.Emin BabakusMs.Carol K. Baker‘65Ms.Dorothy C. Baker‘81Ellen and Kerry Baker‘87Ms.Elizabeth T. Banton‘77Jerry E. Barber‘65Mark I. Barnes‘84Joseph T. BarnettMr.John D. BatesNina Mayfield Beach‘57Mr.Leo BearmanJr.Mr.Donald E. Beisswanger‘71Ms.Karen A. Bell‘09Susan and Robert Benner‘76Mr.and Mrs.William B. Berry‘87Mr.and Mrs.Lodie V. Biggs III‘68Mr.and Mrs.Madan M. Birla‘82Ms.Leonora G. Bishop‘56Jennifer O. Black‘81Mr.Raymond W. Blackson‘95Dr.Christina L. Blanchard-Horan‘94Dr.William E. Blank‘70Mr.Carroll H. Bledsoe‘76Mr.Lawrence R. Boone III‘70Elizabeth S. Boswell‘62Lina and Fred Bowyer‘61Marcia R. Boyd‘68Dr.Patricia D. Brackin‘88Dr.Linda R. Brice‘73Ms.Rita J. Broadway‘83Mr.Jeffrey S. Brooks‘89Mr.Meryl C. BroussardSr.Mr.and Mrs.Bernard J. Brown Jr.‘61Ms.Lillian Hammond Brown‘69Mr.and Mrs.

Benjamin C. Bryant Jr.‘95Melissa and Clark Buchner‘89Judy and Charles Burkett‘73Mr.Ronald G. Burleson‘70Mr.Eric S. Burrage‘99Sherry and Randal Byrd‘77Mr.and Mrs.Richard W. Capon‘69Mr.James D. Carroll‘93CDR and Mrs.Wayne S. Carrozza‘80Ms.Alice M. Carruthers‘71Mr.Samuel E. Chambers‘58Steve and Joyce Cheshier‘70The Honorable Robert L. Childers

and Ms.Amy J. Amundsen‘71Ms.Barbara J. Childress‘62Ms.Sara S. Clemons‘54Mr.Charles E. Climer Jr.‘82Barbara C. Clutter‘77Ms.Anita A. Cobb‘68Dr.Lorinda B. CohoonMr.and Mrs.Robert L. co*ker Jr.‘67Dr.Barbara C. Cole‘93Mr.John M. Cole Jr.‘50Mr.and Mrs.Richard D. Coleman‘76

Mr.and Mrs.Jerry R. Collins Jr.‘75Mr.Leroy Conway III‘09Ms.Winnie P. Conway‘64Dr.Susan L. Copeland and

Mr.Rockey A. Copeland‘91Deborah and John Cothern‘70Ms.Mina M. Coy‘71Mr.Ray A. Craft‘90Mr.John R. Crane‘89Mr.Charles J. Crass‘77Mrs.Laura M. Crawley‘56Cathie and Harrel Crone‘60Ms.Katherine R. Curtis‘81Mr.and Mrs.Bobby J. Curtis‘73Ms.Peggy W. Daniel‘77Mr.Doy L. Daniels Sr.‘57Dr.Susanne B. Darnell‘70The Honorable

and Mrs.William H. Davis‘70Mr.Wheatley J. Davis Jr.‘73Ms.Tammy R. DeGroffMs.Peggy D. Derrington‘56Ms.Martha W. Ditto‘81Donna and Douglas Dixon‘84Ms.Tracy L. Dobson‘94Philip Francis Donovan‘78Dennis S. Drexler‘69Mr.and Mrs.Rodney E. Driver‘70Ms.Betty J. Dulaney‘62Ms.Delories A. Duncan‘14Drs. Randolph T.

and Elizabeth M. DupontMr.Vance Stuart DurbinMs.Patricia E. Earnest‘13Mr.Harry R. Easley‘56Dr.and Mrs.Eugene C. EcksteinJohn A. Edwards‘87Dr.James L. Ellis Jr.‘80The Honorable

George W. Emerson Jr.‘77Mr.Clarence O. Epps‘82Mr.Lawrence E. Evans‘76Marsha and John Evans‘70Mr.Robert G. Evans‘80Ms.Patsy K. Fee

and Mr.James T. Fee‘76Eddie and Gloria Felsenthal‘68Judy and Peter Felsenthal‘79Dr.Ruthbeth D. Finerman and

Dr.Ross D. SackettMr.and Mrs.Charles R.

Fitzgerald‘75Mr.Daniel L. Flatt‘85Mr.David B. Fleisher‘70Ms.Marilyn C. Fleming‘83Mr.Steven S. Foss‘67Ms.Dorothy S. Frady‘79Dr.Harry A. Frank‘72Mr.William O. Frazier III‘00Mr.James W. Freeman‘63Elise and Michael FrickMs.Sandra P. Friedlander‘90Dr.Carol S. FruchtmanAnonymous Donor‘89Dr.T. Kent GartnerLeesa and Pat Gavin‘87Ms.Patricia Gentry‘75Dr.Thomas C. GettelfingerJames R. Giandina‘61Dr.and Mrs.James W.

Gieselmann‘72Ms.Jane D. Gillespie‘92Mr.Victor F. Giusti‘70The Glassman Family‘69Mr.Thomas L. Glover‘71Marilyn and Stewart Gloyer‘84Mr.J. Waldon Gooch‘72Ms.Stephany L. Goodnight‘93Mickey G. Granger‘68Ms.Elizabeth M. Grant‘83Ms.Virginia C. Green‘92Dr.and Mrs.Frederick G. Grieve‘94Donna and Ronny Grisham‘89

Mr.Peter C. GroenendykMr.Michael J. Grommersch‘72Ms.Pamela M. Guasco‘76Drs. Paul Rabe

and Cheryl Gunter‘79Ms.Jacquelyn C. Haas‘72Ms.Ann M. Hall‘82Mr.Charles A. Hall‘60Mr.Robert L. Hamilton Jr.‘79Mr.and Mrs.David G. Hampton‘75Dr.and Mrs.

Michael H. Hamrick Sr.‘66Ms.Sandra Durrett Harris‘67Mr.Gerard L. Harts‘78Mr.Robert E. Harvey‘81Ms.Tammy Hedges

and Mr.Jim GreenMs.Verlinda J. Henning‘07Mr.Steven M. Heye‘79Ms.Anna B. Hilger‘64Sammie HinesMs.Jane W. Hobson‘82Dr.and Mrs.John I. HochsteinMr.Walter F. Hoehn‘78Dr.Gina S. Hogue‘97Cheri and Steve Holmes‘89Ms.Kitty P. Hopkins‘72Mr.and Mrs.Jerry R. Hornsby‘56Ms.Carolyn L. Hunter‘78Mr.and Mrs.Harold N. Hurst‘64Mr.Roger D. Iles‘97Ms.Mary L. Incardona‘80Susan E. and Frank Inman Jr.‘75Dr.Stephanie S.

and Mr.Charles B. Ivey Jr.‘96Mr.Micheal E. Jackson‘74Ms.Ginger R. Jamison‘77Dr.and Mrs.Brian D. JanzJeriann and Billy Jeffries‘83Dr.Christine X. JiangAmy and Vaughn Johnson‘92Dr.Diane M. Johnson‘75Mr.James S. Johnson‘66Julie A. JohnsonMs.Karen S. Johnson‘67Mr.Marvin Johnson‘91Mr.Michael R. JohnsonCarol A. Johnson Bishop‘77Penny and Charles Jones‘70Wanda and Donald Jones‘58Mr.William H. Jones‘72Brian A. Juengling‘80Dr.Alina F. Jukkola‘71Mr.Kenneth R. Kane‘81Mr.Jim Kastner‘70Ms.Denise Gay Keeney‘79Rev. Harvey L. Kelley‘74Ms.Heidi A. Kendall‘92Thomas and Jane Keough‘60Mr.and Mrs.Kendall M. Keuter‘87Mr.and Mrs.Robert S. King‘77Joe and Ronni Kirsch‘70Dr.Alan R. Kolski‘81Mr.Shobhan Koneru‘99Mr.Richard Kozel‘71Ms.Betty C. Krone‘75Dr.Henry A. Kurtz

and Dr.Bette AckermanMeta and Albert LaabsMs.Wight F. Laminack‘80Ms.Kim F. Lane‘81Mr.Richard M. Lane‘72Mr.John Montgomery Lannom‘78Dr.Mohamed LaradjiMr.and Mrs.J. B. Latimer‘52Ms.Connie S. Lawrence‘65Mr.John T. Lawrence Jr.‘70Linda and Craig Leake‘66Ms.Lora L. Leonard‘63Dr.and Mrs.W. Mike Leppert‘77Mr.John W. Lewallen Jr.‘75Dr.Nancy B. Lillie‘91K. C. and Lorrean Lim‘89

2015 UofM Honor Roll of Donors - [PDF Document] (30)


Dr.Sandra P. Lipman* and Mr.Clifton M. Lipman*‘65

The Honorable Sheri LipmanMs.Janyth B. Littrell‘67Mr.and Mrs.H. Thomas Lloyd‘67George and Elizabeth Lofton‘68Mr.Michael S. Long‘66Dr.Timothy E. Long‘82Mr.John H. Lovelady‘53Ms.Judy Kincaid Loy‘67Jamie and Rue Luter‘72Mr.Floyd Lyons‘89Mr.Harry H. Malkin‘68Dr.John L. Malone‘66Elfredda B. Mann‘64Ricky L. Marley‘82Ms.Mikay M. Martin‘66Mr.and Mrs.Thomas L.

Maschmeyer Jr.‘84Ms.Judith E. Masel‘97Ms.Earline T. MatthewsDr.Brad McAdonMr.and Mrs.Evans McCaul‘52Ms.Iva Katherine McCutchen‘67Glenda Huey McDaniel‘59Mr.J. Lawrence McDaniel‘72Jean and Robert McIvorMr.and Mrs.

William R. McKelvy Jr.‘95Mr.Randolph M. McKinna‘72Ms.Barbara C. McMahon‘59Mr.Ronald B. McSwain‘61Ms.Tina B. McWhorter‘74Ms.Sherry K. Meeks‘67Ms.Susan D. Mikell‘12Mr.Bobby J. Miles‘73Mr.and Mrs.Danny R. Mohundro‘77Ms.Barbara A. Moore‘69Ms.Paula Hearn Moore‘93Dr.and Mrs.William R. Moore‘78Ms.Judith M. Morell‘80Ms.Marilyn F. Morgan‘89Mr.William J. Morris‘63Rev. Judd A. Mowery‘81Ms.Christine B. Munson‘79Marianne C. Mussett‘72Phillip Julie and Kelli Neal‘89Ms.Alice T. Neel‘41Mr.Gregory S. Nelson‘88Ms.Ida Hill Nelson‘74Ms.Laura K. Nelson‘74Ms.Jacquelyn J. Nerren‘76Mr.Paul Nickell‘79Mr.Marcus A. Noel‘77Ms.Frances C. Norton‘74Ms.Mary Pierce Norton‘75Marilyn and Herbert Notowich*‘54Anonymous Donor‘64Mr.and Mrs.David O’Brien‘77Dr.D. Kim OllerMs.Sarah G. O’Neal‘68Eunice and Edward OrdmanAdele and Melvin Orlansky‘67James E. Outlaw Jr.‘92Beverly J. Overton‘85Mr.Harold E. Owen Jr.‘81Mr.and Mrs.James A. Owen‘75Mr.Larry W. PapasanPhyllis and Charles Parker‘64Mr.Thomas M. Parzinger‘91Mr.Kevin G. Patterson‘80Mr.Harry A. Paulk‘60Ms.Carla A.

and Dr.John H. Peacher Ryan*‘78Mr.Gregory J. Pease‘04Dr.Barbara L. Peery‘82Richard and Pamela Perkins‘75Mr.Stephen F. Perlowski‘71Austin C. Perry‘66Ms.Mary M. Perry‘89Ms.Marcia A. Petty‘72Lauren and William Pickens‘86Ms.Kate D. Pigue‘65

Phillip Landon Pinkston‘95Mr.Robert V. Pirani‘88Mr.Steven T. Pittman‘76Mr.Max A. Piwonka‘85Susan and Scott Plunkett‘85Mr.and Mrs.Wayne A. Podgorski‘80Dr.Susan L. PophamDr.Robin S. PostonMs.Louvenia H. Powell‘68Mr.Paul E. Prather‘79Mr.Thomas B. PrestonMr.W. Richard Price‘71Mr.and Mrs.Howard P. Pritchard‘93Mr.Morris N. Proctor‘82John L. Prudhomme‘82Mr.Glynn G. Raby Jr.‘46Lisa R. Ragghianti‘77Ms.Bonnie B. Ragland‘75Dr.Shirley C. Raines

and Dr.Robert J. CanadyDr.Ernest A.

and Mrs.Jeanine H. Rakow‘94Mr.Thomas R. Rankin‘54Emilie G. Ratner‘77Mr.Paul J. Reimold‘76Mr.Charles A. Remaklus III‘69Mr.and Mrs.William H. Rice Sr.‘60Ms.Martha Martin Richards‘62Dr.Malcolm L. Richardson‘70Mr.and Mrs.

Merle J. Richardson Jr.‘72Mr.Raymond J. Ricossa Sr.‘58Dr.Ona Z. Riggin‘76Sandy and Webster RiggsMs.Geraline Rixter‘90Debbie and Mike Robb‘75Mr.Terry A. Robertson‘87Anne and John Robilio‘68Ms.Rebecca L. Roche‘66Dr.Norma P. Rogers‘73Mr.and Mrs.B. Wayne

Romesburg‘96James and Theta Rone‘61Shelli and Sheldon Rosengarten‘70Ms.Melpha RossAnonymous Donor‘03Mr.and Mrs.

Michael Ross-Spang‘78Ms.Laura Rowland‘84Mike Russell‘75Ms.Claire L. Rychlak‘83Ms.Jeanette M. Saino‘73Mr.and Mrs.J. Eugene Scanlon

Jr.‘63Mr.and Mrs.

William C. Schadrack III‘74Dr.Chrisann Schiro-Geist and

Mr.John J. ConwaySr.Mr.and Mrs.Donald W. Scobey‘74Ms.Judy M. Sebelius‘91Don and Jerrie Seiler‘74Ms.Patricia C. Sexton‘68Frances and Robert ShannonJr.Ms.Mary L. Sharp‘92Ms.Margaret S. Sheft‘60Elizabeth and Larry Shelton‘86Sylvia and Paul Sherman‘62Dr.Sajjan G. ShivaMr.and Mrs.Ted A. Showalter Jr.‘91Mr.and Mrs.Calvin E. Shuster‘82Mary F. Sidney‘67Mr.and Mrs.Charles R.

Simmons‘80Ms.Stephanie A. Simpson‘97Randy P. and Tona Jackson

Simpson‘88John A. Sims‘79Ms.Barbara L. Smith‘98Ms.Jeanette G. SmithMr.Kenneth M. Smith‘79Mark S. Smith‘74Mr.and Mrs.Robert L. Smith Jr.‘87Wendy Geurin

and Michael D. Smith‘91Ms.Catherine R. Smythe‘00Jim and Janice Sorsby‘71Ms.Rita T. SparksMs.Sheryl T. Spence‘86Ms.Suzanne K. Spiceland‘94Ms.M. Gail Spruill‘63Anonymous Donor‘55Dr.Louis Charles Stagg and

Mrs.Mary Casner StaggDr.Jon C. Stanford‘76Ms.Andrea Stark‘75Catherine H. Stark‘82Mr.and Mrs.Dougley E. Stewart‘70Dr.and Mrs.Ronald C. Stewart‘65Ms.Dorothy A. Stockdale‘74Mr.Charles E. Stone Jr.‘63Dr.Joyce D. Stone‘71Mr.and Mrs.Robert A. Svoboda‘79Jay and Marci Sweeney‘73Dr.and Mrs.Stephen E. TabachnickMr.and Mrs.Charles G. Tackett‘83Mr.Rickie A. Tankersley‘74Ms.Gertrude Tara-Casciano‘87Mr.Joseph H. Tate‘77Mr.Gerald J. Taylor‘78Mr.Mark H. Taylor‘97Mr.William Hal Taylor‘59Charles F. Teamer‘72Ms.Elizabeth R. Thompson‘62Dr.William J. ThompsonMr.Jack W. Tipton Jr.‘74David M. Townley‘87Mr.Roy G. Trafton‘74Ms.Vyonne L. Trusdale‘78Dr.Cynthia G. Tucker

and Dr.David M. TuckerMs.Doris C. Tunstall‘82Ms.Lorene G. Turkalo‘76Ms.Debra M. Turner‘14Dale and Joyce Underwood‘70Donald and Lynda Valdez‘68Ms.Sandra B. Van Velsor‘66Ms.Wanda L. Vickery‘69Ms.Marjorie M. Vincent‘70Bonnie and Kurt Voldeng‘89Dr.William L. Wallace‘71Dr.Jane Walters‘61Mr.and Mrs.James D.

Wanderstock‘70Dr.Yongmei WangCol. and Mrs.Floyd E. Ward Jr.‘66Ms.Carol S. Warren‘75Dr.Louise W. Watkins‘56Mr.Raymond H. Weatherly‘50Jo Lynn and William Webb‘69Ms.Doris D. Webster‘70Ms.Susan D. Weis‘81Mr.and Mrs.Craig L. Weiss‘00Dorothy and Herbert Wells Jr.‘93Ms.Bettie C. Welsh‘63Loren A. Wenzel Ph.D.‘90Mr.Charles H. Wexler‘56Robert E. (Bobby) Wharton Jr.‘75Dr.David E. Wheat‘73Ms.T. C. White Jr.‘79Mr.Stephen Dennis White‘68David T. Whitefield‘68Mr.and Mrs.Stanley C.

Wildeboer‘72Dr.Dwight A. Williams Jr.‘62Mr.J. Len Williams‘76Ms.Julia S. Williams‘78Ms.Linda S. Williams‘95Dr.Marshall V. Williams Jr.‘70Sharon and Robert H.

Williams Jr.‘80Mr.Leonard J. Wiseman Jr.‘79Dr.Mitchell M. WithersMr.and Mrs.John Q. Wofford‘67Bill and Elaine Woods‘76Mr.R. L. (Woodie) Woodward‘63Mr.David S. Work‘78

Mr.Joel J. Wright‘87Ms.Sarah H. Wright‘69Ms.Jimmie A. Wyatt‘62Mr.William B. Wylie‘69Louise C. Yarwood‘60Mr.Robert W. Yates‘68Mr.David A. Young‘98Ms.Elizabeth J. Young‘70Mandy and Stephen Young‘94Mr.Donald L. Zlotky‘63

5-9 YearsMr.Robert P. AbbottMs.Glenda P. Abernathy‘87Mr.Ron AbernathyMr.and Mrs.T. Robert Abney‘70Ms.Valerie L. Adair‘89Mr.Andrew Adams‘06Mr.and Mrs.James W. Adams Jr.‘64Kevin D. Adams‘06Mr.Larry L. Adams‘74Lawrence H. AdamsJr.Mr.Michael B. Adams‘03Dr.M. Brent AddingtonMr.James R. AdkinsLesley and Jay Adkins‘99JoAnn and Justin Adler‘73Ms.Patricia Lunn Adsit‘80Ms.Gwendolyn H. AhlemanDr.and Mrs.William L. Akey‘06Jeffrie L. Akins‘79Mr.Andrew F. Albert‘80Ms.Marilyn Albert‘08Mr.Marcus H. Albright‘09Marilyn and Don Alexander‘61Mr.and Mrs.Harold B. Alexander‘71Mr.and Mrs.William R.

Alexander‘93Mr.Lynn C. Alford‘74Ms.Alice Cartwright Allen‘75Mr.Edward J. Alrutz‘75Ms.Patricia A. Baggett‘78Ms.Marilyn H. Andereck‘50Mr.Andrew J. Anderson‘68Barbara A. AndersonMs.Joyce B. Anderson‘85Ms.Katherine M. Anderson‘88Mike Anderson‘14Ms.Roberta T. Anderson‘80Mr.Ruble E. AndersonMs.Stephanie S. Anderson‘98Mr.John D. AndreuccettiMr.and Mrs.Jack AnthonyMs.Eleanor E. ApplingMr.and Mrs.James D. ApplingAshley and Timothy Argo‘98Ms.Susan P. ArmacostB. F. ArmstrongMr.Kenny W. ArmstrongDr.Philip M. AronoffMr.Russell L. Artz‘79Mr.Byron AshbyJimmie F. Atkins‘70Ms.Elaine V. Atkinson‘73Mr.Jeffrey K. Autry

and Ms.Beth K. Autry‘85Ms.Mary Ashli Avis‘98Mr.Vernon H. Bacon‘70Le Ann and Richard BadourElizabeth and John R. BaertelsJanice and Dennis BaileyDebbie and Kirk Bailey‘77Mr.Matthew S. Bailey‘02Mr.and Mrs.Scott BaileyBill and Sandra Bailey‘78Drs. Daniel and Abby BakerMr.and Mrs.Jerry M. Baker‘68Mr.and Mrs.Lonnie M. BakerMs.Wattine BakerJohn and Rebecca BakkeMr.and Mrs.Matthew BakkeMr.John E. BallardTracy and Stephen Balton‘76Mr.Thomas E. Banning‘85Mr.Benjamin T. Barber‘08Donald O. Barber‘83Dr.and Mrs.Melvin C. Barber III‘58Mr.Louis D. Barbieri‘81Julie and Arpad Bardos‘86Mr.and Mrs.Steven L. Bargiacchi‘81Deborah and Robert Barksdale‘71Lt. Col. Lorraine Barlett‘83Ms.Nan Barlow‘84Ms.Beth A. Barnes‘86

2015 UofM Honor Roll of Donors - [PDF Document] (31)


Patricia W. Barnes‘94Ms.Claire Barnett‘85Ms.Martha H. Barta‘67Mr.and Mrs.David W. Bartlett‘80Wanda and John BarzizzaMr.and Mrs.Greg G. Basye‘81Ms.Anita BeachamDr.Daniel S. Beasley and

Ms.Stephanie S. Beasley‘80Ms.Linda Childress Beckham‘68Ms.Lee Ann Beckwith‘81Mr.J. Benedict BeerSr.Dr.Barbara K. Bekis‘95Mr.Tim BeltonMs.Martha J. Bennett‘73Diane N. BensonNancy and Charles Benton‘76Mr.and Mrs.Joseph W. BiggersMs.Krystal J. Billings‘98Dorothy and Stanley BilskyMr.and Mrs.Steven F. Bilsky‘73Mr.and Mrs.Chris Bird‘94Mr.and Mrs.Tim BishopBarbara and Alan BisnoMr.Charles D. Black Jr. and

Ms.Anita A. Black‘74Mr.and Mrs.Robert C. Black‘72Ms.Patricia B.*

and Mr.Donald A. Blackard*‘67Mr.and Mrs.Hugh W. Blackard‘63Carolyn and David Blackburn‘72Mr.and Mrs.Robert L. Blackwell‘70Mr.and Mrs.John W. BlackwellKathy Pyrdam‘96Mr.Jack R. BlairDr.Stephanie BlaisdellMs.Carolyn A. Blakney‘64Nancy A. BlandTimothy S. Bland‘89Dr.Bryna BobickMs.Paula K. Boehme‘73Mr.James H. Bollwerk‘86Mr.and Mrs.Gregory A. Bologna‘89Mr.Walter A. Bolton‘66Ms.Barbara BondDr.Beverly G. Bond and

Mr.Geraldus Bond‘96Mr.Joseph T. Bond‘98Linda and George Bond‘68Carmen and Matthew Bond‘84Tina BoundsMr.and Mrs.Jettie D. BowenJr.Mr.Bobby L. BowersMs.Kimberly R. Bowman‘85Courtney and Tommy Bowman‘90Rikki and Bill Boyce‘74Shatesha J. BoyceWinifred and Larry Boyd‘75Terri and Mark Boyd‘82Susan McCoy Boyd‘90Joe BrackettAnonymous DonorMs.Ruthie S. Bradley‘97Ms.Katherine T. Bradshaw‘97Dr.J. Hays Brantley

and Mrs.Judith S. Brantley‘72Mr.and Mrs.Russell G. Brasfield‘00Mr.Raymond A.+ and Mrs.Maxine

Ritchey Bratcher+Pierre and Maria BreberMs.Carolyn H. BridgesMr.David A. Bridges‘93Ms.Jo Shaw Bridges‘61Dr.Peter K. BridsonDr.Bonnie O. Briggs‘90Mr.and Mrs.Louis P. Britt III‘74Mr.Robert E. Brittain‘70Mr.Stanley E. Broadway‘04Dr.Keri V. BrondoGlenda and John Brooks‘68Dr.and Mrs.Lloyd D. BrooksMs.Sandra W. Brooks‘87Nicki Baker

Craig M. Brown‘82Mr.and Mrs.Frank G. Brown‘76Mr.and Mrs.Paul W. Brown‘68Gloria and Robert BrownMr.and Mrs Roger L. BrownMr.and Mrs.Rudy B. BrownMs.Sarah L. Brown‘88Michael D. BrowneMs.Janis B. BrownleeDr.and Mrs.Ray E. Bruce‘55Mr.Paul L. Brundige‘69Marian and Michael BrunsSherry Bryan and Michael Hagge‘80Mr.Charles H. BryantJanice and Michael Bryant‘75Mr.Paul E. Bryant Jr.‘67Ms.Patricia A. BryceMs.Elizabeth S. BuckDavid M. Buford‘86Mr.John B. BufordDr.Joel D. BumgardnerLarry and Angela BunchDaniel and Amanda BureauMr.Donald W. Burkett‘76AnonymousBelinda and Robert Burns‘91Mr.Marvin J. Burns‘69Claire and Eugene Bursi‘79Jerome and Marsha BurtMr.and Mrs.William M. Busby‘79Ms.Gloria Butler‘99Joe and Constance ButtsGary and Cindy Byars HMI ElectricMs.Mary L. Caldwell‘85Mr.Michael J. Caldwell‘00Ms.Bette R. Callow‘70Mr.John H. Callow‘75Gina and Kevin Campbell‘83Dr.William L. Campbell‘62Alberto CandelariaMr.John A. Canfield Jr.‘95Dr.Michael P. CannitoMr.Jack B. CannonAnonymous‘78Mr.Jeff A. CantorThe Dana Capocaccia Family‘84Mr.and Mrs.John J. Capocaccia‘86Mr.and Mrs.Thomas J. Capon‘70Mr.and Mrs.Murry J. Card Sr.‘55Patty and Bill Carkeet‘71Mr.and Mrs.Tommy Carls‘99Erik J. Carlson‘00Carolyn E. CarnesaleTommie L. CarneyDenise and Donald Carpenter‘76Ms.Elaine T. Carroll‘84Mr.Hunter Carruthers‘75Ms.Anne C. Carter‘64Ms.Ossie W. Carter‘69Roy L. CarterJr.Mr.Stephen D. Carter‘75Mr.Thomas L. Carter‘74AnonymousLawrence V. Casey‘95Mr.Michael CasimirPamela and Robert Castleman‘73Kathleen and Charles CatesRhonda and Dan CausieMs.Patricia F. Cavender‘64Harry CentellaMr.John J. Cergnul‘79Mr.and Mrs.Maurice Champion‘68Diane ChanceDr.Karen E. Chancellor‘80Narong and Julia ChantaraDr.and Mrs.B. Todd Chappell‘99Susan and Barry Chase‘60Dr.Jinqiu Chen‘05Ms.Julia C. McDonaldJoe T. Chew‘77Ms.Sara W. Chiego‘81Mr.Michael K. ChisamoreMr.Michael A. Chitwood‘88

Mr.Tyler K. Chow‘80Mr.Md Rezaul H. Chowdhury‘01Mr.Earl E. ChristianJr.Ms.Carolyn N. Rosson and

Mr.Leigh W. Christophersen‘73Dr.Shifei Chung‘95Mr.and Mrs.David ChurchMr.Michael S. CiaramitaroCarol and Jay ClacherJack B. ClaiborneDr.and Mrs.Raymond A.

Clapsadle‘94Robert E. Clark‘75Mr.Thomas K. ClarkeThomas W. Clarke‘90Ms.Amanda L. Clarkson‘04Dr.Joy A. ClayMr.Larry C. Clayton‘65Ms.Cheryl S. Cleaves‘66Ms.Rebecca F. Coats‘79Gene B. and Sandra T. CochranJulie and Michael CochranMr.and Mrs.William A. Cochran‘69LaRose A. CoffeyMr.and Mrs.Michael A. BlumJoanne and Robert CohenMr.and Mrs.Howard A. Cohn‘73Ms.Amelia Cole‘11Ms.Rebecca L. Coleman‘78Mr.Carey Michael Collins‘94Mr.and Mrs.David A. Collins‘62James F. Collins‘78Mr.Robert E.

and Mrs.Paula Collins‘75Mr.William P. Colston‘97Mr.and Mrs.Rick L. Colter‘73Carolyn and J. Gary Comella‘77Mr.Prachak Comkornruecha‘76Ms.Nina I. Conley‘86Dr.Robert Patrick ConnollyMr.John E. ConwayBarbara and James Cook Jr.‘86Ms.Julia A. Cook‘82Janet and Dennis CooleyMs.Diane F. Coons‘94Dr.Kathy E. Cooper‘76Mr.and Mrs.Larry J. CooperMr.Robert F. Cooper‘80Mr.Ryan S. Cooper‘05Mr.William L. Cooper III‘85Mr.and Mrs.James W. Corbitt‘66Mr.C. Michael Coscia‘73Ms.Suzanne S. CountsMr.R. James Covington Jr.‘68Ms.Angelina M. Cowles‘11Steve and Valerie CowlesMr.and Mrs.David R. Cowsert‘88Dr.C. E. CoxPamela and David CoxLisa and Jeff CoxMr.Larry D. Cox‘69Phyllis and Phillip Cox‘75Andrea and Preston Cox‘01Mr.and Mrs.Samuel D. Cox‘88Ms.Patricia H. CraddockMichael and Romelle Craig‘70Mr.and Mrs.Alan CrawfordPam and Jim Crawford‘76Ms.Mary L. Crawford‘73Mr.Stephen C. Crawford‘79Kenneth N. Crenshaw‘14Mr.Robert S. Crenshaw Jr.‘78Ms.Shirley P. CrenshawKathleen and Richard Crews‘77Mr.and Mrs.

Harry G. Crockett Jr.‘64Ms.Audrey K. Croley‘80Dr.Joe M. Cromwell‘76Mr.and Mrs.

Samuel R. Crouch Jr.‘66Ms.Annie C. Crowder‘95Ms.Susan M. Crumby‘75Mr.Charles A. Crump Sr.‘67

It was a great honor to have received the Briggs Foundation Teaching Award in 2015, the most prestigious teaching award bestowed to a faculty member at the University of Memphis. For me, the single most important quality a teacher must have is empathy. Being able to put ourselves in our students’ shoes and anticipate which concepts will be most daunting and thus require the most time and attention is paramount in being an effective instructor. Our students might choose our classes based on degree requirements; it is our challenge to inspire them to want to learn.

Douglas Campbell Fogelman College of Business & Economics, Economics Instructor

Recipient of Thomas W. Briggs Foundation’s Excellence in Teaching Awards

2015 UofM Honor Roll of Donors - [PDF Document] (32)


Dianna and Edward CrumplerMr.Victor M. Cruz‘06Mr.Thomas J. Cullen Jr.‘84Linda Payne Cullum‘68Lawson Culver‘02Sheila and Roger Cunningham‘79Amy and Michael Curry‘92Mr.Charles G. CurtisMs.Joanna E. Curtis‘12Mr.and Mrs.Sheldon M. Dacus‘87Ms.Donna A. Dahlberg‘79Mr.and Mrs.Terrence P. DahlmanMr.and Mrs.Bruce K. DaileySr.Dr.V. Carol DanehowerMr.Robert E. Daniel Jr.‘71Victoria S. DanielMr.Drew Daniel‘97Dr.Paul and Ms.Elizabeth Darke‘94Mr.and Mrs.Nafe J. David Sr.‘76Glenda K. DavisJanet and Bruce DavisMr.Kelly O. Davis‘05Rita and Larry David‘93Margaret E. Davis‘77Mr.and Mrs.Keith S. Davis‘96Mr.Ronald C. Davis‘90Ms.Ruth H. Davis‘76Mr.and Mrs.Steven V. Davis‘82Mr.and Mrs.Robert T. Dawkins‘69Mr.David M. Dawson‘04Jack D. DayJr.Wanda and Ronald DayCheryl and Russell DeanMs.Judith J. DeBerry‘78Linda L. DeBerry‘98Ms.LeeAnn Fry‘76Mr.Joseph L. Deen‘76Mr.William J. Deere‘53Mr.and Mrs.Philip DeesMr.Vincent M. DeGutis‘90Dr.Hubert L. Dellinger Jr.‘54Charles A. DemastusMr.Kendall K. Demetriou‘89Mr.George S. Dendrinos‘70Dr.Pamela R. Dennis‘00Polly A. DennisonLaura and Cypriano DeSouza‘98Cheri and Darrin Devault‘93David C. Devins‘91Rita and Don DeWeeseMr.Michael A. Dexter‘08Ms.Catherine P. Dice‘89Ms.Carolyn J. Dickens‘89Sheila K. and Michael DickersonSheila and Buddy Dietz‘73Ms.Connie L. Diffee‘05Ms.Cheryl DiggsMr.Curtis L. Dillihunt

and Dr.Vivian C. Dillihunt‘72Sonia and James DilorioMs.Kathrine N. Dilts‘95Jeanne Distretti‘92Ken and Greta DixonSherman and Twyla Dixon‘65Mr.Collier DobbsMr.and Mrs.Ted B. Donaldson‘76Mr.Larry C. Donmoyer‘83Jodee and Michael Dooley‘91Mr.Thomas P. Dorian‘84Leana and David DotsonDarrell and Carol DouglasBonnie DoveMr.and Mrs.Daniel DoverMr.Michael L. Dowling‘76Mr.Robert W. DraffinCharles C. Drennon III‘81Ms.Judith A. DrescherMr.and Mrs.Michael F. Dreve‘71Ms.Helen DukeMs.Ann H. Dunavant‘65Mr.and Mrs.John D. DunavantGina and Todd Dunaway‘85Mr.Wallace L. Duncan‘83

Gill L. Duykers‘86Ms.Mary F. Dwyer‘82Mr.Charles E. Earle‘70Mr.Myron O. Eason‘82Mr.and Mrs.Harry D. East Sr.‘63Jim EasterDr.Frank D. Easterday‘63Andrea Rae EberlyMs.Jacquie L. EbertMr.Johnny Eddlemon‘77Mr.Joe H. EdmondsonMr.and Mrs.Michael J.

Edmundson‘14Mr.James C. Edrington‘80Mr.and Mrs.Franklin H. EdwardsDr.Larry R. Edwards‘72Mr.and Mrs.

Martin E. Edwards Jr.‘61Mr.Steven M. Edwards‘69Ina and Dick EisemanDr.George B. Elder‘93Valerie and John Elkington‘73Lendon and Sean EllisRita Varnado EllisLendon and Sean Ellis‘10Mr.and Mrs.Larry ElrodMr.Michael E. Elsner‘97Mr.Brian D. Emery‘87Mrs.Sue S. Enneis

and Mr.William H. Enneis Jr.‘71Mr.and Mrs.James F. ErwinJacob EstesMs.Janet Thorpe Estey‘80Dr.Hayden F. Estrada‘60Ms.Eleanor G. Eubank‘62Ms.Constance V. Evans‘74Ms.Bonnie T. Everson‘76Mr.David L. Everson‘74Dr.and Mrs.Thomas K. fa*ganAnonymous Donor‘74Dr.William D. Falvey

and Ms.Emily R. WoodsideMr.Terry A. Fann‘87Mr.Michael FarienMr.and Mrs.Pat FarleyMr.and Mrs.Jerry L. Farley‘90The Honorable David R. Farmer‘63Dr.Sammy L. Felton‘82Mr.Geoffrey T. Fenlong‘07Ben and Ginger FergusonBobbie and David FerraroMs.Janet Y. FerrellDr.James E. FickleDr.Curt Fields Jr.‘72Ms.Marie D. FienupMr.and Mrs.

Christopher K. Finch‘96LaVonne W. Finley‘63Kent D. FisherDr.J. Timothy Fite‘76Mr.Joseph G. Fitzgerald‘00Ms.Janice C. FitzpatrickJackie FleetMr.Jeffrey K. Fleishmann‘02Carol A. FlemingMr.Patrick T. FlemingMr.Michael A. Flexsenhar Jr.‘83Dr.Carl E. and Ms.Donna B. FlinnNoel and Debbie FlorendoKirby and Glenn D. Floyd‘82Dr.and Mrs.Randy G. FloydMr.Mark A. FogelmanMr.Richard L. Fogelman‘92K. C. FoldenCol. and Mrs.Elmer K. Follis Jr.‘85Mr.and Mrs.Robert W. Ford Jr.‘91Dr.Sylverna V. Ford

and Mr.Louis ParisJr.Tony and Debora ForsytheMr.Donald R. Forte‘75Ms.Anna Karen Foutes‘74Mr.Arthur M. Fowler II‘02Debra and William Fox Jr.‘78

Dr.and Mrs.Jerry T. FranciscoDr.Adrienne K. Franklin‘07Ms.Doretha H. Franklin‘70Mr.and Mrs.Gerald A. Fratini‘72Kevin and Stacy FreemanPatricia W. French‘81Melba and Thomas Fristick Jr.‘67Ms.Dianne B. FryDr.Alice M. Frye‘73Ms.Joan H. Fullwood‘81Brenda and Warren Funk‘71Ms.J. Lynette Gabryluk‘70David T. Gadd‘67Geoffrey G. Gaia‘90Mr.Ricco E. Gaia‘71David H. Gaines Jr.‘87Deborah L. GallowayKeith A. Gambill‘95Mr.Subramaniam Ganesan‘78Mr.Robert S. Ganong‘76Anne and Robert Gardino‘74Maj. Gen. Donald R.

Gardner, USMC (Ret)‘60Gary and Elizabeth (Boo) GardoMr.Lanier E. GarlandJr.Tommy GarnerMr.and Mrs.Frank W. Garrett‘92Ms.Charla Garrison‘88Mr.Joseph P. Garrone‘84Mr.Jackie N. Gatlin‘83Suzanne and Bob Gehringer‘83Dr.Monty H. Gerbush‘70Dr.Edward L. Giaroli‘84Andrew B. Gibson II‘01Mr.Eric GibsonMr.Gordon L. Gilbert‘51Mr.Robert J. Gildea Jr.‘78Mr.Scott C. Giles‘91Mark L. GillensonMr.and Mrs.John A. Gilmer‘87Mr.Billy M. Gipson‘77Dotty and Jim GiustiMr.Andy Glancy‘94Mr.and Mrs.Howard GlatsteinMr.and Mrs.Jeffery S. Glatstein‘95Mr.Benjamin H. Gleason‘98Ms.Joyce H. Glenn‘59Billy and Nancy GlidewellMs.Betty E. Godbold‘70Mr.Raymond L. GodmanMr.Ron GoforthMs.Deborah K. Golden‘82Chancellor and

Mrs.Arnold B. Goldin‘74Mr.and Mrs.Michael GoldsteinMs.Katherine J. GoliverMr.and Mrs.James C. Good Jr.‘68Gwen G. JonesMr.Harold GossettMr.and Mrs.Eric S. Gould‘93Katherine GouldMr.and Mrs.Spencer GowenJerrold J. GraberWil Grace‘72Annie H. Graham‘77Sage and Randy Graham‘95Ms.Teresa B. GrammMs.Dorothy M. GreaneySheri and Donald Grear‘86Cindy and Tom GreavesDan and Betty GreenMr.and Mrs.Wallace W. Green‘97Mr.Yancey Green‘68Mr.Sean Christopher Green‘89Mr.and Mrs.Steve A. Green‘81Mr.Travis D. Green‘09Roy GreenbergMr.Michael D. GreeneAnonymousMr.Randall GreensladeMs.Nancy L. Greenwalt‘90Mr.Rocky A. Gresham‘03Mr.and Mrs.John W. Griggs‘77

2015 UofM Honor Roll of Donors - [PDF Document] (33)


Mr.Phillip K. GriggsDonald GronauerMr.and Mrs.

Carl W. Gruenewald II‘54Mr.and Mrs.

Carl W. Gruenewald II‘55Ms.Sharon F. Guffin‘86Mr.Maurice K. Guinn‘77Mr.and Mrs.Richard E. GuizloJr.Dr.Lawrence J. Gulde‘80Ms.Dorris Shelton Gulley‘86Mr.and Mrs.John C. Gurney‘94Mr.David T. Guyton Jr.‘55Sherry Bryan and Michael Hagge‘82Ms.Candace HalbrookMr.and Mrs.Gaylon S. Hall‘83Mr.James V. HallMs.Kelley J. Hall‘93Sheila and Robert Hall‘65Ms.Rose S. Hall‘80Mr.and Mrs.David L. Hamblen‘83Helen and Charles HamiltonMark W. HamiltonGladys and Ralph Hamilton‘65Damra and Rodney Hammack‘69Mr.Christopher C. Hamman‘01Gilbert A. Hammond‘93Ms.Heather C. Hampton‘05Mr.Richard T. Handwerker‘71Randy and Trina HanksLewis M. Hansen‘87Mr.and Mrs.Ronald L. Hansen‘82Mr.and Mrs.David HansenMr.and Mrs.Bruce

and Allison Harber‘91Mr.James B. Harber‘74Dr.Jerry L. Harber‘65Judy and Jerry Harber‘74CDR and Mrs.Michael S. Harber‘89Mrs.Ann F. Harbor‘89Dr.Heiko HarborthElizabeth and Gary Harder‘72Louise and Barry Hardin‘75Mr.Randle D. Hardin‘80Neil HarkavyMr.Michael Harless‘66Ms.Rita G. Harman‘75Mr.Brian R. Harris Jr.‘94Margaret and Charles Harris‘74Mr.David L. Harris‘78Mr.Don Harris‘84Alice and James HarrisKenneth HarrisMr.Michael P. Harris‘01Vicki C. Harris‘80Wallace E. HarrisMrs.Tommy (Carol) HarrisonMr.Christopher R. Harrison‘96Dr.Judy A. Harrison‘96Tom HarrisonMs.Jo E. Hartline‘60Marianne R. Hartquist‘14Mr.Joseph D. Haselwood II‘99Mr.and Mrs.

J. Edward Hatcher Jr.‘72Mr.and Mrs.Harley HathawayMr.and Mrs.Steven J. Hawkins‘80Jane E. HaydenDr.Jean S. HaydenMs.Betty H. Hayes‘57Mr.Callen M. Hays‘94Mr.Homer HazelipMs.Holly B. HazlettMr.and Mrs.Steven Heinsz‘77Mr.James R. HeltonDr.Francoise Coulont Henderson‘70Carol and Roy Henderson‘80Ms.Ruth A. Henderson‘81Mr.and Mrs.Terry W. Hendrix‘07Deborah W. HernandezDr.Leigh N. HerseyAlice Pettigrew Heywood‘00Ms.Patricia W. Hickman‘85

Mr.Ralph H. Hickman‘76Mr.Wes HicksJacque and Darrell Higdon‘75Laurie and Randall

Higginbotham‘69Mr.Larry Hilbun‘57Mr.Jerome B. Hill‘91Mr.John A. Hill‘14Mr.Kenneth HillMrs.Eileen M. Hinders‘82Mr.Russell L. HinesDr.and Mrs.John I. HochsteinJan and John Hockaday‘89Mr.Roxy R. HockmanMr.and Mrs.Brian K. HoganAnn and Byron HogueCol. and Mrs.James P. Holland‘79Mr.Jim HolleyMs.Esther HollieGretchen and Lance

Hollingsworth‘95Lisa and John HollisMr.Frank C. Holloman III‘94Mr.and Mrs.Michael O. Hollowell‘12Mr.Andrew T. HolmesRose and Gary HolmesMr.Paul A. Holt‘71Mr.C. Owen HookerJane H. Hooker‘68Mr.Dennis K. HopeMs.Dorothy V. Hope‘69Ms.Mae Alice Hopkins‘55Robynn and Danny Hopkins‘02Hilda and Robert HornbeakDr.William E. Hornor‘82Mr.and Mrs.Charles E. Horton‘72Mr.Greg S. HowardMs.M. Kate Howard‘01Mr.David E. Howell Jr.‘07Mrs.Patricia A. Howerton‘68Jerry and Libby HubbardDr.and Mrs.Charles H. Hubbert‘02Ms.Ann J. HuckabaMr.and Mrs.Jason Huckelberry‘07Mr.William HudsonJr.Mr.and Mrs.Chris HuelsingMs.Betty J. HuffMr.and Mrs.Jerry HuffMr.and Mrs.C. S. HughesKeith and Patricia HuiattDr.Carolyn S. Hull-Toye‘97Ms.Annabelle Hurd‘80Ms.Virginia Brown HussMr.and Mrs.Joseph R. “Pitt” Hyde IIIDr.and Mrs.John C. Hyden Jr.‘97Dr.and Mrs.Stanley E. HylandWilliam C. Irby Jr.‘86J. Patrick Ireland‘89Mr.James T. Irvine‘85Carol and Richard IrwinLynn and Don IrwinMs.Lauren E. Isaacman‘01Jeri and Allen IsraelDr.Kenneth J. Israel‘81Mr.and Mrs.Michael T. Jack‘83Mr.Alan JacksonMr.Correll R. Jackson Jr.‘90Ms.Geneva C. Jackson‘98Mr.Jimmy D. Jackson‘73Mr.and Mrs.Jason Jackson‘92Mr.Gary T. JaehnenSakshi and Pankaj JainMs.Melanie A. JamesMr.Chris JamesonPat and Steve Jameson‘83Valerie and Dean JamesonMr.Don S. JamisonDr.Linda JarmulowiczDrs. Terrence R. Tiersch

and Jill A. Jenkins‘91Ms.Pamela J. JenkinsDr.and Mrs.Gerald R. JerkinsMr.and Mrs.Jerry Jeter

Ms.Karen H. Jetton‘72Jane and Gary Jewel‘70Dr.Chunrong JiaShirley and Samuel Jobe‘80Anonymous Donor‘88Dr.and Mrs.David A. Johnson‘67Ms.Helen R. Johnson‘88Dr.James T. Johnson‘66Mr.Jhan D. JohnsonMr.Larry W. JohnsonMichael C. JohnsonDr.Sigurd H. Johnson‘99Dr.Warren S. Johnson‘79Ms.Christie E. Johnston‘02Mr.Michael Burnett Joiner‘09Mr.Charles T. Jones‘96Mr.Dean C. Jones‘88Ms.Doris A. JonesDorothy G. ShieldsTraci and Chris Jones‘92Dr.Joseph JonesKrystina and Quincy Jones‘09Mr.and Mrs.Robert C. JonesDr.and Mrs.R. Riley JonesMr.and Mrs.Bryan JordanMr.and Mrs.Donald L. Jordan Jr.‘14Elise and Richard Jordan‘86Mr.Odell Jordan‘78Kim and Charles Josh‘87Ms.Kathy Junkin‘68Brenda L. Justus‘73Mr.Bruce M. KahnMr.John R. KalbRoy A. KaminskyMr.Lenny KaplanMr.Randy KarchmerMs.Dorothy S. Katoe‘77Dr.Satish K. KediaHugh L. Keenan Jr.‘64Mr.and Mrs.Michael E. Keeney‘88Mr.Dale F. KehrMr.Kevin J. KelleyMr.and Mrs.Christopher J. KellyMs.Janice B. Kennedy‘74Lisa L. Kennedy

and Jonathan P. McCauley‘89Robert L. Kennedy‘83Mr.Thomas G. Kennon III‘74Mr.and Mrs.Terry Kennon‘69Ms.Angeline F. Kern‘62Mr.and Mrs.Fred KernDr.William J. KettingerMs.Jennifer H. Kettler‘01Ms.Deborah K. Kinard‘76Mr.and Mrs.Jim KingMr.Larry S. King‘77Ms.Patricia C. King‘88Mr.Jason M. Kirk‘10Mr.and Mrs.Lloyd C. KirklandJr.Mr.and Mrs.Michael J. Kissell‘72Mr.and Mrs.J. Nicholas Klein III‘76Mr.and Mrs.James A. Kleiser Jr.‘63Dr.Lisa M. Klesges‘91Paul M. Klinck‘75Ms.Margaret C. Knack‘89Jerry D. KnaussMr.and Mrs.

Charles W. Knight Sr.‘63Mr.and Mrs.Clark E. Knight‘90Ms.Judith D. KnightMs.Julie D. Knight‘97Steve KnottMr.David R. Kopald‘82Mr.Sidney W. Kornegay‘71Becky and Wes Kraker‘85Dr.Roberta H. Krapels‘93Mr.Robert H. Krauch Jr.‘75Mr.Martin R. Kriger‘75Mr.Sidney KrigerMr.John E. Kruger‘74Mr.Kevin KrumreyScott W. Kunkel, Ph.D.‘74Roberta and David Kustoff‘89

Mr.Jerome R. Kutliroff‘08Katherine and Robert KyleMargaret and James Lackie‘76Iris and Bill LaGrone‘91Mr.Michael J. Lahaie‘02Brent LairdMr.K. C. Lam‘76Rebecca and John Lamar‘83Ms.Nicki W. Lamar‘65Mr.and Mrs.Milton A. LambDianne Lambert-ChesterMr.William J. Lamkin‘73Mr.Reed LandauCarol and Paul Laney‘96Ms.Donna LaRiviereJudith C. Larson‘65Sarah and Alex Laskaris‘73Bettye and Howard Lasley‘70Dr.Justin T. Lawhead‘13Sheila and James Lawrimore‘70Mr.Joseph A. Lawson‘72Bryan D. Lawton‘89Mr.and Mrs.Stuart J. LazarovMs.Dorothy S. LeathMr.James R. LeathMr.and Mrs.Kevin D. Ledford‘86Mr.Scott LedfordSharon and Kenneth Lee‘84Mr.and Mrs.Brian F. Leith‘01Dr.Richard S. Lemler‘80Benny O. Lendermon III‘75Jo Ann and Kenneth LenoirJo Ann and Kenneth Lenoir‘67Cynthia and Bob Leopold‘75Mr.Michael I. Less‘72Dr.and Mrs.Donald L. Lester‘90Patricia and Lee LesterDrs. Marvin and Kris LeventhalAnonymous Donor‘78Dr.Marian C. LevyMr.Buddy LewisMr.and Mrs.Hal F. LewisJoseph M. Lewis‘98Stephen B. Lewis‘99Dr.Rao Li‘99Dr.Yuhua LiMr.and Mrs.Ira J. LichtermanMs.Gerlene S. Lifer‘55Mr.Andrew Loy Lilley‘54Mr.Tarit Lim‘98Dr.Timothy F. Linder‘78Dr.Angela LinkDrs. Laura and Eric LinkMr.Daniel M. Linton Jr.‘95Ms.Rhoda LintonBarbara and Ira A. LipmanDr.J. Kenneth Lipner‘66Jim and Joanne Lippy‘70Lester F. Lit‘68Dr.Melvin LitchJr.Mr.Billy R. Little‘91Mr.Lavaire LockhartMr.Robert S. Loeb Jr.‘74Mr.Leslie M. Loeffel‘79Mr.and Mrs.William I. LoewenbergMs.Jan Cates Lofton‘82Gordon A. Lohnes Jr.‘87Janice and Miller Loosier‘71Bobbie and Bill LovelaceDr.Miles H. Lovelace‘61Mr.Steven L. Lovelace‘73Dr.Al. S. Lovvorn‘02Robbie D. Lowery‘89Mr.and Mrs.Jimmy R. Lowrey‘61Mr.Ernie LubianiMr.and Mrs.Joseph A. Lucchesi

III‘90Mr.David LuechauerElizabeth and Christopher Luhrs‘72Ms.Deborah B. Lupia‘86Mr.Christopher C. LurryMr.John W. Luther Sr.‘64Ms.Judith A. Luther‘86

Ms.Glynda P. Luttman‘82Mr.Stephen Luttmann‘81Ms.Jan C. Luxton‘92Ms.Annie L. Lynch‘75Paula and Richard Lynch‘74Dr.Douglas M. MacgawWilliam H. Maclin‘90B. B. MacPhail, Esq.‘78Mr.and Mrs.Wallace C.

Madewell‘64Mary D. Maduska‘87Mr.and Mrs.James A. MaglioSr.Mr.Keith A. Mahal‘65Mr.and Mrs.Jerome B. MakowskyDr.and Mrs.John M. MalloyMr.Dwight H. Malone Jr.‘60Mr.Philip E. Maness‘83Martha G. Manley‘77Mr.and Mrs.Paul

and Linda Mann‘70Dr.Walter H. ManningDr.Weber W. Manning‘71Ms.Mary Mansour‘81Mary Alice Marable‘14Dr.Jeffrey G. Marchetta‘97Dr.and Mrs.Robert R. MarchiniMr.Robert F. Marek Jr.‘69Mr.Albert E. Markham III‘68Mr.and Mrs.Wade T. Markham II‘80Ms.Marva Marks‘78Mr.Scott N. Markwell‘78Mr.and Mrs.George J. MarrMr.Michael T. Marshall‘74Ms.Tatyana B. MarshallChuck and Ellen MartinMr.and Mrs.Edward MartinMarcellus MartinDr.Reginald Martin‘79Mr.Rick W. Martin‘75Thomas L. MartinMr.Richard V. Mashburn‘64Mr.Frank A. Masiello‘02Dr.Yuki MatsudaMr.Richard A. Mattox

andMrs.Nancy L. Mattox‘67Mr.and Mrs.Michael Maxwell‘89Dr.Sheryl and Mr.Mark MaxwellMs.Judy MayMr.Matthew T. May‘01Scott F. MayThomas E. Mayberry‘78Traci L. Mayer‘91Mr.Dan MayhewMr.Dennis R. Mays‘89Ms.Kimberly C. McAfeeMr.Jeff McAlexanderSusan and John McAlpin‘82Dr.Loretta H. McBride‘08Mr.James B. McBryde‘81Ms.Claudia McCarthy-PhillipsMr.Todd McCarver‘03Janet McCaskillMr.Mack E. McCaul Jr.‘83Dr.Stephen T. McClain‘95Dr.Barbara S. and Mr.W. Richard

McClanahan‘90Dr.Sue Ann McClellan‘93Trudie and Andy McClelland‘82Mr.Andrew J. McClurgMs.Lorene W. McCollins‘71Ms.Catherine B. McCollum‘89Mr.David R. McCollumAnonymousCarol and Mike McConkeyMs.Elizabeth A. McCormickMr.and Mrs.Michael P. McCormickSamuel K. McCrary‘68Mr.and Mrs.Carl McCullarMr.Floyd F. McCulloughMs.Beverly McDanielSpencer and Karimeh McDaniel‘02Malinda A. McDaniel‘74Mr.Tommy McDaniel

2015 UofM Honor Roll of Donors - [PDF Document] (34)


John D. McDonnell‘89Daphene R. McFerrenMs.Claudia L. McFerren-Jones‘94Ms.Mary McGarrh‘93Mr.Patrick L. McGarrity‘66Dr.Betty Sue McGarvey‘85Ann and Barry McGee‘68Mr.and Mrs.Dale G. McGee‘62Mr.Vince McGroryMr.Jere S. McGuffee II‘87Mr.D. G. McGuireMs.Lauren B. McHugh‘93Philip A. McIllwain‘58Mr.and Mrs.Harrison D. McIverMs.Marsha A. McKay‘02Mary Jane and Sidney McKayDr.Don H. McKee‘67Harry McKeeMr.Jimmy L. McKeeWilliam M. McKee‘70Mr.and Mrs.Rick E. McKenna‘77Mr.and Mrs.Donald H. McKinnon‘61Mr.Michael D. McKnight‘99Randy and Lisa McKnightMr.Howard M. McLain III‘04Mr.Michael McLaren and The

Honorable Diane K. VescovoMs.Toni Tate McLauren‘79Mr.Brien McMahonMr.and Mrs.Chester McMillinMs.Donna L. McNees‘64Anonymous Donor‘60Ms.Lue McNinchDr.and Mrs.Randy A.

McPherson‘93Mr.Bobby J. McVay‘98Sandra and William McWatters‘73Ruth McWhirterMs.Randy S. Meeks‘88Dr.Lisa L. Mendel

and Dr.Maurice I. MendelMs.Beverly R. MendiusDr.Brian W. Meredith‘04Cynthia and Alan Merritt‘70Joseph R. Merritt‘74Michele and Lauren Merritt‘83Mary L. Merriweather‘92Mr.Larry D. Messing Jr.‘99Ms.I. D. Meyer‘92Dr.and Mrs.Andrew W. MeyersDr.Theodore J. Meyers‘87Harvey E. Middleton‘67Mariane and Harry Miller‘80Joyce and J. Don Miller‘57Linda and James Miller‘67Elizabeth and Richard Miller‘75Ms.Catherine J. MillicanMs.Aretha R. MilliganMr.and Mrs.Patrick MindermanMr.and Mrs.Dallas L. MinnerDr.Sanjay R. MishraDr.James B. Mitchell Jr.‘89Mr.John C. Mitchell‘67Mr.and Mrs.Michael T. MitchellCarl and Jeannine MizeMr.John C. Moeschle‘75Teresa and Danny Moeschle‘94Chuck and Delia Molinski‘79Mr.Mike MolpusAngela and Stephen Montoya‘84Mr.Charles L. Moore Jr.‘73Mr.Dennis E. MooreMr.and Mrs.Jackson W. MooreMr.John H. Moore‘79Ms.Shirley P. MooreMr.Ralph MorganDr.and Mrs.Sam B. Morgan‘59D. E. MorleyMr.Scott MorrellJanet and Clark Morris‘66Mr.Norman B. Morris‘78Ms.Mary M. Morrison‘88James M. Morse Jr.‘90

Mr.and Mrs.John G. MortenDr.and Mrs.Joseph R. Morton Jr.‘57Mr.and Mrs.Donald MosbyMr.James D. Moseley‘76Jeri and Mitch Moskovitz‘92Mr.William J. Mueller‘90Ms.Vanessa A. Muldrow‘04Ms.Kathleen Mulligan‘73The Honorable Steven J. MulroyMs.Jennifer L. MurchisonMr.George M. Murphree‘67Dr.Victoria S. Murrell

and Mr.Dan H. Murrell‘93Barbara and Glen MurryMr.Mario J. Musarra‘97Mary E. Mynatt‘08Kay and John NabersMr.and Mrs.Gary Nalley‘14Dr.Aregahegn S. Negatu‘06Mr.Thomas C. Neiman‘75Mr.and Mrs.Stephen C. NelsonMs.Dorothy H. Neuf‘94William T. Neumann‘81Mr.Floyd S. Newman III‘82Ms.Sandra H. Newsom‘82Mr.Marvin W. Newsum‘78Kevin L. and Susan M. Nicholas‘82Ms.Lillian M. Nichols‘77Teresa and David Nickel‘76Ms.Laurel B. Niday‘94Mr.and Mrs.Robert C.

Niebruegge‘67Mr.Robert P. Nieman‘91Alice and Reed NishiwakiGil and Sybille NobleMr.Michael W. NolenMr.Anthony NorrisMs.Deborah A. Northcross‘75Ms.Melissa Chism Norwood‘77Mr.and Mrs.Joseph L. Nunes‘74Mr.and Mrs.Joseph L. NunesMs.Kay K. Nunnelee‘66Ms.Kathryn J. O’Bryan‘78Glenda and John O’Connor‘85Mr.Jack R. O’Kelley‘62Mr.Louis M. O’Kelly‘03Robin and Billy OrgelAnonymous‘09Ms.Terry T. O’Roark‘76Ms.Joye J. O’RourkeMr.John W. OsbyMs.Marianne J. OverallMs.Rose OwensKatharine and Gary Owens‘96Mr.and Mrs.Barry S. Paller‘79Mr.Louis W. PardueMs.Betty M. Parham‘70Mr.Billy F. Paris‘67Tammy G. ParkerMr.Keith M. Parnell‘93Ms.Janice Parran‘75Drs. Daniel and Abby BakerJosh and Kerri PastnerJay PatchenDr.Linda T. Pate‘79Dr.Mahadev R. PatilAnonymous Donor‘68Mr.Don E. Payne‘76Martha and Paul Payne‘68Mr.William H. Pearigen III‘76Ronald G. Pennington‘75Dana Sue PercerSusan and David Perdue‘63Mr.Jackson E. Perkins‘65Jacolyn and Minor Perkins‘67Ms.S. Suzanne PertlMs.Vickie H. Peters‘01Mr.John E. Petree Jr.‘971SG Douglas C. Petties (RetArmy)Mr.Charles D. PettyCharles R. Petty‘62Ms.Clara A. PettyMr.Douglas C. Petty

Ms.Lauren PeytonDr.Truc Chi T. Pham‘00Ms.Carolyn A. PhelanMr.Arville B. Phillips‘98Joyce B. PhillipsMs.Kelly N. Phillips‘03Ann and Melvin PhillipsDr.Wendell B. Phillips Jr.‘67Ms.Carolyn S. Phipps‘68Mr.Josef A. Pierce‘03Ms.Virginia PierceyMs.Jean PinkstonTony G. Pinson‘89David PinterMr.and Mrs.Raymond P. Pipkin‘70Ms.Connie Piraino‘80Mr.and Mrs.Joseph L. Pirani‘86Patricia and Ernest Pitt‘77Ms.Carolyn P. Garrett‘70Mr.Jeffrey A. Pittman‘02Charlotte and Lewis Pittman‘55Carole and Charles PlesofskyMs.Rita M. Pomtree‘96Mr.David L. Pool‘91Mr.and Mrs.Billy PostonDr.Sarah PotterRichard E. Potts‘75Jane and Charles Poulos‘00Ms.Florence Annette Powell‘83Dr.Robert W. Powell Jr.‘51Mr.Ralph A. PraterMr.Christopher G. Pratt‘95Cynthia and Malcolm Pratt‘95Michelle E. Prentice‘75Mr.and Mrs.Robert B. PrestonMr.and Mrs.David R. Price‘62Dorothy B. Kay Price‘64Mr.Forrest C.

and Mrs.Barbara T. Priddy‘60Russell R. Pridemore II‘76Mr.Bobby A. PrinceCarol and Mike PrinceCol. Ronald L. Proctor‘65Gail and Bob PruetteMs.Lunetha Y. PryorMr.Raymond A. Pullen‘03Ms.Carolyn M. Pulliam‘68Charlie and Debra PurdonMs.Susan M. Puwalski‘80Mary and Michael PyronMr.Will Quinn‘92Gus Radford‘70Mr.Andrew H. Raines‘77Johnanna and G. W. RaineyMr.David L. Rains Jr.‘70Dr.James P. RakowskiMr.and Mrs.Glenn A. Ramsey‘67Mr.Ronnie Randall‘66Ms.Emma T. Randolph‘74John R. RansonJr.William A. RaschMr.Britt F. Rast‘88Ms.Frances C. Reasons‘54Jerry W. ReedJr.Ms.Vicki W. Reed‘68Ms.Peggy G. Reeve‘85Mr.and Mrs.W. Woodson Reid‘77Ms.Tina S. Reisedge‘94Dr.Joel ReismanMr.and Mrs.Marc E. Reisman‘89Mr.and Mrs.Billy J. RenfroMr.and Mrs.Bobby S. Renfro‘86Mary Ellen and Ernie RestivoJohn and Anita Reuter‘84Mr.Heath L. Reynolds‘08Dr.Thomas A. ReynoldsMs.Barbara Rheingold-GerlickiElisabeth and Charles Rhodes‘06Ms.Julia M. RhodesMs.Mary L. Rhodes‘07Mr.and Mrs.Murry R. Riales‘79Mr.and Mrs.Lee K. Richardson‘02Ms.Hazel B. Richmond‘59

Frances and Louis RicossaGene and Bruce Riesenberg‘77Darrell and Courtney RiffeMs.Nancy R. Rigell‘95Mr.and Mrs.J. Raymond Riley Jr.‘81Mr.James M. RingelDr.Thomas B. Ripy‘74Ms.Jean RittmuellerMs.Rebecca B. Rivalto‘89Mr.E. C. RobertsonChanda L. Robinson‘02Mickey Robinson

and Catherine Ladnier‘68Michael A. Robinson‘65Ms.Tracy P. Robinson‘96Ms.Sharon A. RoehrigMr.Dennis G. RogersMr.and Mrs.Don E. Rogers‘58Mr.Jeffrey G. Rogers‘99Mr.Thomas C. Roiniotis‘77Ms.Monice J. RolandProfessor David S. RomantzLaura Howard Rosas

and Ray Rosas‘87Mr.Herschel Rosenberg‘69Ms.Rena L. Rosenberg‘92Ms.Carol Ann G. Ross‘99Mr.Jeff RothMr.James B. RothmanMr.and Mrs.Philip D. Rowell‘84Dr.Jane P. Rowlett‘89Mr.Robert E. RoyalMr.and Mrs.William B. RudnerMs.N. Janell Rudolph‘70Mr.Albert RuizDeborah and Tate RushMs.Susan Rush‘04Ms.Vicki D. Rush‘75Mr.Thomas R. Russell‘73Cheryl and Carl RutherfordDebbie and Mark Rutkowsi‘77Karen and Skeeter Rutledge‘71John and Katherine Ryan‘73Paul and Gwyn RyanIkrimah Sabalillah‘87Mr.David A. Sabatini‘85Dr.Lynda M. SagrestanoLambert K. SainLori and Edwardo Salera‘82Mr.Otha L. SamuelsJr.Ms.Katie Sandage‘80Craig J. SanderGwendolyn and Frederick SandersMr.G. Jeffrey Sanders and

Ms.Kassaundra E. Sanders‘94Mr.Realis H. Sanders‘98Ms.Susan L. Sanders‘99Keith T. Sanford‘78Mr.Joseph J. Santomero Jr.‘71Ms.Monique S. Savage‘98Michael D. Scearce II‘14Mr.and Mrs.Joseph Schaeffer‘86Mr.and Mrs.Thomas W. SchererMr.Jonathan Schmitt‘04Mr.Stephen Dale Schocke‘41Ms.Danielle K. Schonbaum‘86James Schrader‘06Margaret R. Schultz‘04Dr.Charles A. Schulz‘72Ms.Kimberly A. SchwartzMr.Ray O. Schwill IIDavid J. Scobey‘79Suzanne Potts Scobey, FNP‘08Murray and Susie Scott‘80Ms.Tara Scott Barnes‘14Ms.Thelma F. Scott‘52Mr.Arthur N. Seessel IIIMr.and Mrs.Melville J. SeesselMr.Ryan G. Seidner‘97Nancy and Joe SellersRichard Sellers

and Marifran Bustion‘73Dr.Beth Senter

Dr.William R. ShadishJr.Frances and Robert Shannon Jr.‘73Joe and Sharon Sharp‘86Mr.Curtis D. Shatley‘68Ms.Amy D. Shead‘94Ms.Annette E. Shearin‘74Ms.Lauren M. ShelleyCourtney and Archie SheltonDr.Thomas B. SheltonMs.Mary S. ShepardLouie and Linda SheppardDr.Gayle H. Shiba‘10Diane and Robert ShieldsDr.and Mrs.Stephen M.

Shiffman‘70Bill and Joy ShinaultDavid and Carole ShipmanMr.and Mrs.J. Donald Short‘79Ms.Patricia K. ShortAnn and Carl Shorter Jr.‘79Susan and Clifford Shreve‘74Dr.Cheryl Goudie Simco

and Dr.Bill A. SimcoMr.F. Joe SimiDr.Paul S. Simone Jr.‘02Mr.John J. SimonettiMs.Madeline SimonettiMrs.Kathryn Hicks Simpson and

Mr.James A. Simpson Jr.‘99Michael SimpsonScottie and John Simpson‘66Mr.Steven L. Simpson‘86Mr.William L. SimpsonMr.David B. Sims Jr.‘71Mr.Larry D. Sims IILoni SiscoMr.and Mrs.Gregory Siskin‘00Ms.Jennifer E. Sisson‘06Mr.Jerry A. Sisson‘77Mr.and Mrs.Irvin S. Skopp‘74Ms.Harriet S. Skupin‘72Martha and Jim SledgeGinny and Jim Slover‘66Angela and Daryl SmithMr.Brad V. SmithMs.Bryce M. Smith‘75Charles and Harolyn SmithConnie and Vincent Smith‘64Craig A. Smith‘82Dale SmithBetty and David Smith‘71Ms.Deborah R. Smith‘87Mr.Donald R. Smith‘91Mr.G. Henry Smith‘80Col. and Mrs.Haywood R. Smith‘53Mr.Johnny SmithDr.Kevin H. Smith

and Dr.Marilyn Dunham SmithMr.Michael V. Smith‘81Dr.and Mrs.Omar E. Smith Jr.‘54Mr.Ralph E. Smith‘73Karon and Richard SmithMr.Robert W. Smith Jr.‘92Mr.and Mrs.Paul W. SmithMr.and Mrs.Thomas N. SmithMr.Kenneth W. Smithart Jr.‘92Dr.Allen and Mrs.Hope H. Sneed‘94Mr.McDonald L. Sneed‘76Ms.Bettye P. Snipes‘71Dr.and Mrs.Dowen E. SnyderMs.Holly L. Snyder‘09Ms.Kerry C. SnyderMr.Tim SoderCapt. John J. SorceMr.and Mrs.Scott C. Southall‘91Dr.James N. Speakman and

Ms.Emily C. SpeakmanMr.Bobby J. Spears‘73Ms.Alice B. SpenceDr.Paula Spence-EvansDr.Randall W. Spinney‘79Mr.Gene Spires‘82Mr.and Mrs.J. Walter Spiva‘88

2015 UofM Honor Roll of Donors - [PDF Document] (35)


Mr.James O. StacyJohn T. Stacy‘02Mr.J. Steven Staggs‘89Mr.Darryl StarnesMr.Barry P. Staubus‘83Mr.Charles E. Stavely‘68Dorothy C. SteenDr.Marc H. StegmanGilbert G. SteinJill and Kenneth Steinberg‘83Elizabeth and Michael Stengel‘86Ms.Judy C. StephensMs.Sherri G. Stephens‘07Bob Stephenson‘56Dr.Craig O. Stewart‘00Margie and John Stoever‘81Danny R. StoppenhagenDr.Robert A. Neimeyer and

Ms.Kathryn E. Story‘87Ms.Joy R. Stout‘79Mr.C. Michael Straign‘81Ms.Barbara StrattonJudith and B. A. Street Sr.‘49Linda K. Street‘81Ms.Mary C. Strench‘80Luke H. Stribling‘89Mr.Dennis W. Strickland‘99Mr.Herman W. Strickland Jr.‘91Mr.and Mrs.Terence Sturdivant‘73Mr.and Mrs.Tommy Summers‘61Cheryl and Rick Summers‘92Mr.and Mrs.Mel SwafferSr.Mickey SwainMr.and Mrs.Terry K. Swatley‘83Mr.Billy L. SwiftDr.George H. SwihartMr.Darol L. Swords‘84Mrs.Virginia Szalay

and Mr.David Szalay‘90Deborah L. Talbot‘72Ms.Ashlee B. Talley‘14Dr.Irvin L. Tankersley‘67Ms.Pat TannerDonna and Michael Tatum‘85Mr.and Mrs.Howard A. Taube‘69Rev. Gary A. Taylor‘74Sharon TaylorAnnie Ruth Terrell‘68Michael D. TerryMs.Rachel L. Terry‘91Ms.Cheryl L. Theil‘88Ms.Connie E. ThiemongeMr.Bracton Thoma‘97Maurie C. and Betty J. Thomas‘66Belinda and Charles L. ThompsonMr.and Mrs.C.

Michael Thompson Sr.‘78Mr.Don Thompson‘59Kathy S. ThompsonDr.Linda M. Thompson‘93Mr.Richard M. ThompsonMs.Talitha M. Thompson‘72Mr.Stephen R. ThornburgAnonymous‘85Mr.Joe A. Tidwell‘66Mr.and Mrs.Robert L. Titon‘66James R. Timbs‘70Dr.David A. Tipton‘88Dr.Nathan G. Tipton

and Mr.Paul L. Foster‘99Mr.and Mrs.Jerry H. ToddMs.Sharron D. Todd-Jerry‘04Dr.Deborah P. TollefsenMr.and Mrs.Thomas W. TomlinsonMs.Kimbra Toney-Bernard‘99Mr.and Mrs.Tommy Towery‘68Mr.Bruce A. TownsendMs.Debra J. Townsend‘82Mr.James TresvantJanine and James Carney‘72William J. Trigg‘81Kenneth F. Trocki‘76Dr.Jennifer L. Troyer

and Mr.John R. Teague‘93Mr.Kevin TrueMr.Wentsung R. Tseng‘81Mr.and Mrs.Brian M. Tucker‘04Mr.and Mrs.J. Larry TuckerJohn and Laurie Tucker‘78Mr.Melvyn M. Tuggle‘69Ms.Jane S. Turcotte‘82Ms.Agnes Ann TurleySusan Turman‘68Ms.Bethany J. Turner‘07Holly and Daniel TurnerMs.Johnnie R. Turner‘71Amanda and Matthew Turner‘00Mr.Mike Turnipseed and

Mrs.Norma TurnipseedDr.and Mrs.F. Dexter Tutor‘68Aleita and R. Dean Tutor Sr.‘66Mr.Leonard E. TysonMr.Frank P. Uhlhorn‘74Mr.and Mrs.Daniel J. VacantiMr.John VadenMr.and Mrs.Stephen J. VailAngela and Stephen Valadie’‘91Ms.Pamela M. ValentineMs.Susan K. Van Dyck‘78Mr.Joseph H. Van Hook‘76Ms.Deborah L. Van Sickle‘83Mr.Owen H. Vance Jr.‘89Blair Taylor and Brian

Vanderheyden‘81Mr.Richard J. Vanelli‘93Ms.Mary K. VanGieson‘00Ms.Pam Vaughn‘77Ellen and John C. Vergos‘73The Honorable Diane K. Vescovo

and Mr.Michael McLaren‘80Susan and Steve Vescovo‘77Peter F. Voehringer‘90Janie and George VogelMr.John M. Vosse‘62Ms.Joann E. Waddell‘82Mr.George T. Waddoups‘82Mr.and Mrs.Jack Wade‘02Jim and Yvonne WaggenerMartha and Jerry Wagley‘63Dr.Donald I. WagnerMs.Mary L. Wagner

and Mr.Thomas D. Owen‘09Peter WaiMr.and Mrs.L. D. WaldripDr.Adam G. Walker‘13Mr.Dennis W. Walker III‘70Mr.and Mrs.Dusty R. Walker‘71Susan and Lee Walker‘72Mr.and Mrs.Robert WalkerWarren K. WalkerJr.Cathy D. Wallace‘91Dr.Patricia L. Walls‘68Leonard E. Walp‘83Andrew L. WardJr.Ms.Beverly M. Ward‘78Mr.C. B. Ward‘73Mr.and Mrs.Chuck WardMr.and Mrs.J. Michael Ward‘70Stephen and Dianna Waring‘74Mr.and Mrs.Thomas L. Waring II‘66Ms.Linda E. Warren‘97Ms.Stormey K. WarrenMr.Bradford K. WashamDavid B. WathenMs.Belinda G. WatkinsMr.William W. Watkins and

Dr.Rhetta J. Watkins‘62Ms.Ellen I. WatsonMs.Lucille J. Watson‘55Mr.and Mrs.Michael D. WatsonMr.Brian D. Weathers‘05Emily J. Webb

and William S. Polk III‘80Mr.and Mrs.James G. Webb‘60Ms.Phyllis WebbRod and Diane Webb

Ms.Susan S. WeberAnonymous Donor‘80Ms.Angela S. Weems‘67Ms.Daphne WeiDr.Kenneth WeissDr.and Mrs.S. Danny WeissMs.Ann S. Welch‘74Mr.and Mrs.Joseph M. Welch‘75The Honorable Harry W. WellfordMr.George B. Welte‘67Mary and Scott Werner‘87Mr.James J. WetterJr.Mr.and Mrs.Maurice WexlerAnonymous‘87Linda and Wayne WhitakerMr.Barry F. WhiteDr.Frank L. White III‘67John D. WhiteMs.Leona C. White‘76Ms.Marilyn H. WhiteMs.Patricia B. White‘80Ms.Shundra L. White‘06Kimberlee and Byrne Whitehead‘66Ms.Doris J. Whitson‘00Mr.Danny W. Whitt‘70Alisha and Sean Whitt‘02James P. Whittington‘92Ms.Bonnie F. Wicker‘72Mr.and Mrs.Lee R. WienerDr.and Mrs.Russel L. WienerGina and Jim WiertelakRon WiggintonMr.Frank R. Wilbourne‘54Ms.Charlotte M. Wilburn‘70Dr.and Mrs.W. David Wilcox‘86Ms.Cathy N. Wilhelm‘05Mr.William P. Wilkes II‘71Mr.Britton W. Wilkins‘96Barbara and Marvin WilkinsMr.and Mrs.Willis H. Willey IIIEdward A. Williams‘72Ms.Gwendolyn W. Williams‘71Gay and Mike Williams‘69Caren and Thomas Williams‘89Mr.and Mrs.Todd V. Williams‘09Alice and Bill WilliamsKathy and Steve Williams‘76Dr.Ruth Williams-Hooker‘01Professor and Mrs.James F.

WilliamsonLance A. Willis‘99Ms.Blanche N. Wilson‘79Mr.Bobby R. Wilson‘59Dr.and Mrs.G. Trent Wilson‘75Ms.Kimberly WilsonSusan and Robert Wilson‘66Shelia and Paul Wilson‘73Ms.Sylvia R. Wilson‘77Ms.T. Kay Wilson‘73Theresa K. Wilson‘91Mr.William G. Wilson‘76Mr.William J. Wilson‘73Nancy WimmerMr.Donald C. Winn‘55Ms.Mary F. WinslerDr.Amanda P.

and Mr.Tommy G. Winter‘01Dr.Michael R. Winters‘91Mr.James D. WitheringtonJr.Mr.Clay A. Woemmel‘99Jerry WolfeMarianne and Berkley WolffTom and Paula Wood‘78Lt. Col. Jackie V. Woods‘58Martha M. and Eddie WoodsMr.and Mrs.Paul A. Woods‘93Joanne H. Woody / Jo Ann OwenMr.Ralph N. WoodyMs.Cindy M. Wooten‘06Mr.Robert E. Wray III‘88Drs. Lynette and Earle Wrenn Jr.‘83Dr.and Mrs.Walker D. Wright‘86Mr.Willie J. Wright‘81

Mr and Mrs.Kent WunderlichMr.and Mrs.J. Terry Wynne‘88Mr.Wilson M. Yager‘70Mr.and Mrs.Douglas E. Yancey‘96Sherrye and Eddie YaunMr.and Mrs.Philip Yelvington‘99Mary and Bob Young‘79Mr.Fred Lee YoungDr.and Mrs.Robert R. Young Jr.‘58Teresa and Cloyce YoungGlenda Youngblood‘14Shayne and Donna YoungerDr.Xinhua YuNelie W. ZancaMr.and Mrs.William E. Zava‘79Mr.Michael F. Zboyan‘71Ms.Sandra H. Zehntner‘81Dr.Herbert D. ZemanMs.Charlotte R. Zerfoss‘83Dr.Lin ZhanDr.Hongyuan Zhang‘94Leigh and Mark Zipperer

TIGER SCHOLARSHIP FUNDAs the primary fundraising arm for University ofMemphis Athletics, Tiger Scholarship Fund finances the cost ofathletic scholarships for more than 350 student-athletes every semester. This is achieved through the generous contributions and stewardship offans, friends, family and alumni. These resources allow our student-athletes to meet the immediate challenges ofcompetition and the classroom. Lifetime

dividends are paid in terms ofleadership and loyalty in ourcommunity.

Ambassadors $500,000+Bill and Madonna BondDave and Judy BronczekGlen and Valerie BrownBen and Martha BryantMike and Marin BrunsBob and Debra ByrdMarsha CohnHilliard and Harriett CrewsWilliam and Tommie DunavantJr.Evelyn EcholsDoug and Andrea Edwards,Jr.Lenny and Rhonda FeilerKathryn and Daniel FeinstoneFrank and Brenda Flautt,Jr.Glenna FlauttAlan and Susan GrafAnferee HardawayFred and Charlotte HodgesJim and Peggy HughesKen Issacman and Karen Field

IsaacmanJanet and Bob JanuaryGeorge and Betty JohnsonJack Jones and Sandra Saunders

JonesAl and Carol LaRoccaKen and Sandy LenoirBrad and Dina MartinJackson and Betty MooreBill and Ann MorrisLauren PickensKyle and Bernadette RiceMike and Debbi RoseLaura and Ray RosasGary RosenbergElkan and Laurie ScheidtFred and Diane SmithRita SparksRick and Sandy SpellElaine SpringerJohn and Anne StokesRon and Wynoka TerryTom and Robin WatsonDavid Wedaman

There is a lot to be said about someone who gives so much to another without expecting anything in return. Thank you for helping give me one of the most powerful tools in life—an EDUCATION!!

2015 UofM Honor Roll of Donors - [PDF Document] (36)


Jim and Gina WiertelakBob Wilson

Platinum Tigers $25,000+Dr.M. Brent AddingtonCarole and Emile BizotPaul BrothersBryce CorporationCharles & Judy BurkettDobbs Management ServicesMr.& Mrs.Marvin EllisonFedEx Sponsorship MarketingRobert F. Fogelman IIScott FreemanAuto ZoneJim & Kay KellyPepsi AmericasDavid & Susan PerdueJoyce PhillipsDr.Robert L. Richardson,Jr.Roadshow BMWSedgewick Claims ManagementTiger Sports PropertiesMs.Carolyn Williams-Bennett

Gold Tigers $15,000-$24,999Air Technical Services,Inc.Banes Capital ManagementAnne Wulff & Brian BenderskyChris & Christi BirdBond, Johnson & BondCentral BBQMichael McLaren & Diane VescovoJohn Hull DobbsGlenn & Kirby Dobbs FloydFogelman Management GroupJim FrazierTrow GillespieGreen Mountain TechnologyMr.& Mrs.Gaylon HallHardin SyscoHicks Convention Center ServicesWes HicksIrish Mikes LLCJim JacobsCharles E. Kennedy,Jr.Becky & Wes KrakerMr.& Mrs.James D. LackiePhil & Mary Tom MasseyMcDonald Outdoor AdvertisingJere & Angie McGuffeeWarren NunnMr.& Mrs.Charles H. ParkerWilliam PickensWoody & Lisa ReidRestoration SystemsMichael A. RobinsonCraig RussellReid SandersDr.William V. ShappleyRon & Linda SklarStone, Higgs & DrexlerSwaffer Fleet LeasingMr.& Mrs.Maurie C. ThomasMorgan & Thornburg,Inc.Tri-State ArmatureCraig WeissFino’s From The Hill

Scholarship Tigers $10,000-$14,999Jack & Libby AaronJohnny AaronDr.Rex AmonetteMr.and Mrs.Kevin P. ArgoBanes Capital GroupBank ofFayette CountyBarnes & BrowerInc.Belz Investment Company,Inc.

Brimhall Food Co.Inc.John B. BufordPhoenix Mfg./Ken CarmackCarolyn CarnesaleBob & Joanne CohenLarry E. CrumSheila Jordan CunninghamDick & Mary Jane DavisTed & Jan DonaldsonDarrell Douglas, CFPEagle Specialty ProductsTommy EarlEconomy Boat StoreJames L. Ellis, Jr. M.D.Dr.William D. FalveyPeter & Judy FelsenthalTommy FerrariRandy FishmanDr.& Mrs.Noel FlorendoSusan Lawlless-Glassman &

Richard GlassmanHarcros ChemicalsHorseshoe Casino & HotelHot Graphics & PrintingJerry & Libby HubbardRusty HynemanInterstate Blood Bank,Inc.Bryan & Kim JordanMr.Johnny KalbKisber EnterprisesKiser’s Floor FashionsWilliam L. KoenemanMr.& Mrs.John T. Lawrence,Jr.John CicalaStephan Smith ofLexus ofMemphisMr.& Mrs.Lester F. LitJeff and Melanie LittleMr.& Mrs.J. William LovelaceJoe & Donna LucchesiDarin McDonaldPhillip McNeillMichael T. MitchellLarry MossJim MotonOrgill,Inc.Mark & Cathy PalazolaLarry Papasan Rebecca PateShelly Pierce/Joe & Billie PierceMike & Carol PrinceLee PurkeyDan & Myra QuinleyBecky RivaltoKris and Pam RobinsonMurray & Susie ScottSecurity BankIndustrial Painting LTDKen SteinbergMark StoryJim Strickland,Jr.Rick and Cheryl SummersMrs.Anita TauerDr.Kurt TauerGermantown Commissary/Walker

TaylorTiger Book Store/John WilliamsKevin TrueUnisourceUSFoodserviceStephen & Angie ValadieWest Cancer ClinicRobert E. Wharton,Jr.Bryne WhiteheadBob & Nelda WilsonWunderlich Securities

Super Tigers $5000-$9,999Mr.& Mrs.James R. AdkinsDr.& Mrs.Justin C. Adler,Jr.Administrative Consulting Services Mike & Pam AllenAllstate Field Goal Promotion

Mrs.Jim AmannAmerispan TentsMr.& Mrs.Bill AndersonRex D. AndersonMarlin & Denise AngellEdward and Mary AutryMichael AviottiB Four PliedInc.Scott BaileyBank ofAmericaDominic BardosProTech Systems GroupJohn M. BarzizzaDr.Reed BaskinJames BeatyCynthia BicknellSteven BilskyRichard & Debbie BinswangerJack BlairJeffrey BlockCraig BlondisJohn & Lisa BobangoLarry BoydRalph Braden,Jr.Brooks & MazzolaAlex BrownR. H. BuckmanChristopher BurckyMaurice BuringMr.James E. BushMr.& Mrs.R.M. Hammond, IIIGary & Cynthia ByarsJohn J. Campbell Co., Inc.Bill & Patty CarkeetTommy CarlsCarrier CorporationCarty & CompanyMicahel CasimirMr.& Mrs.Tom CassidyDiane ChanceChancellor & Son,Inc.Todd Chappell, M.D.Cindy Lou LLCJohn ClarkCheryl CleavesBarbara & Ken CleninGene B. and Sandra T. CochranJan and Ron ColemanActive Bolt & ScrewJohn & Rhonda ConwayRick CooperAnna CoplonMr.& Mrs.John W. CothernSteve & Valerie CowlesDr.Clair CoxCharles and Ellie CurtisBryan DarrDavis Painting & Drywall IncStephen & Alicia DavisFred & Toni DavisJack D. Day,Jr.Ronald L. DayVince DeGutisCypriano and Laurie DeSouzaJames & Sonia DiLorioGary DodsonJess & Pamela DotsonBonnie DoveJohn DukeMr.& Mrs.Todd DunawayMrs.Betty DurhamClay EdringtonMartin EdwardsCharles EnnisEvergreen Steel CorporationMichael FarienFirst Tennessee BankMr.& Mrs.Leroy FlickMr.Buddy FlinnK. C. FoldenScott FormanDianne B. FryDavid & Jane Gadd

2015 UofM Honor Roll of Donors - [PDF Document] (37)


Keri GageBerl B. Garey,Jr.Mr & Mrs.Dennis GeorgeDr.Nello GiaroliTim GillespieRon GoforthDave GoggioMr.& Mrs.M. GoldsteinDawn GraeterMickey Granger/Jackson Cemetery

AssociationDan & Betty GreenHulet GregoryFred GrinderGrinder Fabricating CompanyBartlett Home FurnishingsMr.& Mrs.Rhett HaileyRalph B. Hamilton,Jr.Barry E. HardinChris and Lori HardingNeil HarkavyDanny Harris & Raymond Kelley/

Ledbetter FoodsTom R. HarrisonRandy & Laurie HigginbothamMr.& Mrs.Byron HogueMr.& Mrs.Lewis HollandAlbert D. HollingsworthDrs. Brian & Melissa HolmesPaul A. HoltMargaret Anne HookerDennis HopeJohn HornIndependent BankDr.Charles P. IngramInventory Locator Service, LLCAllen IsraelDonald J. IsraelDr.Bryan JacksonJudy JacksonDon S. JamisonSi & Michelle JannaJohn and Debbie JerkinsKaren JettonC. Lauren Jones/Crye-Leike RealtorsMr.& Mrs.Donald L. Jordan,Jr.Randy and Laurie KarchmerMrs.Betty KeirseyMarty KelmanBob & Judy KennedyTom Kennon/Boyd MetalsKevin Kenny/Dupont Flooring

SystemsJerry KnaussSteve KnottMartin R. KrigerErik KrullThomas Kuhn & Diane O’ConnellDavid & Roberta KustoffMrs.Margie LackieDiane Lambert-ChesterKim LaneHoward & Bettye LasleyMike LathumStan LautarDon LawrenceDr.Stuart LazarovLehman-Roberts CompanyMichael I. LessMarvin LeventhalWilliam LifseyClif LipmanLonnie E. LoeffelLichterman-Loewenberg

FoundationWayne LowrieChris & Betty LuhrsJohn Luther & Marilyn AndereckRichard & Paula LynchMr.Bill MaclinMarsh USAInc.Larry MartinRichard & Nancy Mattox

Barry Puckett & Jim McBrydeRichard McBrydeMike McCaskillStephen & Beverly McDanielMcDonald’s/Century ManagementDale & Jan McGeeWilliam S. McKeeRick McKennaMcKnight Family Donor FundRon McSwainMcVean TradingMemphis Communication

CorporationMid-South Plumbung SolutionsInc.Marc & Wendi MihalkoJames & Debby MirdaJohn and Cathy MooreJohn G. MortenGlenn W. MunsonDr.Ian MurrayGlen & Barbara MurryJames Richard MyersCynthia & Paul NewmanNexAir LLCTerry & Sheila NightwineLarry NolenJohn & Glenda O’ConnorJoseph Orgill, IIIDrs. Michael & Suzanne OsbornDan OttenNancy PagePatriot BankPaulsen Printing CompanyMinor & Jackie PerkinsNancy & John PetreePillar Building SolutionsDr.Charles PlesofskyPaul Prather & Patrick FlemingMorris ProctorPyramid Food Brokers,Inc.Mr.& Mrs.Win RaineyRonnie RandallBritt RastChris and Tina ReisedgeAmy and Bill RhodesMr.David RichardsonDarrell & Courtney RiffeNancy RigellFrank RobertsJimmy RossWalter RotenberryJeff RothJim RoutRobert E. RoyalTate and Deborah RushSusan Rush WilkesDavid SageMr.& Mrs.Don ScobeySeamless SystemsBrad SessellRichard & Sharon ShaknisThomas B. SheltonCharles & Mary Beth Simmons &

Mary Ann TappJohn & Scottie SimpsonMrs.Mary SimpsonDr.Milton SiskinDennis SloneSmith Seckman ReidPutt-Putt Family ParkCharles & Harolyn SmithG. Henry SmithJohnny SmithMr.& Mrs.Michael SmithMichael D. Smith and Wendy Geurin

SmithAllen & Hope SneedDr.& Mrs.Buck SnyderWill & Karen StaffordMichael StengelService by AirMr.& Mrs.D.W. StricklandBobby & Marty Svoboda

Terry & Caron SwatleyPatricia TannerMr.and Mrs.David TateAnnie Ruth TerrellThe Lilly CompanyThe Pallet FactoryMr.Elbert L. Thomas,Jr.William ThomasMr.& Mrs.Mike ThompsonSandra ThompsonJoe TidwellTillman Insurance ServiceMiss Katie TolerMcFadden Brothers CompanyCharles TrammellR. Dean Tutor,Sr.F. Dexter Tutor & JeremyTutorTwenty-Five Club in Memory

ofDr.Bailey PrichardFrank UhlhornWalker UhlhornMr.Ronald UnderbergOwen Vance,Jr.Walter & Kay VeazeyDr.Barry VescovoSusan & Steve VescovoMr.& Mrs.T.A. Vickers, IIIVining-SparksKurt VoldengLarry and Lisa WalkerWilliam E. WarnerJames G. WebbScott WernerMaurice WexlerBarry F. WhiteWhitehorn Tankersley & CompanyL.Wiener/W.Willey/B.WunderlichDavid WilcoxWillis WilleyRon and Kay WilliamsThomas & Jan WilliamsJim WitheringtonJohn D. Worley,Jr.Jack WrightKatherine WrightJim & Marlene Wright

Striped Tigers $2,500-$4,999Larry & Elaine AdamsWayne AddisonChristopher Scott AdelmanLarry AdlerAdvanced PoolsAgrileum LLCAllen & HoshallMichael AndersonKenny W. ArmstrongByron Ashby & Amanda Ashby-

BrumbaughJanice BaileyLarry & Helen BaileyRobert L. Baker/Plant Maintenance

ServiceStephen & Tracy BaltonTrey BarberBob & Deborah BarksdaleMr.Jeff BarnesBeale Street Merchandising,Inc.Michael H. BennettPatricia & Mario BertagnaStanley BilskyRobert BlackDonald A. BlackardMr.& Mrs.Hugh W. BlackardDavid W. BlackburnTimothy S. BlandBlueCrossBlueShield ofTennesseeJames BollwerkRocky BooneTina BoundsJeanine BourlandJoe & Sue Bracket

Bill & Kathy BradshawDan BreckenridgeZach & Virginia BrewerJeffrey BronzeWilliam A. BrownPatricia BryceDavid BuringDon & Janet BurkettC E Thompson ScholarshipBert CanfieldJeff CantorCanup Engineering,Inc.William & Laura CapoothMurry J. CardCarrier Mid-SouthRobert CasteelDan CausieJames ChandlerJudge Robert L. ChildersTyler K. ChowDr.Lynn ConradRobert F. CooperDr.J.F. and Jean CrabtreePat CraddockCraig Construction CompanyCumminsInc.Cummins PowerCare BusinessCypress CreekSheldon & Susan DacusPeggy W. Daniel & Drew DanielGeorgia DavisRobert and Linda DawkinsJoseph L. DeenDr.Hubert L. Dellinger,Jr.Carla DennisDon DeweeseMichael DexterC.L. & V.C. DillihuntDavid DotsonMichael & Mary DreveJon DukeJohn & Leslie DunavantMr.& Mrs.F.H. EdwardsJohn EdwardsElesco,Inc.Enviro USAF. S. Sperry Company,Inc.Mrs.H.W. FienupRichard FisherMrs.Janice FitzpatrickEddie FloydBecky FortnerWill FrazierThomas A. Fristick,Jr.M.B. Futhey,Jr.Dr.Robert L. Gardino, DDSTommy GarnerJames & Kathryn GillilandBilly GipsonJim & Dotty GiustiMark GoodfellowMarshall and Brenda GordonSkip GronauerMark HamiltonBob & Betty HammonsLou HansenEddie HardinHugh and Claire HardyMr.& Mrs.Michael K. HarlessDanny HarlowRobert & Vicki HarrisRichard HastonHarley & Cora Etta HathawayBryan HatsellMr.James E. HayslipMark HerringtonDr.& Mrs.T.C. HilgerTony HillJeff HinkWalter HoehnJr.John G. “Mouse” HollisTerri HopkinsMichael E. Hopper

Anthony House/Chick-Fil-ADavid HowellJacob TubingChris JamesonDr.Gerald R. JerkinsCharles R. JonesChris & Traci JonesDonald & Wanda JonesRobert C. JonesLenny & Ginger KaplanMichael E.KeeneyJim & Ruth KingJoe & Ronni KirschKlinke Bros. Ice CreamCo.Clark E. KnightNeil & Roberta KrapelsRobert H. Krauch,Jr.James M. LaBarreareBrent LairdNancy LakeyTim & Becky LawlerDan LearnedScott & Roxanne LedfordJohn & Susan Lewallen/Ron CrookPaul LewisRichard & Judy LinderDr.Angela LinkSheri Lipman/ David RomantzClarke & Andrea LittleGeorge & Elizabeth LoftonMichael LongMiller LoosierJames A. & Mary L. Maglio,Sr.Tony MaraniseJim Markham,Jr.Elizabeth & Jerry MarshallEdward MartinWillima R. MasseyCharles M. Mathis,Jr.Harvey F. MaxwellMr.Scott MayJimmy L. McKeeMr.& Mrs.John McLaughlinMr.Al MeeksMid-South Products & MaintenanceMark & Abbey MiesseDora Milam & Rita BurgessEric MillerGerald & Linda MillerHarry B. MillerJ. Don MillerDr.Mark MillerRick MillerStephen & Angela MontoyaJoseph & Jeanne MortonMr.& Mrs.Donald MosbyMitch MoskovitzDr.& Mrs.William MossRichard MurphyJay & Maureen MyersJohn NabersMike O’KellyScott OwensHal & Betty PadgettWilliam PallmeDr.Paul PayneHarold Perry/Plant Maintenance

ServiceCorp.Doug PettyKevin G. PhillipsMelvin & Ann PhillipsPickering CompaniesDavid PinterJanet PittsMax & Sarah PiwonkaPaul PlescherDion G. PogsonBilly & Marilyn PostonCharles PowellChristopher PrattRobert B. PrestonKay PricePride Construction

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Russell PridemoreRobert RadfordPeggy ReeveNick RingelBarry RobertsSandra RobertsonJ. M. RobinsonHerschel L. RosenbergSheldon RosengartenJim RotenberryRobert J. Rowan,Jr.Mr.& Mrs.Al RuizJames W. Russell,Jr.Eddie & Lori SaleraSam Ware & AssociatesCraig SanderMr.& Mrs.Tom SchererJohn ScheutzSchilling Farms DentalJosh & Rachel ScobeyTrent ScullSecurity EnterprisesFran ShannonShelby Electric CompanyElizabeth SheltonMadeline SimonettiDanielle Mitchell & Larry SimsMarian E. SiscoAngela D. SmithDarrell D. SmithDr.Mark & Mrs.Carolyn SmithMr.& Mrs.Paul W. SmithVincent & Connie SmithSouthern Spray Company/K.

ThrockmortonLinda SowellSusan & Kenneth SpurlockMarc Stegman, MDDr.Gilbert G. SteinTerry & Linda SturdivantJames B. SummersDavid & Ginny SzalayTechnical Consultants,Inc.Vickie ThomasRobert L. TiltonJerry ToddWilliam A. TuttleMatthew TwiggJim & Yvonne WaggenerChuck and Anita WardTom & Sandra WaringDavid & Anita WathenRodger Watkins/Watkins

ConstructionTerri WazlerBrian WeathersRod & Diane WebbWilliam H. WestAlfred B. WexnerThomas & Marilyn WhiteDan & Pat WhittDavid & Margerite WielandMarvin WilkinsRobert & Sharon WilliamsSteven WilliamsTodd WilliamsDr.G. Trent WilsonGary WilsonMarianne & Berkley WolffJoanne H. Woody/Jo Ann OwenDr.Leonard WrightJr.David ZettergrenMark and Leigh Zipperer

Bengal Tigers $1,000-$2,499Robert & Paulette.AbbottElliot & Sandra AbelRon AbernathyAbney & Uhlmann AttorneysBuddy AdamsAdvanced Industry SupportJames & Sue Ellen Alexander

Lynn C. AlfordStephanie C. AndersonBob & Ruth ArcherMartha ArmstrongJimmie & Nancy AtkinsJohn BaertelsJoe & Christine BaltenspergerMelvin C. Barber, IIIArthur J. Barnett,IIIHenry and Linda BarnhardtDebbie BartelliMr.& Mrs.David W. BartlettGreg BasyeLinda BedrinMr.J. Benedict Beer,Sr.Tim R. BeltonLinda BennettMaureen & Tony BernotClaire BlackwellJohn W. BlackwellNancy A. BlandDarrell BlantonMrs.Joe T. Bond, IIP. Robert BooneTom and Mia BowenMs.Susan BoydMark BradfordSelinda BradleyDavid BranchJr.Hunter BrewerMr.& Mrs.Cecil F. BridgesBonnie Osborn BriggsRecord Imaging SystemsJohn H. BrooksLloyd BrooksBernie & Judith BrownRoger L. BrownWilliam & Marylou BrownMichael BrowneSusan BrubakerPaul L. BrundigeAndrew & Melissa BuchnerMichael & Sherry BurrageEugene L. Bursi,Jr.Doris BurtonJames C. BusbyDorothy BushartPat B. ByrdC.R. Fuller, CPAKevin & Gina CampbellDana CappacocciaDeborah CapocacciaThomas CaponDon & Denise CarpenterMrs.Sharon CarruthersAnne CarterKathleen CatesPatricia F. CavenderHarry & Jane CentellaJack ChildsChris-More,Inc.David and Connie ChurchMichael S. CiaramitaroJay & Carol ClacherRon ClarkThomas Keenan ClarkeThomas W. ClarkeLarry ClaytonDr.Jane B. ClementMichael CochranLaRose Todd CoffeyMs.Deborah S. ColemanMike CollinsBobby & Paula CollinsRick ColterRodger N. ConineBill CookDennis K. CooleyJuanita & Gerald CooperMr.and Mrs.James W. CorbittFrank CothamClyde & Suzanne CountsDavid Cowsert

David N.CoxPreston and Andrea CoxJames CrawfordMr.Richard CrewsJim CrislipDr.& Mrs.Joe M. CromwellLee CrouchAnnie CrowderDianna & Edward CrumplerLawson CulverDr.Carol DanehowerVictoria DanielDatacomm Services CorporationCoach & Reba DavidCrystal DavisMr.& Mrs.Larry DavisNatalie DavisTerry & Cheryle DayCollins DayLinda L. DeBerryDelta Foremost Chemical CorpKendall K. DemetriouMrs.Joe W. Deming,Jr.Polly DennisonMs.Jeanne DistrettiDr.& Mrs.Ron DouganMr.& Mrs.Wayne DouglasCharles Drennon, IIIDennis & Martha DrexlerSteve & Donna DrokeSandra EberleJoe EdmondsonDr.& Mrs.Larry R. EdwardsTom & Connie EdwardsCarey CarterJerry M. EllisMatthew & Karthryn EphlinFarees FarooqSandra Faullkner & Don SharpThornton Fee & Kirk FeeDr.James E. FickleChristopher and Andrea FinchLavonne FinleyMichael A. FlexsenharJr.Cynthia FordRobert FordJustin & Jenny FuenteDavid GardnerGary & Elizabeth (Boo) GardoLanier & Victoria GarlandPat & Leesa GavinSuzanne GehringerCharlie GentryMr.& Mrs.A.B. GibsonAndrew GibsonBilly & Nancy GlidewellDon & Dee GoodwinMr.& Mrs.Eric GouldKatherine GouldBeth GraberJerrold J. GraberSage GrahamCindy GreavesSean GreenTim GrommerschHenry GrovesDavid GuascoTodd HainesSheila & Robert HallBarry & Jo HammonsMs.Kathy HanningsGary HarderFurniss & Donna HarknessBrian HarrisMarshall HarrisChris HarrisonRichard HartySr.Meredith & Don HaselwoodSteve HawkinsJane HaydenMartin HaywoodRoy HendersonMary B. Hendrix

Darrell HigdonDuane & Diana. HoaglanJohn D. HockadayCecil HoganLance HollingsworthSteve & Cheri HolmesRobynn HopkinsRobert & Hilda HornbeakCharles HortonDanny F. HoseaWilliam HudsonDean & Linda HughesRobert S. HumphreysGreg HuntBarbara I. IngramMelvin JacksonWade JacksonLisa JamesSteve & Pat JamesonMr.& Mrs.James D. JarrettMr.Ryan JeansRick & Candace JefferiesBill JeffriesGary JewelVaughn & Amy JohnsonEdward JohnsonJhan & Donna JohnsonWarren JohnsonBill JonesDoris Jones/Marjorie RussellGwen GordonMark A. JonesKim JoshHugh KeenanMr.& Mrs.Chris KellyWilliam J. KettingerRobert KilpatrickDeborah KinardNancy KincaidPaul M. KlinckRuth & Dennis KopcialHenry A.KurtzIris & Bill LaGroneBrad & Carol LaneyBrad & Jana LarsonDr.Dan LattimoreMs.Terrie LawrenceJim & Sheila LawrimoreJames Henry LeathMr.& Mrs.Kevin LedfordGreg LeeKen LeeMike LemmiBenny LindermanBob A. LeopoldHal F. LewisJoey LewisStephen LewisK.C. and Lorrean LimDr.Martin E. LipinskiMr.& Mrs.Pat LloydTimothy LongMr.& Mrs.Bobby LottLowrie ElectricJonathan LyonsMakowsky & Ringel,Inc.Dr.John M. MalloyMartha ManleySteve ManleyKenneth Markwell, IIIPatsy & Orlando MarnerTommy MartinTom MaschmeyerLaura MathewsMr.& Mrs.James L. MatlockDan MayhewCharlie & Sally MazzoneDavid Wilson McAdamsNancy McBrideLynda J. McCavittAndy & Trudie McClellandSteven & Martha McCleskeyCarl & Margie McCullar

Malinda A. McDanielMary Ellen McDowJerry W. McEwenKenneth McGarveyVince McGroryRobert & Jean McIvorDr.Sidney McKayDiana Humphrey-MckeeRip & Bonnie McKeeverKenny McKenzieDon McKinnonMichael D. McKnightDiana McManusBill & Sandra McWattersRuth McWhirter/Nancy & Dan

GoodwinMedallion Financial ServicesInc.Lone Star IndustriesMaurice MendelBeverly R. MendiusMichele Dote MerittAndy & Lee MeyersBrandy MillerRichard MillerJames & Martha MillranyMrs.Donetta MindermanDelia & Chuck MolinskiMike MolpusAlex W. MooreBrad MoorePatty MooreTed MorleyClark and Janet MorrisDonald & Nancy MortonMr.& Mrs.Fred M. MortonDr.James K. MusKelleyMary Mynatt N.E.W.S. Transport Co., Inc.Thomas J. NenonSybille Scott & Gilbert NobleSharon OhsfeldtSkip O’LearyMelvin OrlanskyJohn OsbyBillie Ann OwenJ.F. Owen & James A. OwenMr.& Mrs.Barry S. PallerTammy ParkerMr.Jay PatchenDr.Mahadev PatilPatterson WarehousesMr.Sidney PayneHart PearigenRonald & Cindy PenningtonKevin and Lucinda PerkinsPatrick L. PerryKjeld PetersonDonald PetriDouglas C. PettiesDaniel and Dianne PhillipsCharles PierceTony PinsonRaymond PipkinC M PirainoDr.Robin S. PostonPhyllis PyeattDavid & Carolyn RaglandDavid L. Rains,Jr.Ernest RakowJeanine RakowJack RamseyEthan RandallKenny & Lynda RatliffJim RegensburgerMarc Reisman & Morris RosenblumJohn and Anita ReuterReynolds, Bone & GriesbeckThomas A. ReynoldsWilliam H. RiceBruce & Gene RiesenbergBob & Brenda RigginsHarry & Mariam RikerMary Ellen Riley

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Jimmy RingelRiverside CouriersChuck RobertsTommy G. RobertsBill RobilioDennis and Jan RogersMr.& Mrs.Don RogersAl RossMichael B. RussellDebbie RutkowskiOtha SamuelsJr.Tyler & Kelly SandersMichael ScarbroughElder’s Lawn ServiceJonathan SchrackMargaret SchultzRay & Cathy SchwillJoe and Nancy SellersMike SelveyDorothy ShieldsCarl & Ann ShorterTed ShowalterKeith & Debra ShultsProfessor N.D. SimcoFrederick SimiWilliam and Janet SimpsonRandy & Tona Jackson SimpsonWilliam SimpsonJames SingeltonJerry & Debra SissonDeborah SmithJason SmithJeff SmithTommy SmithKerry SnyderJanice & James SorsbySouthern Steel SupplySouthernSun Asset ManagementMr.& Mrs.William A. SparkesDr.J. David SpicelandJames W. StaffordJr.Dr.Stanley StevensJohn and Margery StoeverLinda StreetCalvin O. StrongTommy & Beverly SummersMickey, Susan & Cody SwainTimothy SweeneyRick SweigardCharles TackettRobert TalleyMichael W. TatumLouise TayloeHerb & Diane TaylorMr.& Mrs.Robert R. TaylorCharles F. TeamerMichael TerryTESCO Properties,Inc.Mr.& Mrs.Raymond ThomasBarbara ThompsonCharles ThompsonDr.Richard K. TolandMr.Bruce TownsendDebra TownsendAgnes Ann TurleySusan TurmanMike & Norma TurnipseedGeorge & Janie VogelPaul WadsworthJerry WagleyL.D. WaldripDennis & Deb WalkerLee WalkerKyle WalpStephen & Dianna WaringBelinda WatkinsMichael WatsonWilliam G. WebbSusan WhalenLarry & Donna WhiteShelby WilhelmBritton & Teresa WilkinsEdward & Yancey Williams

John WilliamsMary WilliamsMichael & Gay WilliamsLeigh WilsonCharles WinfieldAmanda WinterPatsy WoodardBill Woods & Elaine GreenMike & Pat YanceyMark YarbroughDr.& Mrs.Robert R. Young,Jr.Frank YoungMr.& Mrs.Robert YoungTeresa Young

Tom’s Club $500-$999Jan R. AcuffAirways Electric, Inc./J.E. DickeyBill & Gail AkeyMs.Alice C. AllenAndrew and Natalie AllenRobert and Sue AllenRyan AlpertAndrew & JoAnn AmmonsBarbara A. AndersonJeanie AndersonJack & Barbara AnthonyJames ApplingJennifer WalkerJeff AutryMary Ashli AvisDavid S. MillenMs.Roxie BagleyKelly BakerMr.& Mrs.Robert BallBank ofRipleyA. S. Barboro,Inc.Steve BeardBrent BerryVan Biggs, CLU, CHFCChristopher BillingsJoseph BillingsGlenda & Jettie BowenMr.& Mrs.William C. BoydChris & Lisa BoysenMr.& Mrs.Russ G. BrasfieldTom & Amy BraswellLindsay BraySam J. BrennerDavid BridgesMr.& Mrs.George BruchWillie O. BurchamBelinda BurnsMarvin BurnsMs.Rebekah ByrdRichard I. ByrdBob CanfieldDr.Tom CaplingerMr.& Mrs.Robert E. CapocacciaSr.Kirk CarawayErik CarlsonMelissa & Kennon CarltonJanine CarneyGary f. & Ginger H. CarterRoy L. Carter,Jr.Larry CaseyPamela CashKim CherryJoe Chew,Jr.Michael A. ChitwoodLeigh W. ChristophersenJim Clayton/Jack StanfordWilliam J. CochranCarey CollinsMr.& Mrs.James F. CollinsCarlton CovenyJeff CoxAlan CrawfordKenneth N. CrenshawHarry G. Crockett,Jr.Robert CurtisAndrea Dahlman

David DawsonAlex E. Dees, IIIDavid DevinsMary Ann DiamondKen & Greta DixonThomas DorianDan DowtyTim DunahooJerry & Beverley DunnJohnny and Merri EddlemonBill EdwardsWilliam and Polly EdwardsNorma EgbertMr.& Mrs.Richard J. EisemanHarold & Rita EllisTerry EmeryJohn & Eleanor EubankFarrell-Calhoun PaintsMs.Susan FaughnEdward and Gloria FelsenthalJay and Katie FikKent FisherDr.& Mrs.J. Tim FiteTony ForsytheDon ForteDavid and Joann FranksMike FrediMichael & Elise FrickGeoffrey GaiaRicco GaiaShirley D. GalvinSteve GanongFrank & Heidi GarrettJackie GatlinPeggy Reynolds KellumRobert J. GildeaJr.Leslie and Mark GillensonPatrick GlancyHoward & Penny GlatsteinJeff GlatsteinEd GoingsArnold GoldinDan GomezMary Ann GoodwinJeremy & Debbie GrearWally & Julie GreenKevin GreenJohn C. GurneyCandace HalbrookChris HammanHarold & Trina HanksDavid & Shelia HansenBruce and Allison Betchick HarberMichael HarberHeath HarrellJ. Edward Hatcher,Jr.Ralph H. HickmanGary HigdonJerome B. Hill,Jr.Mrs.E. K. Hoffman, Michael Hoffman

& Ruth Ann SanfordBrandon HollieEsther HollieGreg HowardBecky HuelsingMr.& Mrs.C. S. HughesBill IrbyJr.J. Patrick IrelandLynn IrwinMichael and Marcia JackR. O. JamisonMr.& Mrs.Sammy JobeChristie JohnstonDean JonesJames KeenLeigh & Bill Kennon-LarimoreMr.& Mrs.Lloyd C. Kirkland,Jr.Grace & Tony KreagerMeta LaabsJohn LamarGeorge LapidesJames R. LeathBuddy Lewis

This scholarship took me from just meeting my goals and expectations to exceeding them. Having extra funds allows me to take additional classes and special training that I would otherwise not be able to afford. You have furthered my journey as a public health professional and have given me the skills to be a more competitive doctoral candidate.

Lisa Erin Wang School of Public Health; Master of Public Health

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Danny LintonDr.Mel & Debbie LitchDavid LLewellynRobert S. LoebTonia LongLaura and Howard LothropErnie LubianiChristopher LurryDebbie LynchJimmie & Elizabeth MaddenTatyana MarshallTom MartinMr.& Mrs.George D. Mayo,Jr.Ms Catherine McCollumMike and Paula McCormickTommy McDanielMcDowell MarketingWillie & Linda Mosby/Vera

McFarlandHal McGeorgeMac MclainRandy McPhersonLisa Lucks MendelSuan MikellDanny and Teresa MoeschleJoyce MiollerupNorman MorrisTim MottVivian & Harry MurchisonMike & Janice MusickPhillip, Julie, & Kelli NealJames W. NewcombMarianne J. OverallGary & Kathy OwensDaniel PallmeIlinda and Mike ParhamBetty Booker ParksBrent PattbergAmanda PerryDr.Mars PertlPeterson Insurance Services,Inc.Linda & Doyle PhillipsRobert & Jean PinkstonLewis PittmanWayne PodgorskiRon ProctorCynthia PruittQuality Concrete Products/L. KellettWayne & Elizabeth QuarlesLisa R. RagghiantiMrs.Jessica RandoRay J. RicossaJames & Sandra RiceLouis E. Ricossa,Jr.Michael L. RobbBennett RobersonThad S. Rodda,Jr.Mr.James RogersJames and Theta RoneErik & Whitney RossMr.& Mrs.Mike Ross-SpangDanielle K. SchonbaumRyan SeidnerDavid SellersMike & Pat SextonSteve ShapardDane SharpConnie ShawRon SheetsDebra SheltonRob & Diane ShieldsSusan ShreveK. S. ShumatePaul SimoneJohn J. SimonettiMichael SimpsonDonna SkaarerJohn and Kathleen SlavickDr.Omar E. Smith,Jr.David SmithHaywood SmithKaren SmithLana Smith

Mr.& Mrs.Tracy SmithermanJohn SorceBobby J. Spears,Jr.John & Sandra StacyRobert StalderDavid StanfillJoel StarkDorothy SteenGuy StephensonJeremy & Tonia StinsonRonald StocksLinda StoltzRegina StreetDavid SuttonB.J. ThomasSteve ThomasKathy ThompsonLetonia WilliamsCurry ToddThomas W. TomlinsonLinda ToombsWilliam TriggKrystal TriplettLinda TuckerRobert TuckerDaniel TurnerSusan K. Van DyckBrian VanderheydenJames A. VestRobert VidulichPeter and Sharon VoehringerDusty WalkerAllen & Pam WalkerRobert WalkerStanley J. WallaceBita WebbDr.& Mrs.Harvey WenerSean WhittDorothy WilkersonDonald E. WilliamsDennis WilsonRobert Q. WilsonMr.& Mrs.J. Art Winsler, IIIRalph WoodyDoug and Cathrine YanceyBlake YoungBob R. Young

Tiger Tracker $250-$499Andrew & Betty AdamsBrent AdamsKevin AdamsMike & Kynn AlbersonDon & Marilyn AlexanderHarold AlexanderAll-American ClassicsInc.Burt & Toni AllenErik AndersonRuble AndersonRichard BadourDennis BakerEddie BakerJeff & Shelia BarkerTara and Phillip BarnesBob and Barbara BeatyJon BerryMr.Greg BolognaMs.Sarah BomarB.L. BowersMark Allan BoydJennifer BradfordAngie BrasfieldGordon & Stephanie BrigmanRobert BrownRudy BrownJanice BryantDavid BufordEric BurrageRon & Donna BurrageRenee ByarsMichael CaldwellJack B. Cannon

Robert D. CastlemanJack ChristmasRobert P. co*ckerhamJerry CollinsSam CoxDonnie CraftMike and Laura CraseEdward G. CrawfordR. Andrew CroneSamuel R. Crouch,Jr.Bruce and Erika DaileyGlenda DavisBruce and Janet DavisMargaret DavisOnslow DavisSteve & Kristi DavisCharles & Evelyn DemastusJeremy T. DennisMichael & Sheila DickersonBuddy DietzConnie L. DiffeeDonna DixonMike and Stacey DoddMichael & Jodee DooleyWilliam DorseyDaniel T. DoverRobert W. DraffinErnest & Charlotte DraffinHelen DukeTom DunnMichael EdmundsonFay EllisTim and Shirley EphlinJacob E. EstesRobert G. EvansJudge David FarmerStan FarmerTheresa FavazzaMr.Vance FearnleySteve FinkWilliam FlackElmer K. Follis,Jr.Mr.& Mrs.Howard FordDr.John C. FordEverett and Sherry FordFPS CompanyMr.& Mrs.John F. FranklinKeith FrazierDavid GainesMelissa GarnerCarolyn GarrettEddie & Charla GarrisonLarry GianniniAdam A. Gintz III (Trip)Don & Sheri GrearRandall GreensladeRocky GreshamKaren GriffinPhil GriggsJames T. GuessGreg & Catherine HallRonnie & Bennye HamiltonDonna & Rodney HammackMr.Charles HarrisKenneth HarrisThomas P. HaughneyJoseph M. HawesHomer & Nan HazelipSylvester Heathco*ckJr.Robert HendersonHolly HendrixMr.& Mrs.Thomas J. Herring IIIMonica and Hootan HidajiKenneth HillRussell HinesMike HobdayGary HolmesHome Juice CorpJason HuckelberryMark HunterVirginia HussMike IsraelJimmy Jackson

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Dean JamesonApril JaureguiJerry & Sonja JeterByron JohnsonJames JonakinWillie C. Jones,Jr.Brenda JonesCharles JonesBrian & Margo JuenglingBrenda JustusBruce M. KahnLaurie KayGuy KedzioraKeeler Iron WorksDale F. KehrAngeline F. KernCharles “Sparky” KnightScarlett and Kevin KrumreyNick & Diane KruthauptRobert KyleJustin LaddRoland and Rene LeeLee and Patricia LesterGerlene S. LiferTom LockhartRandolph LuskMegan MacLeodWallace MadewellDr.& Mrs.Weber ManningDr.Mary A. MarableBrian MarksJim & Mary Jane MaroonGeorge and Patricia MarrMarcellus, MartinRichard MashburnMichael & Cynthia MaxwellJ. McAlpinJames and Elizabeth McCallen,Jr.Jimmy McClureDavid R. McCollumWilliam McCormickMary McGarrhShamrock SystemsHarry McKeeWilliam McKeeJim & Becky McKissackLue McNinchHarold McRaeBobby J. McVayKelvin MeeksAlan & Cynthia MerrittJoe MichelettiDallas & Kathy MinnerCarl and Jeannie MizeJohn MosechleDanny & Marcia MohundroRalph MorganJose MorrisScott & Debbie MortonMike and Margaret MurdaughMicheal & Sarah MurphyGregory S. NelsonKenneth NewberryMary NolenMichael W. NolenJoe and Cheryl NunesPam O’BrienTom & Elaine PacelloBruce ParhamVictor & Minnie Lou ParkerCarl ParnellDon E. PayneNancy HugginsBrittany PettyCharles D. PettyGary AlexanderMr.& Mrs.J. L. PettyWendell PhillipsMike PoindexterTerrie Seiter PoundersMr.Malcolm PrattPremium Graphics,Inc.James Pruitt

Charles & Debra PurdonMichael R. PyronMr & Mrs.Tom RaganJohn RansonDon & Deborah ReedJerry ReedLarry & Vicki ReedBilly J. RenfroMary Ellen RestivoJason RheaSean RialMurry RialesJim & Ruth RiddleJoseph & June RileyKimberly RogersThomas RoiniotisMr.& Mrs.Philip RowellDiscount Building MaterialsDanniel RussellPaul & Gwyn RyanLambert SainMr.Realis SandersMichael D. ScearceJames & Kristi SchraderRon SellsGreg & Beth SenterEd SerattJohn Sharp & Ben WardMarshall SharpPaul and Sylvia ShermanStephen ShiffmanBill ShinaultDavid & Carole ShipmanTom SimpsonJames A. SledgeAmelia SmithSmith-Berclair Insurance,Inc.Delsine SmithCharles SpeerPatricia Ann SpicciRobert M. SteinMarie StevensCharlie StoneCharles Michael StraignBarbara StrattonLuke StriblingSubway DevelopmentNolan SweeneyRichard & Barbara SwiggartCheri TheilJames ThompsonRichard ThompsonJoseph R. Tiscia,Jr.Kimnta Toney-BernardShan TracyKen TrockiJ. Larry TuckerM. Tuggle/L. HollowellMatthew & Amanda TurnerMs.Christy UtterbackRick VanelliNancy Verble & Becky MullikinTerry & Debra WaggonerWalker Gardens & LandscapeAdam WalkerCathy WallaceAndrew WardAllen & Beverly WardJohn WhiteKenny White & Myra OsmentAlton R. WilliamsBill WilliamsStevie WilliamsLance WillisBill & Kathy WilsonForrest & Carolyn WilsonJay & Kay WilsonNancy WimmerEdwin WoodsJack WoodsRonnie D. WorkmanJo Ann & Roddy YagerMr.& Mrs.William R. Yarbrough

Eddie YaunDamon Young

Fred Lee YoungBill Zava

Tiger Associate $100-$249James & Evelyn AdamsJeff AkinsBonnie AlgeeDoyle AndrewsMurphy ApplingDaniel ArmitageWilliam & Sandra BaileyRobert Hurst BakerJerry & Camilla BarberMark & Barbie BarnesParticia BarnesSteve BealeSecurity Title CompanyLogan BelzNorma BelzLes H. BirchfieldJennifer BlackElizabeth BoswellRoss A. BoswellT. Glen & Courtney BowmanDwight BoydMr.& Mrs.Frank G. BrownMark and Karen BusbyCampbell Clinic MarketingEmmett CanadyCarl E. CannonTommie L. CarneyMark CaryKatie SmithJan Marie ClevengerLenon ColemanJohn ColtonJany CookLarry & Betty CooperPam CowlesPhillip CoxStephen & Jean CrawfordShirley CrenshawCharles CrumpTerrence P. DahlmanBernice DannerKen DavisDeborah H. DeCrowLeeAnn DeeganMike, Rhonda & Matt DowlingJean DrakeWayne DrakeCharles DuffJohn & Jeanne DuffyAnn DunavantTim DuncanFrank EarnestFred ElchleppLarry & Gewn ElrodDavid EversonJerry FarleyBen and Ginger FergusonJeffrey J. FikJackie FleetCarol FlemingBill FoxGlena FoxJoel FreemanMike FuhrmanKeith GambillRay GodmanHugh M. GoldbergJim Good/Commercial Interior

FinishesHarold GossettGerald GourleyBilly GraceMike GravesMike and Mary GrebeGene & Patricia Green

Stephen GreenMike GreeneJames E. GreenleafFaye GreerDudley GriffinCarl W. Gruenewald, IIHarold GuinnLeland and Judy GuptonRick HandwerkerJerry L. HarberAndrew HarrisBarbara HarrisDon HarrisMichael HarrisMrs.Tommy (Carol) HarrisonLoretta HayesRobert & Sandra HayneCallen and Amy HaysSteven and Becky HeinszDr.Leigh HerseyBubba HickmanMr.& Mrs.H.L. HilbunRoxy R. HockmanWalter Hoehn,Sr.Judge Wyeth ChandlerJim HolleyDr.Jane HookerJimmy HoughTony HuntPhillip IsaacmanRyan IveyAlan JacksonGary JaehnenCarol A. Johnson BishopJames T. JohnsonLarry W. JohnsonMichael JohnsonOdell JordanRoy A. KaminskyJim KellerKevin KelleyFred & Pam KernJennifer KettlerDr.Loel KimLucas KrautTommy & Nicki LamarMr.& Mrs.Milton A. LambDonna & Darrell LaRivierePaul & Carol LawlerBryan LawtonAdam LechtenbergJoan Ball LightmanMr.and Mrs.David LindstromMr.& Mrs.James O. LockardAnthony LooneySteve & Andrea LovelaceDavid LuechauerPaul LundyPhil ManessPaul & Linda MannChuck & Ellen MartinCarolyn & Ike MartinShawn MasseyJoe Matthews,Jr.Sheldon McCallLane McCarterEvans & Nancy McCaulKevin McCollumMike & Carol McConkeySamuel K. McCraryFloyd & JoAnna McCulloughD. G. McGuireDon and Sandra McKeeRandy & Diane McKinnaChester McMillinRussell McNickleDr.Richard D. MeekinsWilliam and Elaine MeltonJoseph R. MerrittPreston and Allison MillerCathy MillicanTim MoranCarey Mulwee

Gary E. NalleySteve NelsonMr.& Mrs.David W. NickelDavid W. O’RourkeJohn OwensRick & Elaine OwingsGwendolyn OxnerLouis PardueJeremy ParkBilly & Martha ParkerMark PattersonSteve PearsonElizabeth PeckhamDana Sue PercerCharles R. PettyLauren & Timothy PeytonTommy PhelanPhillip Brown Construction LLCJessica PhillipsKelly PhillipsCharles PierceChuck PierceMr.William PierceJames PoolePaul F. Portis,Jr.Dr.Richard PottsGeorge PowellDavid W. PriceForrest & Barbara PriddyMr.& Mrs.Robert O. PruetteKathy PyrdamGlynn Raby,Jr.Glenn A. RamseyWilliam RaschSr.Virginia ReedBobby RenfroJames “Bo” ReynoldsCharlie RhodesLifetime Industries,Inc.Gary E. RobersonWayne RomesburgWilliam RutherfordJr.Cheryl and Carl RutherfordSkeeter & Karen RutledgeEric SabinWilliam SandersonChrisann Schiro-GeistDaron SchoenrockSherri SchwartzSheila SegersonHarry & Nancy SerattBill A. SimcoMaster Thomas Smith IIIDavid E. SmithJudy SmithRichard S. SmithJames SolomanDonald SparkmanJohn SprottJimmy Stacy/Mark AndersonSteve StaggsMr.Darryl StarnesBob StephensonRonald SuzoreRonnie SuzoreBilly L. SwiftAshlee & Clark TalleyJames R. (Bob) TerrellRachel TerryChamp ThomasPatricia ThomasJames TimbsJerry W. ToddCarl Thomas ToweryJames TresvantPaul TrzilMichael TurkiewiczBeverly TurnerJeffrey B. TurnerMark TurnerJohn and Kay VadenPeter WaiKevin Waldrip

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Stan WalkerJenna WaltersDavid WarmathBrad WashamJayne WatkinsPamela Lofton WellsWayne A. WhitakerJohn WhiteStephen WhiteJames WhittingtonRon WiggintonFrank R. WilbourneBill WilkesThomas and Caren WilliamsBlanche and Roy WilsonShelia D. OwensWindshield WizardCharles WisemanPete & Joyce WiuffJerry L. WolfeAlbert S. WoodEddie & Martha WoodsTerry WynneJacki YanceyShayne & Donna YoungerMike Zdancewicz

Tiger Scholarship Fund SupporterJesse Allen IIIJohn AllenJoe AllisonKeith Von AlmenAngie & Tony AntwineMegan AquadroGerard ArnoldRashad BaileyJohn E. BallardRay BarnesIdrees BashirNathan BeasonMr. Marcus BellDebbie Chilcott BennettRusty BennettDavid BerrongCharles D. Black Jr.Stephanie BlaxtonAl BloodworthSteve BlumeLarry BoltonJames Bowers Jr.Charles BrooksRussell ButlerTracy E. ButlerRoy CampbellBevin Carpenter Sr.Anthony CarterJerry W. CarterAdam CaseyPhil ChamberlainNarong ChantaraVeronica ChristieJohn M. ChulosPhil ClarkJoe ClaytonJohn ClemKerry CobbDon CoffeyNeal CordellDoug CorderDanny CoxRay CraftBrian DavisCharlotte DavisClifton O. Davis IIIStanley W. DavisTerry DavisAlfred DawkinsTammy DeGroffScott DillKevin DoakLindsey DorfmanWayne & Jeanie Dowdle

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Other Athletic SupportersAnonymous DonorMs.Mary A. AcreeMs.Maria J. AdigunTiffany AdkinsChristine AllenCamy ArcherElizabeth and Michael ArndtAttendant Care ServicesMary and Edward AutryMr.and Mrs.R. Sadler BaileyJr.Bartlett SportsInc.Mr.Greg BaudoinRosemarie and James BauerMr.Joseph I. BauerBennett Golf Sales LLCSharon and Robert BooneMr.Thomas E. BoyllMs.Deborah K. BrooksC. Robert BrownMr.Alex BrownMr.Thomas A. CabushMs.Cheryl M. CainMs.Judy Card

Ms.Anne CarterSusan ChandlerMr.A. George ChisholmMs.Patricia ComperryJanie Cotton and Tom CampbellLaura and Mike CraseAngel CropperMs.Mary R. DabneyJudith and Larry DavisCaprice DevereuxMs.Dorothy J. DooleyMr.Robert Q. DooleyJr.Double Diamond Construction

SupplyBonnie DoveGrant D. DrusselD’s Wrecker ServiceWilliam M. EckEdge Salon LLCMs.DeeAnn EgelandMs.Mary E. ElzemeyerMr.and Mrs.James F. ErwinEvelyn I Springer TrustEvolve Bank & TrustFirst Baptist ChurchFirst Citizens National BankK. C. FoldenMs.Leslie A. FolsomMelba and Thomas FristickJr.Deborah L. GallowayGeo Per InternationalMs.Glenice F. GileMr.Scott C. GilesMr.and Mrs.Robert GlavinJean GoldensteinMs.Elizabeth GravesMs.Kathleen R. GrossMr.Philip GunnJoyce and Richard W. GurichMs.Ann M. HallMs.Gail HarbourMs.Sandy K. HarrimanMs.Kimberly S. HarwoodMr.and Mrs.R. W. HawkinsMr.Rob HawkinsMs.Virginia B. HawkinsMr.Matthew R. HeemstraMs.Sandra HensleyCheri and Steve HolmesJane H. HookerDavid Van HoozerDr.Jim and Liz HornerWilliam D. HuddlestonDr.Phillip E. IsaacmanIt’s All Good Auto Sales,Inc.Ms.Kathleen M. FishMs.Kerry A. JacksonMs.April L. JaureguiBeth and Mark JenningsAnne Rowan JohnsonJane and David JordanPhyllis B. KallaherMs.Jacquelyn L. KeesMr.Robert W. KenneyKentucky Indiana Volleyball

AcademyKevin Wright PlumbingChristopher J. KimmetMary A. KimmetSally and Bruce K. KlattKraft Monuments & Memorials,Inc.Mr.Norman C. KruerMr.Thomas S. KulkaL&E Management Co IncMr.and Mrs.Burns LandessMs.Kathy H. LawlerJo Ann and Kenneth LenoirBonnie F. LewisMs.Brenda K. LillyEvelyn and Gene LillyMr.Jeffrey LillyLilly, LLCMr.Donald R. Loughmiller

Ms.Leana A. MarshallMs.Elizabeth A. McCormickCharlotte and Jeffrey McFaddenMr.Daniel G. McGuireMs.Margot L. McNeeleyMerrigreen AcresBarbara J. MeyerDr.and Mrs.Davis D. MoserMr Rooter ofMemphisMs.Deloris D. Myers-RobbLarry NetterAlice and Reed NishiwakiOhio National FoundationMs.C. Lynn ParkesKathy N. PearsonJoan T. PiacentinoPiano’s Flowers & Gifts,Inc.Polycryl CorporationPosture Works, LLCMr.Jimmie L. PriceMr.Lloyd R. ReedJr.Dr.Gene RessAmy and Bill RhodesMr.and Mrs.Jeff RiceDarrell and Courtney RiffeMr.and Mrs.Richard RobinsonMs.Cora W. RyanS & W Property Development, LLCMr.Tommy SandersonMr.R. Joseph ScagliottiSedgwick Claims Management

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2015 UofM Honor Roll of Donors - [PDF Document] (43)


Honoraria and MemorialsTribute gifts are deeply appreciated and can give for and permanence to someone’s life by recognizing them at the Universitylevel.

HonorariaA gift made in honor ofa person is a living testimonial that keeps on giving. It can be used as a way to recognize someone who has made an impact in your life, achieved a special milestone or for the person who haseverything.Such a gift is appreciated by the honoree as well as the university and benefits students, faculty and Universityinitiatives.

In honor ofMr.and Mrs.William Adams

Ms.Pamela Karwowski

In honor Michele AdlerMr.and Mrs.James D. Willis

In honor ofAndrew AllredMr.Bobby A. Prince

In honor ofLance AllredMr.Bobby A. Prince

In honor ofCatherine AndersonPhi Mu

In honor ofRobin AndersonPhi Mu

In honor ofDorothy ArataMr.Robert W. Yates

In honor ofHaley ArthurPhi Mu

In honor ofVictor AsuncionMr.J. W. McAllister

In honor ofBrooke AtsalisPhi Mu

In honor ofClay BaileyMr.and Mrs.James D. Willis

In honor ofDrew BaileyMr.and Mrs.James L. Vaughn

In honor ofMelody BaileyMr.Andrew Bailey

In honor ofAustin Baker Ms.Jeanne G. Carr

In honor ofHayley BakerAlpha Gamma Delta

In honor ofDr.John BakkeMs.Nancy D. Penczner

In honor ofJennifer BarkerMs.Laura Gildea

In honor ofJason BarnesMs.Regina T. Barnes

In honor ofBradford BeardDr.Natalie C. Kerr

In honor ofDr.Linda BennettDr.Marian C. Levy

In honor ofRebecca BentonPhi Mu

In honor ofLaynie BerlinerPhi Mu

In honor ofRosie BinghamDr.Donald K. Carson

and Dr.Mary Jo GreilDr.Shirley C. Raines

and Dr.Robert J. Canady

In honor ofMatt BondMr.Harvey Kay III Ms.Joan B. Lightman

In honor ofLindaBonninDr.Shirley C. Raines and Dr.Robert

J. Canady

In honor ofChelsea LeighBoozerMr.and Mrs.James D. Willis

In honor ofMichaelBowenMr.Colby T. Bowen

In honor ofTom BowenDr.Shirley C. Raines and Dr.Robert

J. Canady

In honor ofBrady BoydPhi Mu

In honor ofMr.Samuel BrackstoneAnonymous

In honor ofLindsey BrayMeta and Albert Laabs

In honor ofAshleigh BreedloveAlpha Gamma Delta

In honor ofDr.Linda BriceLoewenberg School ofNursing

Faculty AFFA

In honor ofShannon BrockAlpha Gamma Delta

In honor ofGeorge BrownDr.Donald K. Carson

and Dr.Mary Jo Greil

In honor ofLil BrownDr.Donald K. Carson

and Dr.Mary Jo Greil

In honor ofDr.Walter R. BrownMr.and Mrs.Jeffrey A. Crabtree

In honor ofSamantha BryanAlpha Gamma Delta

In honor ofSybil BryantMr.Charles H. Bryant

In honor Elise BureauMeta and Albert Laabs

In honor ofCharles BurkettMs.Judy Burkett

In honor ofJudy BurkettJulie A. Johnson

In honor ofMaggie BurnettPhi Mu

In honor ofLaura BurpoAlpha Gamma Delta

In honor ofMary Erwin BurrowAlpha Gamma Delta

In honor ofKelsey CarpenterAlpha Gamma Delta

In honor ofDr.Donald K. CarsonJ. C. MorajaDr.William E. Porter

In honor ofDr.Donald K. Carson & Dr.Mary Jo Greil

Ms.Stephanie A. SimpsonLinda O Wible Revocable


In honor ofMike CarterDr.Donald K. Carson and Dr.Mary

Jo Greil

In honor ofJon CastroMr.and Mrs.William R. McKelvyJr.

In honor ofColis ChambersDr.Donald K. Carson and Dr.Mary

Jo Greil

In honor ofMax ChangSusan N. Wilson

In honor ofPaige ChesterDelta Zeta House Corp ofDelta


In honor ofJohn ChiegoDorothy and Stanley Bilsky David and Betsy Vaught

In honor ofKayna ChisumPhi Mu

In honor ofSherrye & Mike ClarkMr.and Mrs.Joseph L. Nunes

In honor ofMary CliffAnonymous

In honor ofKelsey ClimerAlpha Gamma Delta

In honor ofRobert CohenCraig A. Smith

In honor ofRichard CopleyMr.and Mrs.James D. Willis

In honor ofAmber CoxPhi Mu

In honor ofDavid CoxDr.Shirley C. Raines and Dr.Robert

J. Canady

In honor ofLarry CoxDelta Air Lines FoundationMr.John W. MooreMr.Don TaddiaMs.Sarah C. Von Der Lippe

In honor ofAnna CrabbAlpha Gamma Delta

In honor ofHannah CrainDelta Zeta House Corp ofDelta


In honor ofChristopher CroleyMs.Audrey K. Croley

In honor ofMaurice CrouseCraig A. Smith

This scholarship means that I can spend more time studying, interacting with other students, and giving back to the school and community, because I do not have to worry about finding the means to pay for school. It matters more than I can express that someone who does not know me would be willing to invest in my schooling and therefore my future with no return benefit to themselves. Thank you.

Daniel Stevenson Herff College of Engineering; Civil Engineering major

2015 UofM Honor Roll of Donors - [PDF Document] (44)


In honor ofDr.Jill DapremontLoewenberg School ofNursing

Faculty AFFA

In honor ofTerry T. Darcy, IIIMr.Derek T. Winn

In honor ofCarolyn DickensCarole and Charles Plesofsky

In honor ofSally DingeldeinDelta Zeta House Corp ofDelta


In honor ofShirley DowningMr.and Mrs.James D. Willis

In honor ofAden DrakeAlpha Gamma Delta

In honor ofConnie DunnDr.Donald K. Carson and Dr.Mary

Jo Greil

In honor ofDr.Mary ElliotteLoewenberg School ofNursing

Faculty AFFA

In honor ofBob EoffDr.Shirley C. Raines and Dr.Robert

J. Canady

In honor ofDr.Nathan L. EssexDr.Jane P. Rowlett

In honor ofBetty EubankMs.Ruth M. Knote

In honor ofPaige FehlandAlpha Gamma Delta

In honor ofFreddi and Joel FeltMr.and Mrs.W. Ross FeltRachel and Edwin TaschMr.and Mrs.Jeffrey Wachtel and


In honor ofJoel FeltMr.and Mrs.L. R. JalenakJr.

In honor ofBill FergusonDiana and John Threadgill

In honor ofDr.Julia E. FitzerMr.and Mrs.Henry J. FitzerJr.

In honor ofDr.Berlinda FlemingLoewenberg School ofNursing

Faculty AFFA

In honor ofMagda and Andrew Fleming

Dr.Joanne Gikas

In honor ofMichael FloydDaphene R. McFerren

In honor ofEd FrankAnonymous Mr.and Mrs.Michael R. Banker Ms.Gail P. Barton Dr.Linde M. Brocato Dr.Gerald Chaudron Dr.Pamela R. Dennis Ms.Elizabeth O. Eckert Dr.and Mrs.John E. Evans Dr.Sylverna V. Ford

and Mr.Louis Paris Jr. Dr.and Mrs.Mark B. Frielich Mr.Steve Knowlton Ms.Elizabeth F. McDonald Ms.Joyce A. McKibben Ms.Joan G. Osteen Ms.Margaret E. Robinson Ms.Perveen K. Rustomfram Ms.Rachel E. Scott Ms.Catherine C. Swearengen

In honor ofCamen GarciaAlpha Gamma Delta

In honor ofRoxie GeeMs.Nancy D. Penczner

In honor ofThomas C. Gettelfinger M.D.

Anne and John Robilio

In honor ofFred GibsonMs.Courdria S. Pointer

In honor ofRichard GlassmanMichael D. Terry

In honor ofKatherine GoliverAlissa Campbell Shaw Corina and Duke Walker

In honor ofMoriah GranthamPhi Mu

In honor ofDevin GreaneyMs.Wanda AndersonMr.Edward F. Greaney IIIMs.Jan L. JorgensonMs.Barbara Warnhoff Compton

In honor ofElinor GrusinAngela D. Craig

In Honor ofSara Hagan Ms.Wattine Baker

In honor ofDillon HardenMs.Denise R. Reeds

In honor ofCarly HarrisonPhi Mu

In honor ofMarianne HartquistAndrew and Lance Allred

In honor ofPercy Harvey,Esq.Phyllis and David Scruggs

In honor ofJonathan HauserMs.Jonniah R. Hauser

In honor ofAllison HawkinsonAlpha Gamma Delta

In honor ofHolly HazlettAndrew and Lance Allred

In honor ofAmanda HigginbothamAlpha Gamma Delta

In honor ofJohn HochsteinMr.and Mrs.Joel G. Townsend

In honor ofTommy HortonMr.and Mrs.James D. Willis

In honor ofSheri HowardLoewenberg School ofNursing

Faculty AFFA

In Honor ofAnnelle HugginsAnonymous Ms.Margaret E. Robinson

In honor ofAbby HuberDrs. Amy A. and John D. Huber II

In honor ofDoug HurleyDr.Shirley C. Raines and Dr.Robert

J. Canady

In honor ofChris S. IngramMr.James S. Ingram

In honor ofCato JohnsonMs.Diane Rudner

In honor ofGeorge T. JohnsonMs.Emilie Johnson

In honor ofJulie JohnsonDr.Shirley C. Raines and Dr.Robert

J. Canady

In honor ofR.C. JohnsonDr.Shirley C. Raines and Dr.Robert

J. Canady

In honor ofJackie and Ehud KaminMs.Orly Kamin-OhanaMs.Karen S. RothschildMr.and Mrs.Randy S. SchollCherese and Gary Tooley

In honor ofDr.Morris KlassMr.James G. Cernosek

In honor ofR. Andrew KnoteMs.Ruth M. Knote

In honor ofMeta LaabsDr.Donald K. Carson and Dr.Mary

Jo Greil

In honor ofMeta and Albert LaabsMs.Stephanie A. Simpson

In honor ofLonnie LathamDr.Donald K. Carson

and Dr.Mary Jo GreilMs.Lillian Hammond BrownMs.Sandra Durrett Harris

In honor ofDr.Justin LawheadAlissa Campbell ShawLibba and James Fyke

In honor ofForrest LawsMr.James D. Willis

In honor ofAlicia LaxMarianne R. Hartquist

In honor ofCraig LeakeRikki and Bill BoyceMr.and Mrs.Steven A. McClendon

In honor ofWalter LeavyMr.and Mrs.James D. Willis

In honor ofCharles LeeDr.Shirley C. Raines and Dr.Robert

J. Canady

In honor ofDr.Shirleatha LeeLoewenberg School ofNursing

Faculty AFFA

In honor ofMarian LevyDr.Lisa M. Klesges

In honor ofRae Jean and Sandy Lichterman

Joanne and Dennis Fleetwood

In honor ofWil LinderSr.Mr.Wilson D. York

In honor ofAmy LittleMr.C. Matthew Little

In honor ofDr.Bonita LyonsMr.Robert W. Yates

In honor ofMichael MalvezziMs.Elizabeth W. RoaneMr.Lane Woodard

In honor ofDr.Robert MarchiniMs.Lois A. Marchini

In honor ofDina and Brad MartinMs.Judy C. Baird

In honor ofViola and John McFerren

Ms.Claudia L. McFerren-JonesMr.John McFerren

2015 UofM Honor Roll of Donors - [PDF Document] (45)


In honor ofEmilee McGuinnAlpha Gamma Delta

In honor ofJean McIvorMs.Melissa M. Shoaff

In honor ofDr.Leslie McKeonLoewenberg School ofNursing

Faculty AFFA

In honor ofJasmine McPhearsonMs.Dionne Springfield

In honor ofJasmine MerriweatherAlpha Gamma Delta

In honor ofGil MichaelMr.and Mrs.James D. Willis

In honor ofAllison MillerAlpha Gamma Delta

In honor ofMIS DepartmentDr.and Mrs.Lloyd D. Brooks

In honor ofRobb MitchellMr.and Mrs.James D. Willis

In honor ofBrandi MooreDelta Zeta House Corp ofDelta


In honor ofSteve MooreMs.Patricia H. Wilson

In honor ofRachel Davis MorganMs.Amy D. Cable

In honor ofSam MorganDr.Laura A. Nabors

In honor ofLuke MoriMs.Pamela Restivo Mori

In honor ofKatie MotroniPhi Mu

In honor ofDr.Tom NenonCarole and Charles Plesofsky

In honor ofKeona NicholsMs.Latoria S. Burnette

In honor ofLynn NormentMr.and Mrs.James D. Willis

In honor ofHallie NormanAlpha Gamma Delta

In honor ofMarc NortonMr.and Mrs.James De. Willis

In honor ofDina NoureldineDelta Zeta House Corp ofDelta


In honor ofDr.Jill OswaksLoewenberg School ofNursing

Faculty AFFA

In honor ofTommie PardueCorina and Duke Walker

In honor ofJosh PastnerEvelyn I Springer Trust

In honor ofHelen Rose PessessMr.and Mrs.L. R. JalenakJr.

In honor ofDr.Maurice PetrovskyMrs.Teri P. Graber

and Mr.Larry Graber

In honor ofBob PhillipsMr.and Mrs.James D. Willis

In honor ofKarla PhilippMs.Ruth M. Knote

In honor ofKini Kedigh PlumleeMr.and Mrs.James De. Willis

In honor ofAlford Pointer and Lois Pointer

Ms.Courdria S. Pointer

In honor ofDiane Thomas-PlunkMr.and Mrs.James D. Willis

In honor ofSir R (Pat) PrahalathanDr.Donald K. Carson and Dr.Mary

Jo Greil

In honor ofBobby PrinceAndrew and Lance Allred

In honor ofDean Richard RantaRita S. Grivich

In honor ofEmilee RayPhi Mu

In honor ofLacy RitterDelta Zeta House Corp of

Delta Gamma

In honor ofKay RobilioAnne and John Robilio

In honor ofTiffany Legarda-RojoDelta Zeta House Corp ofDelta


In honor ofSara RolinAlpha Gamma Delta

In honor ofKevin RoperMr.Thomas E. Schneider and

Mrs.Wanda J. Kilgore-Schneider

In honor ofReed RossettiJudy R. Rossetti

In honor ofShawna RotenDr.Christy Doyle

In honor ofCecil C. RousseauCraig A. Smith

In honor ofDr.M. David RuddAnonymousMs.LaTondra L. ArnettDr.Daniel S. Beasley and

Ms.Stephanie S. BeasleyJudy and Charles BurkettMarianne R. HartquistCharlotte and Fred HodgesJane H. HookerSakshi and Pankaj JainPenny and David NorthDr.Ernest A. and Mrs.Jeanine H.

RakowTuesday Study Club

In honor ofDr.M. David and Dr.Loretta Rudd

Julie A. JohnsonMs.Ellen I. Watson

In honor ofBrittani RumseyMs.Nichole H. Tubbs

In honor ofHoney ScheidtMr.Stephen Luttmann

In honor ofHoney and Rudi ScheidtMs.Nancy Coffee Deborah Dunklin Tipton Charitable

Foundation Susan E. and Frank Inman Jr.

In honor ofRudi E. ScheidtMr.Ben C. AdamsJr.Ms.Suzanne ElsonMay Lynn and Charles Mansbach

In honor ofChristie SchrotbergerLoewenberg School ofNursing

Faculty AFFA

In honor ofCharles SchulzChurch ofthe River ChoirStephanie and Mallory CrossDr.David K. Jennings

In honor ofAlissa Campbell ShawMarianne R. Hartquist Ms.Connie E. Thiemonge

In honor ofDr.Gayle ShibaLoewenberg School ofNursing

Faculty AFFA

In honor ofNiraj Shrestha’s parentsNiraj Shrestha

In honor ofStephanie SimpsonDr.Donald K. Carson and Dr.Mary

Jo Greil

In honor ofDorothy SmithMs.Stephanie M. Smith

In honor ofExavier SpiknerMs.Jean H. Clark

In honor ofJanet SpinosaThe Honorable and Mrs.Louis J.


In honor ofEric StarkJosephine and Joel Stark

In honor ofKatie StellaMr.Bobby A. Prince

In honor ofSloane StockAlpha Gamma Delta

In honor ofMargie StoeverSharon L. Hayes

In honor ofDr.Sunghee TakLoewenberg School ofNursing

Faculty AFFA

In honor ofMegan TalleyAlpha Gamma Delta

In honor ofAlex TatumPhi Mu

In honor ofMorgin TuckerAlpha Gamma Delta

In honor ofBattle VaughanMr.and Mrs.James D. Willis

In honor ofDiane VescovoMs.Diane C. SpearsMr.and Mrs.Maurice Wexler

In honor ofKim WambleMr.Bobby A. Prince

In honor ofEllen WatsonDr.Shirley C. Raines and Dr.Robert

J. Canady

In honor ofRobin and Tom WatsonMs.Eleanor W. Jacobs

In honor ofGary & Marilyn WestMr.and Mrs.Frederick W. Smith

In honor ofNancy Wilson-WhiteMr.Carlos M. Wells

In honor ofJim WilliamsMr.Jerry L. ColemanJr.

In honor ofAmy WillisPhi Mu

In honor ofKaylee WillisKindle and George Willis

In honor ofMadison Kaycee WillisKindle and George Willis

In honor ofBraxton WilsonMr.Antony E. Wilson

In honor ofDr.Jeffery WilsonAlissa Campbell Shaw

In honor ofKismet WinkelmanJulie A. Johnson

In honor ofDynisha WoodsAlissa Campbell Shaw

In honor ofJerome WrightMr.and Mrs.James D. Willis

In honor ofSophia WrightDr.Robert F. Wright

In honor ofDominique YelvingtonJr.Ms.Jonniah R. Hauser

In honor ofCharlie ZettergrenPaula and David Zettergren

In honor ofDavid ZettergrenDr.Shirley C. Raines and Dr.Robert

J. Canady

In honor ofMargaret ZettergrenPaula and David Zettergren

In honor ofMatt ZettergrenPaula and David Zettergren

In honor ofDr.Lin ZhanLoewenberg School ofNursing

Faculty AFFA

MemorialsA gift made in memory ofa person is a special way to honor a respected colleague or a beloved friend or family member. Such a gift creates a legacy and memorializes the person by providing future generations with the ability to continue the dream and pass iton.

In memory ofCharles AdairMs.Valerie L. Adair

In memory ofMarie and Thomas Allen

Mr.and Mrs.Earl D. Chambers

In memory ofRonny AndersonMs.Victoria C. Walk

In memory ofSr. Nardine AquadroDr.Jan Young

In memory ofSusan BabbMr.Larry W. Babb

In memory ofBob BakerMs.Carol K. BakerMs.Caroline D. Kinser

In memory ofCoburn BarcoftMary and Daniel Armitage

In memory ofGeorge BarhamDr.Anne Bartolucci and Mr.Jason

S. GrahamMr.and Ms.Stan ScatesLuke H. Stribling

In memory ofAlma and Frank Baskette

Pat and Margaret Baskette

In memory ofLovell BeamonMs.Temeka T. Stanley

In memory ofColleen BeckJoyce and Richard W. GurichMs.Kim S. HudsonMs.C. Lynn ParkesMs.Amy M. PowersMs.Frances B. Stewart

In memory ofRobert A. BeesleyAllen and Hoshall IncorporatedThomas W. ClarkeRobert McIvorJr.Dr.Niles M. ReddickRoy D. McQueen and Associates LtdDanny R. StoppenhagenTHYInc.In memory ofTom BennettJulie A. JohnsonMr.and Mrs.Rudi E. ScheidtSr.

In memory ofFlorence BoldenMs.Barbara Williams-Jones

In memory ofJohn BramlettThe Highland Hundred

In memory ofJane BringleMr.Kurt Burmeister

In memory ofCharles BrooksNew Covenant Missionary Baptist


In memory ofEmalie BrooksMs.Julia C. McDonald

In memory ofDawn BuloneMs.Wattine Baker

In memory ofDennis CalvertJulie A. Johnson

In memory ofEddie CantlerMs.Ann B. Dunahoo

In memory ofGene CarlisleScheidt Family Foundation

In memory ofJames CarruthDr.Gary E. Roberts

In memory ofSherry CarterMs.Tonya R. Golatt

In memory ofBetty ColmeyDr.John R. Petry

In memory ofMargaret Clack Askew Hood Cooper

Dr.Richard R. Ranta and Dr.Carol Crown Ranta

In memory ofMarguerite CooperDr.and Mrs.David A. Johnson

In memory ofAlbert Bernard and Blondell Blackburn Cox

Ms.Norma Cox Cook

In memory ofBuddy CoxMs.Norma Cox Cook

In memory ofAnnie CrookMr.Lee C. Bruner

In memory ofTerry DarcyMr.Derek T. Winn

2015 UofM Honor Roll of Donors - [PDF Document] (46)


In memory ofThomas DennisMarsha and Ray BeasleySharon and Robert BooneMs.Lee A. CalhounThe Honorable and Mrs.William H.

DavisMs.Peggy Ghent-GloriaLaurie and Randall HigginbothamMr.John A. LandeyJohnanna and G. W. RaineyMs.Floy J. RoserMr.C. Thomas Whitman

In memory ofAnn DunnJohn and Rebecca BakkeTeri and David FeigelsonDr.Richard R. Ranta and Dr.Carol

Crown Ranta

In memory ofJames F. EgglestonMs.Carolyn M. Eggleston

In memory ofJoseph (Josh) Carr Eggleston

Ms.Carolyn M. Eggleston

In memory ofDr.Edwin (Skip) Erlbacher

Mr.and Mrs.James E. RoachJr.

In memory ofDr.George EtheridgeMs.Tulita P. Owen

In memory ofFallen Brothers Mr.Kyle C. Mallard

In memory ofMrs.Betty FarmerMr.and Mrs.Frank K. McCalla

In memory ofDr.Ralph J. FaudreeAnonymousDr.Dot ArataAtkins Capital Management LLCDr.and Mrs.Emin BabakusDr.Linda A. BennettDrs. Delano and Lynette BlackDr.and Mrs.Jerry N. BooneMr.and Mrs.Thomas R. BrettMr.Edward L. BuelerButler-Steiner-Byers FamilyDr.and Mrs.Raymond A. ClapsadleMs.Raye G. ConnerDr.Susanne B. DarnellMs.Mariesa DelSestoMs.Carolyn J. DickensMr.and Mrs.G. Douglas EdwardsJr.Dr.and Mrs.Graves E. EnckMs.Lisa B. Fakhr El DinMs.Janet C. FlemingMs.Andrea FloresMr.and Mrs.James S. GillilandMs.Katherine J. GoliverMr.Ronald J. GouldDr.and Mrs.Arthur C. GraesserMrs.Ann F. HarborMr.and Mrs.Jerry HayesSharon L. HayesDeborah W. HernandezJane H. HookerMs.Janet HughesBarbara I. IngramSusan E. and Frank InmanJr.Ms.Deeann JamesMr.William D. JamesMs.Pamela J. JenkinsJulie A. JohnsonMs.Emily Button KambicMs.Madeline B. KearinMr.Andrew S. KozlowitzMr.and Mrs.John P. LambertMr.John T. LawrenceJr.Dr.Marian C. LevyMs.Kimberly LewisDr.and Mrs.Michael LupferMs.Cathy Lutz-Gutmann

Dr.Rao LiFrances and George MadillMs.Barbara P. MareseBrad and Dina MartinMary Jane and Sidney McKayDr.Lisa L. Mendel and Dr.Maurice

I. MendelDr.Thomas and Mary Jo MillerMr.Hubert L. MintonMr.Richard J. OlcottDr.Michael D. and Sara F. PlummerDr.and Mrs.Daniel J. PojeMs.Tommie J. PolkMs.Carla A. and Dr.John H.

PeacherRyan*Dr.Shirley C. Raines and Dr.Robert

J. CanadyDr.Richard R. Ranta and Dr.Carol

Crown RantaMs.N. Janell RudolphDebbie and Sid ScheinbergDr.Andrew SchererDr.and Mrs.Robert H. SegalDr.Nancy D. SimcoLinda and Ron SklarDr.Daniel J. SmithDr.Kevin H. Smith and Dr.Marilyn

Dunham SmithDr.Louis Charles Stagg and

Mrs.Mary Casner StaggMr.Andrew J. TrippelDavid and Betsy VaughtMs.Ellen I. WatsonMs.Marilyn H. WhiteZentralblatt MATHPaula and David Zettergren

In memory ofHoward FranklinMs.Kay S. Franklin

In memory ofLisa Fry-GassawayMs.LeeAnn Fry

In memory ofSalomon GerlickiMs.Barbara Rheingold-Gerlicki

In memory ofPhil GibersonJohn and Rebecca Bakke

In memory ofBetty GranthamMs.Jonzell and Dr.Wayne Norton

In memory ofEdward GreaneyMs.Wanda AndersonMs.Dorothy M. Greaney

In memory ofKathleen GreaneyMs.Wanda AndersonMs.Dorothy M. Greaney

In memory ofWilliam GreaneyMs.Dorothy M. Greaney

In memory ofMike GreeneMs.Wendy H. Caudle

In memory ofRichard E. HallMs.Joyce G. Hall

In memory ofCaswell HaydenSeth C. Hayden

In memory ofCarson HeadEmily and James Philpott

In memory ofJerry HearnMr.Wesley Milligan

In memory ofHugh Patrick Heffernan

Ms.Jean A. Heffernan

In memory ofJoanna P. HelmingDr.Derene E. Akins

In memory ofJosie HelmingDr.Susanne B. DarnellTeri and David FeigelsonDr.Lesley K. FerrisMs.Carrie A. LenahanMr.Kenneth E. McCuloughDr.Richard R. Ranta and Dr.Carol

Crown Ranta

In memory ofGeorge Lee HenryMs.Jonzell and Dr.Wayne Norton

In memory ofMichael HigginbothamSharon and Robert BooneMr.Michael J. BurnettThe Honorable and Mrs.William H.

DavisMs.Diane L. DeckerCarla and Thomas DennisMs.Ann B. DunahooMr.Patrick T. FlemingMelba and Thomas FristickJr.Mr.Kenneth R. Garland Jr. and

Mrs.Susan B. GarlandMr.Kenneth R. GarlandSr.Ms.Peggy Ghent-GloriaMr.J. Houston GordonMr.and Mrs.Robert S. HayneJr.Jacque and Darrell HigdonLaurie and Randall HigginbothamThe Higginbotham FamilyMs.Carol T. KieltykaMs.Carrie L. KillorenMr.Harold MansfieldCoach Lloyd C. and Carolyn

McDougalMs.Ashley N. McMillanMr.Drew W. NiederriterMs.Laura H. NormanDrs. Amy and Greg PorteraMs.Susan M. SantiOlan and Carolyn SwaffarMelinda and Bart WattMr.Danny W. WhittGina and Jim Wiertelak

In memory ofJoe D. HinsonMs.Susan E. Mackenzie

In memory ofTheopolis HolemanAnonymousMr.and Mrs.Harry DurhamThe Holeman Living Trust

In memory ofGeo HolmesMr.Gregory J. BelzRunning Pony ProductionsMs.Linn Sitler

In memory ofFrank HortonDr.Lorinda B. Cohoon

In memory ofMelba HowardMeta and Albert LaabsDr.Brian W. Meredith

In memory ofMrs.Charles Carroll Ijams

Dr.Carolyn I. Simonton

In memory ofDr.James JamisonAnonymousDr.and Mrs.Raymond A. ClapsadleMs.Lisa B. Fakhr El DinMs.Lacy E. JamisonDr.Irena LasieckaMs.Barbara P. MareseMr.Robert Triggiani

In memory ofJ. Wayne JohnsonAl and Alison HollingsworthMr.Michael R. Johnson

In memory ofJarmelle JonesMs.Kimberly Streeter

In memory ofKathy JonesSharon and Robert Boone

In memory ofAlisia KaminMs.Tillaya E. Luskey

In memory ofRaymond KellyJane H. HookerCoach Lloyd C. and Carolyn


In memory ofWilliam Neely (Bill) Key

Mr.John S. Bordelon

In memory ofJohn Burr LattaMrs.Patricia C. Patterson & Sons

In memory ofNancy McGlocklin Laycook

Ms.Diane F. Coons

In memory ofBarbara LawingMs.Jacquie L. Ebert

In memory ofGertrude H. LynchMr.and Mrs.William R. McKelvyJr.

In memory ofMr.and Mrs.George C. Martin

Dr.Donna Martin Gambill

In memory ofDr.James MatthewsMr.David W. Krueger

In memory ofDoug MayoThe Highland Hundred

In memory ofDouglas and Mildred Mayo

Mr.Robert F. EllisDr.and Mrs.Thomas W. Ellis

In memory ofMildred MayoMary Jane and Sidney McKay

In memory ofSammy McAmisMs.Kimberly F. McAmis

In memory ofFred MedlingCoach Lloyd C. and Carolyn


In memory Dorothy MossSandy and Joe Murphy

In memory ofRay MullinsMr.and Mrs.Charles F. GrayMs.Kelly HammontreeSherry and Ron RobersonWells Fargo FoundationJohn and Shirley WilliamsMs.Clare Wimbiscus

In memory ofKay MyarAnonymousMr.Lawrence E. BaerMs.Susan G. BelgradMs.Linda L. BernsteinMs.Barbara BinswangerCarol Buchalter and Michael MittelFrances BuchalterEvergreens HOAMs.Lisa B. FriedmanDr.and Mrs.Sidney S. FriedmanJr.Ms.Aimee G. GinsburgMs.Kathy A. GottschalkDavid Haddow FamilyMr.and Mrs.Robert S. JacobsJr.Mr.and Mrs.Edward D. LevyEvy H. LevyMs.Darla G. McKenzieMs.Janis Hays MeyerMorris Manning & MartinMs.Elizabeth A. (Betsy) OlimCarol J. Povenmire, Ph.D.

Mr.and Mrs.Dale M. PovenmireRoss and Alisa PovenmireMs.Susan L. PovenmireMs.Linda PrucinoMs.Rose R. RichMr.and Mrs.Gilbert A. Robinson IIIMs.Diane RudnerMs.Rosalie C. RudnerMr.and Mrs.William B. RudnerMs.Jeanne B. SmithMrs.Nancy L. Tashie and Mr.James

D. TashieThe Honorable Harry W. WellfordThe Levine Family

In memory ofLouis NicholasKevin L. and Susan M. Nicholas

In memory ofElizabeth H. ParkMs.N. Janell Rudolph

In memory ofDr.Jesse H. ParrishMr.and Mrs.David A. Collins

In memory ofBobby PeeplesThe Highland Hundred

In memory ofD. Mike PenningtonAllied Committee for

the Trucking IndustryAmerican Trucking AssociationsAnonymousMr.James A. BianchiMs.Amy R. BoergerMr.James M. BondMr.Hugh BooneSuzanne and John BorkMr.Clyde E. BringleRose Ann and Ken BringleMr.and Mrs.Louis P. Britt IIIRebecca and Reed BrownMr.Kevin CameronMs.Shanna J. ColumbusMr.Douglas A. CondraDiesel Programs North AmericaMr.Thomas W. DuncanMs.Jennifer FossMr.Tom GelinasMr.Derek GentileMr.Thomas A. GosnellMr.Bill GravesMr.Richard D. GreerMrs.Lee B. HenkelMs.Julia H. JohnsonMr.Bruce M. KahnMs.Carolyn D. KingMs.Kim KlaftMr.and Mrs.J. Nicholas Klein IIIAlice and David KolmanBarbara and Kenneth KraningMr.Mel G. MandicMascot Truck Parts USA, LLCMr.Joseph MejalyJoan and Jim MeleMeritor,Inc.Mr.David B. MonizMuir Joint Revocable TrustMr.Tim MusgraveNewcom Business MediaDavid H. OlsenMark PenningtonPatsy PenningtonMr.Stephen M. RobinsonRenee and Scott RonanMs.Jo Beth RushSusan and Jerry RushRandy SchwartzenburgMr.James SharkeyMr.Matthew StevensonGinny StuderMrs.Sandra L. SwansonTeam 6 Marketing, LLCOliver Patton and Biz Van GelderChrishan Villavarayan

2015 UofM Honor Roll of Donors - [PDF Document] (47)


Thank you all so much for helping me invest in my future. I honestly didn’t know if I would come back to college for my final year. But you made it possible and I cannot thank you enough. Please know you are helping a future teacher become the best she can be.

Delphina Alles College of Education; Teaching All Learners

Margaret M. WatsonMs.Dianne WeidmanMr.Wallace V. Witmer,Jr.Mr.Marshall E. WoodNeal Zipser

In memory ofFrances C. PetryDr.John R. Petry

In memory ofCatherine Pfeiffer, MSN

Ms.Marcia Teas-Hicks

In memory ofSavanah PhillipsDr.Donald K. Carson and Dr.Mary

Jo GreilMeta and Albert LaabsDr.Shirley C. Raines and Dr.Robert

J. CanadyMs.Ellen I. Watson

In memory ofBetty PickelMr.Christopher N. Lawrence

In memory ofBetty and Eddie Pierce

Mr.Edward A. Pierce

In memory ofMarvin PittmanMr.and Mrs.Wintrell R. Pittman

In memory ofMitzi PittsMs.Linda K. Peppers

In memory ofHarvey PosertJr.Mr.Henry H. Myar

In memory ofDr.Lester PourciauMs.Zheng Ma

In memory ofPatsy Seavers Hardison Rhodes

Dr.Niles M. Reddick

In memory ofBob RingMrs.Robert G. Ring

In memory ofRonnie RobinsonMs.Thelma C. DavisMs.Alita HurtMs.Judy M. Upchurch

In memory ofBill RogersMs.Ann Rogers

In memory ofKenneth R. SandersMs.Susan L. Sanders

In memory ofDavid SantucciMr.and Mrs.Blair A. Stock

In memory ofDr.Jack C. ShannonMr.and Mrs.David A. Collins

In memory ofEdna SitlerDr.Richard R. Ranta and Dr.Carol

Crown RantaMr.and Mrs.Rudi E. ScheidtSr.

In memory ofEdison SmithMr.Maurice K. Guinn

In memory ofJoshua SmithMs.Helen F. Ferguson

In memory ofRobert Palmer SmithMs.Pamela R. DavisFirst Tennessee FoundationMr.Michael A. FrancisMs.Mamie FreemanMr.Robert F. McGoldrickMs.Annie B. MorrisSally and Wood Stevens

In memory ofCharles SnyderDr.Richard R. Ranta and Dr.Carol

Crown Ranta

In memory ofJohn SowellLawrence H. AdamsJr.The Honorable and Mrs.William H.

DavisCarla and Thomas DennisLaurie and Randall Higginbotham

In memory ofElizabeth SpainCharlene and Larry Schaffer

In memory ofGeorge StoneCoach Lloyd C. and Carolyn


In Memory ofTerry TankersleyDr.and Mrs.Mike Tankersley

In memory ofJudith TerryMs.Sydney AshbyMr.Ronald E. Steele

In memory ofMr.Willie Timothy Thomas,Jr.

Mr.Thomas C. Gattas

In memory ofJimmy TualMs.Rita S. Grivich

In memory ofTajuana TylerMs.Shanell Tyler

In memory ofLawrence E. Victor,Jr.Anne Wulff and Brian Bendersky

In memory ofSarah WallerJulie A. Johnson

In memory ofRussel WeinerDr.Richard R. Ranta and Dr.Carol

Crown RantaMr.and Mrs.Rudi E. ScheidtSr.

In memory ofKatherine WellfordMr.Henry H. Myar

In memory ofKari WestMs.Beverly B. West

In memory ofCarlee WhippleMs.Ruth M. Knote

In memory ofSidney WhiteConnie and Vincent Smith

In memory ofLano “Ted” WilsonSharon L. Hayes

In memory ofDr.Lawrence WynnMr.Ellis L. Haguewood

In memory ofJohn W. Young IIMr.and Mrs.John W. Young

In memory ofSheila YoungDr.Niles M. Reddick

2015 UofM Honor Roll of Donors - [PDF Document] (48)


The University ofMemphis, Office for Development makes every attempt to ensure the accuracy ofthe Honor Roll ofDonors. Please notify us ofomissions or errors by sending an email to [emailprotected] or contacting us by phone at 901-678-2987.

Donors are recognized, unless anonymity isrequested.

2015 UofM Honor Roll of Donors - [PDF Document] (2024)
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